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Found 14 results

  1. Day 1 of my first build! Still have some cleaning up to do and sanding. I've seen quite a few others who started with the Albatros so I feel I'm in good company. This will be slow going as I'm facing a bust spring and summer, but I'm looking forward to getting into it. Thanks! Kramer
  2. Hi everyone, Firstly, great to meet you all, I'm really pleased to be joining this wonderful community. I've recently decided now is the right time to have another go at building my first wooden ship model after a couple of false starts a few years ago. I'll be attempting to build the Albatros from Constructo and keeping this build log as a way of motivating myself and sharing my journey with you all. I've already made a start and absolutely loving the experience so far. I would add a disclaimer here that I am very much a beginner in this hobby, please forgive any mistakes in my terminology. I am very willing to be corrected or questioned if I get a name wrong. Some initial thoughts from me upon opening the kit. 1. I didn't realise it was a single plank construction! I've gone and purchased a handful of thin veneer type strips of Mahogany and Italian Walnut to use as a second layer of planking to give myself a bit of breathing space should the first layer go awry. However, my plan is to not need these and see how clean I can get the first layer to build it as originally intended. 2. Despite being ultra careful and using a scalpel type blade to remove the false keel and frames, some of the peices have split a little right at the tips 😞 I'm not worrying about it too much for now as I think I will be able to fill any gaps prior to planking if needed but already acknowledging this is something to keep my eye on. So far, I have glued the frames to the false keel (with the help of a set square and clamps), started faring and am currently in the process of creating filler blocks for the bow and stern using some basswood craft blocks. The wood is tougher than I'd expected, pondering whether balsa would have been an easier option for carving but once in, I'm convinced the basswood offers more rigidity and less risk of being damaged/deformed prior to planking. Final point of note, I know that I probably need at least one jig to hold the hull while I'm building it. My intention is to create the first one to hold the hull upside down for planking, then once the keel is on, I will build a new one to hold the ship the right way up for the remainder of the build. Until then, I'm making do with my vice and some plywood scraps to seat the keel frame. here's a few photo's of my work so far. (I'll once I figure out how to stop them uploading upside down 🙃)
  3. This is my first build log (please forgive me if it lacks pertinent info) for this ship kit, however, not my first build. I finished a little schooner years ago but cannot remember the brand nor year I purchased it (sorry). I can post some pics of it if anyone is interested. I started the Albatros about 6 years ago but then life happened and it had to be put into storage. I no longer have the box it came in but luckily I haven’t lost any of the parts. I don’t know much about this type of ship other than it was built around 1840 at the Baltimore shipyards. It was designed to defend the Atlantic coast with its speed and easy maneuverability. The kit came with a false deck where the bulkhead frames of the hull do not come above the deck. The instructions had me plank the deck with individual planks before planking the hull. This is as far as I progressed. I didn’t place any caulking material between the planks and now I wish I had. I made tiny pinhole marks on the timber to resemble nail heads. At the time, I decided I wanted to distress the deck planking but now I’m rather regretting it. I’m guessing a wood stain would help conceal the damage? I haven’t applied any sealer to it yet thank goodness. I would like to construct a better keel clamp before I move forward as the one I have now is quite awkward and unreliable. I’ve seen many tutorials for this so hopefully next time I post I will have something to show you. That’s all I have for you now, and please, any suggestions/advice will be appreciated by this amateur builder😄 ~ Rachel
  4. Hi there. This is my first post on this forum so apologies for any missteps... From what I can see this is an Occre/Artesania Latina kit and it seems to be sort of a generic build as I haven't been able to locate any references to a ship that existed under this name. This is my second kit, the first one being a Mantua kit that was a disaster and I abandoned. I've never done any sort of woodworking or model work so this is all pretty new to me. I bought this kit back in December 2017 and have been working on it with small breaks since then. At the time of posting this I have already finished most of this structure. Regarding this kit: Good points: - Ideal beginner's kit that is not too hard but provides enough of a challenge. Bad points: - Illustrated instruction booklet is terrible. It's 8 pages of inconsistent, vague and saturated colour images that in some instances cause confusion. - There is inconsistency with the parts illustrated and in some cases the measurements of small parts which is very frustrating In my endeavour to experiment and develop my skills a bit, I tried to weather the deck but I fumbled and ended up blotching the deck with black ink. I had to resort to sanding it to remove most of the stains but with limited success. In addition I decided to replace the metal launch boat provided with my own scratch build. On to the anchors next. Some pictures attached.
  5. Hello all, I'm working on my first build. I'm about half way through. I had been surfing the forums for advice, suggestions and to take a look at what others have built. I finally decided to join. First of all, I want to thank everyone here for sharing their knowledge and experience. I've found this site to be a great resource. Below are some pictures showing my journey. to attach, or choose files... Other Media I decided to bend the bulwark before lining them and gluing them to the hull. I had seen some videos and pictures where the bulwark cracks. I wanted to avoid that if I could. I then sanded the reinforcing chocks and frames. Below, I've attached the bulwarks. Like many other builds I've seen, they don't quite meet. However, in the pictures included in the instructions they meet perfectly. I'm not sure where I went wrong but I decided to continue and will fill it in with wood putty. Afterwards I lined the hull. I wasn't happy with how it was looking. I wasn't sure if it's supposed to be this rough. But I figured, I could always sand and fill, so I went ahead. I was concerned about how all the other parts would fit since even after sanding, it still looked really rough. a After more sanding and creating the 4mm flat surface for the keel, it started to look ok. From here, I lined the hull and glued the keel. I'm not completely happy with the lining, you can see some gaps. The varnish helps hide a lot of my mistakes and makes is look better. I deviated from the instructions. The instructions have you attaching the rails and deadeyes before all of the other structures on the deck. I decided not to. I saw the following picture from another post. I noticed that in some pictures, of the ship, they were incorrect. So I glued the rails but will hold off on the deadeyes and chain plates until I have the masts up and can line them up properly. I ended up breaking some rails. Very frustrating. I have an issue with OcCre's belaying pins. They tell you to drill a 1mm hole and, according to my caliper, the pins are >1.2mm. I tried to make the holes wider and I also shaved the pins so they were narrower. I finally got them to fit but, I had another issue. They are 8mm long. They were too short for the bow deck. Luckily, I was able to find some that were longer. Below is a picture of the bow. You can barely see the longer pins, at the bottom, that I replaced the 8mm pins with. I don't know how OcCre expects you to tie the ropes to the belaying pins when the 8mm ones they provide are way too short. Anyway, I went ahead and finished the structures on the deck. Next step is to do the masts. And, that is where I'm at now. You may notice that there are a few items missing. I'm waiting for paint and more belaying pins. I had just ordered 1 package to see if they worked. Now that I know they work, I've ordered a bunch more. 02MAY2021 I finished the Bousprit this morning. Since this was my first boat and all, I was so proud of myself. I was showing it off to my wife, again, so proud. I then placed it down and looked at the pictures in the instructions, then I saw it. You NUMB SKULL, you used the wrong thread! After another hour, I finished the Bousprit again. But, this time with the correct thread.
  6. I unboxed and started on the Albatros this weekend, actually started a little early on Friday. Managed to get the bulkheads on and set at 90 angle. I also planked several pieces for future use. I received the kit as a present in 2011 and have now taken the leap to get at it. I had not noticed until fully unpacking the kit that there were no written instructions just a 7/8 picture guide. I know they say a picture is worth a thousand words but a little more specifics would be helpful. Does anyone know if OcCre has produced anything in recent years? I don’t see anything on there website that would indicate if they exist. Thanks for any ideas.
  7. Hi, After a few clumpsy and failed attempts to build a kit as a teenager, I decided (ten years wiser) to jump give it a go to ship building again with Occre's Albatros. There is already good logs and videos on the kit around, but there are still a few unanswered questions for me. With this log I hope to get help answering them and, maybe, to help future beginners as well. Let's start with the tools: I started from scratch, getting the basic kit, the nail pusher, a cutting mat and some small clamps from Occre. Additionally I bought extra drill tips, larger clamps, white glue and contact glue from a local store. The wood paste I'll hopefully not need, but you never now. At first sight the kit looks very good and "approachable": Occre provides illustration and textual instructions for all steps of the construction. Ready to go! The first ~8 steps are fairly straightforward, but still I was able to do a few minor mistakes: Aligning the frames "by eye" was not enough for me, I still had to fight a bit when gluing the deck. I wish I had seen Barry1's log before, his approach definitely allows for more precision. Take your time when lining the deck: minimize the amount of glue and remove the excess immediately. Also, I found that the contact glue is way easier to clean up from the model than white glue, resulting in a clean surface. I used a regular pencil to draw the nails and the dirt/shadows between the planks. A light stroke seemed sufficient to me, but next time I'd probably use black for the lines. Do make a dry try before gluing the deck, in my case I had to remove 1mm at the front of the main frame and cleanly cut the bottom of the lining of frame 9 in order to have the hull fit. Next I attached the reinforcing chocks to the false keel. The scar next to the rudder in the right image is a reminder to cut out your pieces properly with a knife rather than pushing them. Luckily that part will not be visible at the end. This is the result so far, hopefully I'll quickly get past these trivial issues in the future. Now it starts to get interesting, and I have a few questions on how to continue: For the first planking of the hull. I think that many people soak, bend and let dry the planks first, and only afterwards they attach them to the frames. Is there anything wrong in attaching them when they are still wet? I've seen in other logs that the bulwarks don't bend uniformly, in particular because the front gunport weakens them. I'd like to bend them better by soaking them in water, but I also read that this can be dangerous with plywood parts as it could delaminate. Any advice? Below is a picture of the part. Cheers, and happy new year! Matt
  8. Greetings fellow ship enthusiasts! I've been doing research regarding some of the kits out there and was looking for some feedback regarding size variations of Baltimore Clippers. Specifically with regard to the Albatros I've noticed 3 kits available Mantua, Constructo and Occre which lists scale at 1:40, 1:55 and 1:100 respectively. That said the model lengths are reportedly 27" 20" and 22.5" respectively which doesn't make much sense. I am aware that the Occre kit leaves something to be desired and doesn't look much like the other two but the scales must be off between the Mantua and Constructo kits as well? I've been looking at the other Baltimore Clipper (or similar looking) kits available Lynx, Pride of Baltimore and Roger B. Taney whose scales are around 60-64 and sizes range from 27-34" the Harvey which is 36" at a 1:50 scale and also the Dapper Tom via Model Shipways which is 24ish" at 1:76 scale. For the most part looking at the models they all seem somewhat similar in design gunports, hull shapes etc, so unless the Albatros was a significantly smaller than average clipper ship I'm wondering if there is some sort of logical explanation. Thanks all
  9. Hello, my first build and build log following along as I bang together the Albatros by OcCre. I've attempted to build two other models in the past but those ended in a pile of sawdust in the trash. This one I WILL finish. Quick kit information: ALBATROS - Built at the Baltimore shipyards in 1840, the Albatros was designed to defend our Atlantic coast. Her smooth, narrow hull and large sail area made her fast and easily maneuverable. Double plank-on-bulkhead Albatros kit by OcCre features laser-cut wooden parts. Accurately detailed fittings include boxwood blocks and deadeyes, brass eyebolts, rings and belaying pins, white metal winch and lifeboat, three diameters of rigging line and more. Eight antiqued metal cannon on serve as armament. OcCre model ship kit of the Albatros provides a full complement of sails that are pre-sewn and ready to rig. Wooden display cradle and a metal nameplate await your finished model. MFG Website Albatros by OcCre. I had already started the build before this post and did not take any pictures before or during those initial stages, however nothing stood out or was unusual. All parts and pieces where counted and sorted, the provided plans, instructions and picture book where examined. I am currently finishing up the 2nd planking of the hull, which I have learned a lot so far and already wish I can start from scratch but I really want to see this one through to the end. Plus although no where near perfect, I really like what I have done. A few quick pictures of my workbench in the garage, recently built just for this task. The deck looking aft from above and the hull as it sits. A quick question on finish. Once I finish the rails, hull planking and few other odds and ends the kit suggests that I varnish everything before continuing. Which products would you recommend? I was thinking of a wipe on poly, but I've never use the product and would like to use something that wont ruin what I have done so far. Thanks for looking!
  10. As a kid I tried my best to finish a partially built Billings kit from H.M.S. Bounty that was given to me by an acquaintance who gave up in frustration. Being too young/inexperienced/impatient/much interested in 1:24 plastic car models, I never finished it either and got rid of the kit after many years. Somehow, this hobby got under my skin so I chose to pick it up again. Since I was overwhelmed by the technical skills that are required when working on the Bounty, I decided to make an easy start so I got myself the Albatros from Constructo. I am well aware this is not a very detailed model and after opening the box I also found out that the materials are acceptable at best. All the better for me though, because I want to gain experience with planking and rigging. I will post pictures and my thoughts as I go along, but being very busy with my work please don’t expect me to do so on a very regular basis. Feel free to comment on my work and do share your thoughts and expertise, as I haven’t done any wood modelling for more than twenty years. Natan
  11. Hello to all, i, like many others lost my first log in the big collapse of the page. I post again a few pictures to show the progress. Now - after 2 winters, i'm almost ready. There are only a few litle jobs left and i still have 3 foresails to attach. It is very complicated to sew the bolt ropes on the sails. (This is not my favorite work.)But I love it to study the construction reports for hours. I'm glad that the page is back!! Regards from Germany Volker
  12. I've posted 2 videos on youtube of my build progress of a Constructo brand Albatros kit.If anyone would be interested in viewing them and leaving feedback here of what they think with any comments on anything I may be doing wrong etc. that would be greatly appreciated...thanks loads. Shawn
  13. This is my first build. I posted on the old site and will see what happens here.
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