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  1. I have started a new project. This time the Soleil Royal model in 1:70 scale I will try to build two models at the same time. One in the color scheme shown in the model manual and the other a little more valorized and in shade (rosewood - venge) colors.
  2. This is my first build log. I was hesitant to post as this is only my second build, and I am not experienced as a wooden ship modeler, but I thought that I could add some information about the DeAgostini version of this popular model. First some general pros and cons: The best thing is the extent and quality of the instructions - 575 pages of very detailed text and photos, backed up with 63 build videos on YouTube. Even as a novice builder (I have only done the Occre Polaris before this), I have found all the work manageable based on the depth of instructions. I can't comment of the historical accuracy of this kit or relate it to other Victory models. I chose to order the kit in 12 installments, and it is worth your while to check each package thoroughly for parts - 7 of the 10 kits were missing parts. To be fair, they do have a 1-800 number where the reported missing parts were always replaced no charge, but as parts were sent from the UK to their North America office where I purchased the kit from, a delay of 3-4 weeks was common. I have spent the past 10 months working on the kit, so I will post with dates as I progressed until where I am today. On to the build itself. August 2020 Initial parts were nicely packaged, but they soon lost interest in that and sent parts in plastic bags. Most plywood parts were fine, but one bow structure was warped. I used a steam iron on high with some damp towels to flatten the part and pressed it with weights for several days which solved the problem. Later I read about plywood delamination issues - luckily I didn't know about that possibility before I started the process! Parts were cleanly cut with minimal charring, and the early stages were certainly the most satisfying, as assembling the keel and ribs went very quickly. The next steps (perhaps intended to break up the stages of the build) was a mini build in itself constructing one of Victory's launches, which was challenging on its own. A jig was provided to attach the frames to, and then after fairing the frames, a single layer of thin planking was done. After that the usual filling and gentle sanding and then the boat is cut out of the jig and painting started. Duckboards, oars, a windlass, rudder, seats and mast were then prepared and the launch is done to be put aside until the end of the build. I'll continue to post more of the build next time. Thanks for reading - I know that there are lots of mistakes in the build as I am learning as I go!
  3. The VICTORY’s keel was laid down in my shipyard at the end of 2011. This is the third ship released in installments by the magazine. That is why I started building without knowing what I was setting myself in for. Having already assembled the hull, it was evident that the ship would be large and heavy and complicated to build. About the time I completed the first layer of planking to the gunports - I put it aside to complete first simpler models. This interruption lasted 3.5 years until January of 2017. I began work on it again and this time took it firmly in hand, without distractions until completion in June of 2017, the last steps being the flags and glass cover. It took me 4.5 full years to complete the model.
  4. Hi all. Here are some pics of my first model ship build and middle section. I finished this model in 2013 I think the scale is about 1:50
  5. Started the uss constitution today. This is my first build, and will post some pics later in the week..
  6. Starting a new project which is bit of a departure from my previous projects. I have bought (and received) the full kit for the 1/250 scale model of the IJN Yamato. This is mixture of standard wooden hull construction, photo etched parts and die cast metal parts for the superstructures and guns, etc. I have had to sort through the delivery and I believe I have received all the parts, there were 90 different packs. The kit does not include a build manual but this is available on line in pdf format as 22 separate files. I have printed out the first 12 files. I have been following the progress made by John Builds Iconic Military Models on his YouTube channel, who is currently building this model. This is going to be a great help. There is also an official build log on the Model Space forum which will also be checked from time to time. The first picture is the first 16 packs, 4 packs required per build file document. The next picture shows my workstation which is ready for me to start work.
  7. Just had a major 7 week vacation through Europe and arrived home to find the first of 12 packs from England for the Vasa kit. I saw the original Vasa in Sweden in 2012 and always wished I could get this ship for my collection and to my surprise England has the kit and allowed us guys down under to purchase direct. I am exited to see the parts are of the same high standard as the Souvereign of the Seas I finshed early this year. photo’s will follow when i commence serious construction
  8. Hi Everyone new forum member and have the HMS victory underway. i had been looking at doing a wooden ship for many years and never got around to it. then i saw the new Vasa released by De Agostini and given i am of Danish descent thought this would be a good start.... then i saw the amount of paint works and thought maybe not. so i did a bit more looking and coincedently a complete De Agostini HMS Victory came up on our local Ebay type website. This was a kit that the seller had purchased on the weekly subscription so had spent over 2 years collecting it. then they held onto it for another 2 years before listing it. they wanted $1000nz for it which is a little bit more than half price (price from the UK website is approx $1900nz including freight) i kept a watch on it and it listed 3 times so i asked what their best price was on it and they were pretty hard in that there was no room to move. then another one came on so i now had 2 to choose from. did the same thing with the new one and asked what was their bottom dollar so he gave me the ridiculous amount of $600nz which i promptly accepted and went and picked it up as it was local to me. this was also about 4 years old as he had also collected the weekly subscription then held it. in this case he was in the middle of building the bounty and didnt have enough time or the inclination to start so listed it for sale. havent spent as much time on this as i would have liked due to work commitments and currently i am relocating my house so full on with that project as well. however i have made a start and i think im at about stage 20. i will post pics to date when i get home tonight.
  9. Hello everyone I'd like to start a new log for the Yamato. This kit is the one DeAgostini brought out a couple of years ago here in Belgium. I was able to buy this kit from anoter shipmodeller who had lost intrest in building her. He let her go for only 50 € so this was really a bargain This is what i got : I must admit i'm a little terrified of the adventure ahead of me, after watching the the superb logs and builds of Greg's Yamato and Carl's Musashi. The latter being the Yamato's sister ship. I hope i can do her credit by building a nice model of the greatest warship of her time.
  10. This is the 12 month subscription model by DeAgostini from Model Space. It arrives in 12 separate packages spread over a year and each arrives with a color magazine with historical information about the ship and instructions. The packaging isn't anything special, just a normal cardboard box with various small bags and plastic packages of parts. At this point in time I have received the first two months. The first picture is the first month's supplies and the second is the second month deeper down in the same box for consolidation. Here is the cover and inside of the first months magazine. You can find these digitally on their website as well. I have to say I like the instructions and pictures, very well detailed and it might just make it possible for me to be successful with this ship at this stage of my experience. I will be bouncing back and forth between this and my Syren build, which also has great instructions. I just ordered some basswood blocks off Amazon and will get working on cutting them to size for my Syren when they get here. Here I have begun attaching various bow former supports and the first part of the false keel to the forward bulkhead. Here are the next two bulkheads assembled, but not yet attached. There is a step coming up that the instructions warn about a temporary jig setup to help hold the entire false keel and bulkheads upright and where these two bulkheads go is where that temporary jig sits. Each month comes with various small projects to break up the monotony of doing nothing but planking or making 100 cannons. Some projects are a longboat or cannons. This month includes the start of a longboat and 2 cannons. Here are the parts of the cannon assembly and the final assembly. Please let me know what you think of the bronze and red coloring. Some rope supplied this month. That's it for now. I am waiting on some paint to dry on the second cannon you see there. I will keep updating as I go along. So far I am very pleased with this kit and this 12 month program. It comes out to $20 more if you buy it monthly plus an additional $10 per month for shipping, so the price difference isn't much. It makes these $1000+ ships more affordable for some, and I don't mind the extra in shipping.
  11. Hello everybody. I finally took the plunge to start a building log for my first wooden shipmodel. In the past, to be more specific during teenage period, I started to build many plastic models – airplanes, helicopters, locomotives, aircraft carriers, and finally, two shipmodels – ‘Bounty’ and ‘La Belle Poule’. I was long flirted with the idea of building a wooden shipmodel, but I have never found the necessary impetus. What the heck - life is full of twists. Two years ago I had the pleasant surprise to note that DeAgostini launched a series of magazines, under the name ‘Big Historic Ships’, giving the opportunity to enthusiasts like me to discover and develop their inner-hidden hobby. Their first offer was ‘Saint John the Baptist’ (San Juan Bautista) – one Spanish vessel, whose real existence is somehow uncertain. Or hard to be located – there are several ships bearing this name in the same period – 17th century. On top of that there are no blueprints available, the proposed shipmodel being somehow a hybrid, with common features of vessels from that historic period. Seems that the model is created by Artesania Latina, the parts being made available along 100 consecutive issues. Scale is 1:50. There will be some metal castings – I will try to avoid them and to re-create them from scratch. I will use this built as school for future shipmodels. Knowing that my wife bought me one Mamoli kit – Halifax – a British colonial schooner. Even if I’m eager to start working on it I have promised myself not doing it before I will have a good hand for this hobby. As I can see there is already one topic on the same ship started by Majstor. There will be no contest, I hope we can learn from each other, and all the other members will help us by giving constructive advices. And I know you’ll do. I have learned a lot following many topics around. I do speak English quite acceptable but I must recognize that specific nautical terms are not my forte. I do apologize for this. The actual construction started more than one year ago. Therefore I should start posting pictures – one picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunatelly I do not have enough pictures to cover all the initial steps. Here you have some magazine issues to give you an idea, plus a photo of my workspace (a very small bedroom - the reason why I have rented this appartment ), where you can see the current state of the construction.
  12. In january 2011 Deagostini started to sell a magazine: Great Ships, and in 100 magazines you could build a Galleon from XVII century, 24 guns, 78 x 66 cm and that is open in one side I also started to buy and build this ship, even i had already Something else in progress. I see that many of us like to work to 2 or 3 pieces at a time, but that are in diferent stages This is the start The firs number, some parts as they come, and number 3 close
  13. Hi! I m making the models with the 2-3 weeks system ( 2 weeks only scotish, 2 weeks only vasa) If you want to see previous stages of build watch this: http://santisimatrinidad.jun.pl/viewtopic.php?t=2242&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 (polish) I m in the 48 number of dea book. *** oppossed to instructions i stains the planks, because instruction watch of the vasa not satisfied me (PAINT ALL HULL WHAT???) And the stage that i was most afraid of began. The planting of the 2 layer planks. Result was really satisfied me. Planks are from the kit, stained by oak colour, caulikng was a pencil methody, before a glue i moistend th water outside page. What do you think about it? Regards.
  14. This is my build of the Deag Vasa . Having built the Corel offering I vowed never to build one again until I saw this one. The main thing that persuaded me as it has been designed with the help of the Vasa museum and Fred Hocker the museum director. It's not 100% accurate but as close as you can get with the restrictions of a commercial kit and a lot more historical accurate than anything out there I have downloaded the instructions from the build site and looking at them it's really impressive with hundreds of cast carvings and good quality wood. I have the first 6 issues and the quality looks first class with very crisp castings with very little mold lines and no flash. I have built two of the cannons and painted some of the decorations. I will be changeing a few things but really impressed. Martyn
  15. I have since I was a child been interested in models. The interest first emerge when I at 12 years of age visited the Wasa museum in Stockholm and laid eyes on their 1/10 model of the ship. Since then I have but some plastic models under my belt but I have a very limited experience with wooden models. I tried to build the Gothenburg from Billing Boats but quickly realized that the instructions provided was not enough for someone with my limited experience and the build was soon abandoned. A couple of month ago I stumble across DeAgostini and their monthly subscription models. Their models come with very detailed instructions and some of the models even with videos. I decided to give wooden models a new chance and subscribed to the flagship of Louis XIV (the sun king and builder of Versailles), the Soleil Royal. I decided to wait until I had received two monthly packs before I begun building and now they are both finally here. Let’s get on building. Since I’m a beginner all advice and feedback is appreciated. I apologize if my English is not the best, it’s not my first language. Morgan
  16. Przepraszam za słaby angielski Vasa DeAgostini, skala 1:65, wydanie polskie. Obecnie pracuję nad etapem 50 - 55 kolekcji. Kilka zdjęć z historii budowy modelu.
  17. Well here goes my first attempt at a build log. I've built a few wood models before this, but this is my first major build. I like the idea of a subscription option. It makes it possible for me to do a high end kit such as the Sovereign. As I go along there will be some changes made. I like the look of the unpainted wood on the sides of the ( bulwarks)? Of the poster that they send with the first issue. I will also add the triangle deadeyes as seen on the poster. I read somewhere that that ship is not the actual model that I will build, but that is ok with me. Watching the builds of so many others opens up my imagination to do more than just build right out of the box. I've already dipped my foot in the water with scratch building before. I was a member of IPMS back in my plastic days. Then I received my first wooden ship. The Blunose. Much fun and the start of a whole new experience. As I read the builds of others I'm pleased to be apart of the family. Thanks
  18. Hello MSW! This is my first wooden ship and I wanted something that had lots of instructions before jumping off the deep end into something that just has plans and some vague instructions that assume I know lots of nautical terminology. I settled on the model space HMS victory. I like large models and this one is living up to my expectations. At nearly 50" long and 34" tall once complete, I was certain this would become the centerpiece of my house. For those not familiar with model space, each kit comes in monthly shipments. There are 12 installments for the Victory and each one comes with a rather detailed, full color, picture riddled magazine instruction set. Each installment is further subdivided into 10 packs. The first 4 months are mostly building the frame and planking the ship. Attached is a photo before I started planking. I am about 1/3-1/2 done with planking and will post some pictures this evening when I get home. I have also completed the launch and a few cannons as well as part of the main mast. Will post pics later today. This is my first wooden ship so frank feedback is welcomed!
  19. Hi all now I have finished my build of the Soleil Royal I thought I would start this one. The X section comes with the kit of the whole ship which is quite cool but I will start that one probably in the winter. I have made a start on building the ribs by putting them on the kell as you can see I have been building it outside because of the lovely weather we are having at the moment. Once dry the inner planks have been glued into place and the mast foot fitted . I decided to plank over the mast foot as staining it didn't look right. Next job making the lumber board and strake which was a lot more fiddley than I was anticipating but turned out ok . Hopefully tomorrow I will start filling up the area with bits and bobs Martyn
  20. Welcome to my log. Sovereign of the Seas was a 17th-century warship of the English Navy. She was ordered as a 90-gun first-rate ship of the line of the English Royal Navy, but at launch was armed with 102 bronze guns at the insistence of the king. She was later renamed Sovereign, and then Royal Sovereign. The ship was launched on 13 October 1637 and served from 1638 until 1697, when a fire burned the ship to the waterline at Chatham. Source: Wikipedia. Click here for more information. Enjoy. Sjors
  21. Well, I got the first two issues today. Unlike the Victory and such there is no magazine, only the building instructions. There was also a poster of the Vasa. 3 frames, stern decorations, thread and one cannon is what you get in these first two issues. I promised my 10-year old son that he could "help" me build it so I have to wait until he comes home from school before building can start. I will continue later this evening.
  22. Hi all this is my first build on this site so please be patient . I will be changing a few things on the kit. rgd Martyn
  23. Hi , This is my first attempt to show my progress on the forum. Excuse me if it is a little grey. First off I am delighted with the kit supplied by De Agostini in magazine form although it is a bit annoying that we must wait for the monthly delivery. I have built thee RED BARON in the same manner and it came out pretty good. The SOS is the first undertaking of this scale and I have built two previous wooden kits: One from Holand and it was a BOTTER boat and the other is the PORT JACKSON supplied by Modellers Shipyard. I would like at this stage to sincerely thank Fifthace and Tomick at this stage for the advice on many aspects of the build, I have certainly become the wiser after reading their notes and photo's I am posting the photos of the work I have carried out so far on the SOS for any comments or suggestions. Till the next post, Snoepert
  24. On May 3, 2009 I officially started to build the Santìsima Trinidad's Cross Section. It is the second part of the De Agostini collection made up of 160 weekly issues in which you build A) the entire model and later the Cross Section. It seemed me quite simple to build and I thought to follow with due diligence the kit instructions. This was my first cross section and I didn't want to take any risks. In that period of time I had another project still active: the Armed Launch 1803 by Panart and it was in concurrence with this one. I published the images of the finished model of the armed launch on the gallery here: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/gallery/album/210-armed-launch-1803/ At that time I didn't have a workshop where to progress my models so I was working at home, on the kitchen table . . each time i started something I had to put out everything and at the end put away everything . . heartrending !! That's all for now, cheers, Jack.Aubrey. 01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050512.jpg 02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050513.jpg 03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050514.jpg
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