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Found 24 results

  1. I built this model of the Great Harry back in about 1970 when I was a teenager. I'd previously made models from plastic kits and carved from solid blocks of wood, but this was the first time I'd tried a plank-built model. It was based on the reconstruction in Björn Landström's excellent book The Ship, which showed a copy by the author of the Anthony Roll illustration of 1545, and the author's conjectural reconstructions of a midship section and a side view of the ship above the waterline. All of this was before the raising of the Mary Rose, so it was based on far less information a
  2. Un po' per curiosità, un po' per passione condivisa con tante persone, provo ad aprire questo wip su questo sito, (non so se la scrittura in italiano, l' unica lingua che conosco "abbastanza" bene, provocherà dei problemi per comunicare con gli altri, ma proviamo a vedere cosa succede, io ho messo il traduttore in automatico... vediamo se potete farlo anche voi ) si tratta della costruzione della caracca Santa Maria, forse uno dei modelli maggiormente realizzati da quasi tutti i modellistici, i piani di costruzione sono allegati nel libro " Le navi di Colombo" di Heinrich Winter,
  3. Hi all this is my build of the ghost ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean the Flying Dutchman a bit of a fantasy build but looking forward to going a bit freestyle. I have just started cutting out the bulkheads with my new coping saw so will post some pics tomorrow. More to come Martyn
  4. This kit was provided for my YouTube channel as sponsorship from one of the channel members who wished to remain anonymous. I was offered a choice between two fairly well-established manufacturers. My attention was drawn to the Carrack model, because this is my passion: ships from Columbus’ time ... OVERVIEW KIT: RAGUSIAN CARRACK Manufacturer: MarisStella (Croatia) Scale: 1:59 (775 mm/30,5") Single plank-on-bulkhead hull. All visible elements are made of solid walnut wood (laser cut). The bulkheads are of plywood. Detailed instructio
  5. Hello and welcome to all. I guess luck was on my side when I found this kit very cheaply on eBay. I certainly had concerns it would be incomplete yet took a chance and was excited when it arrived as the only contents package in the kit that had been opened was the planking bag. I don't think any are missing but if there are they can be easily sourced. Its a very old kit and on inspection I found the keel, deck and bulkheads to be very roughly cut which will require some recutting and repairing. All the other parts including cast metal, brass and pre finished hardwoods are in great co
  6. Hi Everyone. My Next build I have opted to go for out of my stash is Vasco Da Gama's Flagship Carrack the " Santa Catarina do Monte Sinai" on his 3rd Voyage to Portuguese India in 1524. Although a smaller kit with the hull at 26cm with bowsprit and stern mast added the full length will be 41cm approx. This kit with its beautiful architectural moulding(photos below) has has the potential to be a little cracker. Albeit this is will take some time as there is a lot of very small articulate painting. I am also going to try and make New yards for the masts so I can make cloth sails for this,
  7. Hello, I've never posted to this site before so I hope I'm doing it right. I am building Sir Francis Drake's "Golden Hind," from plans by Mamoli. I've made one ship before from a kit, but this is pretty much the first scratch built ship I've tried to build. This is a fun hobby but I can't say I'm that good at it so far. I getting the wood from Corwall Models in England because they have a large selection, but it takes over a month for the wood to arrive here in California. If anyone knows of an online store that has a large wood selection in the U.S. please do tell.
  8. So this is my first time wanting to build a boat of any size, my main goal is to build a Carrack type ship like in the anime One Piece (there main ship Thousand Sunnys) but talking with some other people that have said that I’ve basically chosen one of the hardest ships to do for a first timer. So if there are anybody out there that can point me in the direction of a simple but fun to do ship that will be great, something that can help me level up (as it were) to get to the level of a Carrack type ship. thanks in advance 😁
  9. I make a reduced version of 1/150 size the Golden Hind from Aeropicola, which I bought 40 years ago. I have reduced the size of the drawing to 1/3 size. Since it is a small size, it will be a solid model base. I made cross-sections at intervals of 13 mm from the drawing of the bulkhead. ( I only have 13mm of material ) It was cut out with a saw and adhered according to the cross section. The pattern was made from cardboard from the bulkhead drawing, and the sides of the hull were trimmed accordingly. The keel was made of 2mm thic
  10. Last week I had the opportunity to acquire a model made in Germany in the 1920's. My interest in this particular maker/makers/guild models came from the Shipwrights of Central Ohio (further referred to as SCO) club's restoration of the Great Harry. I think the Great Harry is a neat model even though it's a decorative model. The model I acquired was a wreck but very reasonable priced. I told both my wife and son that I was off to buy a plastic pink flamingo as decorative ships have about the same amount of respect and appreciation and have very little value even when restored. I have a modest
  11. Paragon – a Modified Mayflower Part 1 - INTRODUCTION I started ship modeling in early 2012, and after I finished a couple of kits during that year, my wife half-jokingly said to me that as long as I’m building ship models, I should build “Paragon, the Mad Ship”. This was a character in a series of fantasy novels that we both enjoyed, called the ‘Liveship Traders’, by the author Robin Hobb. The theme of the series is that merchant ships were built of a special wood called ‘wizardwood’, and that after a time the figurehead would come alive and have its own personality. Parago
  12. I've been using this site as a source for inspiration for more than a year now (certainly too late for the first steps of this build). So my wife thought it would be an good idea to share it. I don't think it will be one of the numerous excellent builds in this forum, but hopefully i will get advice if I'am steering towards an iceberg. Nevertheless, as my teachers in school said, it's always enough for a good laugh. On to the start. This will be am birthday present for my sisters 40th birthday in two years. So I started 7 years ago. As we come from the hometow
  13. Its been about a year since my last post; I've been taking some time off. I had gone full throttle on the SIBs for over a year, and neglected the Ship that launched them all for me. So I eventually decided to complete the restoration on the old Santa Maria. The true provenance of this model isn't fully known: My father, born in 1936, once told me that he built the kit as a boy, but he doesn't rememeber how old he was, or how old the kit was, for that matter. Having survived many moves long before I arrived, I remember the ship presented herself to me only in states of worsening d
  14. The following is a close reconstruction of the vessel, a carrack or cocha, illustrated in the 1445 document by Zorzi Trombetta da Modone ( also known as Timbotta). Fortunately for us, the dimensions of this hull were recorded on the original drawing of the hull, which enables a fairly close attempt at reconstruction possible. The Trombetta nave circa1445 The lines for the master frame and sheer were based on the extant material available from contemporary sources note the rounded bow and stern, the projecting deck timbers, the high forecastle with it
  15. Since I am interested not only in modeling but also very much in reconstruction of ships of the 17th and 18th century I have started this project (several years ago). As a boy I have built a model of the Mayflower from a German kit (Graupner Modelllbau). The plans for this model were well drawn but historically certainly not correct. The model was obviously designed to resemble closely the Mayflower model designed and built by R C Anderson for the Pilgrim Society Plymouth, Mass. In the 1920s but the lines of the hull were certainly far away from authentic. The following
  16. This will be my first attempt at a build log, hope it comes out looking ok. Mary Rose has been on my have to model list for a long time but recently Chidokan, on the forum, and I have talked each other into tackling this project. Chidokan will be building a very accurate cross section, mine will be a whole hull model with short cuts for ease of modeling. I will be using the plans set by David Meagher that I have enlarged to 1:72 scale. What I have in mind is to build one side completely planked but leave the other side partially planked with some view holes cut into the side
  17. Dear friends, after finishing of Revenge 1577 I decided to continue again with scratch build - not with another "war monster", but with two small ships, two of Columbus fleet, which returned back from the New World for the first time. I used free plans from MODELARSTWO OKRETOWE web page ( http://www.modelarstwookretowe.pl/index.php?p=44 ) for Nina ( there are downloadable plans for Santa Maria too ) and made projection for Pinta based on the same plan and pictures of model made from MO plan. I will also change sail plan on Nina - all of sails will be latin. I abs
  18. Dear friends, here is my new project - Santa Maria. As I mentioned, I want to have the Columbus fleet complete, so here is the third of them. Construction of this model is based on plans from polish magazine " modelarstwo okretowe ( and as I found out, they took them from the book of " anatomy of the ship " series " ). Here is the link: http://www.modelarstwookretowe.pl/index.php?p=44 The first of images show how the ship will look. I improwed plans to 1:96 scale and start as obviously with framework. There is one mistake in plans - decks have no sag,
  19. At this point, still working on launching a new build log for my Mayflower. Just figured out that the old Ship Modeler's Forum is still up and running. Until now, I thought it was the old same group with a new system.....confused here. So the question is.....Are the members the same?..... or Is this an entirely different organization?
  20. I guess the mayflower must be considered my third build,,big red and black thing in the picture was my first,,five years the little life boat my second,, the mayflower my third...blew up chucks plans to double size and so far everything other than the eye bolts around the coaming and the rivets on the rudder is hand made,,turning the life boats rudder and oars was an exercise in tenderness
  21. I'm doing research for what may end up being my next build: The plans for this shows keel joints which seem odd to me. The non-staggered butt joints at the stem (pointed at by the pens) seem like they would create a weak area that would not handle pounding seas very well. The angled splices along the bottom seem a potential weak spot too. Does anyone know if the jointery shown on the plans is correct? I was thinking that the joints would have shoulders to help prevent joint movement like this: Also, would one expect that the rear cabins be built using timber framed joint
  22. Hello all, I don't have any text so I will upload only build photos. It starts where I've almost finished the second planking.
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