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  1. It is time to start a new build log. This time it was a close race between brigantine Phoenix and USS Syren. Since Phoenix kit has all laser cut parts, including planks, i was curious to see how this approach fits into hard-core, make-my-own planks state of mind... So, let see... This is a wooden model kit of the 12-gun brigantine "Phoenix" - cruising ship with a sailing arsenal of the brigantine, part of Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Empire. St. Andrew's flag Russia Ship class and type Cruising ship Type of sailing equipment brigantine Organization Black Sea Fleet Comm
  2. I decided to take a break from the HMS Snake and do something more straight forward with no kit bashing. I initially bought the Falconet kit 9th century Viking ship but I plowed through that in less than a month. I have been wanting to buy the Avos since it came out so I decided this would be a good time. By the time my Avos is done Chris Watton might have finished developing the HMS Sphinx and My Snake will never get finished. 😆 I just post a picture of the box for now, I don't plan on covering all the contents in the box as there is a thorough review buy James H.
  3. Today I received the AVOS kit. It is the best version executed in pear. The wood looks fantastic and the laser cutting is So detailed. I am very excited about it. Not sure when I start with the build as I have still plenty of work on rigging my Royal Caroline but this could be escape from the ropes. It will be fun but also chalenge I guess. At this scale everything is so small!
  4. Many months ago, I ordered the Master Korabel (MK) kit, but pandemic struck and delivery was delayed. Meanwhile, Chris (Vanguard Models, VM) released his cutter as a standalone kit, so I also ordered this. Both kits arrived within a week or so of each other, so I thought that I would do a comparison build log rather than two separate logs. The log lacks a little as I somehow managed to lose some photos and couldn’t recover them. Although the VM model is to a scale of 1:64 while the MK one is 1:72, I think they are close enough to stand comparisons. I have put this buil
  5. I started this build some time in May and currently I'm in the process of shaping yards. I'll be posting pictures and comment starting with the very beginning and hopefully I'll catch up to the build's current state. This is the model of Russian tender named "Avos". As far as I know this word only exists in Russian language and describes a world view when you don't know the outcome but hope for the best, citing Wikipedia: The Russian avos' (Russian: русское авось) describes a philosophy of behavior, or attitude, of a person who ignores possible problems or hassles and, at the same ti
  6. I am going to build this kit with my daughter. She was really insisting on building her own wooden ship, like daddy's. Seems to even be ready that it will take a year. Will see, will see, she seems to be really interested The kit is a 1777 schooner in 1:72 scale made by russian manufacturer Master Korabel (translated as "Master Shipwright"). Laser cut planking, nice wood, seems to be very well thought through! Includes few PE sheets, very nice castings (anchors and cannons), all fittings have a good quality. The laser cutting is top notch and plywood is high quality as
  7. Jumping right into an unusual one. I saw a previous build and scooped this kit up immediately. I need a break from rigging as well.
  8. Here is a brief build log of this beautiful kit, which I began in late September - I'm now (4 December) approaching the rigging and sails, so on the home stretch. When finished, I'll put some pictures in the Gallery. There's plenty of excellent material in the Forum about this kit, so I won't go into too much detail - just to say what a marvel of miniature accuracy the laser cutting and photo etching of the parts are. Here are a few images of the early stages...
  9. This is my second build. The first was Albatros by Occre. 1. The reason I bought this ship was that I was intrigued after reading the review in MSW. It looked very small and rather difficult but I decided to live dangerously. The version I bought included the (sewn) sails but not the simulated nails on the veneer planking 2. I will organize my log by categorizing it into "phases"; these just follow my own "intuitive" sense of what groups of steps constitute a phase. Phase 1: Assembling the hull and first planking. The frames go into the main plate. I think the design here i
  10. Hello all, I have built balsa RC model airplanes before, but this is my first boat build. Also have an interest in scale armor and prefer 1:72, hence the fascination with tiny boats. Big thanks to "etsinko" for the similar inspirational build log and the genius who came up with the "quick find indexes" idea. Now on to the build. Kit ordered via Ebay on March 30, 2020. It probably got stuck somewhere due to the COVID-19 situation, but I was surprised last week when it finally showed up at my doorstep on May 5, 2020.
  11. Hello everybody, Some time ago I started building Master Korabel Schooner Polotsk kit but I was too lazy/busy to start a build log here. Finally I decided to go ahead and do it. I'll be posting more often until this build log catches up with the build's current state. I have been precisely following the instructions during the process so far and it has been a smooth ride. 1. I started with assembly of the ship's frame. The desing of this kit's frame is very interesting, it has a HDF plate that splits the frame horizontally. This ensures that all bulkheads and the center keel a
  12. This is my first build log. I have been building wood models for about 10 years and they were always meeeh. And then I found this website and I have learned so much so thanks to all. I picked this model for a couple of reasons one it is different and unique in style, I wanted build something from a new manufacturer, well at least to me, and it is my tweener project between my just completed Syren and my start of the Essex. My Likes and dislikes of this kit: Likes: masterful lazing of parts, the preformed planking is spot on. The instruction PICTURE booklet
  13. Hi Decided to open a new blog for 3rd ongoing build-i hope no hard feelings from oldtimers as newbie hasnt finished any but allready has 3rd ongoing plus pile waiting to be started. As my Cruiser and Terror are waiting for parts i started MK Polotsk that was waiting for its time, guess that time arrived. My Polotsk is Plus version with pearwood planking. I chose MK Polotsk due to really positive feedback regarding laser cut part and instructions as it goes together like Lego cause allmost everything is laser cut and requires little or no sanding.
  14. Hello, all! Welcome to my to-be-much-abbreviated build log for the Master Korabel "cannon jolle" (gunboat) kit. I say "abbreviated" because Jim Rogers already did a fine build log for this kit, which you can see here. You can also read my initial review of the kit in the reviews section of the forum. Part of my reason for choosing this kit is to show members that yes, I do actually build ship models on occasion! Here's a couple of shots of the very early stages of construction, only a few hours' worth really. So far I have not had any issues apart from being a little confused by th
  15. This project captured my imagination the minute I first saw it. It took some time to get my hands on it, as apparently Master Korabel released in Russian prior to developing and releasing and English version. I was in touch with them, who then put me in touch with Egor Tsinko at Crafty Sailor who after some weeks finally emailed me to let me know he received the kits in stock. I ordered mine immediately at a little over $100 with shipping, and received it in less than 5 days. On the whole, Im very pleased with the transaction and looking forward to the build, especially now that Im hole
  16. I purchased this a few months ago from a www.hobbyterra.com, it is produced by ex USSR manufacturers – it's very complete and very detailed, all parts are laser cut – even the outside hull planking. It has instructions in Russian, but I'm a little rusty so I'll refer to the picture diagrams and the English instructions. When it's finished it will be 590 mm long, by 440 mm high and 220 mm wide. So here are some pictures:
  18. Hi crew, I've had to be a little mercurial when it comes to how I'll spend the next months before I build a test (another!) of Amati's forthcoming 1:64 H.M.S. Victory so I can do the photos for the construction manual, so I was originally going to bash away at my Panart deck section. I was then going to plank the Caldercraft 1:80 Mary Rose I've had for around 15years. In the end, I decided the best way to spend that time was on Master Korabel's diminutive but gorgeous 1:72 Tender Avos, reviewed HERE and soon to be available from Vanguard Models in the UK. I've been wat
  19. 1:72 Tender ‘Avos’ (XS Edition) Master Korabel Catalogue # MK0303PSN Available from G.K. Modellbau for €225.00 "Avos" was an eight-gun tender which in was built in 1806 in Novo-Arkhangelsk, Russian America (now Sitka, Alaska). With a crew of 12 men, Avos was part of an expedition under the direction of Nikolai Rezanov. During the voyage along the Aleutian ridge to the port of St. Peter and Paul, the crew survived many storms, forcing them to stop at Fox islands for repair, and also save a mysterious “native” from the Attu island. To secure the Kuril
  20. Good day Here is simple build OOB of 12 gun brigantine of admiral F.Ushakov from the kit of Russian maker Master Korabel
  21. It is a Swedish type gunboat of 1801 The Master Korabel Kit is 1:72 scale. I'm not going to show you the presentation of the kit out of the box, there are on this forum several topics which already show all this in details ... As I have already completed this build, I simply show you some steps of the construction or the personal choices on the painting or the presentation medium. And of course, most importantly, the final pictures of the completed model! 😃 I chose to do a weathered model. A boat a little old, used on his paintings and the hull, moored to a quay also
  22. Hello Here I will show my build and I hope I have enough patience. I think this kit is not yet sold on USA.
  23. Hello everybody, this is a tiny build log that covers the assembly of the latest Master Korabel 1:72 lifeboat. I have never built this boat so, most likely, I'll make a few mistakes on the way but I hope those won't be fatal and I'll be able to fix them. The first thing I noticed is that Master Korabel used a new technique for this model - the jig is not a part of the model as it was with the previous MK boats. It is more like a "building berth", a completely separate entity. The kit itself consists of 2 pearwood billets and 1 plywood billet: All boat parts
  24. Welcome to my build log for the Master Korabel phoenix. I chose this kit for a number of reasons. 1. It is a high quality kit: It makes use of some good quality wood including pear. Many of the detailed parts are of the highest quality, I note partic the blocks, the yawl/longboat included in the "plus" kit, the gratings, cannons, the many PE brass parts. See below for more info. The "shortcuts": the deck is provided as one sheet, with the planking and treenailing scribed in by laser. The result is a HUGE timesaver, and produces much better results than anyt
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