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  1. Hi. I've decided that it is time to end period of inactivity after finishing Allege and start new project. I've decided to try my skills at building card kit of Saettia, small transport vessel from Genoa, used from end of XIII until XVIII century in western parts of Mediterranean Sea. Kit was designed in 1:100 scale by Tomasz Weremko aka Seahorse and published by WAK issue 7-8/2015. This time I've decided to use laser cut frames. Since these parts are made of beermat cardstock, which is nice to cut with scalpel but awful when sanded with sandpaper (it is very soft), all parts
  2. Hi. I would like to present you my current build - Allege d'Arles published by WAK in Poland. Card kit was designed by Tomasz Weremko who is lurking on this forum under the name of 0Seahorse. I made quite a few card kits in my teenage years, but this is my second ever build of sailing ship (first being Koga Elbląska). I hope you will find this build interesting and that we can learn something new together. According to short brief in kit, Allege d'Alres where small, 25 - 30 meters long merchant vessels used near Rhone estuary on the Mediterranean coast of France.
  3. Hello friends, this is continuation of the journey that begun here: After the initial try with the paper kit I came to the conclusion to build from scratch, so I continue my Gokstad ship build in this forum section. I am sorting out and comparing plans and measurement from Werner Dammann book "Das Gokstadschiff und seine Boote" and from Nicolaysen book "The Viking Ship Discovered at Gokstad in Norway". There is lots of differences so I decided to start with measurements given in numbers and then tweak the drawn plans to fit those numbers. I do it all in 3D so
  4. This is a very inventive use of a 2 week quarantine in a hotel room. A pony made from the card cartons left for the quarantined person outside his room. Pretty skilful and imaginative, let alone the sheer speed of his thinking and manufacture! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/apr/05/horsing-around-australian-man-creates-paper-friend-out-of-lunch-bags-in-hotel-quarantine Tony
  5. I bought the Harold Hahn book, “The Colonial Schooner” a while back. This is an excellent book. It has the plans for the Hannah and a couple other schooners. Harold Hahn built his models in an admiralty style. I’m not that good. I like to build plank on bulkhead. However, the book has hull lines and where there are hull lines, there can be bulkheads easily made. I have discovered that card works beautifully for me. So I am starting with this: and turning it into this: The picture is from the US Navy’s History and Heri
  6. A Dutch 17th century pleasure vessel Pleasure vessels’ penpainting by Willem van de Velde. Sailing with no other purpose than pleasure is probably of all ages. But it is a remarkable fact that the Dutch were the first people to design ship types especially for that single activity. Early in the 17th century in certain circles wealth grew so high that pleasure yachts appeared on the Dutch waters. Vessels especially designed for fun! The Amsterdam lord mayor Nicolaes Witsen presents a drawing in his book Aeloude en Hedendaegse Scheepsbouw en Bestier (Old and Modern Shipbuilding
  7. Hello everyone, a few years ago, I finished my most beautiful ship - Sovereign of the Seas and I wished to find another similarly beautiful sailing ship which I would be able to build. There are plenty of glorious boats, but only for a few of them there are avalialbe good plans and exact information. I decided to create and build a card model of Royal Katherine from 1664. I do not have exact plans so I will proceed according to other plans of ships from 17th century - HMS Sussex and HMS Prince and use information from professional literature as well. I like great challenges and connection of
  8. Dear friends, At the end of the last year I was deciding, what a ship will be next. I put aside all my favorites ships, and try to find something, what I never built. Then I found some informations of the wreck of fluit, lying next to Dalaro - and I decided for this one. Simplified history: Anna Maria was built for consortium of 15 shipowners in Swenden for trading route to Portugal and back, trading iron, copper and wooden planks from north and salt and wine from Portugal. In the winter 1708 / 1709 the ship stayed locked in ice in Dalaro. The crew was sent home except 5
  9. I thought I’d share some build photos of SMS Baden, HMV, 1/250. This ship is a bit more ambitious than Emden, something like 5000 pieces with the laser cut set. Not much to be said about what I’ve accomplished other than adding torsion stiffeners to the hull interior to prevent warping and add some stability. HMV makes a nice kit but boy their hull form structure is quite light. I doubled every single stringer too, and it was still wiggly. After adding the tortion support, stiff as a board. I’m also trying a new glue, an archival scrapbooking glue called Zip Dry. It works we
  10. I always have problems with the "frame" distorting the out paper shell, so I have resorted to various methods to "fill in" the gaps. This time I'm trying something new, paper mache. I tried the kind you mix from power, but that made the whole model soaking wet. Luckily it survived. So now I'm using a "plastic" paper mache, which seems to be working. It usually takes several passes of putting on a layer and letting it dry and then sanding it down, then putting on another layer to fill in the low spaces. You can see that my first take on the frames ended up with a noticeable "bulge"
  11. After finishing my model of Axeldijk, I start a new card-model by the Dutch firm Scaldis. It is a 1:250 model of the light cruiser Hr.Ms. De Ruyter. (The model is designed bythe polishfirm JSC). The ship measured 170 meters, sothemodel is just under80 centimeters long. De Ruyter was a ship designed inthe same period as the Dutch cruisers Java and Sumatra: early thirties. I rhink they have an appealing design: long, sleek lines. Hoever, for their purpose, they were a bit outdatedalready at their launch: their armamanet being 7 15cm guns, and a number of machine guns for anti ai
  12. Hi @ all! I would like to present here my ongoing project. It is the Mayflower from 1620 after the plans of Waldemar Nowy (Danzig, Poland) 1975: "Historic Sailship MAYFLOWER" (based on the Mayflower II) I started this build about in November 2010. I had several breaks during the build due to my private situation. At the moment I work on the cannons and the masts. Here are some pictures of my progress so far. I would also like to post some of my techniques I used as soon as time allows me to. Rgds, Radek
  13. Good day my fellow modellers, I've built scale models since my early teens and also tried out some ships, but nothing more came of it. When I got a copy of the online PC-game "Naval Action" by Game-Labs, I realized, that a did want to try ship building for a second time. My dream ship was (and still is) the american-built topsail-schooner Prince de Neufchâtel from the war of 1812. I even found plans, but had to acknowledge, that building it just with passion, but without experience would lead to a terrible result. So I looked for some ship's plans to practice and found a few.
  14. Hi I'm documenting my first model (it'll probably won't match up with yours lol) but I think posting here will motivate me to continue working on the model my materials are so limited hahaha I'm 19 years old lives in an isolated village in Algeria and this hobby just doesn't exist here lol I'm using cardboard for this build maybe later on I'll see if I can get my hands on some popsicle sticks. I started today by printing the bulkheads and placing them It was such a pain to print them and line them perfectly because flying dutchman plan
  15. Started the model today. Think it’s going to be a learning curve to get it right or just looking ok, never done a card model before hope to getting experience to start a big one later on. Any tips or help would be helpful.
  16. I have been working on this for about a month. I had to stay home with my better half due to her scheduled minor operation. So since i had nothing better to do apart from this, i cracked open a few cold ones, turned on my favorite stream and been cutting out, shaping and glueing this lovely little kit. Chosen for its lack of complicated rigging, only two cannons and easy lines of hull. I need a little practice before i jump back in to the deep end of my Victory build. And Santa leocadia, La belle poule, Lexington and tonne of the others that i have all around me. every square inch of my worksh
  17. https://blog.agesofsail.com/2020/06/18/new-wooden-kits-from-shipyard/?fbclid=IwAR0BasyN-l8-cXKHOKbuLbj7MttBj8jqRximbt7eHD6jgr-Ty1pUzaERZlY
  18. Hi friends, I have finaly decided to build Gokstad viking ship because I always wanted to build viking ship. Basic info about the ship can be foun here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gokstad_ship I used beautiful paper model kit from poland publisher WAK in 1:72 scale as a base for the build and upscaled it to 1:48 scale. Original build of the kit from its designer loks like this: Kit is used basicly as a plan. I am altering thickness of the parts according actual ship. I will be sanding some parts and repainting the whole ship (since I will modify
  19. Hello dear friends , in summer 2012 I have started a scratch build of HMY Royal Caroline 1749 in a scale 1/40. The model is made of card (mainly) and other materials (modeling clay, wood, self-adhesive foils etc.). I will proceed according to plans from the book Anatomy of the ship, which are quite detailed and nicely designed. Other documents and information come from foreign literature, which describes construction, fitting and rigging of ships from this period. Because I want to build a realistic model of the RC as possible, I will be grateful for any comments and suggestions
  20. I have recently purchased the HMS Wolf, a Shipyard paper model, from Cornwall Model Boats in the UK, I also purchased the extra sails and masts sets but was reticent to splash out on the laser cut blocks, however after receiving the model and seeing the size of the parts, each just a few mm and all containing multiple parts I have decided to save my eyes and will place an order for these as well. I was considering purchasing laser cut timber blocks however it seems an extravagance for a simple card model. However I may purchase wooden gun carriages and associated brass guns depending on how I
  21. F.H. af Chapman (1721-1808) was a brilliant 18th-century shipbuilder working as a manager for the Swedish Karlskrona navy shipyard. He ended his study in England under Thomas Simpson with a tour around English, French and Dutch shipyards. There he draughted many ships on the stocks and in 1768 he published his Architectura Navalis Mercatoria, in which he presented his drawings, all accompanied by his calculations of draught, stability, center of gravity and more sort like scientific data. On plate LIX we find (amongst others) the lines of a 64½ feet long fish-hooker, a type
  22. Good morning Gentlemen, Well, for those of you who may not have read my previous thread (below), this is my first attempt at a scratch-build, using Goodwin's (extremely helpful) guide for the Cutter Alert of 1777. I have drawn out each individual scantling/rib (whatever you may call it) on paper, then card, using the plans illustrated in Goodwin's guide. If using the traditional method of paper/pencil, be sure to have a waste paper basket nearby I watched a video of a card build of the Alert (this one manufactured by Shipyard models), just to see the method of constructi
  23. I had a search, but couldn't find any other build logs of this model, so although I feel deeply unqualified, I thought I'd post a build log. This is the first card model I've built - in fact, it is mainly paper, with a laser-cut card frame (ShipYard also do a card version which is 1:72, and much more expensive!). So this won't be a masterclass, but hopefully the surprises and lessons learned as I go will be helpful to someone else following in my footsteps I started this model last year when I went on holiday - my main build is way too big to travel, so this one is mor
  24. I bought this kit after seeing completed builds on this and other sites. It is a model designed by Daniel Dayn Vishnevsky-Karlskhagen and I was intrigued to see how a longboat with its small frames could be built from card. It uses the same principle as the wood kits for longboats: frames supported by an internal plate which is removed after the external planking has been applied to the frames. The kit is low cost (I spent about €25 which included postage from Russia to the UK) and has excellent instructions. The only problem is that the instructions and guide are all in Russian (a
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