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  1. Hello, Slowly getting ready for my second ship build, really enjoyed my last HMS Prince of Wales build and all the feed back and help was much appreciated. Ill begin the build shortly and was given this kit to build for someone else with no time limit and just for fun. Included in the box is a MK1 upgrade set which has some PE, anchor chain, wooden deck and brass barrels for all guns plus I’ve pe from my POW build so can use that too. Thought I’d start this log a bit before I begin so if anyone has built this ship and has any advice or “wish I’d known before I built” tips would be great to hear from you before I learn them the hard way! I suspect this build won’t take as long as I learnt a lot from my last build. Will be my first attempt at camouflage and a few pics have her looking quite faded and weathered so will be fun to play around with making her look well used. Here is a pic of her during D-Day and you can see the state I’ll be trying to go for which should be fun.
  2. This was a last minute choice in what will be 2 ships. This is the 1/400 Academy Titanic kit. I purchased laser cut wood decks, PE Deck Chairs, PE Hand Rails.
  3. I’ve got about 4 builds planned this year, and this set is a really reasonable price as it comes with an excellent PE Set from Pontos. I have some other extras from Veteran models and aftermarket decals. there are a HEAP photos of a Sydney and this class of ship on Facebook as well as those who have served on her.
  4. I received this kit for Christmas from my admiral......she was so bummed out, that it wasn't the Billing's Titanic. I have never built an academy kit before......I was impressed with how the kit looks. there is quite a bit of detail to it, and I really like the size......the hull is 26 1/2 inches long. I have to be brief....I am to grill supper. it has been an off the wall busy day! I will start with an overall view of the parts......there are so many small parts.......I really have been away from plastic for quite a while. I had to do this on the dining room table, so there may be some bad lighting issues. the instructions don't look too bad, but since I plan to do some painting, I think it best to hold off on the rigging until the painting is done. {I'm sure they mean well} I'm not too keen on the chrome....a few of the parts pertain to the stand, but the name plaque, props, and anchors will need to be stripped. I use brake fluid for the process and a good stiff brush. there are a few water slide decals.......jury's still out on the flags.......they are peel and stick. I neglected to mention that the parts are done in colored plastic. for those who don't do much painting, this kit would be ideal........reminds me of the larger scale Revell kit from the past. here are all the white sprues. the deck parts and sprue is done in a tan color....the deck areas will need to be painted a flat tan. sorry.....I have the sprue panel upside down. there is a black sprue panel, a couple brown sprue panels, and the funnel parts are done in an orange / yellow color. there is a pack of rigging thread tucked in the sleeve of the stand base. there are plastic ratlines in the kit as well....I may do away with them, as well as throw another size rigging thread in the mix. I'm pretty sure that not all the rigging is the same size. the hull is an interesting part........the bottom paint has already been done. I'll go into it more in my next post. as the build progresses, you'll see the detail that is molded into this kit. it is a pretty nice kit......but it's going to be a nightmare to paint the detail on the bow and stern panels. personally, they might have done better to increase the part count, instead of molding the detail into these parts. that of course would alter the skill level.......and the market span as well. I just hope I haven't lost my knack in painting small detail
  5. Hello. My current project is an amphibious assault ship ROKS Dokdo from Academy. This snap-tite kit is very convenient and allows no gap. There are only two Dokdo class ships. In my opinion, Academy won't make 1/350 Dokdo kit because South Korea decided to make bigger aircraft carrier ship. This kit is fairly easy and fast. I bought Tetra models PE kit for additional detail. It is the first time I play with PE... Pretty tough, but very challenge and exciting work. It is so tiny that my eyes hurt. 😭 The kit has only three helicopters. So I bought another amphibious assault ship kit. ROKS Dokdo was made based on USS Wasp class amphibious assault ship. It is only 20% shorter than Wasp class. I bought HobbyBoss USS WASP LHD-1 1/700. I'll transfer some deck planes from the kit to here. Combined operation of ROKS and USFK. Here is a tip : The HobbyBoss USS Wasp class 1/700 Kits has some errors regarding scaling. When HobbyBoss (AKA Trumpeter) made 1/700 kit from 1/350, they forgot to resize parts... In this case, they forgot to resize tie down padeyes. The holes are 1/350 size. As a result, the huge holes look weird... I'll close all holes when I build this kit in near future. There are more same errors such as over sized decals. You may need to fix them for realistic expression. (One of not accurate part.) To compare with the HobbyBoss kit, the Academy kit has minor issues. However, it is very hard to find because this ship is very rare and references are insufficient. I'll complete Dokdo kit this month. I hope you enjoy my first PE work. ( I already lost 8 tiny tiny parts. )
  6. For years now, I have been thinking about building R.M.S. Titanic. Just like many other people, I have always had a keen interest in her history. By moving through this build, I am looking forward to gaining even more information about this amazing piece of machinery and how she helped shape our history going forward. Just recently, the opportunity came upon me to do so. Last Sunday I woke up made, my coffee and breakfast sat down in the living room and proceeded to figure out what I was going to do for the day. While sitting there I received a message from a colleague of mine in my model club. He asked if I would be interested in building a ship for someone. I was intrigued about this notion, as this would be my first commission build, so I replied to his message and said yes I would. He put me in touch with the person and the next thing I know is I now have a 1/400 scale model of R.M.S. Titanic in my shop. This build will include many firsts for me. My first ship of this scale, first time doing PE and First-time laying wood veneer. I hope everyone enjoys the build as I go along, and I will be open to any comments or suggestions as we move through. Thanks, Craig K
  7. Right then folks ......Change of plan i have changed my mind about building HMS Illustrious and have now orderd HMS Warspite in 1/350 scale, she arrives by next weekend. Anyway after seeing her wreck via a wet path (whats left of her - just bits of her bottom area and keel under water) i am pondering over building her as a full display stand model but weathered, a part wreck as she was when she was wrecked against the rocks near Prussia Cove, to display her even more dissmantled as she was when she was towed into Penzance bay and taken down section by section(this woulkd meen just displaying a hulk with very little details. It would be a shame me thinks not to show her in her glory. OC
  8. Hi All, Over the past few days, I have been dabbling with the Academy Titanic. This is the first plastic model that I have attempted in many years. (The Dark Side?) The kit comes with PE and Wooden Deck. This is also my first PE exposure. I have started on the Fore and Aft Decks, painting what is required and removing plastic, not required for the Wooden Decks. I have done the same for all three Main Decks Planking applied. (A note: Planking is not Laser Cut, just an outline, so separate components with a sharp blade....) Tried my hand at the PE, some errors, (Learning Curve), and have ordered replacement PE from Toms Model Works and Eduard. (The PE is so fragile....) Anyway, on with the build, don't know if I'll be able to use all PE, some components are way above my ability at this stage, so, some details may be the plastic variety.) Photos tomorrow. Cheers....HOF.
  9. Hello and welcome to my build log of the 1:350 scale USS Indianapolis by Academy. I will be adding detail from the Advanced Pontos Kit as well. Just received this kit in the mail today and am anxious to get started on her. This is not my first model, however it is my first model ship. It will be my first time working with aftermarket parts as well. Although I have built a couple of Metal Earth models to prepare myself for the photo etch, this will be my first time applying after market parts to a plastic kit. My goal is to build her as she was when she left the Mare Island Navy Yard in 1945 heading out on her Top Secret Mission of delivering atomic bomb parts to Tinian, just prior to her sinking. Here is a photo of the box art. It has a copyright of 2019. Here is a photo of what the model would look like without the Pontos upgrade. Here is the box cover for the Pontos upgrade. Here we have what is inside the kit box. And here is a peek at what the instructions for the kit look like. Here we see what comes in the Pontos kit. Looks like a lot of fiddly parts. And finally we have a peek at the Pontos instructions. Time for me to get started. Should have an update within a day or two. Thanks for checking in on my build. ~Jason
  10. Hi Model ship world members. Here are some pictures of my 1/700 Titanic Model Kit. This is an ACADEMY model Kit MCP 1/700 scale and My first build. Ever since I was 6 years old (32 years ago) I've always loved the history behind the Titanic. I remember being super exited on 1985 when it was discovered and I waited eagerly for the National geographic film to come out. I even went to several book stores looking for the printed issue and my dad couldn't understand the fascination with the ship, but he went along with it. I even bought (now lost 😪) reprints of the newspapers that came out the next morning of that tragic day. I've bought books and framed blueprint, you name it. And now, I'm having the best time working on these model ships and I dont think I'll stop with the Titanics. Loved the new hobby. Here are the pictures of my first build Titanic 1/700 Academy. If you have any suggestions on improving this build, Please I welcome them all. Sergio C.
  11. Hi all I made a start on what is going to be a massive project in which HMS Warspite is involved in an air attack by the Germans. I will be using Academy's 1/350 Warspite and several other scales of model aircraft also will be using led's for the explosions and lighting the water spurts from near misses with bombs. I wont be getting the Warspite till my birthday in roughly a fortnight but have made a start on the base and some of the planes I will be using. Here are some picks of where I am at, at the moment. the smallest bombers are 1/350 scale kindly donated to this project the 1/144 stuka's are zevada the 1/72 Stuka in the process of being built is Academy and I have a 1/72 Airfix FW190 to go on the Dio too. as you can see it will be a long term project.
  12. This is my progress so far on Academy's HMS Warspite special edition. It comes with extra PE and gun barrels. I also bought extra PE oelikons and pomp pomp guns. he oelikon body proved too delicate for me, so I used the shields and bases and the plastic gun from the kit.
  13. Hi all thought i would post a build log of my first plastic ship kit in years. this is how the kit came from The Model Dockyard After opening the box this is what i got and withe the sleeve removed the box has a real feel of quality about it. So thats what you get lets get started. i have decided to light her up so first job is to drill out all those port holes all 806 of them. i know you cant see it from the photos but trust me all 806 are drilled out This is showing the decks after the bit have been removed to have the wooden deck atatched. and this is with the wooden deck atatched(i must say its the first part of the model that has disappointed me i thought the wooden decking was precut but it is not only the outline (and that not very well) ) there is an outline for you to follow but 1 mistake and you have ruined the whole kit since you have already removed parts of the plastic decking ready for the real wood decking.well thats all tonight what do you guys think.
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