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  1. So this is my first build of a legit model ship. I bought a Chinese knock off to make sure I would be into making a wooden model ship because I have done lots of car models as a kid but it's been 15 years since I did one. Either way looking forward to getting into this new hobby because I want a better outlet then video games and youtube because it's a waste of mental health. Either way hope everyone enjoys my log as much as I will and looking forward to sharing my experience with everyone!! P.S. props to OcCre for an amazing model kit with such detail in the instructi
  2. Thought I'd throw my hat in to the growing number of logs for this ship - I guess the more the merrier! I'm a little late to start a log - I started building in late February doing 2-3hrs work most days. I would guess I've put in the best part of 100hrs so far. This is my very first wood model ship. I've done a lot of Metal Earth type models over the past year or so, including a few ships such as PieceCool's very decorative Wind Breaker and Black Pearl This has given me a lot of experience at working at a small scale so I hoped this sk
  3. Day 1 of my first build! Still have some cleaning up to do and sanding. I've seen quite a few others who started with the Albatros so I feel I'm in good company. This will be slow going as I'm facing a bust spring and summer, but I'm looking forward to getting into it. Thanks! Kramer
  4. To quote one of my favourite movies:"Here we go again.." After building HMS Terror, I was completely hooked, and as Corona is still roaming the streets, I managed to get my hands on Frigate Diana, also by Occre. Here's some history I picked from the Occre site: "The frigate Diana was launched on the 10th of March 1792. It formed part of the series of frigates known as "Mahonesas", as they had been built in the city of Mahón.Thanks to its design, it could sail faster than its predecessors. It took part in the war against France along the Catalan coast although, during the war of Ind
  5. Hello all, I deliberated for almost two months about where to start with wooden ship kits and ultimately decided upon this one. I felt that starting with a more beginner-intended kit would have been nice, but having built it I’d then have that extra model to find a place to put, and the local Admiralty is not given to rapid naval expansion I’m afraid (I live in Japan where living space is at a hell of a premium). So I decided to start with the Occre Revenge. It’s simple enough; I’ve built large plastic models before so I’m familiar with a bit of complexity, and it’s not such a high
  6. With the Santisima trinidad build finished It's time to start on the cross section, also a kit from occre I will be building it in the same style i've done the full ship, matching the weathering and overall look Kit will be bashed and several additions to hopefully improve it, many of those additions inspired on the @md1400cs build
  7. after seeing the hms terror build logs on here especially keith s build i made a start. have always had a fascination with the story of the north west passage and when occre released this it was a must despite the compromises with the kit. frames glued in place but deck still loose. also glued in the filling pieces between frames at bow and stern building slip to help keep the keel straight while planking don't know when next update will be as Victory taking priority at the mo! Take care all keith
  8. Hey everyone, so it seems like there are several HMS Beagle build logs all of a sudden. I had planned on writing up my own once the hull was completed and we are pretty close now (been building for 5 months, just need to finish up the deadeyes), so I thought I'd start to write up some of the earlier stages as well as outline what I'm going for with this build. So, I am currently a third year uni student studying Biochemistry and Biology and as a result, Charles Darwin and the HMS Beagle are very close to my heart and is partly what got me into this hobby. I've done a build log on
  9. Finally ready to do this build log . I attempt to keep it all short and to the point . Received HMs Beagle , opened up to check the contents and condition. Checked to see if there was any damage or anything had warped during the packaging , transport etc . All seemed ok
  10. Boa noite a todos, Hello everyone, i'm starting the Polaris, the first model ship in this hobby. I made my presentation some months ago and todat i decided to start working on this project. Step by step. There are many Polaris sailing in this forum and this one is going to be part of it hehe. I already made the first progress. In the last picture, nothing is glued. Only for the photo. 😎
  11. ENDURANCE by OcCre 1/70 scale MSRP €159.95 Image courtesy of OcCre All images by author except where noted. Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance scarcely needs an introduction to nautical history enthusiasts. Launched in 1912, two years later she set sail for Antarctica with Shackleton and 27 others aboard for what was intended to be a transcontinental crossing of Antarctica via the South Pole. Instead, Endurance became stuck in pack ice in January of 1915 and eventually sank the following November. In April of 1916, Shackleton and several crew
  12. 1:24 Istanbul tram OcCre Catalogue # 53010 Available from OcCre for €96,45 Istanbul, the former capital of the Ottoman Empire, once had a large tramway network on both the Asian and the European sides. It first started as a horse tram in 1860 and was gradually converted to an electric tram system starting in 1912. Many additional routes were added to the tram system, in progressive stages over time. The network reached its most widespread extent in 1956 with 108 million passengers being carried by 270 tram-cars, on 56 lines. However reflecting developments in man
  13. Hello my friends,i start today to build the kit of OCCRE "SAN ILDEFONSO" I have read the topic of another user that make the same and i am ready to proceed me too.. I upload fotos with the progress First open the box then preparing the tools The two parts of the keel..i put my phone near to realise the length of the kiel... final i glue the two parts of the keel... To be continued...
  14. The time has come to start a new project, while building Robert E Lee i've purchased the Santissima Trinidad from Occre, Occre sells the full kit and the kit divided in 6 packs, wich is what i have aqquired. I also got the Santissima Trinidad cross section kit that i intend to display together at the end and that i will include on this build log. At the moment the idea/goal is to make it heavy weathered, painted, and copper the hull, although plans are always subject to change, and i did considered several other approaches, this is at the moment the plan. As for th
  15. A brief introduction - This is not my first kit but, the first attempt I feel confident in showing to others. As mentioned in other posts on this Forum there is a lot of plywood and coarse grained timber planking supplied. Also some good quality fittings so overall I am happy with materials and plans supplied (I also have plenty of research material and, a well stuffed spares box). Assembled keel. Very slight warp which will ease into position later.Supplied stem, rudder and stern (poor plywood) being replaced with 5mm lime sheet from spares box. I intend fixing thes
  16. Hi everyone, I'm building the OCCRE HMS Terror model. This is my first ship model, and I described the reasons for wanting to build her in my "new member" introduction. I'm actually a fair ways along with this model, but have reached the point where I have questions about details and Royal Navy standard practice from that era, in an attempt to make my model as accurate as I can. Also I see other people are building this model, and I hope to trade notes with them as I go along. I guess I'll make a series of posts to start off, to show the various stages I went through to get the model to the po
  17. Finally getting started on my Palamos. This is my first ship and I'm excited but I know I have a huge learning curve. Since I am new to this hobby, tips and suggestions will be greatly appreciated and no tip is trivial or unimportant. I have completed the basic hull structure. The next step is to glue the deck planking onto the deck. Based on feedback I have received I will be using Titebond II which I will apply with a brush. I will rub pencil lead on the edges of the plank before gluing to get the realistic look.
  18. Hi everyone Been off forum for awhile as I hit a mental block with my Agamemnon build. Got to rigging stage and lost my get up and go. It will come back eventually. Meanwhile for a significant birthday (I can now get a bus pass) my family gave me vouchers for Cornwall Boats from which I bought the Occre Kit for the Spirit of Mississippi. A nice kit but with a few issues. A lot of the supplied metal parts required some work to fit (or the wood parts to make fit) like the window frames. The paddle hubs in particular needed drilled out to 6mm (supplied 4.5
  19. My very first build. Shopping around for a kit for that first build I really wanted to get HMS Beagle from OcCre but from watching some of the build videos on YouTube I decided I'd be way in over my head with that one. No matter, this way I have something to look forward to if I really take to the hobby. I've already the read the completed - and ongoing - build logs from Havelock, LHSmith and Spongebob22 (and am expecting at least one more log to follow soon). I've learned a lot from those and am sure that I'll learn a lot more from them in the following months. So now
  20. Hi Chaps, I was debating about making a log of my build considering the abundance of Beagles, appears like it is well liked by beginners of which I am most definitely one, clearly I have decided to log my experience... Perhaps it will be a success but more likely it will be a nightmare and a warning to others! So far I have already made two unfortunate mistakes both could have been avoided in hindsight with more research/common sense and the other rushing ahead without the guide close by for reference. The false keel out of the box had a slight warp after
  21. This is my first wooden ship build, as mentioned in my introduction I used to build and fly radio controlled planes, I much preferred building them to flying! I decided to build HMS Beagle by Occre, the subject ships history is really interesting plus I think it is a beauty! Occre have step by step YouTube videos of the build which I'm sure will be invaluable. I have definitely jumped in with both feet but feel I'm up to the challenge! Instructions appear to be very detailed and walk you through step by step. I have made a small start on the false ke
  22. Hello, after finishing Le Renard I decided to make my own version of popular Occre's Polaris schooner. Kit is really wonderful and allows for many modifications as for my information didn't represents any real ship but it's just more a generic schooner. Very cute schooner what should be added. My plan is as follow: - arming her with at least 10 guns with maybe 2 stern chase guns although I will must to modify her stern for gunports ( not many space for two guns ) Polaris is bigger than HMS Pickle which was armed with 8 carronades so 10-12 guns with slightly lower weight shoul
  23. So, I’ve bitten the bullet and plumped for a model of HMS beagle by OcCre. Having done the Bluenose 2, I’m now looking to have a go at an older ship, and one with some square rigging. It was a toss up between the Beagle or the Endurance, with both ships having fantastic history attached to them. Out of the box, things look pretty good.
  24. I ordered my kit from Cornwall boats on Sunday, received a email yesterday from Fedex saying would be delivered on Thursday, received one today saying it was out for delivery. When it arrived I opened it up to check that all was ok to find I had 6 panels of wooden parts but 2 were the same and so one was missing. so have sent message to Occre.. Just realised that the photos I took are on the other pc so will add in a while. Currant build: Mississippi OcCre part built: London type B tram OcCre
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