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  1. I bought this kit many years ago and it is now at the top of the pile - actually it is the last kit in the pile for now. Here are some pictures of the box and contents. The wood looks OK as do the larger laser sheets. The thin sheets are a bit warped so I may have to remake some pieces. There is just one two-sided plan sheet but it is a real plan and not an isometric view. There are some plastic trim pieces that I am not thrilled about but I'll deal with them when the time comes.
  2. Just got this kit. I haven't built anything for about two years due to arthritis in my hands, so I might not do the rigging, but I think i can still do the carpentry work. So stay tuned, and follow along. I could only find one other log on this ship by "alpayed", and his work is fantastic. Don't expect this quality from me, but i'll try.
  3. Hi All, I'm staring a log to show my progress and to get feed back. The model was bought approx. 25 years ago (getting to old for remembering details that far back) at a local bobby shop. I had some model experience before but only plastic, but it look cool and I had high expectations for doing the build in a ferally short time. But the reality came pretty fast. It turn out to be a hell of a lot bigger project that I thought. The instruction was very limited to say the least, only 11 pages with drawings and instruction (in 4 languages). It also turned out that several o
  4. Buildweek 1 - entry 1 Hi there, I just received the kit Havmågen by Billing. Since this I really the Norden, with some colours and additional decals, I chose to place it under Norden. As I am from the Norwegian west coast, these boats are a common sight for me and I look forward to getting to know the hull shape better. In the kit a colour for painting the hull above the waterline is included, however this is not common here. So I'm wondering if I'll be able to plank it so well as not to paint it on my first build, or if I should just focus on gaining expe
  5. Started building a old Billing Boats kit. PS hull was told to be the last kit, they started a new production in wood some years later, available today. some tip about glue will be asked for 🙂
  6. these past couple of weeks, I've been looking through the logs to see what others have done with this kit. so far, none of them answer the questions I have concerning the winch that sits on the deck, or the winch like apparatus that sit on the base of the pilot house. I went looking for Danish coasters online, to see how these pieces of equipment were rigged.......if they were rigged.......and what their function is. I found a salvage site that showed many different types of winches......but they weren't on board a boat or set up in any way. they are a weather detailer's gold mine!
  7. Folks, This is a model that is not seen too frequently on this side of the pond: the famous and legendary Calypso of Jacques Cousteau. The model was produced by Billing Boats in the early 1980's and was offered with an ABS molded hull, lots of injected plastic parts, brass and some wood for the construction of the cabins and decks. The model was offered with all the parts and details (which was not the norm in the 80's) and could be radio-controlled. The model at a scale of 1/45 was close to 95 cm long, 33 cm high and 19 cm wide. I purchased the Billing Boats model in 1985, spendi
  8. My first goal was to build the Billings Dragen. I loved the clean, traditional look of it. I had purchased the kit 10 years or so back, but life got in the way of starting it. When I was ready to build it, I looked at this forum and discovered it might not be a good "first effort". Thinkin I needed something a little more basic, I went for the "advanced beginner" and thought I build it first, then the Dragen. I found the Will Everard on eBay, and it looked like a good candidate. That's where this story starts. there were some good build blogs and comments here, so that was encou
  9. A new shipyard to change a little bit the stones... This is the BillingBoats kit of a boat that you don't see much: a Nordlandsboat! Direct descendant of the landskips of the peoples of Northern Europe. The Nordlandsbaaden is a type of boat from Nordland, northern Norway, and dates from the 17th century. As a fishing boat, it had its most popular days from the 18th century until the appearance of motorized fishing boats. These boats were extremely efficient and seaworthy. They represent a culture and a form of expedition that originated in the Viking era.
  10. I'm off on a new build of Billing Boats 1:45 scale model of Jacques Cousteau's research ship Calypso! I've always wanted to build this model ever since I saw it back in the early 1980s but could never seem to find the time (nor the money!). Of course now that I have time (and now that by children are grown and on their own) and more income for fun, I couldn't find the Calypso model anywhere! I read that Billing Boats only make a handful of kits of the Calypso every year and what kits you can find are well over $600 USD! I finally was able to find a model on eBay from a
  11. Hello MSW. I'm Doug, a first-time plank-on-frame builder in the USA. I've built many models over the years, mostly many years ago, and one kit from Denmark's Billing Boats (Jacques Cousteau's CALYPSO), but VASA is my first attempt at a wooden sailing ship kit. As a kid, I pored over books of historic sailing ships, as I'm sure many of you did, and the VASA was often featured in their pages. In 2016, I had the opportunity to visit the ship at its museum in Sweden, and the impressiveness of the ship and its preservation stuck with me. Fast-forward to 2020, and as a quarantine project, I decided
  12. Ahoy! from Snug Harbor Johnny, this is my first build log but not my first build. All (but one) of the models I constructed (ships, planes, rockets in wood, paper or plastic) growing up in the 60s & 70s did not (alas) survive transitioning to adulthood, and my adult non-work activities ranged through a wide variety of Colonial crafts demoed in public with my wife - who got me into 're-enacting' time periods ranging from Renaissance to Edwardian ... but mostly of the 18th & 19th century. Now in semi-retirement, I want to more-or-less finish the old first-issue Billings Wasa that wor
  13. Hi new to forum, as mentioned in my new members thread, I was given a half complete model of Norske Love, put together by a friends father in 1984, the hull and deck was fitted out along with shrouds and rat lines but no further rigging, although the sails were fitted to the spars and supplied loose along with most of the other bits to complete the build. I have spent the last few days repairing a lot of the shrouds (a number of the deadeyes were broken) and colouring the fitted rigging black. I am not sure if the shrouds should be black also, so have left them for now but any adv
  14. Just got my USS Constitution. Built a Long Boat but this will be my first major ship build trying to work out as I am not a carpenter how to build the building slip will show you pictures once I get started
  15. Well with winter round the corner, it's time to hunker down and get back into the shipyard with Cutty Sark. This is a model I have always wanted to build since starting out in this hobby with Billing's Mary Ann. Thanks to Kip (aka Sawdust), I was able to acquire this second hand model which he purchased from a neighbor for 2 bottles of wine. He also sold me Nepean's book and Campbell's drawings so I have lots of info over and above what Billing supplies which isn't much. Thanks to Lou's lead, I have also purchased J.J. van Griethuysen,s drawings which are spectacular. As you can see from t
  16. There are scant details on MSW of builds of this iconic Billing Boat kit, and periodically questions arise, often concerning inherited or partially built models requiring completion or restoration in the absence of plans or instructions, which in the case of Billing Boats were somewhat thin. So, in the spirit of giving some images that may help, I post here my Norske Løve story. I must have posted it somewhere before but can’t for the life of me remember where or when, but I do have my original log and photos. A cautionary note, this is a model I made over forty y
  17. For my second model ship project I will build Billing Boats "Will Everard". It is the first kit I bought. But due to delayed shipment I bought another kit (Swampscott Dory by BlueJacket) from a local hobby store and built it instead as my first build. I originally selected this kit since I thought it "looked nice" and wanted to try model ship building as a hobby. I have since read a lot more about the hobby, the kit in question and about the ship itself. I still feel that it will be a fun kit to build, but now based on a bit of more understanding and knowledge. The kit
  18. I built this R/C steam launch in eighties. As you may see in the photos I changed the design a bit to make room for the electronics. The engine provided in the kit, a single oscillating cylinder, was not capable of moving the boat so I cheated a bit by installing an electric motor and covered it with the structure that you can see in the photos that provided a good spot for the steering wheel. The captain is one my tokens from the time I purchased my first real boat. The first photo shows the kit's version with the seating arrangement and the canvas sun cover.
  19. A new day, a new year, therefore the perfect time to start a new model. Quite a bit bigger than I've done before Sorry for the quality of the picture, had to use my phone.
  20. The making of this model was started in 2006 After visiting the Wasa museum in Stockholm. It's my 1st wooden ship model. Normally I only build military vehicles in 1/72 scale Ps, I understand and read English. But i've never learned to write it. So. All I write in English will be translated from Dutch to English with google translate. Sorry for that.
  21. I am in the process of picking up where I left off 45+ years ago. I am new to this forum and ship building in general. My wife got me a Christmas gift early in our marriage. Assembled the hull w planking and the moves and career put everything on hold. So far I’m planning by reviewing info I can find online, creating a workplace, deciding what tools, I need and my next step. I’m trying to find out about what fittings I need and where to get them as none were included in kit back then. And that scale (1:75) is no longer made by Billings. I’ve worked through some builds on this forum and wi
  22. I am presently starting a second log. I am not even 2 years into this hobby, plugging away at a Caldercraft kit, the HM Granado, and have now started a new (old) build. My neighbour purchased this kit 25 years ago in 1989 and completed it to the stage shown in the pictures below. Unfortunately, that is where it has sat for 24.5 years and fortunate for me though is that he has passed the kit on to me. I was very surprised at the quality of his work, certainly better that what I would have done on my first effort and maybe even on a second effort for me, specifically with respect to the planking
  23. Good Evening, I am writing this build log to chronicle my second ship build from Billings Boats, and altogether. I received the ship model as an early birthday gift, and could not wait to get started.
  24. Hi everyone. Just started the Norske Love from Billing Boats. Have the keel and frames put together. Stay tuned for upcoming progress. I have built the Bounty from Billing Boats so know the kits pretty well.I am renaming the ship the REDEMPTION. A dark fictional version that will have real custom made bronze figurehead and stern decorations. I work in a bronze foundry and sculpt my own pieces.
  25. For my latest build I have chosen the Billing Warrior 1860, the first British ironclad battleship, which was powered by both steam and sail since those good folks at the Admiralty didn't quite yet trust something that belched smoke. I would have liked to make this a scratch build, but I couldn't find a set of decent plans and the two research books I've purchased don't go to that level of detail on the hull. So, another Billing kit with, as it turns out very poorly done laser cutting - half way through on a good day. Never mind, there are some decent drawings and the usual sparse instructions.
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