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  1. Fitting and Rigging a 74-gun Model Ship Francis Jonet ANCRE (www.ancre.fr) – December,2020 118 pages-color photos-diagrams This is an updated reprint of the original book’s first printing and is available in French, English, Spanish, and Italian. Overview: While not part of the seminal books by Boudroit of the 74 Gun Ship series, it is an add-on that complements the series. This book provides references and how-to instructions. Numerous images (both color photos, drawings, and tables) illustrate the items and the techniques using a min
  2. First German edition in 1988 First English edition in 1990 With as subject the history, origin and end of the galleons in Spain England the Netherlands, Portugal France, Scandinavia .. Construction Rules and armament Strategy for attack and defense Life and routine on board The men on board (who did what) Rigging With beautiful photos, drawings and plans. Detailed description of the original "Stockholm Galleon model" Description of a built model of this galleon. Recommended
  3. The Ketch-rigged Sloop Speedwell of 1752 Volume I, The Hull by Greg Herbert and David Antscherl Distributed by: SeaWatch Books, LLC, Florence, Oregon 8 1/2” x 11”, hardcover, 238 pages, bibliography, index ISBN 978-1-7320162-1-7 No doubt, when modelers realized that SeaWatch Books’ latest offering, The Ketch-rigged Sloop Speedwell of 1752, would be authored by Greg Herbert and David Antscherl, the level of anticipation ramped up considerably. The last time these two gentlemen teamed up, the net result was the benchmark Swan series The Fully Framed
  4. The Hayling Hoy of 1759 -1760 by David Antscherl Distributed by: Sea Watch Books, LLC, Florence, Oregon 8 1/2” x 11”, hardcover, 200 pages, bibliography, index ISBN 978-1-7320162-0-0 On the dust jacket of David Antscherl’s latest book, “The Hayling Hoy of 1759—1760” it states “A first fully-framed building project.” Indeed, the author certainly delivers on that statement. In his opening remarks Antscherl reinforces this claim by declaring that the book is intended to introduce the ambitious model-maker to building a fully framed model while avoiding s
  5. The Master Shipwright’s Secrets, by Richard Endsor. This new book from well-respected author Richard Endsor sets out the latest fruition of his ever-deeper researches into Restoration era warships. The book is large format, approx 260 x 310mm, and has 304 pages. It is lavishly illustrated throughout: there are many colour depictions of a variety of vessels and scenes from the author’s own hand, as well as a plentiful quantity of folding plates of plans and draughts, at a scale of 1:72 The great majority of these are in colour also, and are again by the author. In additi
  6. A wonderful book on the subject : The barges of lake Leman (lake Geneva). Book published in French at Slatkine Editions, Geneva, 1998 ISBN number of the French edition : 2-05-101622-4 This is a new revisited edition from a book published under the same title in 1976 www.slatkine.com Author of texts : Gérard Cornaz Book cover : 'Fenalec' barge bringing its jib 207 pages Ten plan sheets (Scale 1:50) Format : 23 cm x 30 cm Price: 76.-- CHF The 10 sheet plans are inserted at the beginning and at the end
  7. From Hunter to Hunted: The U-Boat War in the Atlantic 1939-43 Bernard Edwards Barnsley, UK: Pen & Sword Maritime, 2020 16 x 24 cm format, hardback, 200 pages 16 B&W illustrations, bibliography, index MSRP £19.99 ISBN: 978 1 52676 359 4 "It had been a busy morning in the Dolius' engine room, with a squad of Chinese day workers carrying out essential maintenance under the critical eye of Second Engineer Bob Hutchinson. At precisely 1030, following the time-honoured practice in British merchant ships, the day workers had downed tools
  8. Ten Years and Twenty Days The Memoirs of Karl Döenitz Frontline Books, London - 2019 Price – 520 pages – Non-Fiction Order: https://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/ Brief overview This is a reprint of the Admiral’s Memoirs from WWI through the end of WWII and a bit beyond. Admiral Döenitz was involved in U-boats from WWI and progressed to being the overall commander. After Hitler’s death, he became his successor, dealt with the surrender of Germany and spent time in prison afterwards so there’s nothing about his childhood or early years. Even Wikiped
  9. The Trafalgar Chronicles # 4 Peter Hore -Editor Seaforth Publishing, 2019 Softbound: $20.00 – 239 pages – Non-Fiction Order: https://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/ and also various book sellers This is the fourth in series of The Trafalgar Chronicles from the The 1805 Club and is themed on the people of Nelson’s time, his friends and his contemporaries, the battles they fought, as well as the technical and scientific changes taking place at the time. The 24 chapters are well referenced with footnotes supporting each chapter. This volume also co
  10. Town Class Cruisers: Design, Development & Performance Conrad Waters Barnsley, UK: Seaforth Publishing, 2019 25 x 29.5 cm format, hardback, 320 pages 363 B&W and color illustrations, appendices, bibliography, index MSRP £40.00 ISBN: 978 1 1885 3 In my previous book review, I observed that the title undergoing scrutiny at that time had a lot of illustrations, but it didn't have very many visual elements -- the two things are not synonymous. This book, British Town Class Cruisers, has a variety of visual elements -- and in spades. B
  11. The Life and Letter of Emma Hamilton Hugh Tours Frontline Books 2020 Hardback: $30.95 £20.00 – 286 pages – Non-Fiction Order: https://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/The-Life-and-Letters-of-Emma-Hamilton-Hardback/p/17132 and also various book sellers This is not a 'new' book but a reprint of a book first published in 1963. It is a useful republish though as copies of the original are rare and the scholarship is excellent. The author minimises interpretation and instead includes a wide range of the extant letters in their entirety as opposed to the (unfor
  12. A wonderful book on many modelling techniques. Book published in German at VGB Verlagsgruppe Bahn GmbH under the title 'Marcel Ackle, Ein Natur-Talent', 2018. ISBN number of the German edition : 978-3-8375-1963-1 French edition (2019) proposed by LR PRESSE, www.lrpresse.com contact@lrpresse.com Author of text, photos and models : Marcel Ackle Book cover : Marcel Ackle ISBN number of the French edition : 978-2-37536-030-9 208 pages Format : 25 cm x 30 cm Contents : Some extracts
  13. Fighting the Great War at Sea: Strategy, Tactics and Technology Norman Friedman Barnsley, UK: Seaforth Publishing, 2019 24.5 x 29 cm format, paperback, 416 pages 300 B&W illustrations, end notes, sources, index MSRP £25.00 ISBN: 978 1 5267 6549 9 Fighting the Great War at Sea (FTGWAS) is not the sort of book that will appeal to all readers. I’ll get to the reasons why in a moment, but first let’s take a quick look at what’s between the covers. The book is 352 pages of text divided into an introduction and sixteen chapters. The chapter
  14. Thetis Down: The Slow Death of a Submarine Tony Booth Barnsley, UK: Pen and Sword Maritime, 2008 15.4 x 23.3 cm format, paperback, 220 pages 36 B&W illustrations, appendix, bibliography, index MSRP £14.99 ISBN: 978 1 52676 660 1 One aspect of being enthusiastic about history in general and naval history in particular is that there exists a seemingly endless list of people and events of whom one has never previously heard. With apologies to our UK members, the accidental sinking of HMS Thetis in 1939 was for me one such subject. It's d
  15. Catastrophe at Spithead Hilary L Rubinstein Seaforth Publishing, 2020 Hardback(£25, $37) 288 pages Order: https://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/Catastrophe-at-Spithead-Hardback/p/17111 General Description This book is a very detailed investigation into the tragedy of the Royal George's sudden sinking on 29th August 1782. It broadly does this by using four primary sections. The first covers the personal history of some of the major players and primarily Rear Admiral Kempenfelt with Captain Waghorn. Secondly it runs through the events of the 29th Aug
  16. The Ship’s Carpenter D.E. Stockman Fire Ship Press, 2019 Softbound ($18.99) and Ebook ($8.99) 226 pages Order: https://stockmanbooks.com/books Background on the book: This is first in a series titled “Tween Sea and Shore”. While it is fiction, it’s based around real ships and real events of the mid-1700’s. The story centers on Abraham, an English shipyard carpenter and his French love Yvette as they struggle to lead a quiet life amidst the wars of their respective countries in the mid-1700’s. Abraham leaves London for France
  17. Seaforth World Naval Review 2020 Edited by Conrad Waters Barnsley, UK: Seaforth, 2019 26.0 x 24.6 cm format, paperback, 192 pages 200 B&W and color illustrations MSRP £24.00 ISBN: 978 1 5267 6062 3 Section 1: Overview Section 2: World Fleet Reviews Section 3: Significant Ships Section 4: Technological Reviews The title of Seaforth Publishing's World Navy Review 2020 is only very slightly misleading -- it just came off the presses this past November, but because of the inevitable time lag in bringing a book like this
  18. The Royal Navy in the Napoleonic Age - Senior Service Mark Jessop Pen and Sword Bopoks 2019 180 pages, hardback, U.S $39.95 UK £19.99 Order: https://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/The-Royal-Navy-in-the-Napoleonic-Age-Hardback/p/16787 This is an unusual book. The best analogy I can make is that it is like Horrible Histories mainly focusing on the British Navy during the Napoleonic period but without the comedy. If follows the relatively new concept of utilising fictional stories to 'enhance' the history but in this case taking up the entire book coupled with
  19. The Last Days of the High Seas Fleet: From Mutiny to Scapa Flow Nicholas Jellicoe Barnsley, UK: Seaforth Books, 2019 16 x 24 cm format, hardback, 351 pages 38 Color and B&W illustrations, bibliography, sources, appendices, end notes, index. MSRP £25.00 ISBN: 978 1 5267 5458 5 Verdict: A great read about a fascinating Great War footnote. Most of us probably know the larger story. Between the launching of HMS Dreadnought in 1906 and the start of World War I, the naval establishments of Britain and Germany had e
  20. In Action with the Destroyers 1939-1945: The Wartime Memoirs of Commander J A J Dennis DSC RN Edited by Anthony Cumming Barnsley, UK: Pen & Sword Maritime, 2017 16 x 24 cm format, hardback, 208 pages 30 B&W photos, end notes, bibliography, sources. MSRP £19.99 ISBN: 978 1 52671 849 5 Summary: An enjoyable memoir. One could scarcely find a better man than Alec Dennis to write up an overview of life at sea in the Royal Navy during World War II. Dennis‘s memoir In Action with the Destroyers is a refreshingly bris
  21. Allied Coastal Forces of World War II, Vol. II: Vosper MTBs and US Elcos By John Lambert and Al Ross Barnsley, UK: Seaforth Publishing, 2019 11.25 x 9.5 inch format, hardback, 256 pages B&W photos, line drawings, bibliography. MSRP £40.00 ISBN: 978 1 5267 4755 6 Summary: Great book! First of all, this book has a really long title, so henceforth we will refer to it as ACF2. Second, the authors of this fine volume should not be strangers to anyone who has been building ship models for any length of time. The lat
  22. THE COLOUR BLUE IN HISTORIC SHIPBUILDING: From Antiquity to Modern Times Joachim Muellerschoen 2019 19 cm x 27 cm format, 200 pages 190 illustrations, mostly color SRP: 76.80 € Okay, raise your hand if, like me, your attention to the matter of which shade of blue to slap on a model is or was heavily influenced by whatever shade you happened to have on hand. Anybody? Well, perhaps I'm not quite as inattentive to detail as I've just suggested, but this book did enlighten me to the fact that there is blue, and then there is historically correct bl
  23. BATTLECRUISER REPULSE: DETAILED IN THE ORIGINAL BUILDER'S PLANS John Roberts Seaforth Publishing, 2019 hardback, 25 cm x 29 cm format 160 pages SRP: £30.00 I can't speak for everyone, but I have a tendency (and not a good one) to think of the state of things as they existed more than a generation or so ago as something akin to medieval. After all, in the U.S. of 1916, the Ford Model T was a state-of-the-art automobile, and airplanes were still flimsy contraptions made of wood and cloth -- how primitive! But on the high seas, the capital ships of the v
  24. THE ROYAL NAVY 1793-1800: BIRTH OF A SUPERPOWER Mark Jessop Pen and Sword, 2018 16 cm x 24 cm format, 158 pages 17 B&W illustrations, 10 maps SRP £19.99 I'm going to be honest -- I really wanted to like this book. Truly, I did. After all, what's not to like about the Royal Navy at the turn of the 19th century? The Royal Navy of Nelson at the height of his career, epic sea battles, etc., etc. And at times, this book is actually pretty good. I learned some interesting stuff, especially about the economics of maintaining Britain's fleet
  25. "Seahawk of the Confederacy" by R. Thomas Campbell is the biography of naval officer Lt. Charles W. Read. It records his service in the confederate navy and his being stationed aboard a number of vessels during the war. I found the work to be an enjoyable read which was full of information about that time period in our nations history.
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