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  1. I've decided to dig into my stash and take out the oldest resident there: Model Shipways USF Confederacy. This is going to be a slow build, because I only have a couple of hours a day to devote to it; too many other kinds of projects going on. Since there are a very large number of both old and new build logs of the Confederacy, I'm not going to post a blow by blow description. Plan on periodic updates and asking advice for problems encountered since many have built this model. I was relieved to find the kit had the good plywood, and there was no warping despite its period of n
  2. I hope there is room for yet another Syren build log. I don't own any power tools apart from a dremel and a drill, so I'm curious to see how I progress on this build. I also hope I can keep up with the great builds I have seen on this forum. This is my second kit and first build log. First was an Artesania Latina's Virginia 1819 which I completed a few months ago. I'm sure everyone here has seen it but here are some photos of the Syren kit (please let me know if have not selected the right resolution, I took these on my phone and uploaded them here without any size modifications):
  3. Since I started this build back mid October the first post will be rather long as I try to bring you up to date... This will be my second build following MS Bluenose I which I really enjoyed putting together and finished last year. When the box arrived and I got around to opening it a couple of weeks later I was surprised to find the bulkheads and the bulkhead former were extremely warped. An email was dispatched to MS and a short time later new material arrived. This seems to be a rather prevalent problem with this kit. Sad really when you think about all the work that went into
  4. With summer at an end work has begun on the Benjamin W. Latham kit. With the large 1:48 scale I hope to add a nice bit of super-detailing, and I'm especially intrigued by the seine boat, a whole separate model unto self. Fittings are decent, though I may end up replacing some with scratch-built items. Plans are very nicely done other than the rigging sheet. I haven't done a ton of soldering on past kits, but that will certainly change on this build with all of the ironwork. The keel is a sandwich of two thicknesses of laser cut parts, and mine was
  5. Just starting up the USN Picket Boat build... I just completed the J Class (1:80 scale) racing yacht and anxious to get started on the Picket. I am by no means an expert builder and from what I can tell the instructions for the Picket are sketchy at best, but with the excellent logs I have been reading on other Picket builds, I think I should be OK. Famous last words,,, We will see how it goes.
  6. Hi All! Well, as promised, I decided to start my next ship after a brief hiatus following the launch of my HMS Sultana. But...I decided to follow other folks who jumped into the USS Syren! It really seemed like the best choice for a number of reasons. - The Sultana gave me a good base for my skill set, but the Syren will expand on it in a step wise manner (Gaff rigged schooner to a more complex Brig) - The Syren and Sultana are built at the same scale, giving me a bit more confidence in applying what I learned building the Sultana - The Syren will be my fir
  7. Greetings all, My first foray into building a wooden vessel is this gem. I've been lurking a little while, as I've been evaluating my tool chest and selecting this build. Over the years, I've done any number of wooden structures and car kits, as a model railroader. Thought I should learn how to twist straight boards into boats aka planking. In my prior endeavors, we sealed and stained before we put any glue on any surfaces. Plus we had to fight warping wood ( due to using water based paints) with extra bracing. Should I treat the wood before any construction? Since this is primarily a
  8. Stuck at home because of the virus I decided to join my adult son and build a model boat. This is my first boat model, although I've built a real canoe. Now I have to figure out how to add the pictures. Look like their entered, I just can't caption them. Ah. "Edit." I really should have started with a bigger boat, but I'm learning from my mistakes and will do better on the next boat.
  9. Hi, Just join this site and what a great site it is 👍 I see that a lot of people (most from Canada) build the Canadian fishing schooner Bluenose 1921 and so happens I am building this too, hope this is not to many do like the shape and lines of this schooner. When I bought this model I also purchased the Fair-A-Frame from Model Shipways as well, while building I did modify it so that head stock would slide in a grove this makes it more ridged and keeps everything nice and square, also they show that the adjusting rail which moves to clamp the keel was at a different height than
  10. I will in a few days post photos of my progress since I just opened the box a few days ago.
  11. A little background before I start this log. I played around with models of all kinds when I was young, but this was my first effort at a "quality" model as a result. (The term "quality" is up for debate )I am in the middle of this build. I started it back in the late 80's. The hull was shaped, sanded and topsides painted. Plankshseer, rails and decking added and painted.....And there it sat as life went on. Bought a house, raised 2 kids, and late summer of '17 I dusted it off, and started adding rivets to the strip copper for the hull. Little did I know these strips should have been cut into
  12. Hello all! This is my first time posting any thing here at MSW, I watch a lot of your builds and have really enjoyed my time here. I figured it was time for me to post my own build log and hopefully get this next build as close to perfect as possible. I plan to post here as often as I can, maybe once a week, hopefully more, as I only have about an hour a day to work on this. Slow and steady wins the race. The model itself is a beautiful model, I’ve seen completed posts and pictures of the completed build and so I have really been looking forward to this.
  13. It's time to start a new log. I have only spent a few weeks making a start on the Confederacy so there is not a lot to show yet. Others have presented some nice introductions to the history of this ship and of the content of the kit, so I don't feel there is a need to repeat that here. I'll do my best to do justice to this beautiful ship. So without further ado, it's straight to the first few photo's.
  14. At long last I have started my CWM. This kit has been in my stash for quite some time. I saw no point in photographing the kit contents as there are quite a few Morgan build logs showing the parts. I will note that, contrary to the instructions, the center keel was a single laser cut piece, not 2 pieces. I do not know if this is still the case, but it makes for an easier start to the build. The photo shows my building slip set up to start test-fitting the bulkheads.
  15. Hello, this is my first build log. After reading many build logs and hesitate between some models (HMC Sherbourne, HM Cutter Mermaid), I finally choose the Armed Virginia Sloop from Model Shipways in 1:48 scale. I choose this model because I can found many advices on the excellent build logs of this forum: aliluke, DocBlake, GuntherMT, Ryland Craze,... All this logs have wonderful pictures on the building process. I have also found two excellent documents on the web : an addendum from John H. Earl and the practicum of Robert E. Hunt. It's also a model not to much complicate with only on
  16. Unpacking the box and the process of building the model of the pinky schooner GLAD TIDINGS (1937) by the American kit manufacturer Model Shipways. Here I share my personal impressions of the kit and results.
  17. The project was started just after Christmas with becoming familiar with all of the included wood and support pieces. The laser cut planking is excellent and actually feels a little more hard than the strip cut wood. Also, it seems to hold a better egde. The BOM states "Basswood or Limewood(European Basswood)" so I'm wondering if that explains the difference. One of the laser cut parts, the profile mold, did not match the plan around all of the the perimeter ( sheet 1A) but was satisfactory in the critical areas. (Edit:) Also, the horse support notches as well as the hull mold notches are
  18. Greetings, dear colleagues! This is my first log on this forum and I'm happy to start publishing in such a great community. Now a few words on history of the build: I've bought this kit about 15 years ago and until 2017 it was laying on a shelf waiting for it's turn to be built. I've searched through all the logs based on this kit both here and in Russia to see what other people do with it. Sad to see that most builds are unfinished - I cannot say why, since in my opinion it's a very attractive prototype - a small ship-rigged vessel that looks like a frigate (from afar), scale
  19. USS Constitution - Model Shipway’s Kit No.: MS2040 “Old Ironsides” 1797 Frigate Scale: 5/32” = 1 ft. (1:76.8) This is my second POB square rigged ship; I spent about seven years building my first, Mamoli’s Rattlesnake. Like the first one, I will be following Robert Hunt’s practicum, but unlike the first, I have a multitude of excellent build logs and books to supplement it and help guide me through the inevitable pitfalls that are sure to raise their ugly heads. Hopefully, based on this and my hard-earned experience with the Rattlesnake, it won’t take another half a lifetime to build. N
  20. This is kind of my second build, I finished the ‘Lowell Grand Banks Dory’ and got about half way through the ‘18th Century Long Boat’ both by Shipways when I decided to shift to this boat the ‘Norwegian Sailing Pram’. This is the second in a beginner series of “progressive model tutorials” designed by David Antscherl. I did learn a lot about wooden ships and how to build wooden models from the Dory. I decided to shift sails when I noticed that the Pram was finally for sale by Model Shipways and I thought I could use the additional learning experience especially rigging. The Long Boat rigg
  21. Welcome to my shipyard! Pull up a chair, 'cause I'll be asking for a LOT of advice as the build goes on I got this kit on eBay for $75 including shipping. Being retired, I have to be a bit frugal, plus I know that this kit will end up costing more in terms of paint,glue and tools. Here's the thing of it; the kit was started by the person I bought it from .You can see the extent from the pictures. The bulkheads seem pretty straight but if I understand it's purpose correctly, I'm not sure the rabbet is well done,particularly where it widens near the sternpost. It doesn't seem deep enou
  22. I bought a Phantom kit quite a few years ago; the parts sheet is dated 2004. Just getting back into the hobby after quite a few years away, I figured it would be a pretty quick build to brush the rust off and Chuck’s practicum takes away a lot of the guess-work/analyses paralysis. I didn’t start taking pictures until yesterday when I started coppering the hull, but I’ll start taking them more frequently going forward. This is where I was when I decided to start the log yesterday. I had a roll of 3/16" copper that I bought many years ago that was cut into 1/2" lengths. Perhaps a
  23. I decide to build the Syren after reading Chuck Passaro's instructions and Gahm, dubz and augie's build logs. The work done on these build is truly amazing and I'll be using them to guide me with my build. It has taken me a year to get up the nerve to enter a build log, so here goes please bear with me. 😁 on June 28th I received the kit so as seems to be a convention here's a photo of the box.
  24. I started this boat last Fall before I was a member here so I’m actually somewhere in the neighborhood of 80% finished. It's my first nautical build so what might appear to be lightning fast construction is really just a lot of catching up on already completed steps. When I get to the stuff I’m doing now you’ll notice a rather dramatic slow-down! My photos of the early stages of the build are hit and miss and the quality leaves a lot to be desired. It's casual documentation at best. Fortunately, lots of good logs for this boat are already available on this forum so all the nitty-gritty of act
  25. Well I hope that i do not get in trouble by posting a build thread that is already completed. But it got blown away with the switch over to 2.0, but I know some modelers were refering to it so that is why I am doing what i doing.... It started out to just to try out POF, but once I started reading about Capt. Bligh and one of the greastest maritime true stories ever I decided to bash the kit, using all the reference i could find about the voyage. Knowing that the jolly boat was the first choice to put Bligh and his men into, but was rotted out so they were moved to the Launch. So here is m
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