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  1. As I finish Syren, I decided to start on this kit that I bought some time ago. I've seen many build logs, so won't go into a lot of detail except on things that I did different. The first couple of photos are of the kit box and plans, so you can verify the kit that I am starting to build. I purchased from Model Shipways, and I believe it cost about $50.
  2. Took a long time to decide on a first build, finally picked the 18th Century Longboat from Model Shipway. Spent the first day sanding the burnt sections off the pieces, assembling the Keel and creating the bevel from the bearding line. I also followed BobF's direction to mount my ship with brass rods.
  3. 04/04/21 Well I wasn't planning on starting this one yet. However my airbrush is temporarily out of order. So for the moment I can't finish the Tamiya M4A3E8 Sherman I was close to completing. 😠 Again, this will be my first wooden kit. I may have done a plastic ship or two way back in the day. This is actually the Model Shipways combo kit that came with paint, glue, some tools, etc. The first thing I had to do was to take inventory and orient myself with what was what precisely. And it entailed using a ruler, some masking tape and a pen. I wish I had more exciting progr
  4. Hello everybody after some time lurking around the forums Ive started my first model. Looking forward to sharing with everyone, and thanks in advance for any advice/training. Ive spent most my life on boats and ships so it seems natural I found my way to this hobby. It looks I haven't chosen the easiest kit for a beginner? Looking forward to getting to know everybody! Ive started by setting up my work space and making a variety of sanding sticks. Bulkheads installed and fairing process begun. I quickly learned that they aren't kidding about how impor
  5. Hello all, This is my first try at posting a project to MSW, so please be patient with me. As part of the Longboat Tri-Club build, I've been lagging hopelessly far behind everyone else. After studying the various models already posted, I feel that my offerings will be very redundant, and certainly not as good. Anyway, I'm going to start with square one, and go from there. Removing the burn marks on the back side of the sheets went quite well. Next step was to duplicate the bearding line on the port side of the false keel, and make the necessary bevels for the rabbet.
  6. This 26 foot long was designed based on a contemporary model in the National Maritime Museum shown below. This longboat was used circa 1750-1760 and was typical of this type of small craft. Plans for this model and MS kit prototype were drafted based on the contemporary drafts from the period. The longboat has been decorated to match the NMM model that inspired it. Even though this model was inspired by another, many other color schemes are possible. There are many more contemporary models that show various decorative themes. Another very good source of information on these small b
  7. This is my first build. Since there are many great logs on this model, I will provide brief progress updates. Due to a "tree nailing" mishap I started over with replacement parts from Model Expo. Btw- it's no more fun to plank this a second time around! I have the English Pinnace waiting on the side. I intend to display both models together if I'm pleased with the results. We will see. Steve
  8. So, this is my first build log here. I've tried my hand at models before, notably the HMS Bounty, but felt I bit off more than I could chew. Hence, I'm scaling it back and trying a smaller model to gain some skills.
  9. I've been working on this kit for a little over a month now. I delayed posting a build log until now, I wanted to make enough progress to be certain I wouldn't be creating yet another unfinished build log. I'm in the military and will be changing duty stations later this year so I'm hoping to complete this build before move day arrives. This is my second model ship (I guess this is technically a boat). My first kit was the Artesania Latina Bluenose 2, which I built back in the mid 90's. I got to the 90% finished stage however I used several coats of very glossy polyurethane on the hull and dec
  10. This is the start of my second build, the ‘18th Century Long Boat’ by Model Shipways. I had bought this boat prior to reading some threads on this web site, which convinced me that my first build should be the ‘Lowell Grand Banks Dory’ by Shipways. This model was a fantastic first build; it was cheap, simple in design, covered a number of needed skills for the future, and allowed me to make a lot of mistakes on a cheap model. Even with the errors, I was very satisfied with the outcome and enjoyed the build. Actually, my first wood boat was a Model Shipways solid hull t
  11. Hello folks - I'm a newcomer and rank amateur, but I decided to give this model a try now that I'm retired and itchy during this pandemic. I've noticed that on various websites popular tools are either backordered or out of stock. Guess there are others in my shoes and getting into modeling. I've actually completed one other build; the Chesapeake Bay Flattie by Midwest Products. I had the kit for a number of years, but between moves, work etc. etc. I never found myself in the right place at the right time so to speak. I've had a great time reading other's build logs, and hope to take the advic
  12. Stuck at home because of the virus I decided to join my adult son and build a model boat. This is my first boat model, although I've built a real canoe. Now I have to figure out how to add the pictures. Look like their entered, I just can't caption them. Ah. "Edit." I really should have started with a bigger boat, but I'm learning from my mistakes and will do better on the next boat.
  13. Well its taken me a few days to look through my kit backlog to decide where I wanted to go next and ultimately decided on the MS 18th C. Armed Longboat. Hoping that with the continued "shelter at home" order in place I might get another one of these smaller projects finished, or at least make some decent headway. Ive enjoyed reading the other build logs, but especially appreciated the two by Dr PS and Arthur Wayne (the only two completed logs that I know of). Im also grateful to Ken Foran in advance, should he decide to weigh-in as he has elsewhere. I won't belabor the deta
  14. I finally finished Syren after two years and five months so I started a smaller project as a "breather" before I launch into another multi-year build.
  15. Hello Everybody! I was encouraged to start a build log. I stated that once I received the replacement part from Model Expo that I would do just that. I received my package on Friday and so I am now going to begin my log. Let me apologize in advance for all of the "basic" questions that I will have along the way. As I have previously stated, I am very eager to learn from all of the incredibly talented people on this forum. The first picture is of my workspace (it's a good thing that I am single lol) The remaining photos are of the bearding line and rabbet
  16. This is my build of Chuck's (Modelshipway's) kit of the longboat. I am building this as part of the Chicago TriClub group build. The Chicago TriClub is comprised of the three Chicago groups: Midwest Model Shipwrights, Northshore Deadeyes and Nautical Research and Ship Model Society of Chicago. I plan on painting the model based on the prototype. Although I had originally planned on building out-of-the-box, I personally found the basswood strips too soft and fuzzy and so all the planking is castillo boxwood. I have plenty on hand from my Atalanta build. Two of our club presidents desi
  17. Well I was finally able to start my build. I muddled my way through the bulkheads and fairing with only one mishap. I broke frame 3 while sanding. A little too aggressive. CA to the rescue and all is well. Next up planking.
  18. Began this kit a couple days ago. Had a couple frames and the transom snap during the fairing process but no biggie, pinned and glued them back. Maybe a little too aggressive with the sanding... It seems that it will be a pleasurable little build. It's a nice scale to work with, my first wooden ship kit was MS's 1:48 version, very small! I plan on making some changes to this one, mostly color choices. I aim to make it look like the ship's boat on my Syren model. Also, I may play around with putting sails on this one. I think maybe half set or something like that, we'll see. I began by starting
  19. It's official, I'm gonna start making sawdust! I ordered the kit Saturday, and got tracking info this afternoon... I might be a little excited... I've been reading other ALB logs, and checking out the planking articles, but it's a bit fuzzy... I'm thinking things will probably make more sense once I have the kit on my work desk... I'm more of a hands-on learner with stuff like this... I will probably want to put a sail on the boat (I prefer the look of models with sails, they look naked to me without them). Not sure if the kit mentions anything about sails, or if I'm g
  20. Technically this is my second build log, but it will be my first complete build. The first being the HMS Endeavour's Longboat by AL, however I never got very far with it before I switched to this one, then this sat on the shelf for almost 2 years and I have finally came back to it to finish it. I deleted the build log for the Endeavour's Longboat because there wasn't much there and I don't plan to go back to it for quite some time. My next build is to arrive Tuesday, the Model Shipways Syren US Brig, I'm excited to get started on something much bigger than this little guy, but this one has bee
  21. Hello all. This is my first build log although I have built a few models previously. I am in no way in the league of many of the craftsmen that I see in this forum, so any thoughts or suggestions will be most welcome. This project is the 18th Century Armed Longboat by Model Shipways in 1:24 scale. I assume this model is basically a scaled up version of the early Longboat designed by Chuck. There are not many build logs for the armed version but the smaller version seems to be one of the most popular builds on the site. Hopefully you can point out any differences and steer me a
  22. Well, this is my first wood ship model build, and build log, so I'll just jump right in. I found the 18th Century Armed Longboat on Amazon and thought it looked like a good beginner kit. Then while doing some research I found this glorious site and its great members! To my surprise, there were several completed build logs for this exact model! So after reading thru several and getting some great inspiration I decided to begin. However I did not thing of doing a build log until most of my hull was planked. I thought the process of planking was pretty straight forward, and the instructions were
  23. Hello All I have decided to build my Model Shipways kit of the 18th Century Long Boat. In order to make the build log a little bit different than the others here I am gearing it for the beginner who has never built a ship model before. I and I alone have decided its a good kit for the beginner for the following reasons. 1. The model has a very modest cost compared to others, especially if you catch a sale. At the time of writing this it is listed at $49.99 without entering a sales code on the website. I paid less for mine. 2. Model Shipways qual
  24. Hello All, this is both my first plank-on-bulkhead build and first build log. I am very slow but hopefully not as slow as my first ship, Scientific Models solid hull Cutty Sark (above) which I started many years ago. My hobby time is divided between astrophotography, model N-Gauge trains and ship modeling. I will start by posting some kit pictures.
  25. Well I was determined not to do this , too embarrassing. Anyway here I am. I've got to the point of planking this little guy and thats a new experience !!! Those of you who have built this boat know that some master builder decided to start off the planking with an impossible task , namely edge bending. I ruined half my plank material trying to master this mysterious procedure to no avail soooo..... having been an avid model railroader for most of my life I decided to just make the darn planks with the edge bend built in. Off to Hobby Lobby searching through the selection of boxwood for one th
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