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Found 22 results

  1. Hi All. This is Gary from Austin, Texas making my first post. I have recently acquired the 1/48th scale America kit from Bluejacket and hope to log its build here. I have been lurking here a bit, very impressed by the knowledge and craftsmanship shown in many of the build logs. And frankly I am a bit intimidated as well. But I did not find any other build logs for the large Bluejacket America model so I hope my efforts add to the community, if only because of that. I have seen several build logs of the Mamoli version, and I am sure I will reference them more in the future. Ov
  2. This is my first kit build. I've dabbled with RC planes for a few years so maybe some of that experience will help me as I come up to speed building ships. I started in late December and kept my build log off-line. I meant to start the log here earlier, but just didn't take the time until now. The dates when I made my first entries are noted as follows. 12/27/2017 I purchased the Mamoli Yacht America as my first kit and received it on 12/18/2017. I selected this kit because I think it is a beautiful ship with great lines, and I also thought it would be a reasonable kit to star
  3. I thought this would be a good time to dust off this great kit, Revell's "America", circa 1969 edition. The hull is cast in black plastic and the sails are more usable than the vacuform sails that are in the newer released kit version. The surface detail is fantastic, both on the hull and decks. The scale is not perfect and it is not 1/56 scale...not even close...it is 1/61ish and the boat is 1/4 inch too narrow on the beam. Still, it's close enough that it is still pleasing to the eye. The instructions state that the model can be sailed on a pond (as a free-sailor) if certain steps are tak
  4. Hi everyones! I had a break in the shipbuilding for more than 3 months. Now, before I go back to my current projects, I decided to do another short mini-project for restoring of my skills. So, I begin as usual with building of the hull. Richard Lawler Schooner America Best Regards! Igor.
  5. Got this kit from BlueJacket because I want to make transition to scratch built from kits. I hope it will help with some techniques, hopefully. The kit seems good, lots of material and fittings
  6. I asked some questions, earlier, about this 40+ year old Constructo kit. I've got emotional ties to this as it was a present from my wife and, I think, has been on my list of things I want to finish for the longest time. After deciding this was the time to restart work, I realized that the model has some issues/ The plans and packaging described it as a scaled model but there was no actual scale provided, nor any reference name that would give me a clue as to scale, or size of the full sized ship. The following is a picture of the model, as I left it years ago. T
  7. I recently bought a plan for this America Schooner. The America II was in the US Naval Station on the Severn River when I was there. It was right next to the Meridea then. I did not have the point of perspective that I could do a sketch of it because Meridea was right between. Although the 1/4" plan is pretty good, It only has about 8 stations drawn, and none of them are spaced upon the evenly spaced frame positions, so the only way I can accomplish drawing the frames for her will be to take those station drawings and enter them into CAD and extrapolate each frame from the res
  8. So, after finishing my Benjamin W. Latham, and after a busy summer, I have been thinking about my next build. I had several options: resuming my Hesper build now that the hull is completed, build another fishing schooner like Elsie, build the Emma C. Berry which has been collecting dust on my shelves, and also having visited Rochefort in France this summer, I saw the Hermione -again- and building the kit from A.L. tempted me. Not to bore anyone, but here was my line of thinking. As tempting as the Hermione is, and after seeing several build logs, I finally decided to stay away from
  9. Hi Folks For ages I’ve been trying to justify not touching several Kits that I have, Till Last weekend where I decided to warm up hands with an old Scientific Kit. My father had it built back in the 60's in Pittsburgh, and I remember lots of craftsman shift in this kit, lots of dedication. This kit would be nothing compared to the masterpieces I´ve been following on this site, but I will try to honor this kit. The Kit Parts
  10. I started this kit just after Christmas, although I didn't get this as a gift. this is a reissue kit.....I've never seen the older version, but this version looks to be of good quality. I did find a couple of small flaws in it, but nothing to go ballistic over.......they were quite easy to repair. the build starts as a split keel design, numbering the pairs of ribs was a bit of a challenge........the rib layout diagram was different than the laser cut part's panels. once I figured it out, it went much better. I will try to narrate some of the missing text, but if you'd like to read
  11. To celebrate this years Americas Cup i decided to build a model of the original ship. This was a kit i had for many years. When i open the kit i was shocked to find that powder post beatle had attacked the wooden parts. At first i decided to just remake the damaged parts but as the work progressed i decided to make a second scratch built model using the kit to make the scratch built parts. As with my other projects i plan to make a video of this build.
  12. I have been by the sail bug of late and nostalgia and ventured back to my youth when I made just about all of Revell sailing ships.So I picked up the USS America simple get my feet wet again with the rigging and such.I p/u from HISmodel the wooden deck and block/pulleys which the pulleys will be a new venture for me I have dealt with wood decks on the Eugen.I have the hull,decks and the mast are just about finished in painting just a little bit more.Russ lives like three houses down and says the black iron on the rudder goes so that be fixed and I went with 16' planks right or not I don't know
  13. The more models i look at and the more photographics and paintings i see is the more confused i am about the deck layout of the America 185. Can anyone direct me a competitant deck layput of this ship? kevin
  14. New build log for Yacht America, Been looking around for a few sail boat kits which do not require too much rigging. I have built many models, more than I can remember or count of tall ships of all sizes and shapes and have chosen this Yacht model because it appears to require not to much brain power. I have never been impressed with Mamoli kits, they are made for bashing. You never know what surprises will appear during the process of the model build, so here goes.
  15. Build log schooner America While working on HM Schooner Pickle I started to look out for a next project. As I really did like the simple elegance of the schooner and a friend of mine had long reserved some space in his office for a dust catcher in form of a model ship the decision to build another schooner was taken. This friend has family connections to the US and I always liked the elegant, innovative design of America and so this vessel was chosen. Also the Mamoli kit comes in scale 1/66 which is close enough to 1/64 to make all fittings in this scale available for a bit of kit enhancement
  16. Well, I thought I better get my build log back from where I left off.
  17. Hello all - This will be my first posting to the forum. I started the 'America' several years ago and got the first planking on and the deck layed down, and put her away. Around Christmas I pulled her out and started in again. I got the second planking on and coppered the hull. I used 1" wide self-adheasive copper tape (electronic cable sheilding tape). I marked the individual plates from the front with a dull Xacto knife, and used a pounce wheel from the back for the rivets. I did not like the look of the shiney raw copper so I used a patina fluid (Pax I think). It went further th
  18. An Eight Dollar Model The footy model I've been puttering around with has been put on the shelf for a little while. I've just lost enthusiasm for the project. I'll probably get back to it at some point, though. In September, I took the kids to a model and toy show at the DuPage County Fairgrounds (near Chicago). This event happens twice a year and the kids always find things there: action figures, models, other assorted plastic stuff... There are almost never wooden ship models at this show. It's all about plastic, and mostly cars and aircraft. So I was walking down an aisle
  19. Hello there: This is just a placeholder for now, but I hope to dive into Mamoli's America kit in early September, once I've finished the Amati Hannah (in a bottle). I admit, I'll be happy to get back to building at a larger scale!! I've been more of a lurker and very occasional contributor here for the last year, since I finished my HMS Blandford (see link in signature). It has been an extremely busy time at work and though I've kept up with modelling (finishing the Fair Rosamund and now nearly finished the Hannah) there hasn't been much time for the more social side of
  20. I think that nobody on this forum need the presentation of the original, of "the mother of regatta's boats" the . Maybe the best description was the dialogue between the Queen and the Commodore oduring the regatta around the Isle of Wight, August, 22, 1851: Queen Victoria: Who is the first, Commodore:"America, your Majesty." Queen Victoria: Who is the second, Commodore:"There is no second, your Majesty." As the other models, in small scale 1:200, reduced Mamoli drawings in 1:66 , in fact i had the complete kit, i made it an the big one was a marriage g
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