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  1. Time to re-construct my build log of Panart's Amerigo Vespucci 1:84. I still have all the photos I've taken during the build so far but unfortunately I do not have all the text I had written for the old build log. So this log will start with a summary of the build until present stage. All my photos can be found here: Photo album It all started around 3 years ago. I began with some of the small boats as I didn't had room to start on the main hull. However, here I will start with the main hull. Internal framework To be continued...
  2. Well folks I've been sitting on this one for a few years now. I had always planned to build it for my daughter, Caroline. Before I got anywhere near buying the kit I lost my beautiful girl in a horse riding accident, that was in 2005 and she was 13. I've had the kit now for about 6 years but haven't been in the right place (on a lot of levels) to do it but the time has come. There will be a few special little things done during the build and eventually my son will get the model. This is the first kit I've done in a while as I prefer scratch builds but we'll see how
  3. Hey all, I have to admit honestly I have cheated and already begun this build. Truth be told, I wasn't even going to post a build log. However, early on I began running into problems and questions based from the plans (if you can call them that) and I thought I should at least let you guys know what my thought process was in resolving them. I have built another Panart kit (gundeck cutaway) and overall the experience was OK. There were many occasions where the instructions totally contradicted the drawings and the drawings totally contradicted what few pix there were. Fortunately, t
  4. HI ALL and thank you for visiting these pages. This will be just my second attempt at building a wooden boat kit, my first one being the BILLING BOATS ST.ROCH which took me forever to complete, lol. I kept putting the kit away for months at a time, but this time, I'll be able to commit much more readily. I always fancied building this Venice Passenger boat since first seeing one on a trip to Venice (I took the photos below). I have no idea what attracted me to them - it just happened and then I became a little fixated after following Steve Gogs' amazing Build-Log (which has now ver
  5. Hi everyone, I posted a few pictures and started a poll a few weeks ago regarding getting back into building. I have several kits in different stages and was just bouncing around without getting anything finished. I decided to go with the Royal Caroline because it had significant work done and because I love that ship. I have been encouraged to start a build log by a couple of people so here it is. I was hesitant to make a log because when I started taking pictures, it was already in progress as you will see with the first pictures. I will add more pics as I progress. The best p
  6. Welcome to my ongoing log of my build of HMS Victory by Panart. Although I have modelled in the past, this is my first model ship, working in wood and metal rather than plastics. Having taken on the project with zero knowledge of model shipbuilding and working with wood at such a small scale it has been a great challenge building this ship to the high standard I wanted. I've built up my skills throughout, learning a lot from fellow modellers on this website, and can say this is my favourite project I've ever worked on. At this current stage I'm really happy with the results and would like to s
  7. After long period of no model building due to moving to new house and renovations I decided to restart with a standard kit. In the mean time build some RC kits (Hovercraft and DF65 Sailing boat) fo use within the Modelclub Selection was made for this small Battle station from Panart. Once this is finished I will restart with the Wasa I need no to check how I can share pictures. Log will follow shortly
  8. Hermione now sits in my library on a nice furniture covered with glass. Coronivirus lock-down continuous though things look much better. In the last days Cyprus marks single digit numbers. Actually I wasnt planning to start a new model so soon, but lock-down drove my hand to the cupboard where the R.Caroline kit was stored. A kit in a scale that I really desire to build... where details can be seen, I hope. Its my second ship of the 18th century. After Hermione I though the scale and the rich decoration of this ship, it can become a much enjoyable build. So am sailing again.
  9. Another Very Different Model (for me, anyway) My wife gave me another ship model this Christmas. Of course I gave her strong hints what I wanted. What I wanted was a working vessel with clean lines, a planked hull, and no rigging. After a long search I found the Anteo harbour tug by Panart, which seems to be a part of Mantua models in Italy. Please let me know if I am wrong about this. I ordered the kit from Cornwall Model Boats in the UK. Even with shipping to the US their price was significantly cheaper than anyone else. I ordered the kit on a Sunday and had it in my hands the follo
  10. I started my build on the Amerigo Vespucci in March 2019. Here are photos as I progressed thru the build. Still a way to go. Progress up to the end of Manual # 5 I decided to add LED's to the build and here I have wired it up with 70 LED's.
  11. Greetings All, Where to begin...? I had intended to start posting my progress, but life got in the way. However I first must acknowledge all other building blogs for the Lynx - they did help steer me in the right direction. Shortly after I started, I had the bulkheads aligned with the keel; and had begun planking:
  12. Hi, I have recently started the Amerigo Vespucci, 1:84 scale from a Panart kit. I quite enjoyed the interaction I got from members on my Royal William log so I’ll again share my build with you. I bought the kit off Ebay for a good price, it is an early version about 20 – 25 years old and differs quite a bit from their current version, I think for the better. Lime for first planking, not balsa, etched sheet brass for the plating not ply, planked deck instead of printed ply and 12 sheets of plans many 1:1, but poor badly translated instructions instead of the step by step
  13. Hello all! Here we go again! After finishing Le Renard, I have decided to start the build of Panart's kit of the Lynx. I really like the lines of this ship with it's huge rig and raked masts. I will be continuing my Bluenose build, but have found out that I like to have two (or more?) projects at different stages going at the same time. This will be my first model with double planking, so we'll see how that goes! So here is a few photos of the box and it's contents. The quality of the lasercuts look great, with no burn marks, and no warping.
  14. I'm starting the Bruma, which I chose to give me something hopefully less complex and long than the Cutty Sark. Here are some "What's In the Box" Pics. It's wood, laser cut sheets, some fittings, and plan sheets. The instructions are printed on the back of one of the plan sheets (in several languages). The English instructions are about one column length, including the parts list. What I'm going to do is scan them so I can print them out and still be able to use the other side of the plan sheet. Regards, David
  15. Begun my Panart HMS VICTORY. This is the kit with the boats and copper tiles. First reactions that the kit contents are high quality with straight ,unblemished wood. The instructions and plans are minimal. If I cut out the English instructions and glued them on to sheets would only just about cover two A4 sheets. This us my fourth wooden build and although sellers say beginners could attempt this kit I would doubt it. I have had to stare at the simple plans (only two sheets cover the whole hull build) for days to try to understand what to do. However ,eventually could figure it out(only becaus
  16. After many years, several models, and in health and in sickness, I have decided to resume the HMS Victory. This log is based on the practicum by Bob Hunt. For those of you not familiar with Bob's work, this is a total kit bash involving completely finishing the main gun deck and aft cabins and replacing kit supplied wood with exotic wood which I mill myself. The primary source is the AOS HMS Victory by John McKay. And thanks to my wonderful First Lord of the Admiralty, I am also the proud owner of Arthur Bugler's HMS Victory, Building, Restoration and Repair. as well as books by Alan McGowen,
  17. Started the HMS Victory the other night and already caught my first mistake with the bulkheads. Bulkheads number 4 and 5 were in each others position. They look very simular with the exception to the very top. Ended up cutting the the false deck plates (no:15 & 16), chiseling the glue join very carefully and as a unit rotated the unit into the proper position. Very lucky! Now re-glue and add some additional bracing under the false deck plates.
  18. ***Royal Caroline 1749 - Panart / Mantua Models*** Hello my friends!! It has been a while, a few months actually after completing my Santa Maria project. It was a joy to build and a honour to receive all those warm responses! I hope not to let you guys / galls down with this new project! During my absense I moved to a new house and I have been busy to make it a home. My last house was a temp. rental and the place had limited space. Due to the limited space I had to build my SM in the kitchen at the kitchentable. Our new house has enough space to have my own buildin
  19. Hi all, New to this forum so please bare with me. I have just started building this Panart 1/78 scale version of HMS Victory and thought I would share my experiences here. I’m retired and live on a Scottish island and needed a new hobby, wooden ship building. Experienced I’m not I would call myself average. This the third kit I have made the previous two both being Caldercraft, HMS Sherborne and HMAV Bounty. Caldercraft kits are great but wanted to build a decent size Victory that didn’t require a bank loan to purchase. Anyway, let’s see where this goes.
  20. Hi, so I've just started this kit as my first build - not only do I lack previous experience, I lack many handy tools and anything more than than a kitchen table to build on, but here we go! Keel and veneering seems fine, and just starting on the bow and stern faring blocks. One thing I can't quite understand (from the instructions 'translated' from Italian) is how the bulkheads can be glued to the keel, have the planking glued to them, but still be removed later, to get the open hull result. Should they just be pinned to the keel? special glue to use that's easily dissolved? M
  21. I bought this new on Ebay a couple of weeks ago for a very good price. This is my 5th model. 1. Model Expo 18 Century Long Boat, 2. AL 1805 Swift Boat (that I completely screwed up), 3. AL Hermione, 4. Model Expo Chaperon. It is always disappointing to see a new log that gets abandoned. I hope this doesn't happen here. Since I have finished five models before, I don't think this will happen. Also, I would like to keep the log clean meaning not a lot of "back patting". I don't need the gratification. A simple "Like" is good enough. If you have h
  22. Hi, I'm re-posting my building log from a long time ago. My building log was lost during some server migration and as I did not progress with a build I haven't Re-post until now. The start of the build was perhaps 10-12 years ago. I build almost complete hull within 2 years (most of the work was from the box). When the hull was nearly finished I got the Conway's Anatomy of the ship plans and I started with some modifications. Unfortunately I do not have photos from that period anymore. Than I got long brake (first job, next Jobs, childerns etc.). Few months ago I starte
  23. Hi All, I started this model last Christmas, sorry I have been so long in starting a log , but I was alsostill building the 'Norfolk'. Then the kit went back on the shelf while I finished the 'Norfolk' and I contemplated a problem I was having with the planking, that lasted for about 5 months!! I finally got her out of storage a couple of weeks ago and have been slowly building again in between house renovations. I have taken heaps of photos so please be patient while I upload them to catch up to where I am currently with the build. I would like to make a few comments about th
  24. Hi, This is a build log of Panart’s 1/16 scale, Armed Pinnace, though as I commenced this model quite a number of years ago, the log actually starts from where I finished back then. If I’d known then what I know now about model ship/boat building, I would have approached the build of this kit somewhat differently. I would have planked the hull using scale lengths, for instance. Also I would have thought ahead about the colour scheme and painted/stained various parts before assembling. I’d finished the basic triple-planked hull construction and done a reasonable amount of work on
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