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Found 22 results

  1. Hello everybody! I've got an IJN mood - so I want to share some "progress" on a Yukikaze kit I've started nearly a decade ago. Base of the build is a very well known kit by Tamiya - a very high quality product I dare say. Add-on is a Lion Roar photo etch kit which also includes turned gun barrels and depth charges. Also there are couple Veteran sets - single- and triple-25mm auto cannons. Most of sub-assemblies were built in 2011 🙂 Here we go:
  2. Greetings, As far as I can tell, I’m the only IJN Mogami build log on here. I decided to take this project on as I wrap up other projects which is very different from the stick and string models I usually like to build. I found this subject interesting because of the hybrid characteristics as an aircraft cruiser which she was converted into in 1944. Commissioned in 1935 and named after a river in Japan and was the lead ship of four of her self-named class of heavy cruisers. Served in numerous battles in World War II until she was sunk at the Battle of the Surigao Straight in Oc
  3. Hello, This is my first ever build log and my first ‘proper’ ship build attempt. Ive followed a few builds on here as research and to see how things go together so thought I’d show my build too. It will be a slow one I think as I’ll try give it a good go and also tough to find much info on Her except low res pics from far awayso it won’t be a super accurate one as I’ll just have to wing bits I don’t know about. I got this kit for lockdown and from someone that had cut a few bits off but hadn’t really done any building.
  4. Hello everybody, It occured to me today that when I posted the Hiei there was a request for me to put my next build, then said to be IJN Mikuma, into a build log again. Honestly, I had forgotten about it and build logs take time and I was busy so I wasn't able to do it but since the build is going slow paced, I've looked into the topic and was reminded of the request so hereby I'll try and log the rest of my build. I have been building on the ship for a month or 2 - 3 now I think, and it is going rather well. A lot of the superstructure stands, together with some etchwork, rai
  5. Welp, My IJN Yukikaze arrived! So I'll start with the 'whole shebang' image of what I have to begin with! Keep in mind this is my first ship model, and the first time I've ever worked with PE parts! Wish me luck guys!
  6. I finished the Yahagi and now have started the Chikuma moments later literally.Some history..... Chikuma Country Japan Ship Class Tone-class Heavy Cruiser Builder Name Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Laid Down 1 Oct 1935 Launched 19 Mar 1938 Commissioned 20 May 1939 Sunk 25 Oct 1944 Displacement 15,200 tons standard Length 649 feet Beam 60 feet Draft 21 feet Speed 35 knots Crew 850 Armament 8x200mm, 8x130mm, 75x25mm anti-aircraft, 12x610mm torpedo tubes Chikuma was a Tone-class heavy cruiser built at Nagasaki by Mitsubish
  7. So I found a King George V on a local buy and sell site, came with a wooden deck and metal barrels at a good price. I know it's been done, Mr Rabbit and Kpnuts, and there are basically three iterations of HMS King George's Career, when she fought the Bismarck in '41, the '43 fit out then the '44 fit out. I want to do the '43 fit out as it hardly ever been done, the references are very obscure and I get to do camouflage and not strait grey. The Tamiya Kit is set for the 1945 fit out, having removed the aircraft and placed the ships boats amidships, but the Af
  8. As I mentioned in my introduction, I am currently working on Tamiya's 1/350 Fletcher. As I'm genetically unable to simply build a kit as provided, I'm trying to build her as USS Thatcher DD-514, as she appeared ca. February 1944 after she was rebuilt at Mare Island. That requires some extra work, as the kit covers only the earliest (6?) Fletchers, which differed a little in their AA arrangement Thankfully, I could borrow a couple of the required parts from Trumpeter's 'The Sullivans' kit. Furthermore, I'm throwing in some aftermarket for additional excitement. Enough of the words f
  9. This will be my first MSW build log “in plastic”. I first want to be clear that this build will be “out of the box”. There will be no aftermarket wood, PE, resin or brass. The purpose of this build is pure glue galore and using MSW to improve my weathering skills and try to do simple improvements on a cheap model. The Tamiya model is quite old and dates to 1980s, I think. I bought it cheaply a couple of years ago and have had in the stash ever since. The battleship HMS Prince of Wales had a short and dramatic active service period. HMS Prince of Wales took part in the battle of the
  10. OK, I'll make a start on my next build log. The 1/350 Tamiya (new tool) Yamato with Pontos upgrade set and numerous other bits and pieces. Those of you that have watched some of my other builds have obviously figured out I like the aftermarket stuff. That being said the kit is enormous, compared to my last build. I also got a cheap old took kit off ebay for painting practice when I get around to buying an airbrush.
  11. I was able to pick up this Tamiya 1/350 scale German Battle ship Tirpitz, which is the sister ship to the infamous Bismarck kit for $48.00, which I though was a pretty good deal since it retails for about double that price. I intend on building it radio control, which shouldn't be too difficult since it as well as the Bismarck with both made for R/C use with diagraming of the R/C setup in the instructions. This model will be more of an inside build versus me having to work out in my shop like I usually do with my wooden models.
  12. Hi! After a break I'm back to ship modeling, and this time I'll share the build here aswell! So my next project is the Uss Missouri as she appeared on her last tour in the Operation desert storm. My first form of business is with the hull! Firstly all the details were removed from the hull. After this thorough sanding to get rid of the all the parting lines and minor damages. Then the hull plates were masked and sprayed with Mr surfacer 500. This is by no means 100% correct so bare that in mind! Some other details wer
  13. I saw this upgrade from 5 Star models when I was watching @Jack12477, 's build of a Fletcher. http://steelnavy.net/5StarFletcherUpgrade350FBustelo.html Then I saw a photo on the net of some oilcanning So I thought, challenging, detailed (seriously the hardest PE set I've seen to date), I can beat it up, and it's small so mistakes won't be so visible. As it's a US Ship there are a lot of photos but this one will be strait out of the boxes.
  14. Finally started on this big plastic tub. Besides the invisible PE from Tamiya - bring x-ray goggles - I've got both the Pontos detail up set advanced , and the FlyHawk. The latter is quite impressive. No pictures from the Pontos PE. I forgot to take pictures, and on top of that I just dropped my coolpix on the ground, lens first. It seems I might just as well buy a a new one, as repairs will cost me about the same The Flyhawk had the Nagato booklet, but they sent me a replacement. It seems it is easier to find what parts go where with the proper booklet Sister ship is built by Greg IJ
  15. Hi all I was given this and the Bismark for a Christmas pressie from my daughter and son I bought what i thought was the pe for this kit (which cost more than the kit and I now discover is still not the full pe for it, i will buy the rest but just have to wait a bit) so I was thinking I quite like the pics by Eduard and pontos (others are availiable) of the pe on the finished ship with no paint on it and was thinking maybe I would do that with just a slight difference being I would weather the pe but leave it unpainted. What do you all think, I quite like the pe showing I think it adds interes
  16. Hi all I got this last Xmas and although I don't get much modelling time these days I wanted to start it but as always with a difference I want to depict her during the battle as she's sinking and at the bottom of the sea, all at the same time. I realise she didn't break up and apart from 35 meters of the stern is still in one piece on the bottom. She landed practically on top of an undersea volcano which erupted and she slid down the side as the volcano erupted leaving her laying level on the seabed with her stern mostly covered. My problem is do I play with the historical fact
  17. I’ve been making models since the late sixties but stopped making them when I moved home back in 2008. Due to acute kidney failure back in March leaving me needing a hobby that wasn’t to physically demanding bought me back to scale model making. My first foray back led me to buying Tamiya’s - still rather good - 1:350 scale Prince Of Wales kit which had an all too brief but illustrious career in 1941. However Tamiya being a Japanese company depicted her at the time Singapore fell in December 1941. After some research I’d decided to depict her as she was in May 1941 as
  18. This old 1:350 Tamiya 1:350 King George V kit has been in my possession a long time. Maybe 20 years or more, I forget. A short while back I took it out of storage from my attic and decided I would build it. Discovering that Pontos made a conversion set to build this model as the HMS Duke of York gained my interest because I had already finished the Scharnhorst and it's in my display cabinet. As you probably know, these two ships have significant combat history against each other. In December of 1943, the HMS Duke of York along with other British ships sank the Scharnhorst off the coast of Norw
  19. Since my account got lost in the redesign of the site i am going to start this build log. I am building the Tamiya USS Missouri ( as can be guessed by the title). I started this a while back but took a short break to build my friend a 1/35th scale M198 Howitzer (pics below). He was an artilliery man in the Marine Corps. I am enlisting myself so i would like to see if I can finish the Mighty Mo before i ship out. (fingers crossed). I will add pictures soon of what i have completed but i have painted the hull and some of the super sturcture. I have also sanded down the modeled chain and bought
  20. Here is a new build, the Bismarck. All I can say is that this is one kit that needs photo etch as there is very little detail. I would expect more from Tamiya. Anyway here are shots of the sprues
  21. I have been trying to find some sort of a chart with several manufacturer of paint for matching. Then I stumbled over this website, where you can enter one manufacturer and get a comparison of another brand. Hopefully this would make it easier when finding paint for our kits. Vallejo color chart Any comparison is possible. Upload a picture and use it for reference is also possible. Enjoy!
  22. Hey everyone, After finishing my Cutty Sark (available for viewing in the gallery) I decided to try a plastic kit with a PE set. I had never seen these PE sets before and one of the reasons I really enjoy building models is due to their detail. The harder and more detailed the kit is, the more I want to build it. So I saw this Yamato Kit and saw the PE set and my eyes just about fell out of my head. I had some pics up before the crash, and I'm not sure what I had, but these are some that may have been here before. Anyway, I have made much more progress than the pics indicate
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