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Found 21 results

  1. Hello everyone, Having gained some valuable experience through trial and error with the Airfix HMS Victory (not yet completed) and itching for a new build but not yet confident or patient enough to tackle a POB build, I decided to try my hand at this oldie (but a goodie): Some dry fitting first ... The deck was severely warped OOB so I had to soak it in hot water and after some manipulation, I managed to partially fix it. Further heating will be required to flatten the lower deck. This kit is larger in scale compared to the Victory so hopefully that will mean easier rigging and detailing. But conversely I can't use scale as an excuse for shoddy work anymore...
  2. Hi Everyone as a Newbie here, this is my first post, so I hope I have completed everything ok. Nearly finished painting all the parts for my Airfix 1:72 Golden Hind Galleon, won't be long before the Assembly begins ⚓⚓⚓⚓
  3. Hello, this is my first model kit, started it the other week. Decided to post on here for tips/advice/ideas and thoughts. Thanks.
  4. Opened my next build! The Airfix 1/144 Wasa. I find the history of this ship to be fascinating. This will be the smallest scale I have tried. Looking to really hone my skills and techniques on very small features, especially painting the stern. Pictures I have seen show it to be beautiful and I hope mine will reach that level when complete. I checked the MSW index and only see one build of this Airfix kit and that is by kpnuts. Fantastic job! I really like the ocean effects and the displaying of the ship lesning over before it eventually sank. Numerous other builds of other kit manufacturers. Will read through several before starting mine. One thing I have already determined is that is debate over if the stern end of the ship was primarily red or blue. The kit shows it as being painted red but several builders an articles I have read say it was actually blue. Will need to make my first education decision right off the bat. If there are any MSW members currently building, or previously built, any version of the Wasa please share any advice or suggestions you may have. I thoroughly enjoy this site and sharing with other builders.
  5. After enjoying building the Airfix 1/600 RMS Queen Elizabeth I purchased as many 1/600 Liners as I could find. The rarest one is the Airfix SS France which I finally found on ebay at a high but reasonable price. She is my current project but I have to be careful since messing her up and trying to replace her would not be easy. So far she is in prime with the propeller shafts and stabilizers installed. I really would have preferred to leave them until near the end of the build but they needed a lot of filler which would have messed up the paint job. I'll just have to watch out for them as they are very delicate. Once I get the hull painted and mounted on the stand they will be much less vulnerable to damage. The holes for the shaft supports were just a mess and the hull had quite a bit of warp to it so I filled the support holes first from the inside with styreen sheet and then putty on the outside. I also glued in a brace of styrene sheet to help hold the two halves of the warped hull together. She needs a little more filler before paint.
  6. Background - One day earlier this year I found what I thought was an old penny at the entrance gate to the field where our horses are kept. When I got it home and cleaned it up it looked like a token with the letters CD with a crown between on it. After some research it turns out it is the cover of a button from the uniform of a Civil Defence Force member. I asked the farmer if it could have belonged to a member of his family so I could return it, as he regularly uses rubble from a dumping ground to fill in holes in the tracks. It wasn't, and he explained that he has an area of land that, during 1941 - 43, Bootle council used as a dumping ground for clearances from the bombing, mainly from the May blitz in 1941. Over the years lots of bits and pieces have turned up, including, gruesomely, some body parts. Over the years other local councils have used Crosby beach front to dump their wartime rubble, and to help create a sea defence. After 1943 these buttons became plastic / bakelite, and where it came from definately dates it to the Blitz. The members of the Civil Defence Force were initially Air Raid Wardens, but widend into the CDF and became responsible for many other roles during and after the air raids. Liverpool Civil Defence Force I've found bottles and cutlery but probably this is the most poignant and personal item I've found, belonging to an unknown person who, for whatever reason was unable to join up, took on this thankless and often dangerous job. My grandfather was a member of the Home Guard during WW2, and one of his friends drove a fire engine His Story which he told me himself but here is told by one of his daughters. And more Civil Defense Liverpool stories Liverpool CDF Awards 1941 These stories and the brave actions were repeated all over the UK. So this turned into my own little homage to these brave people. This is the first time I've touched a plastic model airplane in about 45 years, but the button desreved a display, not just to be put away. Thanks for reading, Bob
  7. This is a commision I undertook for a good friend last year. We had a correspondence through Facebook, whether it was possible to turn his Victory Kit, which was still unopened into a 74. Several ideas and plans were put into consideration. The ship would have no sails or masts, and it would be a kind of "Admirality" type, just the hull sitting on a base resembling a launching cradle. With the exception of the Heller's Superebe and Glorieux, there are no other 74 on the kit market, certainly no british, and seems nobody had done something like that either. The plan was as follows: Rezze Victory by one deck, which was rather troublesome, especially because the bow and rails had to be remodeled. Increase the width of the decks, as they now sit one lower into the tumblehome. Remodel the quarter deck. Remove some gunports, turn the entrance into a gunport and reduce with width of the side ladders. I made it in a relatively good time, and he was very pleased. Here is the built log, I'll slowly updload them all today and tomorow, as I have to work on the bomb ketch as well! Here is the planing, in MS paint:
  8. Its taken me a while to realise "things with wings" were allowed on MSW, so here is a small selection of build shots from a recently finished project of mine of the mighty Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat in 1/24th scale! - A bit of a beast, but it actually went together fairly straightforwardly - well most plastic kits do compared to wooden model ship in my experience! 😆 The markings I chose were for a Fleet Air Arm Hellcat, JZ935 flown from HMS Indomitable by Sub-Lt T.B.Speak, as you will see from the reference photo, it came to grief on the flight deck (take a close look at the front of the engine, pilot fine...) Family link here is that the Admiral's grandfather served in the Fleet Air Arm on HMS Indomitable at the time, so may have witnessed this or the aftermath; he worked in A/C. maintenance from what I can gather.) First pics of the cockpit, engine to follow when I have resized them.
  9. This is my first attempt at model ship building... I plan to move on to wooden ships but thought I'd try my hand at a plastic ship first to ease into the hobby. The kit requires quite a bit of time spent removing the excess flashing. I tried my hand at acrylic paints initially but decided to stick to Humbrol enamel paints (hand painted) as recommended in the manual. Instead of Humbrol 81 Matt Pale Yellow, I opted for 63 Sand Matt as I felt it didn't look as bright and had a more muted tone. Got a sore throat while painting the hull and wondered if it was due to the solvents in the enamel paint. Cured it with some whiskey but will be sure to wear a face mask moving forward... I painted the sections first before glueing them thinking it would be easier to paint them this way. I used Tamiya Extra Thin Cement to glue the hull and bottom deck to start and noticed some slight dissolving of the enamel paint. Will touch them up later but maybe glueing them first would have been wiser... Glued on the deck posts first but now starting to regret it as I foresee some issues aligning the upper deck above this (could knock them over). Hopefully these decisions won't come back to bite my behind later in the build. I am however enjoying the build process immensely. As a total newbie, I have a few questions to ask: 1. I used a fine handheld drill to reopen the holes in the hatches but in the process, the holes became round and lost its original square shape. Is there a better way to do this? 2. Any advice on painting the stern? Was thinking of painting the lighter colours on first then filling the windows with either a light blue or grey colour. Or is it better to do the opposite and dry brush the window frames with yellow? Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Cheers,
  10. My new one commissioned by my boss, the Airfix Wasa, I bought it off ebay and I've no idea how it was stored but its warped to hell, its been a real pig to get it together, didn't do it as per instructions as i could not get the deck atattched and level so glued the hull front together then when the glue set glued the rear the glued the deck a bit at a time using loads of masking tape to hold it till dry. Broke lots of these bits on the top rails (whatever they are) so will have to make some new ones.
  11. I decided to build another 1/600 Airfix kit, RMS Queen Elizabeth 2. This kit is also kind of hard to find and a bit pricey. The box is a little messy but the kit is complete and in good condition.
  12. I have a 1/350 Lusitania on hold waiting for parts so I decided to try out a 1/600 scale ship. I didn't think I would enjoy the smaller size but it's growing on me. I just added some PE and decals to the decks tonight. I am going to finish up all the inclined ladders/stairs with PE and add PE railings . I started gluing on a few decks and am test fitting on the superstructure. I used some left over 1/350 PE grills for the vents and printed up some basic window decals. I masked and painted the bridge windows and then decided decals were much easier and look about the same.
  13. Greatings to everyone, I am very happy to be back in this forum again! All these years I have been admiring the magnificent work of the members. Here I'll post the built log of this old airfix kit which I was given by very good friend. The box is very old, 1970s packaging. Some paint traces on the hull from an old painting attempt, and some pieces of the original masts bend broken or missing. I know, a rather rough start. I'll attempt to built the kit and correct some of its problems while I am at it. I really love 17th century ships, and I really look forward for this built. Thank you!
  14. I have decided to make a slight distraction from my HMS Greyhound build, and start on my Sub kit instead, its been sat in the cupboard for a while so I decided to take it out - shake off the dust and have a go of it. When I used to live close to one of UKs RN ports I used to see these class of subs on an almost daily basis, so it is fitting to build her, the name fits in nicely also Here are a few pics showing he contents and also a couple of my pics from where I used to live showing one of the actual subs. OC.
  15. Hi all I decided to give this one a go, it's actually a very nice kit and at 12.99 cheap. Here's the box instruction booklet and my start on it. I intend to put it on a base in a very rough sea.
  16. Ahoy, as I promised I will start my first building log after the Easter holidays, so here we are. It will be my first Sailing ship kit after almost 10 years. My first kit was the Airfix HMS Victory at the age of 14 and it went right to the scrap yard. I already bought this kit another time for a second try, but til then it will be the HMAV Bounty. Excuse my photos, because they are taken with my mobile phone. Hopefully my new camera will arrive til the end of April. Anyway you can see my progress until now. First step was getting rid of the multiple layers of dust. After that I decided, that the deck will be repainted with oil colour on an ochre base, because I think it is much too dark. This does not apply to the colour of the hull. There it looks quite nice in my opinion and just needs some adjustment. Here I have my first question: What colour would you paint the gratings. I think it would look good if they are a bit darker then the deck itself? Next step will be the rudder and its hinges. Unfortunately I do not know the English word for the pieces where the shrouds are attached, but these also will get their edges rounded. I hope you have some advice what I could do better. Greetings, Manuel
  17. With my 9 year old son now having three models under his belt (two ships) with my help: He asked what was next on the horizon. I was actually given an Airfix 1:180 HMS Victory model recently and I realized I now had two in stock. So.....we are going to do dual builds. The models are packaged differently but contain exactly the same kit components. We are laying things out and mapping out our plan. I am planning to do this one out of the box with no 'improvements.' His model will be all him. It will be interesting to get back into painting. The paint in both boxes is quite old so I will buy new acrylics locally (as close as possible in color). He is the only kid so far (fifth of six) that has had any interest in models so I am doing whatever I can to fan the flames - how can you do wrong with the Victory? Looking forward to spending the time together, Mark
  18. I am awaiting a new project to arrive soon in the shape of an Airfix Trafalger class RN attack submarine, it is in 1 350 scale and will be based on one of those that was based at Plymouth Dockyard UK. I have worked on a quick drawing here it is not colour accurate as the real ones are generally a combination of very dark greys and different black colours. OC
  19. Good Morning All, Normally, I would link to my Picasa album, but instead I think I will share the highlights and provide a link as well. As I mention over on my blog, this model is the one that finally got me into maritime historical research, way back in 1988. This is a link to my blog entry about the model and build - Building Airfix's "Santa Maria" And this is the link to my Picasa album - Airfix 1/384 "Santa Maria" Cheers, Robert
  20. Hi all well back off hols and made a tentative start on this one The kit comes with stubby half cannons for the lower decks( I may live to regret this but Ive decided to open up the gun ports and make some whole guns to put behind them, since they are below decks and you wont see much of them they wont need to be too detailed or accurate, and I am only doing one side as they would never do a broadside on both sides, I mean what admiral in his right mind would choose to take the risk of a broadside on both sides at the same time) also it means I've only got to make 30 guns and carriages. I also have to make part decks for one side.
  21. Hi, When I wrote my profile. I said I was going to be building the HMS Victory with the Cutty Sark mixed in to help me retain some of my insanity. Well after getting the Heller Victory. And realising just how detailed she is. I realise I need a lot of research before wading in. So I've started the Cutty Sark just to blow away a few cobwebs. And relearn what I've forgotten and learn all that's new. Since the invention of the Internet... Now as I say I'm just having fun. But any suggestions or alternative methods whatever will be most welcome. And before any one says anything yes I've started off with the wrong colour paint. Ah well... So here she is. Sorry the pics are so naff but I'm still waiting to get my camera back from my daughter. Not quite from day one but due to handicaps near enough please be gentle. It's my first time. :-) But be honest Not much I can say as a commentary but here she is. I just hope the real Cutty Sark is in better condition even after the fire. This is one awful kit So watch this space. Either it will grow nicely or end up in Davey Jones Locker.
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