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  1. all, My Halve Maen build was already on hold, but during our move to a new house in November 2015, she got lost because one of our friends put her box on the pavement instead of in our car. After that the enthusiasm to build was completely gone. I spent last year enjoying my other hobbies. But, as a Dutch saying goes: 'Blood is thicker than water' and the urge to build another ship came back. So, May I present to you the Spanish Galleon Nuestra Señora del Pilar De Zaragoza (Our lady of the pillar of Zaragoza), a Spanish Treasure Galleon.
  2. A brief introduction - This is not my first kit but, the first attempt I feel confident in showing to others. As mentioned in other posts on this Forum there is a lot of plywood and coarse grained timber planking supplied. Also some good quality fittings so overall I am happy with materials and plans supplied (I also have plenty of research material and, a well stuffed spares box). Assembled keel. Very slight warp which will ease into position later.Supplied stem, rudder and stern (poor plywood) being replaced with 5mm lime sheet from spares box. I intend fixing thes
  3. This HMS Terror will be my second build, first build was the Golden Hind by OcCre (DanielD Golden Hind) which I just finished 10/2020. I chose the HMS Terror by OcCre because I was pleased with the Golden Hind by OcCre, which was a level 2, entry level project for someone new to wood modeling. The HMS Terror is a level 3 model requiring more skills in that there are fewer pre-made parts and more rigging. I’m excited to start this project.
  4. Hi Chaps, I was debating about making a log of my build considering the abundance of Beagles, appears like it is well liked by beginners of which I am most definitely one, clearly I have decided to log my experience... Perhaps it will be a success but more likely it will be a nightmare and a warning to others! So far I have already made two unfortunate mistakes both could have been avoided in hindsight with more research/common sense and the other rushing ahead without the guide close by for reference. The false keel out of the box had a slight warp after
  5. My work allows you to make models in autumn and winter. I am happy because I will be back to the modeling shop again soon. I did so much last season:
  6. Hi All. Started this kit while ago , i wish to hear some comments what i have done right and wrong . Imo Instruction from this kit is very basic-not explaining everything for beginner like me especially rigging is not very clear. Here is some pictures. Some pictures are missing- hdd failure.
  7. Hi guys, Here we go, starting my second ship. My first ship was HM Schooner Ballahoo, but I didn't make a build log for that one. To be honest I didn't think I would get very far with it. However, I did complete it and was quite happy with the result. During the build I relied very heavily on the build logs of others (especially The Lazy Saint) and now realize how important and useful build logs are to people new to the hobby. I'm obviously hoping this build goes well and I can get it completed. I must admit I'm still having problems with a lot of the nautical terms and the w
  8. Finally ready to do this build log . I attempt to keep it all short and to the point . Received HMs Beagle , opened up to check the contents and condition. Checked to see if there was any damage or anything had warped during the packaging , transport etc . All seemed ok
  9. The time has come to start a new project, while building Robert E Lee i've purchased the Santissima Trinidad from Occre, Occre sells the full kit and the kit divided in 6 packs, wich is what i have aqquired. I also got the Santissima Trinidad cross section kit that i intend to display together at the end and that i will include on this build log. At the moment the idea/goal is to make it heavy weathered, painted, and copper the hull, although plans are always subject to change, and i did considered several other approaches, this is at the moment the plan. As for th
  10. after seeing the hms terror build logs on here especially keith s build i made a start. have always had a fascination with the story of the north west passage and when occre released this it was a must despite the compromises with the kit. frames glued in place but deck still loose. also glued in the filling pieces between frames at bow and stern building slip to help keep the keel straight while planking don't know when next update will be as Victory taking priority at the mo! Take care all keith
  11. This is my first wooden ship build, as mentioned in my introduction I used to build and fly radio controlled planes, I much preferred building them to flying! I decided to build HMS Beagle by Occre, the subject ships history is really interesting plus I think it is a beauty! Occre have step by step YouTube videos of the build which I'm sure will be invaluable. I have definitely jumped in with both feet but feel I'm up to the challenge! Instructions appear to be very detailed and walk you through step by step. I have made a small start on the false ke
  12. Hi all. I am a newcomer to the modelling hobby. I am Danish and live in Copenhagen. My English is ok, but I am struggling with all the shipwright terms in English (They are hard enough in Danish!) so please bear with me. After building my first wood ship model (The beginner model Polaris from Occre) I decided to go ahead and move on to HMS Beagle also from Occre. After Polaris was pretty succesful I thought I would just go ahead and try. The videos Occre has published are awesome, and gives a feeling of "How hard can it be". It was a pretty horrible experien
  13. Hello my friends,i start today to build the kit of OCCRE "SAN ILDEFONSO" I have read the topic of another user that make the same and i am ready to proceed me too.. I upload fotos with the progress First open the box then preparing the tools The two parts of the keel..i put my phone near to realise the length of the kiel... final i glue the two parts of the keel... To be continued...
  14. Hi everyone, I'm building the OCCRE HMS Terror model. This is my first ship model, and I described the reasons for wanting to build her in my "new member" introduction. I'm actually a fair ways along with this model, but have reached the point where I have questions about details and Royal Navy standard practice from that era, in an attempt to make my model as accurate as I can. Also I see other people are building this model, and I hope to trade notes with them as I go along. I guess I'll make a series of posts to start off, to show the various stages I went through to get the model to the po
  15. The shipyard is open. The kit arrived today. In my new member post I suggested that Canada Post might be slow. They were fine, USPS took 13 days from L.A. to the border. There was some damage in shipping. The false keel was crunched at the stern. Pictures and fix below and the parts box let all the little eyelets and rings circulate through the box and the shrink wrap. Just about every length of brass bar was bent or crimped. I am ready to go and I'm sure I'll have lots of questions. Broden
  16. In 1577 Francis Drake left Plymouth on board the Pelican along with 4 other ships to sail through the Megellan Straits and explore the lands beyond. He was given unofficial backing from Queen Elizabeth Ist to also attack any Spanish ships that he might encounter, something he did with great success. On the 20th August 1578 whilst passing through the Megellan Straits he renamed the Pelican to Golden Hind to honour the expedition's main patron, Sir Christopher Patton, whose family crest was a Golden Hind, a female Red Deer. Drake arrived back in Plymouth in September 1580 having sailed around th
  17. I have wanted to do this model since seeing the Endeavour models in Gisborne when i was a boy for Cook's 200th anniversary in 1969.They are over a metre long very impressive up on poles.This model will be 815mm long by 300mm wide,should be enjoyable.
  18. Hello all, I deliberated for almost two months about where to start with wooden ship kits and ultimately decided upon this one. I felt that starting with a more beginner-intended kit would have been nice, but having built it I’d then have that extra model to find a place to put, and the local Admiralty is not given to rapid naval expansion I’m afraid (I live in Japan where living space is at a hell of a premium). So I decided to start with the Occre Revenge. It’s simple enough; I’ve built large plastic models before so I’m familiar with a bit of complexity, and it’s not such a high
  19. To quote one of my favourite movies:"Here we go again.." After building HMS Terror, I was completely hooked, and as Corona is still roaming the streets, I managed to get my hands on Frigate Diana, also by Occre. Here's some history I picked from the Occre site: "The frigate Diana was launched on the 10th of March 1792. It formed part of the series of frigates known as "Mahonesas", as they had been built in the city of Mahón.Thanks to its design, it could sail faster than its predecessors. It took part in the war against France along the Catalan coast although, during the war of Ind
  20. FINALLY, ready to start my first build! As some of you know, my Polaris kit (and the Beagle kit, too!) were supplied with warped keels that I tried to straighten w/o success by using some MSW suggestions. I ended up ordering replacement keels from Occre; they were delivered yesterday, and, though much better than the originals, are not perfectly straight. The suggestion to cut my own keel was beyond my skill (and tool) set. I realize this is an inexpensive beginner's kit, so the quality is what you pay for, I guess. Meanwhile, with some friends' help, I made Doc Blake's keel clamp
  21. Well here is the beginning of my first build log with Model Shop World. I have opened the box, read the instructions at least three times and numbered all the precut pieces. As you can see I have started the hull. I think this will be a challenging kit and somewhat unusual as part of the starboard side of the hull will be left open to show the decks, accommodation etc. That is why the hull at the moment looks like fish bones as all the decks have to be assembled at the beginning of the process. This will give sufficient strength (I hope!) to be able to do the fairing of the hull prior to any p
  22. Reflections on the kit and build: I thought it might be more useful for others, who might be thinking about building this kit, to write a short summary about my experience, and put it in this first post so it is easier to find. First off this kit is meant for first time builders, which I am, and I think they got it right. Its detailed picture-based instructions and the accompanying videos make it very clear how to build everything. There is no guesswork involved. I had only a few moments with the final sail rigging where the instructions were a little too brief but even then the vide
  23. Relative new-comer to the hobby posting my first build log. Have long had an interest in building a wooden ship model (after a misspent youth spent on plastic models and scratch-building HO scale railway structures) and the corona slowdown seemed just the right opportunity. I started with the Dusek Knarr model (1:72 scale) and learned a lot from that (ie. made lots of mistakes that I hopefully learned from.) For my second model I was able to track down one of Occre's Buccaneer models. For whatever reason, I didn't find any build logs of this one in the forum despite the apparent po
  24. Hi guys, This is a restart of my building log of the Diana by Occre. The first log couldn't be found anymore. The administrators did there best, but no luck for me. Thanks guys for the search!!! So here we go again. To hot to build so now is time to restart the log. The box Dry fitting together with the little sister Start to plank the lower deck Upper deck finished planking Adding some bow fillers and fairing the bulkhead frames Start of the
  25. Hello everyone. Here I am starting my first build log with the OcCre Buccaneer. I should have the beginnings of it later today after the kit arrives, but we shall see. In appearance this kit looks much like the golden hind kit from OcCre, however there are some somewhat subtle differences. For one, the cannon placement is different, and also according to their store page, the golden hind is 1:85 while the buccaneer is listed as 1:100 to name some of those differences. I'm not sure what this scale is based off of for the buccaneer though, as this kit is one with no namesake.
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