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  1. Hi all. Recently completed the Miss Severn by Legend model boats, but can't yet get it on the water seeing as it is winter here in the great white north. My winter+ project is the Latina 1/48 Bounty. Should look good beside Cook's Endeavour on my display shelves when complete. It's a single plank on frame design with an exposed interior below decks rather than the usual double planking on plywood bulkheads. Created a simple plywood building slip to ensure the hull stays true during construction, and decided to paint the ribs maritime white to provide contrast with all the timber and flotsam th
  2. Hello all. I am still relatively new to buillding models and have just completed my first model which was fairly straight forward. However I think I have really upped my game with this one hopefully I haven,t bit off more than I can chew. The reason I picked this one is that Amati have 17 videos on how to assemble on Youtube. I have checked that everything is in the box, although it only gives a list but not how many of each,however it all appears to be there. I have already come across a few issues which were explained in the first video mainly w
  3. Hello all together out there, About ten years ago I've purchased Caldercraft's Bounty kit but stopped the build, my first build log on MSW I, soon after the finish of the second planking. The reason that led to this decision was simple. Meanwhile I've got John McKays book about the Bounty from the Anatomy of a Ship series as well as a copy of the original drawings made on behalf the Admiralty 1787 soon after the purchase of the Bethia. The drawings have had a lot of alterations to modify the ship for survey service in Her Majesty Service that ends up in the famous voyage and the mu
  4. Hi All, Returning to model ships, I decided to start with a small one. "Following the mutiny on the Bounty, Captain Bligh, along with 18 loyal members of the crew were cast adrift in the launch, and made a remarkable voyage to the island of Timor, after spending 41 days in the worst possible conditions." I started with the keel but forgot to take pictures. Here's one where I'm placing the floor (sorry for the mess in the background, my workplace is tight ) I use small wood separators to keep all planks even while they set Next st
  5. Welcome on the build of Revell's Bounty scale 1/110 I got this kit for free from friends who cleaned up their attic. My first idea when I opened the box. Was oops .... On closer examination, it turned out that the model design probably dates from 1956. The mold is from 1978. Therefore the "lesser quality" of the details to current standards. First, i wanted to throw everything away. But it had some trouble with this idea. So why not start on it and try to add some extra details. This will not be an exact copy. My biggest challenge to make th
  6. Hello! I am new in this forum and this is my first wooden boat model i am building. I am just finish the first planking and in to the number 2 planking using mahogany strips. I find this part of the building not so easy do to the shape of the hull and the sokening of strips and the shaping of the strips. But i will make som paperstrips to use as templates to see how the the trips are going to be trimed to fit the shape of the hull. I will post som more pictures later on. Regards B. Brekke
  7. ok so here is my first attempt at a build log. I have made the false keel in the process of making the bulwarks ATM it is taking me sometime as this is my first scratch build so going slowly. I am not in a hurry as am retired. looking ahead I went online and purchased some pins and small screws am thinking of trying to make some planking screws. included some pictures need to take some more as I have nearly finished making the bulkheads just one more to do. then adjusting so that they fit square.
  8. I have settled on the Bounty as a back-to-ship-building after starting several other kits from my retirement stash. They were to get my fingers back into practice and to see if they could still do the work. Ok, so far!! First off, I like the large scale. I can still see what I am doing. I made the decision to not do the cut-a-way. I feel the kit sorely lacks accuracy in this area. It would take an admiralty model to do interiors satisfactorily, in my thinking. The correctly number and spaced frames for starters. I did some planking on the lowest forward deck (practice and caulking).
  9. Hi all First build log but second build having just finished building the HMS Revenge by Ocre. Was a fairly basic model but I feel I learnt quite a lot doing it. Have purchased the AL Bounty kit after seeing a few of the build logs on here and quite liked the idea of the open side and the amount of detail you could put in it. It was a toss up between the Bounty and Caldercraft's Mary Rose but, in the end, the Bounty won. I'm going to be making quite a few additions to the interior as had been done in other logs as I feel it adds more to the mo
  10. Been a looong time since I’ve posted here, but I thought I’d drop in and give an update on my build. I recently dusted her off, found a spot on the work bench and am continuing the build. It’s slow going, just a piece or two a night between diner and bed, but I’m starting to see the slow progress. Excuse the mess, we’ve recently moved and I haven’t arranged everything yet:
  11. Here we go..... I started one year ago. It is just my third kit, after Tramontana from AL and SJ Nepomuceno also from AL. I'll share all my pictures, where some of my "tricks". I'll be more than glad to answer your questions as well your advices. Regards
  12. Hello, my name is Samuel and this is my build log. This is my very first build, and I am super excited about it. Like I said in my introduction post, I was gifted a wooden kit of the HMS Bounty 1:110 (Constructo) a few years back and never got around to building it because I was scared of messing it all up. Now as I am a little older I started it as an "end of summer project" and I think I am about 3 weeks in and the ship looks good so far. There is still a lot of work to do, and I know I will not be able to complete it before I head back to school in the fall.
  13. This is my second build, first was the GJOA by Constructo. Happy enough with that one apart from the sails and rigging work. Sails seemed a bit bulky material wise, and the rigging i was sort of clueless on,the writer of the instruction book seemed to give up long before reaching the rigging stage, so i winged it. Hadnt discovered this forum until recently, so hoping to do much better with the HMS Bounty by following some of the advice posted on here. Though whether i do the rigging and sails on this one is yet to be decided. I mostly lurk here reading other peoples logs fo
  14. Click on the tags in the title above (shown in black) for an instant list of all the build logs for that kit subject.
  15. Hello all! That's my second wooden model build. The first one was 18th century longboat from Model Shipways. I built a lot of plastic 1/72nd scale planes of WW2, but some day I saw wooden kits and tried to build one and I like it When I worked on longboat I knew that something would be next and searched for new kit to build. I've bought Emma C. Berry from Model Shipways, cause thought that it must be the same good as longboat. In reality I was upset by it. Actually by it instructions and fittings, so poor, not clear and almost no fittings. Then I bought Artesania Latina Botte
  16. So, this is my very first build. I'm a bit lost in places and still trying to figure it all out. I would love some advice about the issues I'm facing. Please excuse my limited ship lingo; I'm still learning but will do my best;). Firstly, the walnut parts of the false keel don't seem to fit together properly. I lined the bottom piece up with the stern piece, but that then left a gap in the middle. I was reading the fixing boo-boo forum and was wondering if the method of sanding down some scrap walnut, mixing it with dilute PVA glue and using it to plug the crack would work? Secondly, the 6th
  17. So my 'filler' model will by Caldercraft's Bounty. Whilst I redo the plans for my Bounty I wanted a less mentally challenging kit to keep my modelling going. I expect to replace largish sections so will use different outer planks, deck planks and I may also replace the hatches/ladders/guns with my own. I also am unlikely to use the kit thread preferring to use third party choices though this time I might purchase a Rope maker myself and see what I can do on my own. Anyway obligatory box shot.... All contents And bulkheads for the fi
  18. Hello, just started my Bounty build and at the framing stage. My concern is to glue the frames at the beginning and than not able to align the deck. Any suggestions? Should I wait until I put the deck in and than secure the frames with glue? Thank you for your help!
  19. I am nervous to start this model and this build log. First, I am worried that I may have stepped over my "skill line" in choosing this kit as my next build. This is my third build but will be my first fully rigged ship. Planking and rigging should be the big challenge. I hope to get some help along the way. Second, the kit. Before I purchased the kit, I researched and did not find a lot of info on this model. I could not find a build log for this particular kit version of the Bounty. I did find a discussion about the relative merits of the manufacturer and did no
  20. A neighbour asked me if I wanted his sons old models as he was clearing his shed out. They just need tidying up.Theirs 4 in total,the three Iv got are the Scotish Maid, the Bounty and one I cant place yet. the fouth is big and has a box of magazines and stuff.
  21. This is my first ever model ship kit, so this is all new to me. I wish I had started taking pictures for a log earlier, but didn't. I actually started thinking about starting a wooden model ship kit after recently reading the Horatio Hornblower novels, and when I walked into a local hobby shop and saw a kit for the HMS Bounty I started down this path. I have looked at several other models for the HMS Bounty, and some of the others look more realistic, but I must say, the instructions have been pretty exceptional for a beginner. I probably jumped into the actual build a little too quickly b
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