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Found 8 results

  1. La Salamandre 1:24 http://www.koga.net.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=45782
  2. This very old and rare kit was provided to me by a good friend. Indeed, I was not aware that such a ship type was available in plastic. The kit is made in the 1960s, and I was very interested trying it out. It is very small is size, but it has proven to be a handfull nevertheless. Its issues are several, but still I tried to make something out of it.
  3. Hi All, Well I’ve come across some interesting plans for a scratch built Bomb Vessel Granado Cross Section over on Model Ship Builders site. Now I’ve never been known to be impulsive, carry on more then one build at a time or unable to resist the urge to start another scratch build. Talk about going to the darkside! It’s so dark on this side I’m not sure I’ll ever see light again! The Bomb Vessel Cross Section has some interesting details both on and below the deck (i.e. mortar pit and shell room) The plans are based on "Anatomy of the Ship - Bomb Vessel Granado" by Peter Goodwin and original drawings by Thomas Slade. All plans were drawn by Jeff Staudt. In total there are 63 pages of drawings in the set and are very well done. The scale for this build is a whopping 1:24 (½” to 1’) so it will be interesting building something at this scale. The single frame pieces are ½” wide and a completed frame is approximately 13 ½’ wide by 9” high. The keel is ½” wide by 14 ½” long and over 1 ¼” high at its highest point. There are some frames that are doubled so they will be 1” wide! I have some Cherry cut offs from a furniture factory and I will be cutting them down to ½” billets for the frames. I’ll decide the other woods as I go. The main problem I see is turning the mortar and cannon as I do not have a lathe or mill. Oh well I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. So here is a look at a couple of sheets of plans to give you an idea of what it will look like. You also can go to www.modelshipbuilder.com to see more information. Here is a sample of some of the rough cut Cherry I have. You can see that the sides are rough cut so to start I shaved the sides on the saw to clean them and then ripped them. The below pictures show I ended up with two pieces of 1/2" x 3" x 14" and one piece at about 1/8" thick. I will have to run them through the thickness sander to get them to their finished size. This should be interesting and will take a good while to complete.
  4. Hi to all. Looks like i'm still here))) For a very long time I thought, wondered and reflected on the scale. And finally I made step for next level (scratch build) and i decided that 1/250 (Naviga C4 class) is what I wanted for a long time, especially due to i'm a seamen and 7-8 months in a year i spend at sea, with this scale I can make a model both at home and at sea. I present to you the beginning of the construction of the La Salamandre 1/250
  5. First off let me say Hello to all the Lords of the Dark Side, your tolerance will be gratefully accepted. I would like to give plaudits to Jeff Hayes of Hobbymills for superb quality materials, the timber really is first class, also to Jeff Staudt for a fine set of drawings. A special thanks to Grant for all his hard work in working out the quantity of timber required and the different types, I just had to make some minor adjustments to the order. Below is a taster of the timber to be used. As you are probably aware this is a group project build with Grant, Jack and myself, ( at the moment ), this the first scratch build for all of us apart from prefabricating kits parts that were not happy with and I think we've all done that. It would be great if others wanted to join in. We will be working in unison and posting in our own logs and this is the start of my log. I started by practicing with my tools and would you believe it this framing jig appeared, as this was a practice piece and it didn't count towards the build but on investigation I found I hadn't got any more material I could use and so had to keep it. Following on from the jig, I started practicing on the frames themselves and I found out a few things I need to work on, 1st, Don't cut so close to the lines, give your self a bit of room. 2nd, Easy on the sanders, don't put so much pressure when sanding down and 3rd, It doesn't take much to remove the skin from the knuckles with a disc sander, this had been switched of and was slowing down, I helped it stop and found out how good my bandaids are. I made a double frame but will not be using it, I can and will do better. Following on from that I attempted the Keel, this is made up from 4 pieces, Ebony for the Keel, followed by Swiss Pear for the False Keel Upper and Lower and the Hog. This Keel looks difficult but in reality is quite simple, you just need to be accurate, a rabbet is cut into it when all the pieces are assembled. I was going to use my router for this but there is a deviation 2/3rds along it's length so this had to be cut by hand, I used my trusty Stanley knife carefully, (we have a history) and finished with a triangle file. Below is the completed practice keel So, that's the start of my new log, if anyone has any questions please don't be afraid to ask Grant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be Good mobbsie
  6. This will be my first full scratch build. I have chosen the Bomb Vessel Granado Cross Section as an introduction to scratch building as it has all of the components of a scratch build while offering something a little bit ‘unusual’ at the same time. This build is also a ‘group’ build as my very good friend Mobbsie in the UK has agreed to do this in tandem with me, and to make it a truly international build, we are also joined by Jack Panzeca from Texas. While we will all maintain individual build logs, we will progress at a common (slow) pace and will therefore be able to help each other through any tricky bits. Plans are by Jeff Staudt, based on the drawings by Peter Goodwin in the Anatomy of the Ship series, and also original drawings by Thomas Slade. The plans are available through the Model Ship Builder (MSB) forum. Although this is my first scratch build, I have to say that the plans/drawings by Jeff look to be first class. We will also be guided by the build logs of several skilled modellers who have trodden this path before us. I would like to pay tribute here to the excellent logs of Rusty, whose log of his 1:24 scale build is available here at MSW, and also of Mike41, who built the prototype model over on MSB. We will be using timber from Jeff Hayes at Hobbymill, and have chosen a selection of timbers that will allow us to “paint with wood”. My thanks to Jeff for his patience and guidance in helping me to put together the final timbering package. Of course, as you would expect, the timber from Jeff is just gorgeous. Here’s a picture of the overall wood package: And here is one showing more clearly some of the colours that we have available through these timbers: On with the show: Framing Jig We decided to start by constructing the Framing Jig - mainly because Mobbsie “cheated” by making his up earlier while testing out his new toys. It is fairly straight forward to make - the base is 12mm ply that I had lying around, while the top is 3mm “aircraft grade” birch plywood (also spare stock I had lying around). The two pieces were cut to size and then clamped together while 10mm holes were drilled to take the adjusting bolts. The pattern for the jig was then printed on sticky label paper and applied to the top, and the inside cut out on the scroll saw. After cutting on the scroll saw, the frame notches were finessed to size with a file, using a piece of 1/4” stock (framing stock) to test for a comfortable fit. The top and bottom were then temporarily joined with the bolts and the centreline transferred from the top piece to the base. The centreline was scribed into the base and then drawn over with a pencil. Additional lines were drawn parallel to this 1/8” either side to aid in locating the keel/keel supports. Lines were also drawn across the base board to denote the ends of the frames. In the following pictures, you may notice a partially completed Stephenson’s Rocket lurking in the background ……… Two battens were glued to the underside of the base board to allow for the height of the bolt heads and make the base a little more stable. A block of MDF was cut to size from the plans to make adjusting the height of the top easier, and the top was then positioned and the bolts all secured. So far, so good. Tomorrow will be the first attempt at making the keel components and cutting the rabbet.
  7. Here comes the fun. I have been laying low for a couple of months due to some health problems. Yesterday was my first day back in the shipyard and today was the first with actual sawdust production. It is nice to be back. This build will be part of the group build of the Bomb Vessel Granado, 1742, Cross Sectional Model drawn by Jeff Staudt. The plans at 1:48 scale fit on 8.5x11 or A4 which is very convenient. I bound a couple of sets of drawings so that can spread them out wherever needed. I also scanned them so that I can print whatever I need on adhesive paper to stick to the wood for cutting. I had been looking for a project to cross over to the dark side and when gjdale and mobbsie announced their group build I invited myself in and they graciously allowed me a space. Asat has joined in as well at 1:38 scale. The benefit of the group build is the multiple member PM system and the readily available logs. I scratched most of the Oseberg and by the time that I finished I wished that I had done it all. The wood was purchased from Jeff Hayes from Grant's brilliant take off and material list. Jeff had stopped supplying ebony by the time I placed my order but I found some locally (Dallas/Fort Worth). If it is too difficult to work I can always use Swiss Pear and color it black. This is a part of the wood supplied by Jeff, it is beautiful, we will miss him. The layout for the building jig is part of the plans and and I built mine as Grant and mobbsie built theirs. I am happy to be building again. I will finish up the jig and start the keel.
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