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Found 14 results

  1. Time to re-construct my build log of Panart's Amerigo Vespucci 1:84. I still have all the photos I've taken during the build so far but unfortunately I do not have all the text I had written for the old build log. So this log will start with a summary of the build until present stage. All my photos can be found here: Photo album It all started around 3 years ago. I began with some of the small boats as I didn't had room to start on the main hull. However, here I will start with the main hull. Internal framework To be continued... /Lars Peter
  2. I started my build on the Amerigo Vespucci in March 2019. Here are photos as I progressed thru the build. Still a way to go. Progress up to the end of Manual # 5 I decided to add LED's to the build and here I have wired it up with 70 LED's.
  3. Hi, I have recently started the Amerigo Vespucci, 1:84 scale from a Panart kit. I quite enjoyed the interaction I got from members on my Royal William log so I’ll again share my build with you. I bought the kit off Ebay for a good price, it is an early version about 20 – 25 years old and differs quite a bit from their current version, I think for the better. Lime for first planking, not balsa, etched sheet brass for the plating not ply, planked deck instead of printed ply and 12 sheets of plans many 1:1, but poor badly translated instructions instead of the step by step guide. Although old everything was in very good condition, straight keel and bulwarks, which were very well laser cut, matching the plans perfectly, the strip wood is very nice, straight cleanly cut and still flexible enough although has hardened quite a bit. There are hundreds of castings and machined brass fittings all nicely bagged, these will need a serious cleaning as they have become badly tarnished. A very comprehensive and well presented kit. I admire many of the builders on this site for their skill, painstaking dedication to detail and accuracy but I’m afraid that’s not me. My build will be as simple as I can make it, mostly straight from the box with just enough detail to make it a nice looking well made model that will not take me years, with the chance of getting fed up and quitting. I wanted to start the build by first preparing the mounting. I want to mount it on brass pedestals on a large mahogany plinth so needed to do the preparation for this prior to planking rather than risk damaging the model at a later stage by turning it upside down. My first problem is that due to the lack of availability of stuff due to the Covid restrictions I can’t get anything, the wood yards are closed and even popular online modelling suppliers have run out of anything I want, glues, sealers wood strip and my columns. I started by joining together the three sections of keel, I reinforced the joins then beefed up the area where the pedestals will be fixed with rods, I drilled them out and hope that they line up later. I dry fitted the bulkheads, they only needed the lightest of sanding before becoming a perfect fit. I made up a keel support out of scrap, not very neat looking but works well enough.. I glued all the bulkheads into place, I added extra support on the outer edge of the front three and stern bulkheads. I usually infill these areas with balsa but the lines of the hull are so friendly that I didn’t think that it would be needed. I spent quite a bit of time fairing the frames making sure that they were as perfect as I could make them. I have now started the first layer with the 6 x 1.5 lime planks provided, so far so good. That’s me starting my journey please feel free to join me. Ken
  4. Hello, after the warm welcome in this forum and the interest on a build log of the "Amerigo Vespucci", I will start it now. As you may know it is an Italien sail training ship which was originally build 1931. The model bases on the Mantua-Kit, which I tried to optimize according to pictures of the real Ship. I started to build the model in 1994, but just shortly after the begin, I had to disturb the building due to job, wife, house building, kids, ... A few years ago I restarted building the model again. Some data: Mantua Kit scale 1:84 length 1,25m hight 0,75m In a german forum I have already started a build log of this ship a few months ago. Therefore, first I will present as an overview also the steps which I have done since this time. Unfortunately, I have got no pictures from the earlier steps, so I will start with a mostly ready body of the ship and show you first some detail pictures. Hope, you enjoy it. Best regards, Joachim
  5. Click on the tags in the title above (shown in black) for an instant list of all the build logs for that kit subject.
  6. Hello, Firstly sorry for my English. I am not perfect in English. I build RC amerigo vespucci model ship. Thats my first modelship. I work on it very detailed. Which part i dont like, i retry to fix it. Plan was from a carton ship and i edited for RC models. I started in 2015 and build main ship about 5 months and i didnt continue building. I stay home for 3 weeks so i started again by building the deck. All parts (woods paints etc) are the high quality. (For 5 years there is no disruption of woods and paints. Only some scratches due to hitting) Main wood part was from Birch wood which is good resistant to water after Teak wood. I cannot tell everything in English. Only the main things because i dont know many terms in english. I used a Brush engine 12V Power supply is 12V 7Ah battery (~2.2kilograms) ESC has a fan to cool. It has a sail servo to open and close sails. It has a servo to open lights from little windows. Height is about 101 cm Widht is 17 cm at most Weight i didnt measure this but its fine with water level. I guess its near 8 kilograms with battery. Last week i started to build main deck floor. Its from rose tree. Battery stand and main buttons stand will be able to open after use to change battery if needed in years. I have othere forum in my language that i share my build experience from zero to this day. If someone is interested i can send the link to show images. Its not true to give link here. Btw its my first model ship i build from 0. I made many mistakes to be a good one for example i painted with acrylic paint at first. Then i didnt like it and i removed all old paint for a week. Now i know things how to do. Kind of expert
  7. Here is my Log for my Amerigo Vespucci - So far I have the super structure done and I'm ready to finish putting the decks on, and to fill in time as I wait for glue to dry, I am starting to build the Life Boats - this is quite small and challenging but fun to do - there are 11 of these small boats so there is lots to do . I have one small issue with the decks - The lower deck is a different shade than the 2 upper decks, as you can see in the photo - does anyone have any ideas as to how how I can get both decks the same shade - I dont want too use a dark stain as I like the look of a lighter color on this ship !
  8. Building Log Although I have been a Member for a number of years, this will be my first attempt at a Building Log. The forum has been a marvellous help over the years, I have picked up numerous tips and tricks from following other builds particularly those of Paul Jarman and Shiffbastler have proven to be of great assistance in picking which kit to choose. Just a bit about myself. I’m now 70 years old and have been Shipbuilding for the past 18 years. I live in sunny South Australia where I am fortunate enough to be able to have a dedicated Display Room as well as a Hobby Room. Most of my models have been purchased from Cornwall Model Boats. . My list of completed models:- * King Mississippi, * Bounty, * Victory, * Wassa, * Sovereign of the Seas, * Vanguard, * Von Hamburg, * Titanic Revange. I find it very a relaxing hobby and would describe myself as being a “if it looks right, it is right” person more than a “rivet counter”. I go for good display quality rather than museum quality. As seen by the photos there is a generous amount of laser cut, brass and cast metal I am expecting that it will take me at least 2 years to complete. So far I have assembled the basic hull, with the bulkheads and main deck and upper deck in place. This part of the build is standard with no real surprises and all parts have fitted neatly together.
  9. Hello to all!! At last, Amerigo Vespucci has arrived! This is my second ship build. First impressions: wood quality is better than that of my previous build and the manual, consists of 9 large sheets with general instructions (compared to the step by step manual of the previous build). Attached you may find photos from unpacking the kit and first dry fit. And now comes my first question: Starting from the bottom of the keel, at which distance should I carve the rabbet line? Thank you in advance for your help Dimitris
  10. First step: read up on ship building techniques, to learn new things and to remember lessons learned in the past but now hazy. I found Ship Modeling from Stem to Stern by Milton Roth and especially Ship Modeling Simplified by Frank Mastini to be very useful, they are both easy to read, follow, and understand. Second step: Build a straight, flat jig to support the hull. I used some red oak I had on hand in my woodworking shop. Third step: Free the laser cut keel and frames from their boards. The keel, stem and stern pieces had to be spliced together. The factory cuts are correctly proportioned. However... Fourth step: the rig slots on the reinforcing bridges are not correctly located so I am fabricating new ones from 1/4" (6 mm) birch plywood. Thankfully I have a pretty complete woodworking shop to handle situations like this.
  11. Hi all I have managed to find a bit of time to start off my build log. I started the build about 6 weeks ago or so, I took a few pics of the model as it stands at the moment. Sorry about the quality, they were taken on my mobile in my garage. I have started on making some of the cabins etc and will update hopefully on a regular basis.
  12. Here goes, my first time building a log on MSW. If I've not created this properly, please let me know. But first, here is a brief history about the ship. In 1925, the Regia Marina ordered two school ships to a design by General Lieutenant Francesco Rotundi of the Italian Navy Engineering Corps, inspired by the style of large late 18th century 74-cannon ships. The first, the Cristoforo Colombo, was put into service in 1928 and was used by the Italian Navy until 1943. After World War II, this ship was handed over to the USSR as part of the war reparations and was shortly afterwards decommissioned. The second ship was the Amerigo Vespucci. It was built in 1930 at the Regio Cantiere Navale of Castellammare di Stabia, near Naples, where it was launched on February 22, 1931, on the 50th anniversary of the naval academy’s foundation. It is still in use as a school ship. The ship also carries out the role of ambassador for culture and Italian naval tradition, as it takes part in several important activities and events all over the world. The vessel is a 101m long steel hull sailing ship with engine and three vertical steel masts. The hull is painted black with two white stripes in reference to the two gun decks of the original ships the design is based on. All the sails are traditional canvas sails, and all the ropes of the rig are traditional hemp ropes; only the mooring lines are synthetic, to comply with port regulations. Originally it had 2-stroke 6-cylinder FIAT Q 426 engines, but in 1964 these were replaced with two 4-stroke, 8-cylinder FIAT B 308 ESS diesel engines. The newer engines generate electric power for one electric propulsion motor. Its motto is 'Not those who begin but those who persevere', a sentence attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci. The Dry Fit. She is certainly is a large model! I began with a dry fit; everything fell in place with just some minor corrections to make sure the deck would be level. The replacement deck appeared to be thinner than original so I decided to reinforce the deck with additional pieces between the bulkheads. Bulkhead and deck fitted. The bulkheads are in place, shaped and glued. I think I have shaved the 1st bulkhead a bit too sharp of an angle near the top. I also plan to fill the stern and bow sections with balsa wood to help with the shaping of the planks. The top decks are temporarily in place and will be remove to make planking of the deck, and the walls between decks in kit No.2 First Planking The first planking appeared to fit well with no real problems apart from me dropping the hull carrying it between rooms putting a hole, about the size of a 10p coin. As you can see, a section was cut out, strengthening planks glued behind, and then first planking laid on the top. I am slowly loosing the use of my hands and arms; I think I have a good hold on something but find out too late. That the grip has gone. I spend a great deal of my time looking for items which have dropped on the floor. Some of the work was carried out in the back garden; taking advantage of the warm spell in March. There is an option with this kit to cove the first planking with a fine material the dope or to do the more conventional method of second planking; I chose the latter. Second Planking. The second planking on the port side went very well, but had a problem with the bottom half of the starboard side which was striped out and restarted. There is still a lot of finishing off to be done before the first coat of primer is sprayed on. This is a POF model but has to have a metal hull finish so any impressions of the planking have to be emoved or covered. Perhaps useing the option of covering the first layer of planking with the material and painting over with dope might have been better, but I'm pleased I choose the wallnut planking. First coat of primer. This first coat of primer has shown up many imperfections that will require some work on. Cabins It has been a while since loading up the first lot of photographs. This part of the build was about a year ago, and I hope to bring the log up to date during the next few days. I managed to loose the photos of the cabin build, but it was quite a difficult task for me. The plans were vague without much direction. It took several attempts to get it to this stage Decking and Bulwarks The Deck Planking went well. I used 1mm thread between the planks, and pencil lines for the joints. The bulwarks were not easy to fit. Whichever way I tried them they never looked right, I’m ot sure they are correct now. A few more pictures to add to the build. These were taken several months ago but I have only just got back to loading them, there are more to come but about 6 weeks back I decided I was not happy with all sorts of things, so I stripped everything off the deck to begin again. It will become more evident as to what I've done when I complete loading all the photographs.
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