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  1. This is my build of the Lady Anne (named after the wife – bonus points). If you squint real hard and tilt your head you may recognize the hull as the AL Harvey. Other than that it has been a whole lot of kit bashing. This model was given to me by someone who had just glued the bulkheads on and decided this just wasn’t the thing for him. Over time (as a break from the Druid) I have done a little bit here and a little there. I planked the hull as a standard model hull to demonstrate to someone else it wasn’t that hard, so there are planks that taper to points and no real attempt to mimic re
  2. Wow what a fantastic Forum !!! I have seen some great builds looking through some of the logs. I built my first ship when Michigan went on lockdown in April and May. After a couple of weeks staring at the walls thinking I will go mad if I don't find something to do and had always wanted to do a wooden ship and built the Le Renard Artesian Latina. I wish I had known about this sight after seeing all the different modifications and work arounds I read in the build logs. I completed it with a lighted case in just over 2 months. I am currently working on a plastic model of the Sea Witch by Lindbe
  3. Hi all, About a month ago I received the construction kit for my second ship by post. I finished my first ship, the President Scale 1:60 Sergal kit, for about two months now and couldn't wait to start a new ship. After some searching I finally chose the frigate "L 'Hermione La Fayette". Although I would normally not choose to fully paint the hull, in this case I think it has something. Due to my enthusiasm while building, I forget to open a ship build log, but, better late than never! What's in the box! Unfortunately no 1: 1 drawing for the exact measurements
  4. Restarting my Build Log of my AL Le Renard Started this build in 2005 have been slowly plodding away at it when I have time, pretty near completion at this stage just need to finish the sails and rigging. Attached a good chuck of the old photos in no particular order.......
  5. Was on the fence about making another build log since my last one was 5 years in the making....anyways here it goes....
  6. Hello to all. This is my first attempt at a build log for my current project. This will be my third build, the first is the Bluenose by Billing Boats which is currently waiting for deck materials. My second build was the Hannah ship in a bottle which is finished. So while waiting for the Bluenose deck, I have started on Le Renard. So, here we go! First a picture of the box. And it's contents.. Everything looks very good, no warped or cracked parts, and everything was well packaged. The instruction
  7. Mayflower 1620 - 2020 Dutch Cargo Fluyt - ca. 1608 Artesania Latina 1:64 scale Hi all, this is my first instalment of my first ship model. Ship modeling is a new genre for me, having built so far only aircraft plastic scale models. For this start-off of mine, I chose the kit of the Mayflower from Artesania Latina. My choice was driven by its reasonable price and by its rating as a kit of medium difficulty. In addition, this month, on September 16th, it is exactly 400 years since when the Mayflower finally set out from Plymouth for her historical voyage that
  8. For my next ship build I decided to finally drag the Artesania Latina US Constellation kit out of my stash and start building it. It was given to me by a good friend as a birthday present 9 years ago and has languished on the shelf since then; partly because it was intimidating, but mostly because I did not have the work space big enough to set it up and build it and lastly I did not know where I would display it once built - still don't but that will be dealt with later on. Even the box it comes in is huge and intimidating. I first constructed a build board that will
  9. Hi all. Recently completed the Miss Severn by Legend model boats, but can't yet get it on the water seeing as it is winter here in the great white north. My winter+ project is the Latina 1/48 Bounty. Should look good beside Cook's Endeavour on my display shelves when complete. It's a single plank on frame design with an exposed interior below decks rather than the usual double planking on plywood bulkheads. Created a simple plywood building slip to ensure the hull stays true during construction, and decided to paint the ribs maritime white to provide contrast with all the timber and flotsam th
  10. I got this kit in the mail last weekend from micro mark. I got it out that night and started going through everything. A few days later started cutting bulkheads and the keel out. Dry fitted everything and then eyeballed the keel. Man is it twisted.
  11. New to this site and not sure if this is how to start a build log. If I'm doing something wrong please advise me for future postings. Below are pictures of my progress so far. Slow but sure as I have never built a wooden model before. I do have a question regarding the bow. Do I file the front supports down to the shape of the ship or are they needed in future? Pic's in instructions doesn't show what to do.
  12. I finally received my Mare Nostrum kit yesterday. It was nicely packaged and, as far as I can tell, damage free. I carefully opened the wrapping and inspected the items sent. The manuals don't look to be the best but I think I can work with them, besides there are a lot of previous builds here I can consult. Not wanting to waste any time I set out to install the bulkhead frames on the false keel. My first dilemma was to find a way to do this so they are at 90 degrees to the keel and horizontal. I borrowed an idea which I found on this site that used Lego blocks. They worked very well
  13. Endeavour's Longboat - Artesania Latina Hello all, Since introducing myself a few weeks ago I have been reading through a great many references on this site and elsewhere on t’interweb, trying to glean and understand as much knowledge as possible on the process of wooden ship kit building. Replies to my initial post offered a warm welcome, encouragement, and links to various ‘where and where not to start’ posts and I am grateful to all for those. Taking the lead from a link to a list of kits suitable for a first venture into sticking bits of wood together rather t
  14. I'm a first time model boat builder just getting started and still at the planning stage. Some questions about the scary bit - planking! - Firstly is there any good reason to attach the planks with nails? It seems to me that the stresses created by nailing will tend to warp the plank and prevent it flowing smoothly from stem to stern. - I'm stunned by the variety of methods available for bending planks; hot water soaking, curling iron heat, crimping tool etc. Which one is best for a beginner? I'm inclined to what I call the crimping tool. - I've decided that, as a novi
  15. Ahoy all! As was mentioned to me and most new builders, I'm here starting a log of my build. I've already had a few "bloopers" and had to do a hard reset as I wasn't happy with the results. I had the decks on and planked so I hit it with good off (perfect name for a product) to unglue things. It did the trick... didn't work on the nails tho.
  16. I am new to this site as well as being new to model ship building. I have had this kit for quite a few years and just never got around to starting it. With COVID 19 keeping us more at home I thought it would be a great time to start building model.
  17. Hi everyone, Here is my slow-time build log of the Dallas Cutter. The pictures are a bit rough and ready and were taken originally as a memory jogger for myself...little did I know.... 😉 The Dallas was started 25 years ago and I got as far as finishing the hull before the project was put into cold storage. Here is the front cover of the box which contained all the parts, 3x very good layout drawing sheets and a (sometimes confusing) 15 page Instruction Booklet 25 yrs ago the hull starts to get the planking fitted. Hull pla
  18. I've been on a little hiatus since I completed my Medway Longboat a few weeks ago and I have been mulling over too many choices of what to build next. I have 10 models on the shelf which is way too many and, in addition to those, I was considering the Cheerful by Syren and the Lady Isabella by Vanguard. The Cheerful will have to wait since Chuck is temporarily closed and having problems with the USPS and the Byrnes table saw I was going to get is temporarily out of stock due to a shortage of 120V motors. I decided to wait on the Lady Isabella too since I would like to try my hand at weathering
  19. Hi everyone. This is my first wooden model ship. I thought I would start with this kit, as it seems to be one suitable for beginners, and it looks beautiful in the photos (although I am not expecting my first work to look as good as that). I have never read Moby Dick, although that connection attracted me. It seems unbelievable that anybody would venture out in something so small to fight a whale. I guess they were made of strong stuff back in the day. My previous experience has been limited to relatively easy model Airfix and Revell plastic aircraft. Even then I tried to smash tho
  20. Hi Everyone, i’m still very new to this site and am a little confused on how to get started with a build log i’d like to share. This isn’t my first build, i’ve made a few in my time this would be my 5th wooden ship kit. I’m still a novice at building them but the more i do the better they get. This is the first time i’ve started a log on any site so not sure what to expect. I’m hoping to pick up a few tip on improving many aspects of my work. To my latest build the USS Constellation by Artesania Latina. I’ve spent the the last few week researching this ship, i did find that the ship herself h
  21. Ok first of all hello guys and gals. It's been almost three years since my last log on here. I had built the Friesland by mamoli. The build log is still here. So I got this kit awhile ago on a buy, swap and sell page. It's an old one but the wood inside is very well preserved. No warping, The rubber bands holding the strips together has long since perished. Decide to have a crack at it and see where we go from there.
  22. Howdy everyone! When I was a kid, I did a lot of plastic models but then stopped about 15 years ago due to college and early adult job hopping. Now that I've got the time (and more disposable income), I've started back up and wanted to get into something I always dreamed of doing... wooden ships. I grew up in Maryland near Solomon's Island before moving out to Arkansas when I turned 13. Some of my fondest childhood memories is seeing the sailboats out on the Bay so building these allow me to rekindle those feelings. I picked up this kit at a hobby shop in Memphis (nearest one t
  23. After finishing my last build (link is in my profile) I started a ship in a bottle. I am still working with that, but I can only spend so much time working at such a tiny level, I prefer the larger models. So I will be tinkering with the ship in a bottle intermittently. I was pretty bummed when I found out Artesania Latina closed their doors, and one day I was speaking with my fiancé about it. The local hobby store in her hometown just happened to have one more AL model on the shelf and she picked it up for my anniversary gift. I was originally planning on starting a victory, but I am
  24. First build log for first ship attempt. Already planked realizing I should create a log to document it! So far I found planking to be pleasantly challenge. Love the fact that if you take your time, most mistakes can be sanded out! I minimized the number of nails when I planked and pulled many out after glue dried (tightbond capenter's glue and cy to "spot weld" when needed). I've got the rubbing strakes on and now working on the railing. Need to give a shout out to DocBlake for his keel clamp. I followed his sample images substituting wingnuts because I had them available. A
  25. Hello all, This kit was made two years ago. First, the image I love French freegate ships such as La Flore and La Renome beautifully. This kit is modified according to my taste. I think there are some mistakes. I will also write a record of the production.
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