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Found 14 results

  1. I am very glad to have found this website with, luckily for me, many build logs on the Wasa from Corel. I will use many of the tips and pictures posted in these logs for my guidance and as a example of what gifted modelbuilders can achieve. I have bought a 'used' model of the Wasa about a year ago for a low price. It was in a very bad shape and the modelbuilder (not the person from which I have bought the model) did some things really well, but other parts were absolutely desastrous. Also it had suffered from neglect and the masts were broken off. When I saw the model as it was at the time it became clear to me that I first had to do a lot of demolishing and then try to rebuild parts of it. Most notably was the bow section as it appeared that the previous builder had had problems with bending the wooden strips for planking that part of the hull. First some pictures of the model as it was 'before restoration':
  2. Hello all. I will start posting photos of my Vasa build again. Please be patient. I have about 600 photos of my build already and I will select the most significant ones. General impression of the kit * This error had to be corrected. Slot too small for main mast. I used two glues here. Regular wood glue in the inner joints and then I ran a string of hot glue over the outside joints. Seems to have worked pretty well. Rig this piece BEFORE attaching the deck Building wooden doors: Spread glue on a business card or similar cardboard Cover it with round toothpicks, put some weight over them and wait to dry When dry, paint with black paint or ink, taking care to let paint go thoroughly between the toothpicks When the paint is dry, sand flat the toothpicks, which will leave a dark line between them
  3. Due to the forum crash, posting some images again...
  4. The making of this model was started in 2006 After visiting the Wasa museum in Stockholm. It's my 1st wooden ship model. Normally I only build military vehicles in 1/72 scale Ps, I understand and read English. But i've never learned to write it. So. All I write in English will be translated from Dutch to English with google translate. Sorry for that.
  5. Well, I got the first two issues today. Unlike the Victory and such there is no magazine, only the building instructions. There was also a poster of the Vasa. 3 frames, stern decorations, thread and one cannon is what you get in these first two issues. I promised my 10-year old son that he could "help" me build it so I have to wait until he comes home from school before building can start. I will continue later this evening.
  6. While cleaning the Vasa, I discovered that the cabin windows were very brittle, and cracked off with very little force. Any idea what they might be made from? Seemed like some kind of varnish, polymer, or glassy paint. It was applied directly to the wood underneath. I don't know how old the model is, unfortunately our museum didn't receive that information with the donation. Thanks!
  7. Hello all Ever since I was a child and start modelling I have the dream to someday build the Swedish warship Vasa in wood. Early attempts were the Airfix plastic Vasa and the not so good Igra Vasa (See this link http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/14339-help-to-identify-vasa-kit/ ). Non of them were finished and the Airfix Vasa exploded by a fire cracker if I remember right and the Igra kit was actually never started. My wooden kit building started when I was working in Russia some years ago. In a very boring moment I actually ordered the Billing Boat Vasa but when I come home it ended up at the shelf since I realised it was totally over the top for me at the moment. So I bought and build the J-Class Endeavour instead just to learn (link in my signature). This build really got me hooked and I started on Sherbourne (other link in signature) to learn building period ships. It was then it come, the DeAgostini Vasa as a Monthly subscription. At the beginning I hesitated since no finish models exist but after following Puckotreds Vasa ( http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/13616-vasa-by-puckotred-deagostini-scale-165/ ) I was convinced. I haven't started it until now since I was waiting for all the parts for the false keel and also other stuff get in the way (see photo). However I have start the build now and I will post the photos below to show how far I have come. I also must say that the quality so far, especially the figures is very good. I hop you will enjoy the build and have patience since it take 3 years to get all the parts. I will also not post a photo over every delivering since Mr Pucko does that. The wooden parts I have so far. And the figures. This is Billing Boats stand for building. Little bit modified... This was what I was waiting for. To be able to glue togheter the false keel part and get it straight. Some initial sanding just in case Mounted on the building stand..... .......and test fitted with the Sherbourne Inside (same scale more or less) First painting of figures. I will redone this since I have learned that a black gloss coat as primer is way better for the metal look of AK extreme metal. I will show the difference later. Too bad that I will remove the colour and repaint it. But it shows the detail of the metal parts. And now the building starts (2 days ago). Lego Duplo is so good to use for framing The result from the side...... .....and from the front. Really nice fit of everything. And this photo is from yesterday. The fit is perfect. And this is how far I have got at the moment. Best Regards Jörgen
  8. Hi all, This is my build of the Vasa, started as kit, but quickly changed to scratch using wood from the kit. Current side view. I will post some pictures on how it got to this stage. thanks, Peter
  9. Hi! I came over this old kit on an online marketplace. It is being sold for 60 dollars. Have anyone seen this kit before? Who is the manufacturer? And would it be worth 60 dollars? It does not look like the vasa i have seen and seems to be allot of plastic parts and stickers. But im thinking for that price it could be fun anyway. Anyone who have some thougts or knowledge of this kit?
  10. Hi all, As the carriages on Vasa are black and not red, I wonder about the wheels? Are they also black?
  11. Fellow Shipbuilders: The following is my Build Log for the Vasa. This was my first experience with a wood kit model and as I built the Vasa I referred to a few of your Vasa ship build logs which greatly helped me. I particularly used the site by Vasa by Karleop , Ulyses Victoria, and Markitiedens. Since Karleop was a Billings build it was extremely helpful. I'm very appreciative of these sites and those who took the time to do them. Since the Billings instructions are so poor these sites were a great resource. I also used the Vasa museum site with photos of their model as a paint reference. I had the privilege of visiting Stockholm a few years ago and marvelled at seeing the Vasa in person. My experience as a ship model builder is fairly limited. When I was a youngster I built a number of plastic ship models and as an eighth grader I built a wood model of the French galley La Reale from a picture in a book, which I still have in a glass case. I am now 60 and will be getting back into this wonderful hobby and this is my first experience since my younger years. It has been very interesting learning from your sites and doing research on the internet to finish this ship. I am a surgeon which might have helped with some of the fine work, but not much . Even so, it took me two years to build Vasa because of my limited time. I modified the model by using the ships original color of red instead of the Billings blue, adding the long boat, and by adding crew figures that I bought from an internet site. I hope you enjoy my endeavor. I know I did. PLANKING THE FRAME AND STAINING
  12. Hi everybody!! First of all forgive my poor English, hope you can understand what I want to tell. The story of my VASA started about 10 years ago, when the son of a friend visited the museum in Sweden and bought the model thinking that he could do with her dad, who has some experience in woodworking. Shortly after, they gave up trying to do it, and stay abandoned for about 8 years. One time I visit him and seeing the model he told me the sad story and asked me if I wanted to try doing it, which I promptly accepted. After reviewing the boat I noticed several errors and that it will be difficult to assemble. Here in Mexico we say that It is always easier to start something than to repair it! This boat represents three challenges: 1) Undo many of the laid parts, redo some parts, either already broken or broken when I tried to take them off. 2) It is a boat complicated to assemble, rated for experts and additionaly with many plastic figures that must be painted with much detail. Also with poor instructions and drawings (but fortunately with much information in forums like this). 3) Many of the pieces were loose and detached from its original panels, so it was like a puzzle to find parts. Therefore, at that time I decided not to start it, partly because I was doing the Endeavour ship, so stay on hold just over two years. Finally, about 6 months ago I decided to build it. Initially without much hope because it had some irremediable things that were complicated to repair (like alignment of lateral panels or deck). So I thought to build it more for practice, that a model to show. However, over time I change my mind and now it’s getting pretty good.
  13. Hello! I've been reading this site for six months now, reading tips and tricks and looking at all the great pictures. Why? Simply because I received the Vasa kit (Corel) for Christmas and as I had never built any ship before, I really had to learn everything from scratch. So, I have started building the Vasa since the middle of January 2014. I can only work on it about one hour every day, so the progress is slow, in particular as I have to learn along the way and I find myself scratching my head and scouting the Internet whenever I hit a new construction phase. Anyway, I have been documenting the process dutifully by means of pictures from day one. So far, I only shared those pictures with my family and interested friends. I am now opening it to this forum. The pictures are stored on my Google+ account and should be visible from everybody by clicking on this link: Vasa picture album Usually, I add a few pictures everyday, if I have been able to make any progress. Feel free to add me to your Google+ circles and I'll make sure to add you to my Vasa circle. Also, you may leave comments here or directly on the album. When you add me, please make sure to tell me that's the Vasa you're interested in. I have not written any comment so far. Only pictures. But they are very detailed. I have found that pictures were the most valuable asset when looking for a solution. As I said, I am a beginner, and thus I made many mistakes along the way. Still, I am happy with what I have managed to do so far and I feel that my pictures might help those who will come after me. Chapter 1: the frames Chapter 2: Planking the hull, first layer Chapter 3: Planking the stern Chapter 4: Planking the hull, second layer Chapter 5: Covering the door frames Chapter 6: Planking the decks Chapter 7: Stern galleries Chapter 8: The support Chapter 9: The beakhead and the keel Chapter 10: The rudder Chapter 11: The heads and the beakhead Chapter 12: The handrails Chapter 13: The davits Chapter 14: Deck fittings (belaying pins, bits, doors and chains) Chapter 15: Deck guns Chapter 16: The boat Chapter 17: Varnishing Chapter 18: Port hole doors and false canons Chapter 19: The decorations
  14. This is a 48 page 9-1/2" x 6-1/2" color booklet put out by the Vasa Museum. I picked it up in "Very Good" used condition on Amazon for $1.90 + shipping! The amazing fold-out front cover photo of the stern is worth at least $2! The booklet covers the history and salvage of the ship and is a good read. Nice photos, drawings, maps and diagrams. I don't know if all used (or new) books would include them, but mine came with 3 large color postcards too. This is probably the best $1.90 I've spent! Highly recommended.

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