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  1. And so it begins. I just received my Medway Kit. And this is the beginning of my build log. I contacted Chuck a couple weeks ago and asked when he would have some kits in stock. He was kind enough to drop me an email telling there were 6 new kits. But the time I placed my order 4 were gone. 4 days later I received my kit. There is no comparison to receiving a Kit from Chuck and any other supplier. This is my first order from the Syren ship company besides parts & rigging. The quality is unmatched. The nice aroma of Cedar isn't bad either. I did the checklist (which by the way he provides for you). And of course everything was there and in good condition. So I have my first question - In reading other logs I have found a digital tool mentioned which appears to be a height gauge for a table saw. Can someone explain how you use your table saw for the Keel scarf joint? If I understand correctly you are cutting the depth and then cutting away the extra wood by hand? PS I have ordered the tool (we can never have enough tools). So I am waiting for my order from Rockler. It also appears that Rockler need to talk to Chuck. His package arrived 2 days ago. And still no sign of Rockler.
  2. Thanks to all of you for your patience over the Holidays. I was busy with family and fun for the last two weeks or so and barely stepped into the workshop. But now I am back at it. I know many of you have contacted me about some some items not in stock but rest assured that over the next two weeks or so they should be ready. I apologize for the delay. I have several sizes of rope and blocks being made as we speak and should be fully stocked very soon. I just finished up a bunch of 3/16" and 1/8" blocks as shown above....1800 of them in the last two days and the image shows them fresh out of the oven. Thanks again for understanding as I was relaxing with some much needed rest and family time. 2016 should be a banner year for us and I will even have a few new products coming out throughout the year. Thanks for your patience..... and thank you for your business..... Serving machines are also now back in stock for those who have asked over the last few weeks. Chuck Syren Ship Model Company www.syrenshipmodelcompany.com
  3. This is the start of my build for the Medway Longboat. There are two really special contemporary models in the NMM. This is a totally revamped and completely new longboat project with actually little in common with my earlier design for Model Shipways. It is based on an entirely different original draft and more closely resembles the contemporary models. In fact its almost identical as far as I can tell. It will be a true POF model with floors and top timbers. This model will be made from Alaskan Yellow Cedar with boxwood accents and molding. This model will be made both partially planked and fully planked eventually just like the two contemporary models. The fully planked version will show all rigging and also sails. Hopefully. A little about the contemporary models shown below. Scale 1:48. A contemporary full hull model of a ship's longboat, said to be from the 'Medway' (1742) (SLR0328), built plank on frame in the Navy Board style. The model is partially planked and equipped with a large windlass amidships for use when handling the anchors. It is mounted on its original veneered baseboard. Another model, SLR0330, shows the ‘Medway’ longboat rigged and fully planked. The longboat was generally the largest boat carried on board ship and could either be pulled or sailed. It was used for carrying personnel and stores as well as mooring and anchors work. When carried on board, the longboat was stowed in the waist between the fore and main masts lashed on the spare topmasts and spars. It was hoisted in and out by means of the large block and tackles rigged to the lower fore and main yards. A contemporary full hull model of the 'Medway' (1742), shown below - 60-gun two-decker ship of the line
  4. This will be the start of my Medway Longboat kit once I receive it. I have been following the development of this kit and it will be fun building it in a Group setting. I have watched projects being developed over the years by Chuck and each one gets better and more innovative than the one that preceded it. The first step in this build is to visit the downloads page which has all of the chapters of the build plus other information that will help you in the building of your Longboat. It can be accessed by going to the link below:
  5. I have chosen the Medway longboat as one of two projects that I am going to start now. The other is the brigantine Lexington, a semi-scratch build based on plans by Clayton Feldman and a mini-kit from The Lumberyard. It is my current intention to begin the longboat now, but suspend work when I get the Lexington project started (Chuck's delivery time is considerably shorter than The Lumberyard). I will then take the longboat to New Jersey, where we will be spending a portion of the summer, and possibly early fall, and hopefully complete it there. So far, I have completed the keel assembly and transom, and am starting on the frames. I'm embarrassed to have to admit that I butchered one of the overlap joints on the keel and have to use the simplified joint version. Not a good start. Bob
  6. I'm on board too. This is the first message of my log on the Medway Longboat build. Impatient to learn new techniques. Sure it will be very rewarding.
  7. The Medway Longboat by Syren is a very popular model. As designed, it produces a beautiful model and in a larger scale that shows significant detail. I was asked to produce a set of sails for the Longboat. This topic will lead you through a process that I use for making sails. I will point out in the beginning, that this method has been used many times. It is also a shop note in the NRG Publication "Ship Modelers Shop Notes". It has also been demonstrated in several venues including Northeast Joint Clubs. I have added a few of my own tweaks to this process. My chosen material is silk span. Silkspan looks like tissue paper but it is a fabric and it does have a specific weave. It is marked by Bluejacket as Model Span. More to follow. Download the entire sail Tutorial here....Sails for a Cutter Rigged Long Boat.pdf Tom
  8. Definitely looking forward to getting in on this, so this is my build log for the Medway Longboat kit. Next post... whenever things start! I will however be out of the country for a couple of weeks starting a week from today, so I may not get in on the first batch.
  9. I received my kit in the mail yesterday and am about to embark on my build. On opening the kit it was discovered that the aft section of the build board had the end tab broken off. No doubt this happened in shipping. I have attempted a fix and will know tomorrow if it worked, and will then reinforce that area somehow. I have started on the keel and discovered that an hour in the shop seems like 5 minutes. Enjoying myself on my first ever build
  10. Hi there. I've been following Chucks build log with much interest and decided that it was time for me to jump in at the deep end and have a go myself. I have limited experience having only built the Sergal Presidant kit and then Victory Models HMS Fly, so be gentle with me. Looking forward to purchasing the kit and getting started.
  11. Hello Everyone, I would to join this build group of fellow Medway Longboat builders. I have put my 1:48 scale Longboat on hold so as to better understand the spiling process since the strakes are pre-cut. I had some difficulty with small gaps with light showing through. Following are photos of my build. The build board and keel parts laid out. I have marked the slots in the build board because I got tired of counting them. Had to use tape to hold the guides in, they were loose and would fall out. Keel and stern post ready to join. Stem and Keel. False Keel parts had 1/32" scrape added when attaching to the keel to center them for the rabbit. The long piece glued to the keel. Attaching the Floors to the Top Timbers. Test fitting the frames and Keel. Head on view. Over all as she now stands. More to come. Bob W
  12. I finally have had time to start on the Longboat. I found that this is a good re-starter kit for me - the last one was over 45-50 years ago and was never completed due to a whole bunch of things - mainly life. I did spend some of that time building flying models and some small furniture so i have some experience with wood. I am not a great craftsman by any means, but I try and a I enjoy it. To date I have built both versions of the keel just to see what I can do. I did build 2 versions of the half lap keel - the first not so good - the second is what I selected and I am now on my way. I have the first 5 frames fitted and have the rest of the frames built and ready to start fitting. I did leave the transom off for the moment so I can rough fit the frames without breaking it off - I'm sure I would. . I'd like to thank all of you for your build logs. I learned a lot about the tricks and pitfalls you all have found. Also - Chuck for the great well thought out kit Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and will have a great New Year. Tom
  13. Finally decided to join in with the Medway Longboat project. I liked the lines, it'll teach me some fundamentals and it's designed by the Maestro, Chuck. The wood is excellent to work with and I've tried to keep my big mitts clean. I opted for the half lap joints to stretch my skills. I thought I did a pretty good joint and glued the stern together. Oops, it was bent. I figured out I only checked the thickness along the immediate outside edges but failed to check it was uniformly the 5/64" thick on each side. After an application of isopropel alcohol and dismantling the boo-boo, I made a little sanding fixture to keep the joints uniforms. Now, it's nice and straight. It's a piece of .040 inch styrene sheet with two .080 x .125 styrene strips. The .080 will allow me to get very close to the 5/64" dimension. I built up the keel and got it ready to add the bolts. I drilled the bolt holes with a #74 drill. Next step, wipe on poly. I worked on the floors and frames, making sure every one fit nicely, The fun will begin when I start fitting all of them into the keel. Bow frames. Stern frames I have to attach the transom, but have a question for the mavens. Do I remove the char in the groove to attach it to the keel. I cleaned up the char on the top edge and am contemplating how to keep the transom square to the keel. So far, it been a pleasure working with this wood.
  14. Yep. Here I am, waiting for my longboat to come in. I wanted to get my sweep in the water for this one, but will hold off until the second batch. I want to get more progress on my QAB and don't want to hog short-supply Medways. However I do want to get started soon. This will be fun!.
  15. O'k, I'm finally getting around to making my first build log after encouragement by some the members here. I've been reading the forum since the fall of 2014 but only began posting recently and I completed my first model boat two years ago. To date I have built a small dory by Artesania Latina, the Indian Canoe by Midwest Products and the Batelina by Maris Stella. I began working on the Medway Longboat about 3 months ago and I am about to start the rigging. None of my previous builds had any rigging so this will be completely new to me and I'm sure I will be able to use some good advice as I attempt rigging for the very first time. Even though I'm pretty far along in my build I thought I would go ahead add some photos and brief comments from the beginning. Perhaps in reading my log someone might find something useful for them. I've certainly benefited from reading build logs by others and, at least for me, photos can often be more helpful than words. I'll try and point out some of the stumbling blocks I encountered along the way and how I tried to overcome them. None of these difficulties had anything to do with the kit itself, they were all self-made by me and were just part of the learning process for me. As you probably know, the kit itself is simply fantastic in every way. This build has been a big step forward for me from my previous builds and that's been a very good thing. It has challenged me just the right amount for my continued growth in ship modeling. I'm learning so much and my confidence is growing with each completed step. Chuck describes the skill level for he kit as intermediate/advanced and it's certainly been that for me. It's been the perfect next step in the evolution of my ship building knowledge and skills and continues to be a pleasure to build. Any comments whatsoever are whole-heartedly welcome 100%. Thank you for reading if you got this far. I've completed the interior and am currently working on the rudder. Here are some fairly recent photos of where I'm at on my Longboat build: Bob
  16. Current status of the long boat is “under the unfinished Swift”. Made some progress this weekend with the other cabin and bulwarks but I am reminded of how far I have come in hull building, and how far I need to go for rigging. The swift uses “torture the wood and do a second planking” technique and I am really looking forward to the better way to plan on the longboat.
  17. Click on the tags in the title above (shown in black) for an instant list of all the build logs for that kit subject.
  18. This group build seems to be a great way to build and learn. I've already (mentally) reserved a spot on the mantle for the finished product.
  19. Have just started this project after clearing my bench of the 1:200 Merit Hornet - that beast took years and I’m very much looking forward to a change!
  20. I’m taking part in the group build of Chuck Passaro’s kit of the HMS Medway Longboat. The kit looks to be well made in a way that most experienced modelers will be able to successfully build the model. The directions provided by Chuck are explicit and easy to understand. I’ve started the kit and have completed the keel. I followed Chuck’s instructions and everything went according to plan. I followed the ‘more advanced’ instructions for making the keel. One thing I did that was sort of unusual was the way I determined where to place the bolts at the bow and stern. I made a photocopy of the two areas of the keel with the bolts. I cut out the two places on the photocopy where the bolts were so the cutout fit the thicker keel part. I drilled the holes (using a #78 drill) on the port side since the plans show the port side of the boat. Then I just turned the small photocopy over and used the small holes in the paper to drill the starboard side. I hope I’m being clear in my descriptions. I don’t think my rabbits were 1/32 inches because the 4 thinner pieces were a little thicker that 3/32 inches. But the difference is so small I don't think it will be a problem. The kit is really well designed and I think it will turn into a great build.
  21. This the start of my Medway Longboat 1742 - 1/2" scale build log. I'm ready to go once the Medway Longboat is released and I manage to purchase one. This group build will be a lot of fun!
  22. Thank you Chuck for doing this. Looking to learn the correct way to model, and there's no better way to learn than from the masters.
  23. I wasn’t going to start a log being a “rookie” at planking and probably having very little to offer, but I’ve decided to join the crowd anyway. I got a bit of a jump on some being able to pick up a kit from Chuck at our club, but Im sure you will catch me as I slow down now that I’m ready to start fairing the hill, something I’ve never done before. here are a few shots I took. The first two show the completed keel and the 5 one piece frames test fitted. These next two show all the frames finished and glued up. Everything went together real nice with minimal amount of sanding. I do however think I rushed the gluing process and have I a few frames that could have been more snug in the keel notches ..I think I may have to add a shim or two on some frames. I plan on bringing the model to our next meeting to get some input on fairing and the like.
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