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  1. Ahoy all! As was mentioned to me and most new builders, I'm here starting a log of my build. I've already had a few "bloopers" and had to do a hard reset as I wasn't happy with the results. I had the decks on and planked so I hit it with good off (perfect name for a product) to unglue things. It did the trick... didn't work on the nails tho.
  2. I am new to this site as well as being new to model ship building. I have had this kit for quite a few years and just never got around to starting it. With COVID 19 keeping us more at home I thought it would be a great time to start building model.
  3. New to this site and not sure if this is how to start a build log. If I'm doing something wrong please advise me for future postings. Below are pictures of my progress so far. Slow but sure as I have never built a wooden model before. I do have a question regarding the bow. Do I file the front supports down to the shape of the ship or are they needed in future? Pic's in instructions doesn't show what to do.
  4. Artesanía Latina Bluenose II. Started May 10th 2020 Finished Sept 6th 2020. This is my third Build with Artesania Latina and really the first one that i have really taken my time with. With a little advice i went ahead and painted the hull of her actual colors but left the rest as the model showed for the wood. I like to stain my deck using minimax and in this case it was Ipswich Pine. I also used different wood for the deck vs the wood that came with the kit. Excellent Build.
  5. Hello everyone, This is my first build and I have never built any wood models before. I had a few issues so far and after looking all over the forums, I couldn't find any answers to the issues I had. So I decided, the best thing to do is document it and maybe some of you experts can lend a hand. Here are some of the issues and challenges I had so far. 1- The kit is the newer version of the kit from Artesenia Latina. It only came with a CD which kind of sucked since my new laptop doesn't have a CD drive. I had to borrow someones laptop from the 1800s and tran
  6. Hello. I will be working on this one whilst I collect parts for my SotS build. I picked this one as I wanted something smaller that I can build right through from start to finish in one go, and for a change of type, something a little different from the gunships I tend to favour. I like the hull configuration on the Bluenose, I find it quite an interesting design. That and the lack of beams makes it easier to find somewhere to display it when it is finished. I know there are few other Bluenose builds on here already, both I and II, so I hope I don't bore too much. I ordered the
  7. This will be my second model ship. The first was just started a month ago and is a simpler version of the Bluenose II (scale 1:100). Rather than finish that before starting this model I'm going to try to learn on the 1st and apply it on this one. I have no idea if this is a foolish idea but here goes. This is a slightly older version of the kit than is currently sold. This kit came with French language instructions. Online I found a set of articles on this model produced by John H. Earl (http://www.modelboatyard.com/bluenose2.html). I decided to follow his instructions.
  8. Hi All, Following prompting from other members on the welcome page I’ve decided to do a build log for my second build, a Bluenose II from AL. My first build was an HMS Renown Steam Pinnace by Billings, which went ok, so now venturing on to something with a bit of rigging. Before I talk about the build itself I’d like to say few words about the AL instructions. I’ll confess one if the reasons for going for the AL Bluenose was the more detailed instruction booklets I’d glimpsed on some of the photos on other people’s build logs. After experiencing the exceptionally brief Bill
  9. Hello All, I have just become a member and am already half way through my second build, Bluenose II. I have already built the Juan Sebastian Elcano and now I'm building this kit to gain more experience before I go for a more challenging project, maybe the HMS Victory 1:72 scale. From what I have seen in this forum I am sure I will learn a lot. I haven't kept any photos of my work in progress for the Bluenose so I uploaded a few images showing what I have finished up to now. I will upload more images as I go along and probably put forward a few (maybe a lot) questions. I will appreciate a
  10. Well here goes and wish me luck. My first wood kit build ever. by looking through all the Bluenose 2 builds there's a 30% chance I will finish it. 😂 Anyways, off to a rough start. I opened the box and even after all the research I did prior to purchasing, I was extremely overwhelmed. This was way smaller and more detailed than I could have imagined. There seemed to be a slight bend on the keel when I first looked at it. I hoped it would correct once the bulkheads and false deck where added, I was wrong. looking closer at the keel and after more reading. It looks like i
  11. I am finally ready to begin what I would consider my first real build. The Bluenose II by Artesania Latina. I picked up two of these older kits one from E-bay and one from Offer Up both for a really good price. Although they look alike, upon closer inspection there are quite a few differences. The one on the left has all of the misc parts and fittings in a nice divided plastic case while the those in one on the right are in bags stapled to cardboard cards. the one on the left has quite a few plastic fittings ie, anchors, ships wheel, propellers etc the one on the right has no
  12. I have ModelExpo's Bluenose in dry dock. However, I really liked the way Artesania Latina's ship looked, so I purchased it and this will be what remains of my build log. I do realize Al's kit is far from accurate. Perhaps this is why I haven't found many detailed logs on the site. I've been remiss about going so long before creating a build log and I apologize for that. I haven't yet finished my Charles Morgan build. We were getting ready to move and between that and work getting very busy I wasn't able to dedicate much time to it. Then as I approached early retirement, I just coul
  13. My current build in progress after having done the Amati Bounty. I thought I would try something different and perhaps easier before my next biggy... the Amerigo Vespucci. Deck Planking Completed Some good progress made : Now Ready for the sails: Previous Build: Amati Bounty 1787. Victory Models - Lady Nelson; Artesenia Latina - Virginia 1819
  14. This is my 1st attempt at a build log and my 1st real attempt at building a model. The Bluenose and the Bluenose II are part of my culture - something I've been aware of for most of my life. The kit seems suitable for a first build - not too expensive, lots of modellers around who have built some version of the boat, simpler rigging and so on. This particular kit differs from most of the kits I've seen in that the hull is built in 2 halves which are planked before the halves are glues together. I expect that will simplify the planking process though I suppose it will introduce some cha
  15. Permission to come aboard: First let me say this is probably the best website there is, the incredible amount of knowledge, and advice that is exchanged daily is amazing. I first started a Mayflower build about 5 years ago and as has been said here many times when I got to the planking it all seemed to go south, so the Mayflower still sits in the drydock patiently waiting. So with many things changing in 5 years, medically, retirement ,etc. I though it may be time to reengage with this terrific hobby, but I thought maybe a somewhat smaller build so I chose the Bluenose II from A
  16. Okay, here we go with a full on proper model ship from a kit. I've got all the instructions, both AL's (thanks to Heronguy for providing those pdfs!) and John Earl's articles about its construction. I'm setting up my workspace and waiting for file to be uploaded to icloud so I can reference them on my ipad. I wanted to just print them out but these stupid refabricated print cartridges aren't being recognized by my printer so gotta go get new cartridges. Won't let that stop me from getting started. I was going to wait on this until I finished the Red Dragon but it has been mentioned
  17. Started this Kit 6 years ago . And put it down for a while. Now im back at it again. Hopefully I can get it done before my eyes give out or im pushing one of these (see Below). I built the Keel and Bulkhead and other parts from scrapwood . I saved the origionals incase I decide to build another. Actually I started two of them . One A bluenose II . The other I don't Know, maybe the Blunose I or maybe to sell or give to someone I like . Ive looked at other build logs for this kit and have seen some good work. as soon as I find some of the pics Ive taken from the beginning I'll post a few to star
  18. This is my first build log as well as my first wooden ship. I've had this ship for a couple of years now, received it as a birthday gift. Due to nerves I think this may be the reason it took me so long to get started. Finally I figured since this is my first wooden model I would just go for it and see what happens. So far I have completed the laying of the planks on the port side of the hull and I'm now working on the starboard side. If anyone has any tip or suggestions I'm ready to hear.
  19. Hi All, Thought I'd share my Bluenose II Build a few Years ago. My second ever build with guidance from Mr Earl. (Definitely not deceased!! ) So, some photos in the may provide some inspiration/guidance to others. Hope the photos are in some semblance of order.
  20. HI to All. This is my first wooden ship model that I'm building. Did a few of the plastic model and wanted to try something new. Got the Bluenose 2 for Christmas and started building it the very next day. So far so good, except for minor hiccupso lol. Here are some pictures, please leave comments or advice will be appreciated Thank you Fred.M.
  21. Welcome to my new and secound build the Bluenose II. Nice kit with 2 instruction manuels. Smaller one is how to build her up and the second much larger one is how to rig her with nice big photos.
  22. Hello to all . This is my first wooden ship build. I started at 4th of march and i would like to show you the evolution of the construction. Here are some photos.
  23. Guys, My AL Bluenose 2 has been progressing well. I haven't made a log yet. So I figure it's time to make one. The project started in May. I had a lot of help from John Earl(modelboatyard.com). I basically followed his online BN2 instruction. A big thank to him for his guidance with a newbie like me. http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/10381-newbie-from-the-bay-area/ Now, I've completed the first layer of the hull planks. The next step is to add deck planks and second layer of veneer planks on the hull. I really like Bertu's BN color theme. Black bulwarks and unpainted hull.
  24. After months of lurking it's time to jump in. My lovely bride gave me this model for my birthday even though I had not gotten very far on the one she had given me the prior year (HMS Supply/1788 aldo AL). Posting progress here will, hopefully, keep me from being sidetracked so often onto other projects. Two instruction manuals - 56 pages (in 7 languages) for the hull and a large format, 22 page one for the masts and rigging. Too bad I can't read all 7 lan
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