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Found 13 results

  1. G’day. I’m a new member, so this will be my first build log. I’ve been trying to decide whether to commit to a log, as there are already finished logs of the same kit here, but I’ll do this for a couple of reasons: 1: To possibly aid newcomers overcome self-doubt in starting a kit. 2: To force myself to pay more attention to my own processes, because I find myself looking at details of kits I’ve completed and wonder “How the hell did I do that bit?” 3: To benefit from other member’s advice and thereby improve my own skills. I’ll try to detail the planking process because I think it’s the bit that worries new builders. And I won’t try to hide my shoddy workmanship. Feel free to pull up a pew. But grab a cushion, this may take a while.
  2. I needed to keep my mind occupied during the long covid lockdown in the Melbourne area from June to October 2020 so I thought model ship building would be good. I built a few balsawood and tissue paper model aircraft when I was a kid (a long time ago) but nothing since so thought a kit would be best and looked for one suitable for a novice. The Jotika website stated "The kit of H.M. Brig Supply has been designed with the Novice builder in mind" so this looked OK. I also like the history of the Supply, linking Britain with Australia, as I also migrated from Britain to Australia later in life. Knowing what I now know, having progressed well into the build and struggled numerous times, I would not describe the Supply as suitable for a novice and thank goodness I didn't start with a more advanced kit. I ordered from Cornwall Model Boats and the kit took about 3 weeks to arrive, which considering the logistics during covid was pretty good, and started in late July 2020. I hesitated to start a build log as I was not sure if I could complete the build but as it progressed and each difficulty overcome, step by step, I slowly became more confident of finishing the job. I also realised after completing the hull that I would need some help when it came to the rigging. Anyway here goes with some photos of the early stages.
  3. Ahoy! I'm returning to ship modelling to complete this model. I stopped after I fell down the stairs with it quite a while ago. Most of the damage was to the bowspirit, dislodged cannons, and small miscellaneous breaks. It had gathered a bit of dust over the years on the shelf. I cleaned of the dust bunnies with brushes. A couple of pieces had to be reconstructed because they were lost, then it was just rerigging.
  4. Hello everyone and welcome to my build log for Caldercrafts HM Supply. As this is my first ship build I hope that this will be a successful endevour and not one of the many abandoned build logs that I have read about. I received my kit yesterday and couldn't resist sitting down right away and taking an inventory of all the parts. With the exception of a couple of dowels everything was there and the quality looks very good. The ply doesn't have any missing layers from the cutting like I have seen in other build logs and everything seems to be straight as an arrow. Both of which has calmed my nerves slightly as I was worried that I might have to start off by filling gaps or trying to straighten parts. Now my inexperience with ship building is very evident as I did have a hard time identifying some of the parts. I have attached a couple of pictures and I hope that someone with experience or who has built the supply can help me out. Are the copper pins the pins that are used for the hatch covers? Are the black retaining looking wire clips used on the dead eyes? And lastly, the brass parts, are they the Parral ribs? Hopefully someone will see this and will be able to let me know if I did identify them correctly or not. Next step for the build is going to me sitting down and reading the instructions and studying the plans a couple of times before the wood cutting begins. Phil
  5. Hello All, Welcome to my build log of the HMS Supply. As far as I can tell after searching through this forum this is the only build log of this ship by this manufacturer. Although I think this will build up to a nice model straight out of the box I will be making a few modifications to enhance the kit. A brief history of the ship. The keel of the Supply was laid down 261 years ago on the 1st of May 1759, she was designed by shipwright Thomas Slade as a yard craft for the distribution of naval supplies. Construction was contracted to Henry Bird of Rotherhithe, a Borough of Southwark in the county of Surrey. The vessel, measuring 168 20/94 tons (BM) was to be built in 4 months at a cost of 8.80 English pounds per ton. Actual construction took 5 months, which is a lot shorter time than it will take me, from the time the keel was laid on May 1 to her launch on the 5th of October. As built she was larger than designed at 174 76/94 tons (BM) and with a length overall of 79ft 4in, a beam of 22ft 6in and a hold depth of 11ft 6in. She was commissioned on the 17th of October 1759. She was a square rigged brig with two masts, was armed with four 3lb cannons and six 1/2lb swivel guns and had a crew of 14 while being used as a yard vessel. When converted to an armed tender in 1787, in preparation for her duties with the first fleet, her crew rose to 55 which included marines and she was fitted with four 12lb carronades as extra armament. The Supply left Spithead with the rest of the ships in the first fleet on the 13th of May 1787 under the command of Captain Henry Lidgbird Ball. Supply was under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip, who had transferred to the Supply from HMS Sirius at Cape Town because the Sirius was deemed to slow, when she entered Botany Bay on the 18th of January 1788. After the rest of the fleet arrived and Botany Bay was deemed an unsuitable place for settlement the Supply was the first ship to enter Port Jackson, a few miles up the coast, on the 26th of January 1788 where a settlement was established. HMS Supply served as a tender to the penal colony until the 26th of November 1791 when she sailed for England arriving on the 21st of April 1792. She was sold out of service and used as to carry coal in the Thames area until 1806 when I presume she was broken up. The Kit The kit is well presented with laser cut parts for the bulkheads, keel, false keel and decks. The bulkheads and keel are out of 4mm ply and the decks 2mm ply. The timber strip and dowels for the planking and the masts and spars looks to be of good quality although I can see some damage to the 0.5mm mahogany strips for the second planking. The prefabricated parts such as the windlass, capstan and deck cannons as well as the rigging blocks, rigging cord and other fittings are all presented on three cards. The bottom of the hull is to be coppered so 1300 copper plates are also supplied these look to be of a reasonable quality also. continued in the next post.......
  6. HM Brig Supply 1759 Yard Transport / Convict Ship - the ship that, ahead of the first convict fleet, was first to enter Australian waters and what became Sydney harbour. First impressions; a very long, heavy box (the delivery note claimed it was 3Kg!), on opening I was surprised first by the amount of sawdust(!) then the reason for all the weight; copious amounts of 5mm thick ply and walnut panels very much in evidence, not to mention a staggering amount of planking, doweling etc. The quality of the wood and indeed the fittings appears good and that is very encouraging. The instructions; well, the actual written instructions little more than adequate, but the 6 huge sheets comprising the plans do seem very comprehensive and well produced. Time will tell! Construction has already begun, so my next post will be quite soon. Bryan
  7. I finished my Endeavour Longboat a couple of weeks ago and procrastinated over what to build next. I decided on the HM Brig Supply by Caldercraft wanting a more detailed kit with better instructions, preferably with 2 or less masts, definitely preferably with cannons and ideally something historically significant to Australia. After a couple of weeks of nervous anticipation the big brown box arrived from Cornwall Model Boats today. I quickly opened it to have a look and firstly was blown away by how much bigger everything was than on the longboat kit. However, I was disappointed in the instructions which amounted to 4.5 photocopied pages. I had previously looked at the multi-volume instructions available on the Jokati website and had assumed all the Caldercraft kits had the same detailed instructions. Lesson learnt! However the full size plans are awesome. Thankfully this is my second model and not the first or I reckon I might have packed it away never to see the light of day again. But with the experience from the longboat and the awesome resources on this site I am sure I get it done. That's it for now, I will do an inventory check tomorrow and then plan to start building on the weekend.
  8. Hello Started this about 2 years ago. Building this was only possible by learning from all the great builds on this forum - so thanks to all of you. To date have done the Yards with Stirrups and Footropes. Pictures soon. Regards Doug
  9. I was not going to open a build log until I physically started building the ship, however I wanted to open it now as I am currently doing my inventory check on the kit and have had to mail Jotika for a couple of bits to be sent, basically the rudder hinges and brackets. So today really is day 1 as such which sets a date for myself. On first views, I can really see a difference in quality from my previous build attempt with Endeavours longboat which I am hoping to finish at the weekend.The eye opener has to be the build plans, they are totally huge, although they really are something to look at, for me in my small space they are slightly too big, but I am not complaining though as they are quality items and hopefully Jotika will add the supply to their on-line plans system on their site where the prints can be printed on to A3. Ok now the headbanging, I am doing an inventory on the parts and right now it is a second language, thankfully I am working out the parts slowley and have lablled the plastic bags so I do not make any mistakes in the future, I think I know what the little metal wings are that look like mini batman symbols. I am going to seek a lot of help I think as I am so use to written instructions telling me what to do rather than follow print instructions, although during my days as an aircraft painter I did follow paint plans but they are nowhere near this level. Thanks to Frank I am reading the beginners planking tutorials and better ways to do things and on this build I am hoping to learn the art of bow and stern blocks. So bear with me all, I shall get things up and running ASAP and if anyone has any advance warnings as to what not to do before I move on it will be appreciated as I am working on the idea that you start at sheet 1 and work to sheet 6. I have seen some superb looking Supply builds on this site and although matching them is a distant dream, they really have given me something to work to in respect of taking my time and doing things as best as I can. Regards Terry
  10. I"ll try to get everything posted as best as I can. There's a lot of ground to cover, so it might take awhile to catch up where I'm at right now. I know everyone is going thru the same process , patience will be the guide!!!! So, we'll start at the very begining. For those of you that are new to this forum I hope this will be of some help, if not, at least entertaining! The first group consists of the basic hull construction and the placing of the deck. Extra supports were added on frame 3 and 8 to help support the deck . Frank
  11. Hello Folks, I want to show you my first wooden ship based on HMS Supply - First Fleet. Why "based", I compared some model kit and the instructions and came to the judgment that no one knows how the supply looks right. Any Company made there own creation....!!! Here are some information from wikipedia. "HMS Supply was a small ship, an armed tender which sailed with the First Fleet. She was intended to be a support ship for HMS Sirius (1786). The First Fleet carried the convicts and soldiers to Australia to start a penal colony. The ships left England in May 1787 and arrived in Australia in January 1788. This was the start of European settlement of Australia. Supply was commanded by Lieutenant Henry Lidgbird Ball. Supply was a brig rigged sloop of 170 tons. A sloop is a small ship with a single gun deck. A brig rig means the ship had two masts and carried square sails. She had eight small three pounder guns and carried 50 men. She was the smallest ship in the fleet, and the fastest. She was 70 ft (21 m) long and 26 ft (8 m) wide. The Royal Navy had difficulty in finding a suitable ship. Several were checked but were not seen as suitable for the long journey to Australia. A French storeship, the Eclipse had been damaged when it ran ashore; and an American ship, the Rattlesnake was not of suitable quality. The Navy purchased the British made Grantham, a packet boat, used for the quick transport of mail. When it was partly taken apart for repairs, the Navy decided it needed so much work, that it would cost too much to repair or rebuild it. They then selected the HM Supply, a small Royal Navy ship based in Portsmouth, which was used to move naval stores around to the different naval yards. After the setting up of the penal colony at Port Jackson, HMS Supply made ten trips to Norfolk Island. When HMS Sirius was wrecked in 1790, the Supply was the new settlement's only ship. In April 1790 she made a trip to Batavia to get more food. She left for England in November 1791 and reached Plymouth on April 21 1792. She was sold at auction in July 1792. Renamed the Thomas and Nancy she carried coal on the Thames until 1806." This is my first wooden ship and I´ve made many errors and this is the next reason why I want to rename it.....!!! I started this ship in June 2012, nearly one year ago, as a birthday present to my brother in law...I have not managed to get the ship ready until february this year but I'm in the last steps........!! Sorry DanVad Here are the first pictures, beginning June 2012: first part....to be continued
  12. Well done guys for getting the site going again,i would have hated to be in the room when everything dissapeared into the Burmuda triangle.Ron.
  13. First let me say thank you to those responsible for the resurrection of this site. I am sure all of us are grateful for one reason or another. For myself I needed it to see where things should go on this ship that the instructions do not even mention and to learn the way to do things. I first posted the start of this build on the old site in late 2010. After becoming very frustrated with the way it was going together, a few months later I packed it away in a cupboard and forgot about it. Early 2013 I started again and made the decision to make the best of what I had done and hope it looked OK. I had gone too far to make the major changes necessary to fix the mistakes with the kit and those of my own doing. If I ever build another I will make sure to plan ahead to ensure that each part that is fitted will not affect the way subsequent parts will fit. All looked good until I started the planking and found the hull shape at the bow seemed wrong and the deck height didn't match the plans and many other little things that really annoyed me. This is what triggered the decision to mothball the kit until I was ready to restart. I have posted a few pics of the original build and I am sure you will see the shape just doesn't look right in places. I have made quite a bit of progress this past couple of months so I decided to restart the log. Stay tuned for the next instalment
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