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Found 18 results

  1. I have since I was a child been interested in models. The interest first emerge when I at 12 years of age visited the Wasa museum in Stockholm and laid eyes on their 1/10 model of the ship. Since then I have but some plastic models under my belt but I have a very limited experience with wooden models. I tried to build the Gothenburg from Billing Boats but quickly realized that the instructions provided was not enough for someone with my limited experience and the build was soon abandoned. A couple of month ago I stumble across DeAgostini and their monthly subscription models. Their models come with very detailed instructions and some of the models even with videos. I decided to give wooden models a new chance and subscribed to the flagship of Louis XIV (the sun king and builder of Versailles), the Soleil Royal. I decided to wait until I had received two monthly packs before I begun building and now they are both finally here. Let’s get on building. Since I’m a beginner all advice and feedback is appreciated. I apologize if my English is not the best, it’s not my first language. Morgan
  2. Hello everyone I'd like to start a new log for the Yamato. This kit is the one DeAgostini brought out a couple of years ago here in Belgium. I was able to buy this kit from anoter shipmodeller who had lost intrest in building her. He let her go for only 50 € so this was really a bargain This is what i got : I must admit i'm a little terrified of the adventure ahead of me, after watching the the superb logs and builds of Greg's Yamato and Carl's Musashi. The latter being the Yamato's sister ship. I hope i can do her credit by building a nice model of the greatest warship of her time.
  3. Welcome to my log. Sovereign of the Seas was a 17th-century warship of the English Navy. She was ordered as a 90-gun first-rate ship of the line of the English Royal Navy, but at launch was armed with 102 bronze guns at the insistence of the king. She was later renamed Sovereign, and then Royal Sovereign. The ship was launched on 13 October 1637 and served from 1638 until 1697, when a fire burned the ship to the waterline at Chatham. Source: Wikipedia. Click here for more information. Enjoy. Sjors
  4. Well, I got the first two issues today. Unlike the Victory and such there is no magazine, only the building instructions. There was also a poster of the Vasa. 3 frames, stern decorations, thread and one cannon is what you get in these first two issues. I promised my 10-year old son that he could "help" me build it so I have to wait until he comes home from school before building can start. I will continue later this evening.
  5. Hello, olla, ahoy friends and collegues. i think the time just come, that even i create a thread with my work. Not that there is much to show, hehe... i am building Hms victory, as title of the thread would also tell you. by no means i build with much of, what you would call skill, its just mere attempt to finish off what i started as a slightly younger enthusiastic modeller with no clue. i have already described my attempts at building this ship elswhere on this great forum. For those who did not catch it, it whas where i described it as a kit for learning (that for learning what i can and cannot do) and that it is sodomised. The latter i still stand for. In the pictures you will see, why i say so. my appologies for the choice of surrounding for the pictures. My and the admiral we live in a small flat and i dont have a dedicated workshop. for those building the same model, i am on issue 69, building and fitting out fore mast. The gallery sits on slightly out of allignement. Nothing i can do now, and i have learned my lesson. Next one will be built a lot better. You can see, i had to use a lot of filler. It does not bother me, first planking job. Because of that, i had to settle for painting, to cover the botched job. Also, i dont think this was entirely my fault, but bow looks different to what it should. I have faired it to the point where all the planks were sitting flat. Maybe i over did it... Main mast was done according to the instruction, which are btw very, very detailed. Just not correct. Very schematic and simplified. Main yard. Instruction called for twisting the wire into coil and attach it to the yard. I hate the way it look and will re do it using just thread. Should i stiffen the thread using ca glue or pva? I tried to imitate the cannon tackles. Looks so bad... good thing is it wont be visible. Those blocks are just way too big for the scale. Also, i have not had bees wax just yet, when i finished the railings, thats why the line looks so not hanging much... I will take any criticism, altough its too late to fix much of it. For encouragement i thank you in advance. next update will be after the finished fore mast fitting out. one question: what kind of primer to use on hull? I know car primer, but which one?
  6. Hello all Ever since I was a child and start modelling I have the dream to someday build the Swedish warship Vasa in wood. Early attempts were the Airfix plastic Vasa and the not so good Igra Vasa (See this link http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/14339-help-to-identify-vasa-kit/ ). Non of them were finished and the Airfix Vasa exploded by a fire cracker if I remember right and the Igra kit was actually never started. My wooden kit building started when I was working in Russia some years ago. In a very boring moment I actually ordered the Billing Boat Vasa but when I come home it ended up at the shelf since I realised it was totally over the top for me at the moment. So I bought and build the J-Class Endeavour instead just to learn (link in my signature). This build really got me hooked and I started on Sherbourne (other link in signature) to learn building period ships. It was then it come, the DeAgostini Vasa as a Monthly subscription. At the beginning I hesitated since no finish models exist but after following Puckotreds Vasa ( http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/13616-vasa-by-puckotred-deagostini-scale-165/ ) I was convinced. I haven't started it until now since I was waiting for all the parts for the false keel and also other stuff get in the way (see photo). However I have start the build now and I will post the photos below to show how far I have come. I also must say that the quality so far, especially the figures is very good. I hop you will enjoy the build and have patience since it take 3 years to get all the parts. I will also not post a photo over every delivering since Mr Pucko does that. The wooden parts I have so far. And the figures. This is Billing Boats stand for building. Little bit modified... This was what I was waiting for. To be able to glue togheter the false keel part and get it straight. Some initial sanding just in case Mounted on the building stand..... .......and test fitted with the Sherbourne Inside (same scale more or less) First painting of figures. I will redone this since I have learned that a black gloss coat as primer is way better for the metal look of AK extreme metal. I will show the difference later. Too bad that I will remove the colour and repaint it. But it shows the detail of the metal parts. And now the building starts (2 days ago). Lego Duplo is so good to use for framing The result from the side...... .....and from the front. Really nice fit of everything. And this photo is from yesterday. The fit is perfect. And this is how far I have got at the moment. Best Regards Jörgen
  7. Ive decided to move out of the tin shed and back into the brick outhouse and re work to a better standard:) So it begins...its gonna take time, its gonna take money, so little by little each weekend I'm plugging away. I'm finally going start cleaning and converting my original brick shed I used when I first started making model boats, I moved out when it got too cold and mice and spiders and all those horrible little bugs get in, the models were getting in a mess, I then moved into the 'tin shed' BUT my tools and work area are expanding. I have a complete vision of what I want to achieve but some work needs to be done. The first is too have a clear space to work but still continue to have a workshop (tin shed) to continue building my models. I have 3 shed....2 brick and one tin shed, it's a case of moving things around to achieve a clear space to work. The picture shows the main problem, I need to block up and seal the roof, any heating will just disappear, this is the dreaded asbestos concrete roofing, I have been assured that as long as I don't break or disturb the roof then it will be ok. As you can see I did start filling the joins but need to finish this off..the wood that I put up some years back will come down and I will treat the underside of the roof with Bituminous paint, a sort of seal. Ive never had a leak from this roof in the last 14 years Ive been in this house so I'm confident. I'll then be adding loft insulation and plasterboard's for ceiling to seal the whole thing. That's got to be the first aim..to seal the roof. The next stage in my vision is to render the walls, something ive never done before and I will only be skimming rather than the full 2 or 3 layer render, this will then be painted with masonry white paint. The floor is concrete and needs no work, but there are small gaps that will need filling (render) close to the floor on the walls. Once the whole shed has been 'sealed' the fun bit starts...to build the workbench and plan a perfect 'man's' workshed This has one window that the housing association put in years ago...double glazed..perfect, the door thought will need dealing with. For me this makes sense, the 'tin shed' is ok but as I'm sure most of you have some very expensive tools that need looking after..a brick shed is far better protected than the 'tin shed' please comment on anything I'm doing here..I'm no expert. So that were I started in October 2012.......
  8. Hello to everyone.......! This is my main work - The Sovereign of the Seas from DeAgostini and if I wait for the next components (only once a months) I work on the "Le Gros Ventre" I started last year in august and so she looks today, if you want I can put more pictures from the beginning on. We are still not as far as in England, we are in the construction stage 36 from 135 and so I built the cannons and have them finished with gold leaf and so I'll refine all gold parts from the Sovereign and there are many of them here is the dinghy
  9. Hi Everybody, I started building HMS Victory from the DeAgostini wood build kit supplied in Europe (UK). I have been collecting the magazine issues since Q3 2010, but I only started the build on 31/12/2012, it's my project for 2013 I'll add some pictures below now, to show you my progress so far ... some eight weeks into the project. You can find a much more complete set of pictures of this build on Facebook ... over 830 so far and counting ... find them on the link at the end of this post. I have commentary with every picture in my HMS Victory Model Build set. I have built many kit models in the past, but they have all been plastic kits - this HMS Victory build is my very first attempt at a wooden model. I do not have a workshop or studio to work from, so this model is being built in my sitting room. I'm having great fun doing it, I hope you all get some enjoyment as well, feel free to critique/comment. The complete collection with step-by-step commentary can be found on my Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151291206524651.493159.637009650&type=1&l=6948343979 I will continue to add pictures to both the gallery here, and my Facebook. Thanks for reading
  10. The Twelve Apostles, Russian Imperial Ship of the line, 1841 In the first half of XIX century in the building slips of the Nikolaev imperial shipyards three 120-gun ships of the line were built: the sister ships of the line " Twelve Apostles ", "Paris" and " Great Prince Konstantin". The first two were built by the outstanding Russian master shipbuilder, captain S.I. Chernyavskiy, while the third by I.S. Dmitriev. The main commander of the Black Sea fleet, the admiral M.P.Lasarev, had an important role in defining the specs and also in designing of the ship which headed this class. The "Twelve Apostles" was launched on July 15, 1841 (Old style Dating). The length of the vessel was 208 ft 9 in, 59 ft 2 in and 25 ft 3 in. On its lower deck there were 28 powerful 68-pounds shell guns with range of shooting of flat Trajectory of 14 cable's length (about 2600 m), designed by the Russian artillerist-inventor Lekhner. On the other two gun decks there were 36-pdrs and 24-pdrs guns. In total there were 130 guns. The crew of this ship consisted of about 1000 men, among them there were 12 officers and 65 corporals. The classification as "120-gun ships" did not specify the real number of guns, and was meaning that the ship ranked as first rate. A strong ordnance, very good sea qualities, high maneuvrability, high speed (in a fair wind the ship was able to reach 12 knots); all these features qualifies the ships of this class between the limited group of the best ships of the line of the final sailing period. In spite of her great firepower, she was never given the opportunity to challeng the numerically superior Anglo-French forces during the Crimean war. Her guns were instead landed and employed against the allies during the siege of Sevastopol. The disarmed liner was first converted into a hospital ship and then scuttled to block the harbour entrance in 1855. Dvenadtsat' Apostolov (Twelve Apostles) class: 3 ships Dvenadtsat' Apostolov (Twelve Apostles), 120/130 guns, Nikolaev Imperial Shipyard Contructor: Chernyavskiy Laid down: 4.10.1838 Launched: 15.7.1841 Dimensions: 208 ft 9 in x 59 ft 2 in x 25 ft 3 in. 3190 tons bm, 4790 tons displacement Initial Armament: Lower deck: 28 x 68pdrs shell guns, 4 x 36 pdrs long guns Middle deck: 34 x 36pdrs short guns Upper deck: 34 x 36pdrs gunnades Forecastle + Quarterdeck: 24 x 24pdrs gunnades, 1 x 24pdrs carronade, 2 x 12pdrs carronades, 2 x 8pdrs carronades. 1853 Armament: Lower deck 28 x 68pdrs shell guns, 4 x 36pdrs long guns Middle deck: 34 x 36pdrs short guns Upper deck, 34 x 36pdrs gunnades Forecastle + Quarterdeck: 24 x 24pdrs gunnades Twelve Apostles sailes from Nikolaev to Sevastopol in 1842. Cruised in the Black Sea in 1842, Assisted in the transportation of 13th Division from Sevastopol to Odessa and back in 1843. Cruised in the Black Sea in 1843-7 and 1849-50. Repaired in 1851-52. Transorted 1466 tropps from Sevastopol to Sukhum-Kale in 10.1853. Returned to Sevastopol road in 4.1854. All guns had been landed by 12.1854 and only 80 sailors were still aboard. Converted into a temporary hospital 18.12.1854. Scuttled on 13.2.1855. Parizh, 120/130 guns, Nikolaev Imperial Shipyard Contructor: Chernyavskiy Laid down: 18.6.1847 Launched: 23.10.1849 Dimensions: 209 ft x 57 ft 10 in x 25 ft 3 in. 3190 tons bm, 4790 tons displacement Initial Armament: Lower deck: 28 x 68pdrs shell guns, 4 x 36 pdrs long guns Middle deck: 34 x 36pdrs short guns Upper deck: 34 x 36pdrs short guns Forecastle + Quarterdeck: 24 x 24pdrs gunnades, 2 x 24pdrs carronade, 2 x 12pdrs carronades, 2 x 12pdrs carronades, 2 x 8pdrs carronades. 1853 Armament: Lower deck 28 x 68pdrs shell guns, 4 x 36pdrs long guns Middle deck: 34 x 36pdrs short guns Upper deck, 34 x 36pdrs gunnades Forecastle + Quarterdeck: 24 x 24pdrs gunnades Name commemorates the entry of russian troops into Paris in 1815. Sailed from Nikolaev to Sevastopol in 1850. Cruised in the Black Sea in 1851-53. Transported 1483 troops from Sevastopol to Sukhum-kale in 10.1853. Joined Vice Admiral Nakhimov's squadron as the flagship of rear admiral Novosilskiy on 16.11.1853. Fought to Sinop on 18.11.1853 where she fired 3952 rounds, took 16 hits and suffered casualties of 1 killed and 16 wounded. Stationed at Sevastopol Roads in 4.1.1854. Reduced to 82 guns and 214 sailors by 1855. Scuttled at Sevastopol on 28.8.1855. Wreckage blown up in 1857-9 and metal salvaged. Velikii Kniaz' Konstantin (Great Prince Konstantin), 120/130 guns, Nikolaev Imperial Shipyard Contructor: Dmitrov Laid down: 7.5.1850 Launched: 29.9.1852 Dimensions: 209 ft x 59 ft 6 in x 25 ft 3 in. 3190 tons bm, 4790 tons displacement Initial Armament: Lower deck: 32 x 68pdrs shell guns Middle deck: 34 x 36pdrs short guns Upper deck: 34 x 36pdrs gunnades Forecastle + Quarterdeck: 24 x 24pdrs gunnades, 2 x 24pdrs carronades, 2 x 12pdrs carronades, 2 x 8pdrs carronades. 1853 Armament: Lower deck 28 x 68pdrs shell guns, 4 x 36pdrs long guns Middle deck: 34 x 36pdrs short guns Upper deck, 34 x 36pdrs gunnades Forecastle + Quarterdeck: 24 x 24pdrs gunnades Named after the elder brother of Nicholas I who abdicated in favour of Nicholas on the death of Alexander I. Sailed from Nikolaev to Sevastopol 7.1853. Transported 1437 troops from Sevastopol to Sukhum-kale in 10.1853. On 16.11.1853, she joined Vice Admiral Nakchimov squadron. Fought at Sinop on 18.11.1853 where she fired 2466 rounds, received 30 hits and had casualties of 8 killed and 26 wounded. Stationed in the Sevastopol Roads 12.1853. By 1855, she had been reduced to 90 guns and 337 sailors. Scuttled at Sevastopol on 28.8.1855. The book listed below this message is the main source of these tecnical and historical data about the Twelve Apostols ship of the line class. The Twelve Apostles model: Scale: 1:100 Length: 111.2cm, Height: 75cm, Width: 45cm Artesania Latina manufacture/design, parts are made in China, edited by De Agostini. In Italy there is a new partwork started this year by De Agostini. It is the "Twelve Apostols", a Russian ship of the line. It is a weekly publication started in January 2013 and the whole collection will consist of 120 issues. This partwork was also launched in the same period of time in Russia. The Twelve Apostles model is unique and currently no other kit of this ship on the market. It features laser-cut framework, plank-on-frame construction, stitched sail set, metal ornamentation, wooden masts & spars, assorted rigging threads and an assortment of armament. Unfortunately the plans for this ship no longer exist, therefore its design is based on a model in the Sevastopol Museum, made by a famous russian shipmodeler. In addition interpretation of contemporary sources, such as paintings and drawings. And finally here is an interesting book on Russian ships in the age of sail: Russian warships in the age of sail 1696 - 1860: Design, Construction and Fates - John Tredrea & Eduard Sozaev. Peter the Great created a navy from nothing, but it challenged and soon surpassed Sweden as the Baltic naval power, while in the Black Sea it became an essential tool in driving back the Ottoman Turks from the heartland of Europe. In battle it was surprisingly successful, and at times in the eighteenth century was the third largest navy in the world - yet its history, and especially its ships, are virtually unrecorded in the West. This major reference book handsomely fills this gap, with a complete and comprehensive list of the fleet, with technical detail and career highlights for every ship, down to small craft. However, because the subject is so little recorded in English, the book also provides substantial background material on the organisation and administration of the navy, its weapons, personnel and shipbuilding facilities, as well as an outline of Russia's naval campaigns down to the clash with Britain and France known as the Crimean War. The book is Illustrated with plans, paintings and prints rarely seen outside Russia, it is authoritative, reliable and comprehensive.
  11. First few issues have been received, I will be collecting a few magazines before I start on the hull, meanwhile I have my Bluenose II to contend with so plenty to do. Did mess around with one of the anchors received so far, hard not to when you have something new As this is a part work kit the build will be slow
  12. Hi, Could you please point out the major differences, maybe some pros and cons of the Santisima Trinidad kits from Occre and DeAgostini? I'm particularly interested in quality of parts and cuts, historical accuracy, planking (single or double), difficulty and your overall score. Thank you very much for taking the time to do this!
  13. Hello All! Even though this ship has been built countless number of times I found her extremely tempting and after a few days of resisting I finally succumbed to her beauty. I would like to build her as she appeared in the Battle of Trafalgar so pretty much at "the end of her journey" - when she was considered to be the mightiest ship of her time. Please, bare in mind however that this is my first true attempt and I am a real newbie in the world of wooden ship building. You should prepare yourselves for countless questions. Creative criticism is more than welcome! For more information about the ship, please go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_ship_Nuestra_Se%C3%B1ora_de_la_Sant%C3%ADsima_Trinidad_(1769) For more information about the model, please go to: http://shop.deagostini.co.uk/santisima-trinidad-subscription.html Thank you all for your interest in my build! Kind regards - Mangaroca
  14. Hello, Well I’ve decided to take the “plunge” and start a build log. As the title says, this is a part work series from DeAgostini. Although the collection started back in May 2010 I only made a start on the build last month!!!!! This will be my second build the first being the HM Pickle that I completed back in 2011, I did attempt to build the Cutty Sark (AL) but the instructions were ridiculously hard to follow so that got shelved for now…. I’m doing things a little bit differently to the series I’ll be enhancing and replacing various things as I go along but the biggest difference is that I be adding some interior detail to the lower and middle gun decks as well as adding some lights here and there. I’m not trying do a historically accurate build from any particular period from her service history I just want to build something that I can be proud off…. I'll get some photos up on my progress so far just as soon as I've figured out how to do it!!!!!! Cheers Phil,
  15. Hi Folks, after 9 months I´m back at service and I open my Shipyard again........ I had some health problems but everything is good and I want to show you my new project.....! The HMS Victory Cross-Section, it shows you the part from the mainmast. I change some things as in the kit. At first I use pearwood 2x5mm and inside 1,5x4mm stripes and second I build light inside the ship. But look, here are the first pictures:
  16. Hi With the Corel Victory cross section almost completed we ( me and my son ) decided to start on this build. I will bash the kit as and when we come to it. Lots of little things as far as I can see. We started by removing the frames from the laser cut boards. some boards were distorted a little but this is not cause for concern. a very sharp knife was used for this cutting both sides of the board. We then sanded most of the charring from the frames with a nail board. made easy work of the charring. All the frames were offered together and with minimum sanding to make a perfect fit. Then glued the frames together in place over photocopies of the master frame drawing.(7 frames 7 copies). Then all the frames were sanded and excess glue removed then stacked together with a false keel and cocktail sticks to check alignment. They all looked spot on to me Then we built a jig to hold the frames while assembling the keel and the frames. Degostini just used a scrap bit of the laser board as a spacer. Not to my liking as its easy to get a twist in the assembly at this point. What’s not shown is the square that fits on the top to hold everything square. And the Back board made from MDF with a photocopy of the master frame drawing. That’s about it now until next weekend when my son visits. Regards Antony and Karl.
  17. i have started to build HMS Victory by DeAgostini. before the forum crashed ive read somewhere that there was a problem with rib no.15. that it was out of shape and not fitting the frame correctly. is this true? as no.15 on my model does come out a bit and i am sure it is not because of my clumsiness... what do i need to do? conntact the manufacturer/packer for replacement? thank you pavol

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