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Found 19 results

  1. Hi everyone! Last week I celebrated my birthday (53rd). From my wife I received HMS Agamemnon by Caldercraft. What a wife I have! To push me a little bit further I have decided to start a build log on my project in order to push myself and encourage others. I know there are so many skilled builders out there. I am perhaps not one of them but maybe I can help others avoiding the mistakes I eventually will do. I am a slow builder. I can be expected to put in 4-5 h a week into the project. The building instructions warns you to expect 1000-1200 h of building joy. With my tempo I will struggl
  2. Hi I acquired my Agamemnon kit from Jotika a few years ago. They are actually only 10 minutes away from where I live in Droitwich, really useful when looking for replacement bits and pieces. John is really good and has helped me out. Quite often taking the time to show me around the factory and the new products and improvements they are bringing in. And taking a look at the completed models in the showroom gives one a feeling of awe. Well initially me not not being totally prepared to be honest the build struggled or should I say I struggled. Now a few years later having a major de
  3. Everyone: So to get the progress of my Caldercraft back into this folder, attached is my most recent progress of My Aggy. I have the stern and gallery windows. I now have the spar deck on and have begun planking the deck as well. Once I have that completed I will provide a updated pic of that as well Mike Draper Whitehorse, Yukon Canada
  4. Hello, this is the first time I have done a build log for a model so please forgive me if I get a few things wrong. I live in the North East of England in a little seaside town called South Shields. I was an electrical engineer & managed to take early retirement a few years ago to do a bit of adventuring before I got too old and broken. I started this model about 2 years ago but had to put it on hold as a few other project got in the way, like getting an extension built and making the loft space suitable for a model railway. I have built a couple of wooden models in the past from Billing
  5. Finally I managed to start a building log. I have unfortunately already more than 2 years behind me, so it is too late for the early stages. I have not figured out how to make good pictures yet, so these pictures are kind of a test....
  6. Hello All, I've been 'stalking' a number of really well done build logs on the for the Caldercraft Agamemnon (Mobbsie, Henke, Vicnelson, etc.) so I thought I should contribute vs freeloading. This will be my second model ship, but the first in 30 years. My first was a Billing Boats Bluenose (of course I'm Canadian 😄) in 1990. Back then I needed something to do in the evenings while my wife finished studying for her nursing degree. My Bluenose has been on our mantle ever since and survived 7 moves over the years with only one major overhaul to repair accumulated damage.
  7. Hi Guys, Here goes, as a newbie I dont have a clue as to what I'm doing so please bear with me !!!!!!!!!!!! I dont intend to rewrite the entire log and I dont have it saved so if anybody has any questions please dont be afraid to ask. Aggy arrived on the 16th January this year so I have been working on her for about a month now, progress has been steady but a little on the slow side compared to my usual build rate. The kit I find is very good in that everything fits as it should do if a little tight, theres a lot of sanding and rubbing down which is better than having a sloppy
  8. I'm new to this forum, or any forum for that matter. HMS Agamemnon is my most ambitious model yet. Supplied by Cornwall Models in the UK. I was inspired to get this kit by Sandercott's build log http://www.sandercott.ca/modelships/agamemnon/agamemnon_build_page1.php and Harmut's log on Pete Coleman's site http://pete-coleman.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=137&t=1593. I've been building model boats both wood and plastic since I was a wee one. I now prefer wood but still occasionally dabble in plastic, my last being a Tamiya kit of KGV completed in 2017. That said I'm still learning
  9. Good afternoon all Well after reading so many excellent logs for some fantastic models, I have decided to build my own and share the experience... After a lot of reading research I decided to go with the Caldercraft HMS Agamemnon in 1:64 scale, please don't ask me for a reason,,, whilst reading through a lot I really liked the look of her, the more I read the more I liked,,, in addition I also liked the look of HMS Diana,, Diana will come later... Whilst I am not a beginner when It comes to modelling, I am a beginner when it comes to wood and ships, so pleas
  10. Just opening a build log to get me underway. The kit is still in Auckland having travelled from Australia. I think I am in for a reasonable tax bill before Customs release her. It has been a week now and I am getting impatient to get the call from the post office to collect my hernia. That is not what I am nicknaming her yet, simply that I have heard the kit is very heavy. I read Mobbsie's build log. And once I saw the ship in the case I wandered what I had got myself into. It is huge! However, off to work to pay for the tax now. I shall update the log when I get it. All the best ever
  11. In many respects I am a relative newcomer to the world of model shipbuilding. I recently completed, as my very first build, the HMAV Bounty (Caldercraft) and I am reasonably pleased with the end result. That said, it took me about eight years to complete the project; however in fairness to myself, the actual time spent actively working on the ship was closer to two years. Following retirement, most of my time has been devoted to building furniture, however, I recently sold my house and shop so woodworking had to be temporally suspended. Given the fact that I wanted to keep my hands busy, I d
  12. Hello all, Thought it was about time I had a go at this. Not great with this sort of thing so hope this goes ok. Started my Agamemnon March this year, couldn't believe how big it was when the box arrived. This is my 3rd build, HMS Snake ( Caldercraft ) and Racehourse being the others. Followed Mobbsie and Decoymans Aggie builds and they have been a great help.
  13. Hello to you all fellow builders, As you know , Mobbsie has ordered the HMS Agamemnon for me and finally she is in dry dock in Schiedam. I will not start on her . I have first finish the Le Mirage. But when you have a new kit in the house , you want to show it. That's the reason why I open a build log…... First of course a little history lesson and later on the pictures of all the stuff that is in the box. When I start on her I know I need a lot of help and advise from all of you. I have a few great examples of other Aggy's and I know that Mobbsie will be there for me if neede
  14. My work on the HMS Agammemnon is progressing smoothly.I was not satisfied with the stern decoration of the kit, elements that were separated and glued without any link between them, lack of decorative parts, etc ..This is my attempt at modification which I am submitting to your appreciation. The lanterns are still missing.Thank you for your comments,Have a nice day,Alain
  15. Well, my first building log!! I started building my Aggy about 5 years ago, but by several circomstances I stopped building for a few years. For a year now I work every day one my Aggy. Plenty of time (retirement). I still have to figure out how to attache photos of my Agga. All fotos are 6-8 mb, so far much.
  16. I am running around this forum for a few years to learn, so its time to start a log about my build of the HMS Agamemnon. Started 2 years back, and since i am a slow builder i can show you all a collection of pictures to where i am at this moment. The hull isn't finished yet. My build took so long because i changed a lot on this ship. My decks will be opened like on a navy board model. First i have to climbe on board to make more pictures from what i have all changed More coming soon
  17. Hello, I am glad to be back on the new forum after a long silence. I am a very very slow builder. I started my Aggie in 2010... Here are somme pictures of some previous steps and the present situation. I am making a first test to see if I can properly use the new features of the site. It seems it works. You see here the way I installed (temporarly) the pedestals. Here, some planking on the main gun deck, in case they should be visible from above. First half of the upper gundeck in position. Planking of the upper gundeck completed. The same varnished. I stop now. This is a f
  18. This is my previous log - HMS Agamemnon the Seven Year Itch - reposted following the Great Crash of '13 (if you can remember it you weren't there...). In fact the earlier title was getting more and more out-of-date since the build has now taken me in excess of ten years and I'm still not finished, so a change to something a bit more prosaic was probably in order. I've done a few other bits and pieces in the meantime, mind you. I started taking photos of my model at the same time as I started my log. At this time I had got as far as completing the first planking and the second planking
  19. Hello As i can not find my old log back, i will have to start with a new one, Last year i ordered the HMS Agamemnon, in the UK, after so waiting it arrived here on the island, but after inspection of the box, there where 2 sheets missing, contacted Caldercraft in the UK and spoke with the owner John ( a very friendly person) he told me to send the parts by post, but now after 6 weeks waiting still nothing, spoke last week with John again, seems that the postal service on one of the ends screw up, so he will send the sheets again but now with a parcel service, so still w
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