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Found 23 results

  1. Earlier this year, I managed to acquire a relatively new kit produced by the Polish card model kit maker Shipyard. The kit is one of two that were released at least a year ago, maybe longer. Both kits represent medieval Cogs from the 1300s. Unlike other Shipyard kits I've worked on (yes, I only finished one paper ship model kit, but started a couple of them) which were paper kits and required cutting out pre-printed parts, this is a laser-cut card stock kit. Everything is already cut out in this type of kit, and the model requires painting. The kit I am building the kit
  2. My current project is a cardboard model of a late 14th century Hanseatic cog (kogge). If you have followed my builds before, you will know that walking and chewing gum are not my strong suit. When I try to build a model AND document it with a build log, I usually get distracted. Here goes. Here is what is SUPPOSED to look like when completed. We'll see.
  3. Hello. My name is Jarek. A few months ago I’ve started building my own HMS Victory, as everybody should have this beautiful ship . I’ve been making Victory based on the Shipyard’s card model. I hope that the memberships of this forum help me to finish the project, giving me advice, supporting when doubts appear, criticizing when necessary. Sorry for any mistakes appear in my English All the bulkheads are made from 1 mm cardboard, except the bottom of hull (beneath the waterline), where the bulkheads are 3 mm thick. To increase the thickness I glued additional strips of paper on ea
  4. Well, here we are back at it. I decided to skip doing a turn on a card model and instead roll with the wood momentum and go straight to Wütender Hund (hereafter referred to as "WH"). I won't do an unboxing here, as I did a complete review of this kit in the reviews section. It is the first wood offering from the Polish firm of Shipyard, who are well-known for their excellent line of tallship card models. Clare Hess is currently working on a very similar cog model, also from Shipyard -- although its name is different, it is more or less the card version of this kit. So, I didn't mak
  5. I have been working on this for about a month. I had to stay home with my better half due to her scheduled minor operation. So since i had nothing better to do apart from this, i cracked open a few cold ones, turned on my favorite stream and been cutting out, shaping and glueing this lovely little kit. Chosen for its lack of complicated rigging, only two cannons and easy lines of hull. I need a little practice before i jump back in to the deep end of my Victory build. And Santa leocadia, La belle poule, Lexington and tonne of the others that i have all around me. every square inch of my worksh
  6. https://blog.agesofsail.com/2020/06/18/new-wooden-kits-from-shipyard/?fbclid=IwAR0BasyN-l8-cXKHOKbuLbj7MttBj8jqRximbt7eHD6jgr-Ty1pUzaERZlY
  7. Hello A With the summer camping season upon us I've had very little time to work on any of my modeling projects, the Harriet Lane still sits on the bench and I've parked the Niagara as well. I had toyed with the idea of taking some material along but was always deterred by the hassle involved with moving a semi completed project, so the idleness continued, that is until recently! I was perusing MSW one day and came across Clare Hess's (Catopower) build log for the HMS Alert from Shipyard (link below)) a paper model...I've seen paper done before, primarily following Doris's
  8. I have recently purchased the HMS Wolf, a Shipyard paper model, from Cornwall Model Boats in the UK, I also purchased the extra sails and masts sets but was reticent to splash out on the laser cut blocks, however after receiving the model and seeing the size of the parts, each just a few mm and all containing multiple parts I have decided to save my eyes and will place an order for these as well. I was considering purchasing laser cut timber blocks however it seems an extravagance for a simple card model. However I may purchase wooden gun carriages and associated brass guns depending on how I
  9. 1/72nd Scale Wütender Hund - Privateer Klaus Störtebeker's Cog Shipyard **Now available as of 03/2020** (A note about this review: I am not James! Which means that I do not currently possess a slick photography setup, nor do I have photogenic hands. 😋 Judge the photos accordingly!) Polish designers have been in the vanguard of card model kit development for decades. One Polish company, Shipyard, has established a deserved reputation for high-quality card model kits of sailing subjects, usually in 1/96th scale. A few years back, they started producing what they cal
  10. Hello my friends, As the next ship I decided to build the famous english galleon built in 1577 Revenge, flagship of the sir Francis Drake during the Armada campaign in 1588 and mostly famous for his last fight with the spanish fleet in 1591 ( she was under command of Richard Grenville ).I think that´s no necessary to explain more about this ship Now I decided not to build the ship from scratch, but I decided for the Shipyard model of this ship, re-released last year. I alredy built this ship fro mte 1st release in 2009 - it was my first ship model after a very long pausem and because I lov
  11. I had a search, but couldn't find any other build logs of this model, so although I feel deeply unqualified, I thought I'd post a build log. This is the first card model I've built - in fact, it is mainly paper, with a laser-cut card frame (ShipYard also do a card version which is 1:72, and much more expensive!). So this won't be a masterclass, but hopefully the surprises and lessons learned as I go will be helpful to someone else following in my footsteps I started this model last year when I went on holiday - my main build is way too big to travel, so this one is mor
  12. Well, I’ve done it. I started messing around with a card model from Shipyard because I was really curious about them. I didn’t mean to turn this into a real project, but I can’t help it, this thing is so frikkin’ cool! I’ve already described the kit in detail in the topic I started: here, so no point in rehashing that. I’ll just say that I’ve been distracted by this model more and more and now I might as well just get it over with and make a regular project out of it. Luckily, this card model seems to be progressing a lot faster than my wooden model projects. I think it’s because all the p
  13. Hello friends, I'm starting a project here is mixture of research and building. As I came from the plastic kit bashing side of the modelling society I'm fed up with the chequebook modelling destroing any creativity. So as I'm in a new less payed job I changed my mind to a more creative and less expensive theater of the hobby: cardboard modelling. The scale fits to my flat's size. Sorry for my bad English - I'm not rearly far away from my school standards 30 years ago. Base of my project is the early Shipyard plan of Le Coureur the French lugger in 1/96. The little
  14. Good afternoon, all. Today I will be presenting my latest build project, The Revenge, a cardmodel from Shipyard, a Polish publisher of card ship model kits. I chose this ship because I like it, having built it as an Airfix plastic model many moons ago, it's looking great and I never built a Shipyard model before. BUT most importantly, because I think it will be great fun building it. Fun always comes first for me. For those who aren't familiar with the Revenge and her history, I will first give a short introduction to the ship. The
  15. Hello everyone Well Christmas has come and gone and as promised I am starting a build log. One thing to notice straight off is that I have named the ship Enterprise with an 'S' rather than 'Z' which is the spelling on the kit. Not a big deal but something I want to do. Now as stated in the title this is a card model. I have never done anything like this before so with the help of all you good people here I hope I can do her justice. Here are 2 photos of the kit.
  16. First of all, i am not trying to cash up on current craze with the card models, that seem to spurt on the forum. I collected these models since 2006 and as my interests are constantly shifting, i have a few that i probably never would touch. so here they are
  17. Hi all, This is my first building log to present currently build cardboard laser cut model of Papegojan sailing ship. The model is produced by a Polish manufacturer - Shipyard. I would like to present my vision of a "veteran" ship. This version is going to differ from the one proposed by Shipyard. The out of the box model is supposed to look brand new, just put on the water, ready to set sail. However, I want to present it at the end of its days, harbored at the forgotten shipyard. I am going to achieve this by using different techniques and my paintings abilities. One picture says 10
  18. This is my current card build, Berbice a Baltimore Clipper. The kit is a box set of laser cut parts, hardware, wood dowels, paint and sails. Copper tape is also included with the kit. This will make my 2nd laser cut kit I have built. The main deference between this and a normal card kit is.....the parts are all laser cut for you and you paint to add the color. Normal card kits are in a printed format requiring cutting and assembly. Each type requires a different approach, yet they also assemble in like manner. I have seen card models that looked like the were in a museum. So it is anot
  19. I've started this kit, which was a Christmas present to me from the First Mate (although she's not terribly enthused!). It's similar to the Enterprize kit also by Shiptard, but the Mercury version is slightly more expensive and includes a laser-cut skeleton although otherwise identical as far as I know; laser parts are available as extra for the Enterprize and there are extra kits of masts and of pre-made sails for both kits. I'm intending this as a hull-only model, loosely based on Admiralty models. I've previously done mainly wood kits, but also HMS Saumarez and Consul Pust in paper/ca
  20. Hello, everyone! I am currently preparing to build my first wooden ship model (the Amati/Victory Models Lady Nelson). I have been reading up on the various techniques needed to construct the hull, and while I wait for the kit to arrive, I thought I'd go about gathering some basic tools to help me with the build. I thought it might be a good idea to list the various tools that I have purchased (or will purchase) so that all the knowledgeable and experienced members of this forum can let me know if I'm forgetting something important. Since this is my first build (and I'm on a budget), I a
  21. Hoi, I am going to build my first sailship with a lasercut hull and some details, looking forward to it, but it scares me too. I Always liked a sailship for decoration, so now the time has come to do somthing about it. This build will give her the appearence of the first years of service [ like that] with the fancy colors and open side's on the aft deck. foto 2 upper drawning. To start whit frame's and first planking for stabillity. Now i'm going back to gluing, see you soon. Jos.
  22. Well, I'm back, yeppie........and again, I wade into the fray with a build. I was torn about work being done on a plastic kit, or a card kit I started a few months ago. The plastic kit is a very involved project and I just want to build to completion w/in a year if possible. So the card kit won out. And just what kit am I talking about.........a Shipyard 1/72 Santa Maria, all laser cut kit from Poland. For those in tha know, these are as complete a kit for a card model as one is going to find in one box. Comes w/everything one needs to build a truly wonderful vessel. This will be my 2nd
  23. Hello everybody Today I will start my second build log in this great forum. Presently I am not only working on my model of the HMS Victory (Caldercraft) but started my first card model “Schwarzer Rabe” by Shipyard, 1:96. Schwarzer Rabe (black raven) is a typical fluyt, a type of ship created in the Netherlands around the end of the 16th century. The fluyts were common in Northern Germany, The Baltic Sea and had some features distinguishing them from other types of sailing ships. They had a characteristic round stern and special proportions of the hull: narrow deck (because Danish custom
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