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Found 7 results

  1. I have decided to start this build log because there is not a lot of information on the Norske Love out there. I have spent hours crawling around the web looking for a completed build log and was only able to find one. It is not just information on the model ship kit that is lacking but also acquiring information about the real life ship has been challenging. The up side to this is I’m working with pretty much a blank slate. I bought this kit online from Great Hobbies PEI, Canada in July 2019 and it has been sitting on my shelf as I completed other projects. This will be my second Billing Boats build so I am very much aware of the lack of instructions common with Billing Boats. However the detailed one-to-one drawings are a definite plus and require careful study to figure out where pieces fit. Right off the start the lumber provided for the keel was twisted. I tried to straighten it by soaking it in warm water overnight then clamping it to my build board. No good. I ended up cutting the keel from one of wood panels that contained the laser cut bulkhead pieces. Made of plywood instead of solid lumber it is dead straight and true. The notch at the bottom of some of the bulkhead pieces was only 7mm so they had to be carefully braced while fitting. Placed a one Krone coin on the keel for good luck. The first deck required a little tweaking to get it fit but the two sections lined up pretty good. The instruction called for the deck planking to be drawn on with pencil but I am going to use wood stock so I used nails to secure the deck to the bulkhead frames. So that is the start, I still work full time so this will not be a fast moving build. I hope to complete this project within three to four years but we shall see. Also my math skills are better than my english ones so grammar police take no offence. Cheers
  2. I started the Billings Boats "Norske Love" in about 1986. At the time I was living in Venezuela and purchased the kit No. 437 while on a trip to Europe. The picture shows the wear and tear on the box after travelling through three continents and various home moves. I reached the decking stage before business commitments prevented me from continuing. Now, 25 years later, I am retired and returning to the hobby, picking up this build again. Pictures of the current state of construction will be attached in the next post.
  3. Hi new to forum, as mentioned in my new members thread, I was given a half complete model of Norske Love, put together by a friends father in 1984, the hull and deck was fitted out along with shrouds and rat lines but no further rigging, although the sails were fitted to the spars and supplied loose along with most of the other bits to complete the build. I have spent the last few days repairing a lot of the shrouds (a number of the deadeyes were broken) and colouring the fitted rigging black. I am not sure if the shrouds should be black also, so have left them for now but any advise would be welcome. Looking around the ship more closely I can see a number of issues that I would have done differently but I will have to put up with these as I do not want to replace to much of the existing work as there is more than enough for me to do already. I also ordered some black rigging thread as all of the supplied thread is tan coloured. I ordered a small amount 0.50 and 0.75 as was not sure which to use, I think the 0.75 is looking better but again any advise would be welcome. I have the build manual and the large double sided general drawing 1&2, I have been studying these to try to determine how to fit the standing rigging, there is too much other info on these drawings to see clearly, so was wondering if there was a separate standing rigging drawing that is missing. I have James Lee,s rigging book along with a few other books and have been studying lots of photos , so could probably work it out in time, but if there where a standing rigging drawing it would be so much easier. I have just completed another much easier project that was started by me about 30 years ago (Artisania Latina - Clara May) which I am happy with, and now feel ready to try to complete this project although I am aware it is not going to be easy.
  4. There are scant details on MSW of builds of this iconic Billing Boat kit, and periodically questions arise, often concerning inherited or partially built models requiring completion or restoration in the absence of plans or instructions, which in the case of Billing Boats were somewhat thin. So, in the spirit of giving some images that may help, I post here my Norske Løve story. I must have posted it somewhere before but can’t for the life of me remember where or when, but I do have my original log and photos. A cautionary note, this is a model I made over forty years ago, so the standard of fittings, and the ravages of dust have taken its toll on the condition. If I knew then what I know now I could certainly have made a better job of her but she remains a model for which I still have great affection, and I have resisted the temptation to upgrade her. Those not familiar with the finer points of our art tend to be seriously impressed by the sight of her. ( Norske) Løve Story More years ago, than I care to remember, before my office was a den of computer stuff, and before the digital age, I had a yen to build a large scale wooden 18th century warship. In those days it was either Billing Boats or Billing Boats, and as I browsed through their catalogue my eyes alighted on Norske Løve. It was the image of the modeller putting the final touches to the model that grabbed my attention, I wanted to be that guy. BB Cat cover Yes, I still have that original catalogue, in those days I actually went to a model shop, can you believe it! Pity I didn’t have the internet resource back then, but I did have the Longridge book and perhaps more importantly the Masting and rigging book by James Lees. Given that the Norske Løve was launched in 1765 it immediately struck me that the round tops provided in the kit, were oddly out of period, more 17th century than 18th The masts and tops were therefore scratch built to proportions given in the Lees book for ships of the correct period. The other main area that gave me concern was the head. In common with many wooden kit models this is a weak area with a less than realistic rails set up. Catalogue shot of the bows These were therefore also scratch built. I made other ‘modifications’ not necessarily in accordance with the plans, such as a skylight on the Poop and removeable skids to house boats which were not provided with the kit. Billing at the time (and probably still are) were in the habit of providing some plastic fittings for their kits such as blocks and Deadeyes, decorations etc. I seem to recall that the fittings kit was a separate purchase to the main build kit. This is Billings catalogue shot of the completed model. The build took me a couple of years, and my office resembled more of a joiners shop than an office. Drill stand and vice screwed to the desk top, wood turning model lathe and dremel permanently plugged in where now the printer and computer stuff reside. Everything was covered in a fine film of dust, but boy how I enjoyed that build. When completed the model sat in a lighted cabinet that filled one wall of the office and that’s how it stayed for some years. With the arrival of computers and the need to use my office for its proper purpose, everything was changed. Away went the cabinet and all the modelling stuff. 1153 Norske Løve then proudly sat uncovered on a long chest of drawers, where it resides to this day. Strangely things have come full circle and in retirement my office once again resembles more of a workshop, but I don’t think the resident equipment would appreciate a return to the heavy sawdust days. So here is the photo collection of my interpretation of Norske Løve, 1120 1127 1134 1138 1139 The head rails were scratch built using yellow pine, but there were several breakages before I got a satisfactory set. The Lower and Middle rails are mortised thro’ the head timbers, and the Main rail rebated into the head timbers. 04 02 I recall the exercise being long, slow, and frustrating. 1151 I particularly like the stern and Quarter galleries with their glazed lights, one of my pet dislikes with wooden kits are false windows or even worse stuck on windows, such as with the Mantua Le Superbe that lies forlornly in the loft. This is one area where Billing have done a good job, there was very little tweaking to this area of the build. 1140 1170 The modified tops, scratch built to proportions given by James Lees. The plastic rigging blocks supplied by Billings were replaced by boxwood versions. 004(2) 1133 1152 The main difficulty with single planked hulls such as this is that there is little scope for cocking it up if you don’t want to hide it with paint. I also have an aversion to stub guns so the lower ports are closed. 008(2) 010 The Poop was modified by the addition of a skylight, and the Ensign hand painted on cotton. The simplicity of the Danish flag lends itself to this method. 007(2) I think the anchors were aftermarket purchases. The Boats 002 005 Boats were not supplied so I had to create my own. 1132 1173 The deck fittings are mostly removeable to assist cleaning which is evidently overdue when this photo was taken. 1145 Dust build up is clearly apparent here. 1135 I really prefer models out of cases, they have so much more impact, and 1:75 scale allows for reasonable cleaning access which in this case takes about three hours every few months or so. I hope those who cross paths with this kit get some benefit from this vintage build. Regards, B.E. 22/03/21
  5. Hi everyone. Just started the Norske Love from Billing Boats. Have the keel and frames put together. Stay tuned for upcoming progress. I have built the Bounty from Billing Boats so know the kits pretty well.I am renaming the ship the REDEMPTION. A dark fictional version that will have real custom made bronze figurehead and stern decorations. I work in a bronze foundry and sculpt my own pieces.
  6. My plans for beginning a scratch build were put on hold by the Commodore this week. We were cruising a LHS in search of materials with which to begin a build that I have been quite excited about. And then the Commodore found the kits. Loooong story short…I walked out with a Billings Norske Love kit. A 70-gun Danish Ship of the Line - late 18th Century. I will begin construction soon (I need to buy a building board and I have another obligation to complete first). I have been doing research online with respect to other modeler’s efforts and have found some excellent resources. These are especially welcome considering the lack of direction within the Billings instructional documentation. This is a pretty ship and I know it will give me hours of enjoyment and relaxation (and occasional stress attacks). I intend to paint it completely (and appropriately) but that process is in the distant future...
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