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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone, this is my third kit build and my first build-log. I wanted to build the excellent cheerful semi-scratch cutter designed by Chuck Passaro next but decided to build this one first cause it was a gift from my wife last christmas and she keeps asking me when I will begin building it. So construction has begun with little one-year delay. The kit itself seems to be of good quality but I may replace some wood with boxwood and some cast-parts. First thing I did was to build a rack to put the model on during the construction. Then I carefully released the bulkheads to dry-fit on the keel.
  2. Edit: Adding an index Section 1 - Pre-planking work. Beginning the bulkheads Shimming the bulkheads Cutting the Rabbet Reinforcing the bulkheads Fairing bulkhead tops and placing sub-decks Shimming bulkhead extensions and fairing Stern building issues Stern construction Knights heads and first planks Waterways and transom work Section 2 - First planking and surrounding work. Stern windows and planking Outer bulwark planking Lower planking part 1 Side-bar - Reno trip Lower planking part 2 Lower planking part 3 Lower planking part 4 Section 3 - Wales and inner bulwarks Wales part 1 Wales part 2 and spirketing plank 1 Spirketing plank 2 Inner bulwarks The black strake & inner bulwarks painting Scuppers and inner bulwarks painting Outer bulwarks 2nd planking and more painting Outer bulwarks 2nd planking and Cap Rail Stern cap rail and planking Section 4 - Outer painting and 2nd planking below wales. Bulwark painting Lower planking part 1 Lower planking part 2 Lower planking part 3 Lower planking part 4 Lower planking part 5 Lower planking part 6 Planking time-lapse video Lower planking completion Sweep ports part 1 Sweep ports part 2 Section 5 - Deck & furniture Main hatch and scuttle port Companionway Deck planking begins Remaking the galley hatch Deck planking continued Deck planking complete - tree nailing Planking the poop deck Guns! Rudder Rigging the Cannons - beginning Ships wheel Rigging the Cannons - continued Rigging the Cannons - rope coils Stropping a single block Making the Catheads Elm tree pumps Ladders and Binnacle Swivel gun posts and channels Chain plates & dead-eyes Section 6 - Masts & Standing Rigging Bowsprit sheaves & main mast construction Jib boom & Top mast Gaff, boom & yards Swivel Gun yoke jig Swivel Gun soldering - mount, yoke, handles. Main mast standing rigging begins Shroud Lanyards Mounting the Bowsprit Bobstay & Forestay Naming Day Section 7 - Running Rigging Beginning the running rigging Sidebar - San Diego Festival of Sail trip (link to other thread) Running rigging completed Rope coils Anchor buoys End of the line ------------------------------ Beginning of build log: Just starting up the log with what appears to be the traditional 'unboxing' post. This was actually done on September 6th, but I did not see any point in opening a build log while I was still working on the Carmen, as I'm not going to attempt to do multiple builds at once yet (no room, even if I wanted to). I took inventory using the parts list included, and everything seems to be ship-shape. I will likely not actually begin working on this until the weekend, as I've got an idea for a display stand for the Carmen to take to my office (my not at home office), and now that I'm done building the Carmen, I want to read through the instructions and some build logs for the AVS before I begin. Until then, here are the unboxing photo's.
  3. Hello, this is my first build log. After reading many build logs and hesitate between some models (HMC Sherbourne, HM Cutter Mermaid), I finally choose the Armed Virginia Sloop from Model Shipways in 1:48 scale. I choose this model because I can found many advices on the excellent build logs of this forum: aliluke, DocBlake, GuntherMT, Ryland Craze,... All this logs have wonderful pictures on the building process. I have also found two excellent documents on the web : an addendum from John H. Earl and the practicum of Robert E. Hunt. It's also a model not to much complicate with only one mast. On mid November, I ordered the kit through the modelexpo website and, one week later, I received it. It was a big surprise: what a quantity of woods... Just after the beginning of my work, I realized that without the practicum of M Hunt it will be very hard to complete this model. So, on beginning of last December, I ordered the complete version of this practicum. Two weeks after, I received the CD and was a little more reassured. I first slowly cut out all the bulkheads and I adjust the slots. I made a first try with all the bulkheads but without glue... Before gluing I extend the lines of the slot and mark all the letters to be sure to not invert some bulkheads... I also made a copy of the plan with my printer and cut all the paper bulkheads and glue them on a piece of cardboard. It will be so more easy to report the bevels on the real bulkheads.
  4. By way of introduction, I'm a longtime sailor. All my life I've been fascinated by miniatures of - frankly - just about anything. I'm handy with tools and have a lot of patience, but I have never considered myself much of a woodworker. While I love boats and the water, I've found it more appealing of late to spend more time closer to home. Combine that with the long, gray winters of Cleveland and I'm enjoying immersion in this new hobby. I'm 51 now and haven't built a model of any kind since I was a kid. I've never built a wood one so this will really demand a new set of skills for me. I chose the Armed Virginia Sloop as my first kit for the following reasons: 1) It's suitably ambitious without being too daunting 2) Model Shipways kits were highly recommended because of the extra documentation they provide in the instruction manual 3) The boat itself is attractive. It's salty, with nice lines that in its day must have made it a great performer - fast, maneuverable and relatively easy to handle. 4) From what I can tell, this type of boat has rich history. It's very much like the boat Blackbeard seems to have first sailed - he named her Revenge - before stepping up to the larger boat in which he became most notorious, the two-masted (barkentine rig?) Queen Ann's Revenge. I suppose anyone who gets involved in this hobby has several shades of geek in him, and now you know mine. I started my build in mid-January 2014. I was hesitant to start a build log because in the earliest going I didn't feel I had anything to offer. But I've appreciated the great photos offered by BareHook's log of the same kit, and hope my own perspective will be helpful to someone else down the road. I'm a bit impatient with forums (having managed several large ones with really rancorous memberships) but I'm impressed with the good citizenry of this one. I'll make a few consecutive posts over the next few days to catch up on the build so far. My biggest concern is that I may not have the patience or desire to post a very thorough log here - but I'm going to make an honest effort.
  5. Just got my FIRST wooden ship model today. I got the Virginia Sloop from Model Expo. I have to figure out where to begin. The only other thing I have is the fairway plank builder. Right now it will be a while before I start it. I am a thirty eight year old who's on disability and going to school to GET OFF OF disability to contribute to society rather then take from it. I can't stand it. LONG way to go though. I would like to know what else I need to get started. I have a few ideas. I plan to get a keel vise. I already have some Dremel stuff. Would like to get a Rigid Sander and the Dremel scroll saw thingy eventually but not right away. I have plenty of hobby tools as I build tanks and planes that sort of thing. Just need to figure out where to start. Would like to at least get the hull started before I go back to UCONN on January 20th. It will be a LONG time to get this project done. I will not be rushing it. I do not want to get discouraged and not complete it. I guess it will take upwards of a year or more to finish. I do plan to work on other models as i go along. I hope you guys can help with any advice when I need it. I am sure I will need PLENTY Of it. Hope all is well. I'll be checking this awesome website daily as I go about my journey into this new world. I would love to succeed and do many of these ships as I go along. But it will take some time. Again I am not going to rush into this. Not even remotely. Hope all is well. Smooth sailing ladies and gents. Hope everyone had a Merry Merry. Now we all need to get back to the real world we live in. Take care. Jim.
  6. Hello again fellow builders. Was wondering if one wanted to lets say make the Fair American or Armed Virginia Sloop from 1/48 scale to 1/64 or another scale what might be the challenges a modeler might face? Aside from a few fittings and changing the size of the wood planks, parts, etc, the kits seem to have very clear instructional guides to work with but curious if anyone's every tried doing so and what the process would entail. Also would one say doing so would be significantly harder to build than the kit directly from the box? Appreciate the shared wisdoms cheers/jeers and/or speculations. Charlie
  7. Hi all, Thought I'd reload my photo files of my AVS build. Hopefully useful for someone contemplating or making this great model. No words to go with the files but feel free to fire me a question if you wish. Cheers, Alistair
  8. So I’m taking the leap and starting my build log. This is my first real build, I picked up the Midwest Dinghy on a whim and built it. Enjoyed that so now I’m trying something a little more involved and longer build. For a couple different reasons I went with the Armed Virginia Sloop by Model Shipways. For guidance I will be using the wonderful build logs here on Model Ship World, Ship Modeling Simplified, The Model Boatyard’s Practicum, and the occasional reference to Lauck Street Shipyards partial practicum that I got with my eBay purchase of the kit. After selecting the kit I happened to find a good deal on eBay for it. Did an inventory seems the only thing missing was the full sized plans. Model Shipways luckily has just the plans for sale. On the recommendation of a few build logs I’m probably upgrading the decking and rope. And despite warnings I considering adding sails. Time to start building.
  9. After reading the build logs on the Armed Virginia Sloop by MS I decided to give it a try. I am currently building the Virginia 1819 by AL and am up to the masts and rigging (not my favorite part). So to breakup the monotony I am going to start the AVS. The kit arrived a couple weeks ago after waiting for 2 weeks for it to arrive (backorder). Since then I have been watching the box. I finally gave in to temptation and opened it. Everything was included when I did the inventory. I am not too pleased however with the walnut planking strips the edges are very rough and would require sanding almost every edge. Any suggestions? Anyway a few pictures of the contents of the box and the infamous shipyard.
  10. A continuation of the build started in Sept 2011. I have finished the decks and cabin face. The decks took a lot longer than expected, I used black hull paint for the caulking, so had to wait for each plank to dry before bonding in place. The deck furniture is placed temporary. In following posts I will re-post images of the build that were lost. Ken
  11. Hello, This is the initial entry in my build log of the Armed Virginia Sloop. My #1 goal is to complete the ship. I've got a few secondary ideas floating around in my head such as quality, craftsmanship, scratchbuilding and upgrading materials but I really want to finish this thing. For those not familiar with the kit, It is a 1:48 scale model sloop of the type built in and around the Chesapeake bay around 1800. As such I don't believe it represents a specific ship. I began by reading the instructions, going over the plans and perusing various build logs here at MSW. I took the plans to a local office supply store and had them make copies that I could cut up and use as patterns etc. keeping the original set intact. First step was to transfer the bearding line from the plans to the false keel. I then cut, carved and sanded the rabbet. I have begun to attach the keel. While waiting for the keel to dry, I removed all the bulkheads from their sheet and cleaned up the edges. Next I used my extra plan sheet to cut out each bulkhead and transfer the bevel line onto the front side. I'm going to leave myself some wiggle room to adjust the angle once the bulkheads are glued to the false keel. I welcome any and all comments even if they seem critical (I spent several decades on submarines - those guys have no problem telling you what they think ) I won't be offended at all.
  12. For others who are working on this ship, how did you clean the laser burn marks in the narrow slots for the frames?

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