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  1. Hi All, Following prompting from other members on the welcome page I’ve decided to do a build log for my second build, a Bluenose II from AL. My first build was an HMS Renown Steam Pinnace by Billings, which went ok, so now venturing on to something with a bit of rigging. Before I talk about the build itself I’d like to say few words about the AL instructions. I’ll confess one if the reasons for going for the AL Bluenose was the more detailed instruction booklets I’d glimpsed on some of the photos on other people’s build logs. After experiencing the exceptionally brief Bill
  2. I'll start by saying, I wasn't planning on doing a build log... There are a 15 logs for the same model on MSW already. However, at last check, only one was to completion. The other logs offer a lot of help and information but only as far as they go! So, even though I started the model 3 months ago, I did take pictures along the way and any details I may have left out can easily be found on the other logs. I pledge to keep this log running to the models completion, however long that takes. This is my 4th model and I continue to learn new techniques and ideas. I think that will ne
  3. After building mainly RC models , my first Schooner with rigging etc , quite a challenge , I didn’t want to use nails on the planking and used clips , wood glue on the planking , unfortunately part of the top end Broke away so back to using CA Glue mainly , working on the rigging today . Last week an accident , I was sanding the bow whilst in clamped position , needless to say , the Keel gave away !! Glued it back together again , a bit of sanding and spray paint , I didn’t like the windlass that came with the kit and placed a spare Billing Boats windless I had some where and it is much b
  4. Hello all, Well, here goes. My first wooden ship build. As much an education as a journey to try to do this lovely vessel justice. I am going to proceed fairly slow at the start, and hopefully, with the guidance from others here who have already done this, avoid at least any major errors. My work roster is 8 days on, 6 days off, so at best updates will be every other week. Nothing much to show just yet but given that some of these builds take years to finish, I figured it was worth putting some effort into a dedicated work table. As yet I haven't decided how i w
  5. Hello, few days I introduced myself on this great forum and recived very warm welcome. I decided to share with my build of French Corsair Cutter Le Renard from Artesania Latina kit. As I realised this is very popular kit and many modellers make this wonderful warship. I'm not suprised because she looks awsome and it's famous ship with her own place in history. This is my third wodden model which I will made ( Saint Malo dory boat and Zuiderzee Botter were respectively first and second wodden model ) and I think it's good idea to graduate difficulty to do not fail with build of ultr
  6. My next build will be this kit from AL. This a fairly typical AL kit. A mixture of very high quality parts, and some decent quality. Have started with the framework. instructions are good not brilliant. good photo instruction very little written instructions. Biggest problem I had is the sheet with the part numbers. Only two sheets where numbered. Worst of all the sheet with the bulkheads had no numbers at all. Seeing as one bulkhead out of place could throw the whole build off, this is a rather important omission. I had to fit and refit them until I had them correctly spaced. That aside
  7. Was on the fence about making another build log since my last one was 5 years in the making....anyways here it goes....
  8. Those of you paying attention to the title may have noticed that I have given the scale as 1/64, where the AL kit is marketed as 1/50. Why the difference? This first came to light when I compared the plans I had obtained from the Brunel Institute with the parts in the kit. It appeared that the parts supplied were a few inches too short for a 1/50 scale model. Where was the mistake? I checked the dimensions of the plans and the scale bars were correct: 10 feet was equivalent to 2.4 inches. Next I got out the MacGregor book ‘Fast Sailing Ships’ and checked the size of the Scottish maid. Now
  9. For my next ship build I decided to finally drag the Artesania Latina US Constellation kit out of my stash and start building it. It was given to me by a good friend as a birthday present 9 years ago and has languished on the shelf since then; partly because it was intimidating, but mostly because I did not have the work space big enough to set it up and build it and lastly I did not know where I would display it once built - still don't but that will be dealt with later on. Even the box it comes in is huge and intimidating. I first constructed a build board that will
  10. Hi I started this kit approximately 11 years ago. It has traveled half away across the eastern side of Australia through various moves. Last time I looked at it was roughly 5 years ago. Pulled it out and decided to try and finish it. Its haunted by the ghosts of mistakes past. These are photos of where I left it.
  11. Mayflower 1620 - 2020 Dutch Cargo Fluyt - ca. 1608 Artesania Latina 1:64 scale Hi all, this is my first instalment of my first ship model. Ship modeling is a new genre for me, having built so far only aircraft plastic scale models. For this start-off of mine, I chose the kit of the Mayflower from Artesania Latina. My choice was driven by its reasonable price and by its rating as a kit of medium difficulty. In addition, this month, on September 16th, it is exactly 400 years since when the Mayflower finally set out from Plymouth for her historical voyage that
  12. Starting Cutty Sark , this will be the first build I keep track of all hours spent on the bench. People always ask me "How long did it take you to build?" Well now I will know.
  13. After finishing my last build (link is in my profile) I started a ship in a bottle. I am still working with that, but I can only spend so much time working at such a tiny level, I prefer the larger models. So I will be tinkering with the ship in a bottle intermittently. I was pretty bummed when I found out Artesania Latina closed their doors, and one day I was speaking with my fiancé about it. The local hobby store in her hometown just happened to have one more AL model on the shelf and she picked it up for my anniversary gift. I was originally planning on starting a victory, but I am
  14. Hi all. Recently completed the Miss Severn by Legend model boats, but can't yet get it on the water seeing as it is winter here in the great white north. My winter+ project is the Latina 1/48 Bounty. Should look good beside Cook's Endeavour on my display shelves when complete. It's a single plank on frame design with an exposed interior below decks rather than the usual double planking on plywood bulkheads. Created a simple plywood building slip to ensure the hull stays true during construction, and decided to paint the ribs maritime white to provide contrast with all the timber and flotsam th
  15. Preface: This is a recreation of the build log I started in late 2010 up to the close of dry dock in the summer of 2011. As stated in my reintroduction post, I've gotten the itch back and want to finish this project. I had saved all the text and photos from that original build log and have decided to use them as is/was. I won't edit anything and will include the photos as best as I can determine which post they belong to. My aim is to get us back up to date with the current status and then press on to completion. It will become obvious that I received a lot of help and feedback, but thos
  16. OK, so here we go, this is my first ever wooden ship model, so be gentle with me!! I'm 58 this year and have been building plastic model kits since I was a wee one, mainly military vehicles, Tamiya 1:35 scale. After many years away from modelling (family, kids and all that), I started again about 10 years ago but this time with big stuff - 1:14 scale RC trucks mainly. I was keen to start another kit but found the new Tamiya 1:14 truck WAY too expensive at £900 - they don't even have opening doors for goodness sake! Looking around I stumbled on wooden ships and decided to tr
  17. Hello, This is my first model ship build and my first post here on Model Ship World. I built a lot of plastic models as a kid, but got away from the modeling hobby by the time I got to college (more years ago than I would like to admit 😀). I do a bit of woodworking, and got back into building RC planes about 10 years ago, so thought I would try my hand at a model ship. I started the project several years ago. I got to the point of adding the second layer planking and then got distracted by some other projects (including building a rocking horse and other toys for my new grands
  18. I just got this from amazon today and can't wait to get at it. The box was a little damaged and had been opened previously so I think it was a return. The contents were well packed and still in the original shrink wrap so I think it will be fine. I have only found a couple of build logs for this one and none of those were done to completion so I guess I am on my own on this one. I can already see quite a few changes/"improvements" that will make this an interesting build for me. As others have pointed out historical accuracy is not what this kit was made for. I will get
  19. My first build was the Bon Retour. Everything on it is currently done except the rigging, but I'm waiting on replacement deadeyes, since I shattered one that had been poorly drilled. In the meantime, I read through the instruction book for La Provençale, which I had planned to be my second build. Discovering that the kit is much easier than the Bon Retour and that the instructions for La Provençale are much, much better, I decided (perhaps foolishly) to dive into the new kit that had been on deck. In particular, the rigging instructions are very detailed with clear diagrams. So, I've decided t
  20. Hi, This is my first build that I want to humbly present to you. My English is not so good, but I am able to understand all your comments. I will post a series of pictures of my work in progress. The ship has been tint with Saman waterbased tint and watersoluble varnish (Saman too) was used for protection and for clear coat. I tinted over varnish in multiple layers given more depth and opaque tints. I used CA glue (Bob Smith) and yellow wood glue (Lepage). I tried to put some pictures, but the server gives me -200 error. So, I will do it gradually. Sorry if I previously put th
  21. Hi all, About a month ago I received the construction kit for my second ship by post. I finished my first ship, the President Scale 1:60 Sergal kit, for about two months now and couldn't wait to start a new ship. After some searching I finally chose the frigate "L 'Hermione La Fayette". Although I would normally not choose to fully paint the hull, in this case I think it has something. Due to my enthusiasm while building, I forget to open a ship build log, but, better late than never! What's in the box! Unfortunately no 1: 1 drawing for the exact measurements
  22. I started this AL kit Harvey some 12 years after 2 other kit builds - Mercury and Panart Saint Lucia, a tartan. The build progressed very slowly and I abandoned it about 8 years ago due to work and other interests. Finally in mid last year I was able to get back to it and I finished the hull planking just before Christmas. However, about then I began a lot of research into Baltimore clippers and I realised that the Harvey kit is "not true to form". My version of the kit materials-wise does seem to be quite good compared to those that I have read about so perhaps the kit has deteriorated over t
  23. Hi everyone. This is my first wooden model ship. I thought I would start with this kit, as it seems to be one suitable for beginners, and it looks beautiful in the photos (although I am not expecting my first work to look as good as that). I have never read Moby Dick, although that connection attracted me. It seems unbelievable that anybody would venture out in something so small to fight a whale. I guess they were made of strong stuff back in the day. My previous experience has been limited to relatively easy model Airfix and Revell plastic aircraft. Even then I tried to smash tho
  24. Hi everyone! Been a few months since i posted anything. Landed an internship while finishing my career, so its been quite busy. Anyway, i managed to spend any spare time i had left on this model boat i got in a second hand website. Its the San Juan Nepomuceno's Captain's Boat. I've looked around and it seems that this one is going to be one of the first completed build logs of this particular model, so i am quite honored. So, i got this kit after i finished my Bon Retour. I read about the original Man' O War, named after the Saint, patron of the spanish Marine Corps, i
  25. I'm a first time model boat builder just getting started and still at the planning stage. Some questions about the scary bit - planking! - Firstly is there any good reason to attach the planks with nails? It seems to me that the stresses created by nailing will tend to warp the plank and prevent it flowing smoothly from stem to stern. - I'm stunned by the variety of methods available for bending planks; hot water soaking, curling iron heat, crimping tool etc. Which one is best for a beginner? I'm inclined to what I call the crimping tool. - I've decided that, as a novi
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