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  1. I've always wanted to try my hand at a Dumas kit. I've seen projects in the past, and I liked what I saw Mog's PT boat project definitely put me over the edge... I had a coincidence of sorts occur. I was at Hobby Town one day........late last year or early this year { I can't recall which}, when I first came in contact with this kit. it was in a long brown cardboard box and it looked quite old.......I know that Hobby Town {at least the one in my area} had a policy that they would take complete kits in trade for other kits {mostly R/C stuff}. since $159.00 seemed a bit steep, and I di
  2. After the Rattlesnake I wanted to do something different. I have always been interested in the WW2 PT (Patrol Torpedo) boat. My build will be modelled on PT 105 commanded by Dick Keresey. Yes, believe it or not they made another PTs besides the 109. The 105 was an 80-foot Elco Torpedo boat 1942, built of spruce, oak and mahogany and made watertight by marine plywood covering. The Dumas kit 1233, 4 large sheet plans, decent 45-page instruction book, ok pictures, good material list. Kit is supplied with Mahogany, birch, and poplar ply. Dumas decided to replace the Mahogany sheet hull
  3. Hello, all. I have been a member here for almost a year now, but this will be my first build log. I normally build model cars, but it's been a good 2 1/2 years since I finished one, although I have started many since then. I thought maybe it was time to just try something completely different. I have always loved working with wood, so I thought I'd take a whack at this. This is my second wooden boat, the first being the Midwest Sakonnet Daysailer. The Lightning has some significance to me, not really personally, as I have never been in one, but I work at the Skaneateles Country Club, where th
  4. I haven't received the kit yet but this is what it's supposed to be. I posed this on the new member forum: Hi everyone I'm brand new to this hobby. I was browsing the internet and ran across a wooden kit of a Snipe and ordered it. My history is up until I was a teenager every Sunday we would go to the sailing club, on the lake, after church and sail with my step father in a regatta on board his Snipe. It reached a point it needed to be worked on (dry rot) and I tried my hand at it and failed. So this kit has special meaning to me. With that being said I'm wondering if I should
  5. Here is another orphaned kit that I came across where the original owner with all good intentions I'm sure started the build by taking most of the parts off of the parts trees and that is about where they stopped their efforts. At least from what I can tell is that they numbered all the pieces so no harm I guess. Upon inspection, I noticed the rudders and drive shaft struts are missing, which is easily replaced. This is an old kit, which has been bounced around from pillar to post. I hate seeing this, but I can't save them all. But as long as I'm able, I will finish it. The USS Cro
  6. OK, this is going to be an interesting build. We are setting up to have an estate sale for my Mother and Father's home. I was remind that an old boat that he was building may still be up in the attic. I remembered the boat from seeing in when I was young in the 70's and 80's. Just remember it being a speedboat of some sort. Well anyway, the estate lady did find the boat and handed it over to me and I didn't know how it was built, or where I would go from there. After asking some questions on here yesterday trying to find out what kit this was, I had it narrowed down to Miss U
  7. Introduction I bought this kit about two years ago, having been enamoured by the excellent build log of Rusty on MSW 1. Sadly, that build log disappeared with the “great crash”, although Rusty did re-instate the photo sequence from his build. This kit represents a couple of “firsts” for me. First up, I’ve opted to go with making this a working radio controlled model – something I’ve never done before, but the Admiral thought it might be a bit of fun and so in a way this is “her” boat. We have a pond/lake nearby and some grand kids that might also enjoy ta
  8. Hi all, just starting on the POB kit by Dumas- City of Buffalo lake steamer of 1890. Will post pics shortly- the kit is really intended for R/C and is a bit light on detailing, so there's lots of room for additions at this scale! Cheers- Scott
  9. This kit was on sale at Garrett Wade so I snapped it up. But first, a few shots of my now almost bare woodworking shop. It used to be filled with a table saw, bandsaw, planer, jointer all connected to a central dust collection system. Up until seven or eight years ago, I used to build furniture and clocks and other projects, but as I got older I decided to hang up my apron. Now I'm back where I was when I was a kid—building model boats. Enjoy Alan This is the first thing I built—a much needed workbench. I setup a caddy to house all of my clamp
  10. For my first wooden boat kit I chose the Dumas Chris-Craft 1956 Capri. I wanted a modest kit to learn the basics and the kit offers a good introduction. I really like wooden inboard boats – they have a special sound. As a woodworking hobbyist I’m discovering that I’m not used to working with small parts. Since this is my first build, I am including my mistakes. The Dumas kit is complete, they say there are more than enough planks (I have extra pieces after planking). The drawing is very helpful and the instructions provide enough instruction to complete the kit (I’d like to se
  11. And now for something completely different. My wife gave me this kit for Christmas a few years ago. Since we live on a lake in New Hampshire it seems obligatory to have a wooden speedboat on display somewhere, so this will be it. I'll show box contents in the next post.
  12. I have an opportunity to pick up an orphaned Dumas Typhoon mahogany runabout for the cost of shipping from a fellow builder, who received it as well but isn't interested in building it. he says he things all the parts are there, but who knows, it's a shot in the dark and a bit of a gamble. But I tend to be my own worst enemy at times and a really glutton for punishment. So, we'll see how it goes. But this is one of those kits I would LOVE to build. I had planned to retire from modeling with maybe an occasional small build here and there, but since heart surgery they have been finding me l
  13. Just got my new kit in the mail. This will be my first Dumas Boat Kit . I'm a little intimidated by this kit, I've watched lots of videos and viewed lots of build logs so it's time to get cracking!
  14. Back from my one month trip to Asia and ready to ease back into ship modeling. This kit is part of the Dumas Chris-Craft series. Unlike most Dumas boats, this one has a planked hull. What's in the box: Pictures of the box cover with a close-up showing the model. Lots of wood, unsorted. Some good-looking mahogany strips and some very fragile laser-cut mahogany. Manual and lots of charts and drawings. This one should be a challenge -- the manual says it's a very difficult kit. The part I want to get right is the finish on the hul
  15. I was able to pick this 1930 Mahogany runabout 24' up as a future project. It had been started by a previous owner, who did meticulous work from what I can tell just looking at the hull structure. He even kept a binder with the instructions in it and building notes that he was keeping. It came from an estate so I assume the previous owner had passed away before finishing the model. Well I'm going to take care of that for him and intend on finishing it unless I kick off before the job is done. You can tell that this kit is a good 30 years old, there were plastic drop cloth that was in the kit b
  16. I purchased this kit from an on line retailer for about $95.00 with the intentions of building it for my grandson for either a birthday or Christmas present. But then life stepped in and then I wound up in the hospital for a triple bypass. So now that I'm back home and on the mend, I hope to make some head way on the Army Tug.
  17. I can't really call this a build log because I didn't start the build, I received this partially built Creole Queen from a friend over on the east Coast of Florida. The original owner and builder had health issues and had to move away and could no longer finish the Creole Queen. I had not to long ago retired from ship and boat building, but being a sucker for a unfinished boat project, I just had to take on the project and due to the original builder being famed builder Tony Lombardo, that was like icing on the cake for me. Here are a few pics of her as I received it. I started out
  18. Here is another wayward orphan that I picked up that some good intentional soul I'm sure bought on a whim with all the good intentions in the world of finishing it and just never did due to I'm sure like most for various reasons. I'm told this poor soul passed away before completing it. By looking at the discolored blue prints I would have to say that had to have been many years ago. Now to the project model, a 1940 Chris Craft Barrel Back which has been on my to do list for ever. So I couldn't turn it down. The planking, which had been 75% complete was questionable at best, I had
  19. Here is the Dumas 1954 Chris Craft Commander Express 36" model kit that I received. My first impressions were the size of the box was quite larger than I expected and weighs close to 15 pounds. It has the typical woods. I didn't get too much into it since this will be stored away until I finish my current Montane's build. But one thing I did take note of was the fittings weren't crome or shiny, but looked like either lead or pot metal fittings and will need some type of finishing on them. But here are a few pics as to what it looks like at this point. This will be my first attempt at R/C b
  20. Hello I just got a new Dumas kit I know I may be getting ahead of myself but I was just wondering How do I apply the fiberglass resin/epoxy for the finishing layer waterproof/? 1.) Use a brush? 2.) just tape off and pour directly on the surface. or is there another way or recommendations Thankyou!
  21. I've really hesitated to start a build log... At first it was simply because I'd started building without taking any photos for a while, so I figured it was just too late to start a log. But later, because of all the fantastic work I've seen in other builds - you folks are some real artists! - I'm embarrased to show my efforts. But I've browsed enough now to know that a build log is definitely the way to go, there is so much experience and help out there, it's silly to waste it. So I'll upload what photos I do have to this point on my first ship build, and hope that you guys can hel
  22. Hello, This is my first build to post on MSW. It's my 4th boat (can't really call them ships yet) in my self desiged ship modeling course. My goal is to start the MS Bluenose 1:64 kit that's been sitting on my shelf for year teasing me... "come on, I dare you, I'll shred your ego into pieces". The first three were small Midwest kits intended to learn the art of planking. This one is intended to get a feel for rigging. I figured how much simpler can rigging get than a small sailboat? So the box. from looking at other threads, this seems to be an old sea salt tradition. unfortunately my
  23. I everybody. Few comment before the photo. The creole queen by dumas is not what expected from me. This is a boat made for RC more then collector,so everything is more...looking for the best word. Never the less,not easy to built. The length is the first problem,to translate all info the boat as tendency to twitch. But i am moving forward. Problem,of yesterday,i fond out the wing of pilot house was to large,so the fence build with coper rod has to be remove for reduction and cut the wing to be equal to the p
  24. The George W. Washburn tugboat was launched in 1890 by the Cornell Steamboat Company to move barges and cargo like stones, sand, and bricks up and down the Hudson River between Albany and New York City. She was, during her early years, considered the fastest tug on the Hudson. Since she took on paying passengers, her appearance was kept up. It was said that a Cornell Steamboat could be notices from great distances by the yellow and black color of the smoke stacks. The George W Washburn and Cornell Steamboat Company are no longer around today. This is my first effort at building a m
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