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  1. Greetings MSW users. While researching my project I've found MSW to be a wonderful resource. I especially appreciate the friendly and encouraging atmosphere. No build is too small or question too dumb. All are treated respectfully. So unlike much of our world today. I began modeling while in elementary school and continued through secondary school. Mostly cars and airplanes. Simple plastic models and a few wooden airplanes. The hobby taught me about tools, patience and an appreciation for detail. These skills translated well into my later career. I drifted away from the hobby durin
  2. Here's my new build model shipways Bluenose already seeing issue with the keel parts don't meet at the bottom so I'm not sure what to do there I will upload picture of it
  3. This will be my first build and I welcome any comments, suggestions and questions. Living in a duplex that’s built on a slab we don’t have a basement and the garage isn’t heated, so I’m using a desk the spare bedroom. I’ve done what I can to protect the desktop and the carpet below the desk. Since we will be spending the next week enjoying our last camping trip of the season I won’t be able to start my build until the weekend of October 20th. But I do have my work area set up and spent 1 ½ hours doing the kit inventory. My plan is t
  4. Welcome back everyone! I will get this restarted in a couple of days when I am back in town. In the meantime please PM me if you have a copy of any part of my log from before. The name change is due to my fat fingers when trying to register. Thanks to Chucks fine work, I was able to retrieve my old name! Now I can move forward without getting confused about who I am! There are three main goals in doing a build log for me. 1) it helps keep me motivated from time to time when the doldrums strike. 2) It is a great place to bounce ideas off people and get some great advice. I may not a
  5. Okay, call me crazy if you like as this will be number three of models that I will be working on. But as I haven't encountered any problems with this one, I will proceed with the build of the famous Bluenose. This while I wait for parts for the Syren and Solo. I guess this kit doesn't need any introduction or picture of contents. So I will leave that out, however I do have extra material that I will be using later while building her. This extra comes from Syren Model Company, with other word our dear Chuck Passaro. This kit was bought many years ago and th
  6. Hi, Just join this site and what a great site it is 👍 I see that a lot of people (most from Canada) build the Canadian fishing schooner Bluenose 1921 and so happens I am building this too, hope this is not to many do like the shape and lines of this schooner. When I bought this model I also purchased the Fair-A-Frame from Model Shipways as well, while building I did modify it so that head stock would slide in a grove this makes it more ridged and keeps everything nice and square, also they show that the adjusting rail which moves to clamp the keel was at a different height than
  7. I am in the process of picking up where I left off 45+ years ago. I am new to this forum and ship building in general. My wife got me a Christmas gift early in our marriage. Assembled the hull w planking and the moves and career put everything on hold. So far I’m planning by reviewing info I can find online, creating a workplace, deciding what tools, I need and my next step. I’m trying to find out about what fittings I need and where to get them as none were included in kit back then. And that scale (1:75) is no longer made by Billings. I’ve worked through some builds on this forum and wi
  8. I am presently starting a second log. I am not even 2 years into this hobby, plugging away at a Caldercraft kit, the HM Granado, and have now started a new (old) build. My neighbour purchased this kit 25 years ago in 1989 and completed it to the stage shown in the pictures below. Unfortunately, that is where it has sat for 24.5 years and fortunate for me though is that he has passed the kit on to me. I was very surprised at the quality of his work, certainly better that what I would have done on my first effort and maybe even on a second effort for me, specifically with respect to the planking
  9. This new building log is meant to tell a long and broken tale of model building. The serious work began a few months ago when I decided to try to rescue this model and take it further along. Perhaps to stop it with a deck only completion since it would be so big to include rigging, or to breeze through and design removable rigging to allow sailing. Before we get in to that dialogue I thought it best to tell the saga of the 15 years to get it here. Fortunately that will only take a few posts. so here we go again I started to learn the trade, and truly I still am really only learn
  10. I hope I do this correctly.... Have been reading many of the logs concerning the bluenose,and have started making contact with some builders. A great group of people who are so willing , and able, to help. A little background. Actually built a tug boat , POB, back in the 70's and quite liked it. No internet back then so just jumped in feet first and enjoyed it. Then came 3 kids , marathon running, racquetball , 4 hockey leagues for me, and 2 for the boys, work, and rebuilding houses....fairly serious rebuilds where i did everything from electrical,plumbing, g
  11. This is my first serious attempt at building a wooden ship model, something I've thought about for years. My wife encouraged me to finally do it this year, so here I go. In addition to the included instructions and plans I'm following Bob Hunt's practicum from Lauck Street Shipyard. I've also viewed most of Gary Brinker's video log and am following CPDDET's build here in the forum. Let's see if I can not screw this up. Inventory of the kit took about two hours, mostly due to my lack of experience reading ship plans. I still have a few Britannia parts I can't identif
  12. I’m a proud Nova Scotian by birth, but employment has taken me far away from home. Perhaps a little homesick, I decided last May to take on the Model Shipways Bluenose as a means of reconnecting to a home that I haven’t seen in years. I grew up when the Canadian Heritage Moments were an extremely common sight on the CBC, and I remember always being thrilled at the one that featured Bluenose, because as a boy it always seemed to me that her story was proof that interesting things did indeed happen in Nova Scotia! I had been toying around with the idea of building a wooden ship for s
  13. This is my second build. I received the Bluenose kit just before Christmas. The Admiral "suggested" I put it under the Christmas tree. So on Boxing Day I did an inventory. All parts were present and accounted for. However, one problem I had was that one of the dowels was badly warped. I emailed Model Shpways and had two replacement dowels in about 2 weeks. Excellent customer service. All the wood was sorted, organized and stored in cardboard tubes. I laid the plans out flat to try to get the folds out of them. I plan on following Bob Hunt's practicum from Lauck Street Shipyards
  14. I received my Bluenose kit today. This is my first ship build project. I spent lots of time looking at some of the other excellent build logs on here before settling on the Bluenose. The bluenose kit checked all the boxes for what I was looking for in my first model. I was looking for something with a Canadian connection (nothing more iconic then the Bluenose). I also wanted something that wasn't overly complicated and had lots of resources to help me through it. So I settled on the Bluenose. Today I spent some time inventorying the contents of the kit and reading over the instruct
  15. Here is the nutshell version of my Bluenose build log to date. I previously had this build log on another forum, which I have now left and want to get it up and running here. Hull, Deck and Rails: The early stages of this build are very quick and easy. It’s not a difficult hull to plank. The deck is not too challenging either. I never know how best to finish the deck. Basswood takes a stain so poorly, so this time I simply used amber shellac which seems to work well enough. I know that many builders have found that the stern section of the rail doesn’t
  16. After some prompting from Dr. Per (Nirvana) and a few others on the Forum, I decided I should start a build log. I started my Bluenose kit on June 15th after a lengthy wait for it to be shipped due to the Covid19 pandemic. I built several Revell plastic models including the big Cutty Sark when I was in my teens. I also got the solid hull wooden model of the HMS Bounty up to the rigging stage before real life took over. I never did finish it. So, I recently retired and decided to pick back up on this ship building hobby again. I've really enjoyed working on the Bluenose I. After all thes
  17. Hello everyone, This is my first build and I have never built any wood models before. I had a few issues so far and after looking all over the forums, I couldn't find any answers to the issues I had. So I decided, the best thing to do is document it and maybe some of you experts can lend a hand. Here are some of the issues and challenges I had so far. 1- The kit is the newer version of the kit from Artesenia Latina. It only came with a CD which kind of sucked since my new laptop doesn't have a CD drive. I had to borrow someones laptop from the 1800s and tran
  18. Seeing the Bluenose II off the starboard beam of our cruise ship last fall, sparked my desire to build a model of her. She was an awesome sight and I was convinced this would be a great project. Then I started to do some research and figured I needed to cut my teeth on some simpler builds. I purchased Steve Rogers “Model Boat Building Made Simple” and built my first rowing skiff. I had so much fun I went on to build his “Spritsail Skiff” and am now working on his “Skipjack”. But in the back my mind, the Bluenose II was a constant presence. Using the measured drawings from L. B.
  19. I've started my second build - the Bluenose. I've had this kit for about six months, but didn't even open the box until I finished my Phantom a couple weeks ago. The Phantom was my first build, to get me exposure to basic ship modeling and rigging. I chose solid hull for that one so I wouldn't have to tackle hull planking. I chose the Bluenose for my second build because it still has relatively straight-forward rigging, and the hull planking doesn't require a lot of complex work. It is also a little larger scale, which lets me focus more on detail. I sp
  20. Greetings! It is good to be back in the Shipyard! A long time ago (2009)in a city far, far away (Buffalo, NY) I started building the Model Shipways Bluenose using the Bob Hunt Practicum. Got the hull all planked, and I was really proud of my work. Had a really good build log going. Then life happened, and MSW crashed. The last couple weeks, thanks to a Coronavirus reduced work schedule, I have picked it back up. I had forgotten how much I really enjoyed this tiny intricate work. I have started on the deck “furniture” beginning aft, and working forward. So far I have completed the ca
  21. Hi... New to the board and looking forward to sharing this log of my first build... in all honesty this technically my second build. I had started my first build (HMS Bounty by Artesania Latina) some time ago and was almost to the point where I was ready to start the rigging, but did not get a chance to complete the model due to work, family and life in general. Unfortunately when we moved the model was damaged beyond repair, so I never got the opportunity to complete the kit when I finally did get some free time... major bummer. Anyway, this will hopefully be the first
  22. Last summer I got a Billings 100 scale kit of the Bluenose. My wife expressed an interest in having a model of a schooner so we did some on-line shopping and ordered the kit. It took some time but finally came last June. Laser cut parts were excellent and easy to remove from the wood. Plastic parts remind me of car kits of the '60's. So much more detail in today's extrusions. Nevertheless I used most of them. Planking the hull was a lengthy process as it is impossible to pin the wood to the bulkheads without pre-drilling the holes. Not being an expert at this kind of building I followe
  23. . I suppose we have to start somewhere. I plan to build a 1:24 scale version of " Bluenose". I have read in depth Jond's version and will follow it closely as it worked. He is a very patient and excellent modeller. Both my son and I are overwhelmed with the successes of this very famous Schooner. My son said that " this is a beautiful boat dad ....I just love the lines". It was only after reading further into it ( Bluenose ) That we became educated enough to realise what " Bluenose " was and what she represented. My son Damian certainly hit on the
  24. There we go... 10 months or so. The kit turned out to be unusable, so the build is about 90% scratch.
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