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  1. Thanks to all of you for your patience over the Holidays. I was busy with family and fun for the last two weeks or so and barely stepped into the workshop. But now I am back at it. I know many of you have contacted me about some some items not in stock but rest assured that over the next two weeks or so they should be ready. I apologize for the delay. I have several sizes of rope and blocks being made as we speak and should be fully stocked very soon. I just finished up a bunch of 3/16" and 1/8" blocks as shown above....1800 of them in the last two days and the image shows them fresh out
  2. After much research I am ready to build Chuck Passaro’s @Chuck Revenue Cutter Cheerful 1806. And so it begins... After completing nine kits over the years I am making my first attempt at scratch building. Well, I say scratch building but Chuck’s Cheerful plans, starter kit, wood package, and sub-assemblies along with his instructions and always gracious guidance make it a much easier transition. While I’m a decent kit modeler I’m hesitant to post a build log for Cheerful. There are several outstanding logs already on MSW, some from builders I’ve admired, some I’ve jus
  3. After a false start in which I snapped off the bow extension when removing the bulkhead former from the sheet! Things seem to be going well now. The two sections of the bulkhead former were glued together and the rabbet strip glued in place. The stem pieces and the keel were sanded on their faces to remove laser car but the edges were left unsanded. The treenails were simulated as described by chuck using a 0.5 mm drill and filling with neutral filler. After a coat of wipe-on-polly they were glued to the bulkhead former and fitted well with out the need for fettling.
  4. Having completed the AVS, I can finally start this new and long awaited project. Indeed, it's been two years now that the kit has been waiting for. I really wanted to finish my work on the Virginia in order to gain some experience. I chose this project because it is an example of the best in the world of model shipbuilding. The kit is of the highest quality and the instruction manual is a model of perfection. Moreover, I have many logs on this site and they are all very informative. I will try to show myself up to the height. When I bought the kit from Syren, I i
  5. Welcome to my build of Chuck's HM Cutter Cheerful. Most of the parts will be scratch built. Others like the false keel, windlass, rigging material and blocks will be purchased directly from Chuck. The wood for this project (all sheet stock) was purchased from Jason at Crown Timberyard. The quality of his wood is excellent and I am looking forward to working with it. As with my other builds, there will be many new things to learn and I will rely heavily on the knowledge base from MSW to help guide me through the process. So please don't hesitate to post your comments along the way. Thanks!.
  6. In 2016 I bought Chuck's Starting set from a fellow modeler who became a father. I glued the false keel together and then packed everything in a big box. While preparing the Winchelsea build, the box fell into my hands and I decided to build both models more or less in parallel. I can practise all the building steps on the much smaller Cheerful model before I do them on the Winchelsea. Since the false keel I built at that time was no longer usable and I want to build the model from Yellow Cedar, I asked Chuck for spare parts. These arrived on Saturday morning with a small delivery
  7. I actually started this build in April 2018 having had a few sidetracks along the way. Fortunately I had taken some build progress photos at various stages, as I am currently at the point of finishing the deck fittings, but that will be for a future post. This is my first attempt at a plank on frame model having only built solid hull kits from either Model Shipways or Bluejacket in the past. I consider myself a novice, at best, but I am extremely fortunate to be a member of the Ship Model Society of New Jersey and have had much help and guidance from the members along the way. Special
  8. Welcome to my Cheerful build! Little did I know when I bought a Model Shipways longboat kit last summer that I’d get bitten by the ship building bug so seriously. I finished my longboat a couple of weeks ago (see here http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/10743-18th-century-longboat-by-erik-w-–-model-shipways-–-scale-148-first-wooden-ship-build-finished/?p=374717). I quickly realized that I missed putting time in daily working with my hands and building something. Aside from a Dremel, I currently don’t own any power tools suitable for modeling. So, with what Chuck offers for the Cheerful,
  9. Hi All, Well the Winnie is in dry dock, I've finished the Cazador for my grandson, things have calmed down and now I'll start my build log for Chucks Syren Ship Model Company's HM Cutter Cheerful 1806 in 1:48 scale. The model will also be fully rigged. I plan on using a lot of Chucks available laser cut parts. Most of the wood used in the model will be boxwood except for the deck which will be holly and the bulkheads which are plywood. I know there are plenty of great Cheerful’s being
  10. Hi am starting with chuck's cheerful, the boxwood version I wil use chuck's yellow cedar for this prodjekt and also use chuck spilling metod with lining off hull. am working on the frames and at this time is dry fittet. started also with the boxwood keel parts Svein.erik
  11. I have never attempted a build log, but I think I will attempt one for Chuck’s Cheerful project. After partially completing 7 kits none of which are finished I found this opportunity to get away from the constraints of the kit building process. I also can avoid the rigging process that I must eventually tackle … but that for another day. The kit builds that are on hold are Kate Cory whaling brig, New Bedford whale boat, Bounty, Cutty Sark, Bounty Launch, Glad Tidings Pinky schooner, and Niagara Brig, Some are to the point of my dreaded rigging process. I am certain I’ll finish them if I live t
  12. Click on the tags in the title above (shown in black) for an instant list of all the build logs for that kit subject.
  13. This is from Chuck's new set of plans for the English Cutter Cheerful. While I'm waiting for the next update for my Echo Section, I ordered the plan set. I like the lines of the ship and since there is only one mast, I'm even happier. Aside from Chuck's long boat, I've not done any POB models, but since she will be fully planked, why not. Chuck puts almost as many bulkheads in as some stylized POF models out there. First up was buying the plywood for the spine and bulkheads. Lots of it in hobby shops and on line. ALERT: You only need one sheet of 12" x 48" quarter-inch material. Ev
  14. This will mark the beginning of my project to build the prototype for the Cutter Cheerful. The plans are completed and I am getting ready to release the plans in a few months. I will be building her out of Boxwood or possibly even Pau marfin. I havent decided. This project is a POB build as you can see from the details in the plans posted below. Its not a very cumbersome project with just a cutter rig to deal with. She is carvel planked and not Clinker planked. This is one of the reasons why I chose it as a subject. Once I have the skeleton built and the hull planked, the plans wil
  15. HM Cutter Cheerful 1806- 1816 This is my new project following completion of the Pinnace and Long-boat kits. I have had this offering from Chuck's Syren stable, including the wood set, gathering dust beneath my workbench since 2016, and I have been collecting all the subsequent add-ons, and fittings as they have been issued. So I now have all the makings to hopefully do justice to the fine materials, fittings, and the beautiful plans produced by Chuck. A period now to organise the build, assimilate the instructions and read thro' logs of those who have gone before.
  16. Yes, I have taken the plunge. I have been following the progress of this project from inception and cannot wait any longer. I ordered my plans last week so they should arrive soon (fingers crossed) and today I ordered the bulwark and keel kits from Chuck... Now how do I explain to my wife that yes we moved house 2 weeks ago and I don't yet have a workshop or area to build it... but' where there 's a will there is a way'....DIY and unpacking whilst multi tasking to create a workshop Happy days
  17. Greetings shipmates, I have decided, somewhat retrospectively, to show an abbreviated build log of Chuck’s Cutter Cheerful, which has been paused for the last few months while I work on other things. I hadn’t intended to document this build because there are already so many excellent logs here. My thinking was that I’m slightly beyond the “help me” stage but not yet at the “here’s how you should do it” stage for creating a build log - putting me in limbo land. So perhaps I can go forward with a “here’s how you shouldn’t do it” log. This will allow me to go back and examine the area
  18. Greetings everyone, and welcome to my first 'concurrent' build log, as I begin the semi-kit (or semi-scratch, depending on your point of view) build of the revenue cutter Cheerful, from Syren Ship Model Company (Chuck Passaro). I've chosen to place this log in the kit build section, since I am using laser cut parts from Syren for the 'back bone' - the former, keel, and bulkheads, as well as all the mini-kits that are available for the ship. This log is starting due to a set of materials that were put on sale in the trade section of this website, and I couldn't resist grabbing it, even tho
  19. This will be my version of Chuck's Cheerful. In addition to Chuck's prototype build log, there are already a couple of other logs started, and I'm sure there will be many more. It should be fun to work along with the others. While waiting for the lantern parts that I needed to complete Essex, I decided to jump the gun and begin Cheerful. Since I lack power tools, and am reluctant to cut all of the framing by hand, I chose to use Chuck's laser cut bulkhead and former set. They are as near to perfect as you can get. The ply is uniform and the fit is precise. It was a simple matter to
  20. I will be building Chuck Passaro's "Cheerful" as a very special gift to my ENT surgeon (Dr. Harold Pillsbury) in appreciation for his outstanding efforts in my ongoing fight with a serious life threatening infection of my left ear. I hope to be able to finish this and present it to him at the conclusion of my continued daily IV treatments as a complete surprise. "Dr. P" is a very special man, going far beyond normal efforts in my case.... Calls me at home after hours during the week to check on me and encourage my wife. At my last weekly appointment in his office, the man gave me a $250.
  21. Hi I have been lurking on this forum since just after V2.0 came to life. I really love the ships that come to life on this forum, created by some very skilled and talented people. My hat off to all of you. :) (You know who you are) I believe that I have learned a lot by reading and watching. I did not say anything because I did not believe that I had anything to add. I have been doing a lot of scratch building of RC aircraft over the years and also enjoyed flying them. But after losing most of the use of my right thumb after a motorcycle accident I cou
  22. Hi, after finishing the Banterer my father and I started to search for the next ship to build. We agreed that this time it should be something mall and easily to transport. After some research we agreed to built a cutter ordered for the Navy, the "Surly". She was the second and last cutter of the Cheerful class ordered to be armed with 10 18pdr Carronades and 2 6pdr long guns. We were quite surprised by the heavy caliber but plan copies we got from the National Maritime museum in Greenwich explicitly stated on the side view plan "... to be armed with 10 18 per Carronades and 2 6pdr
  23. It's time to muddy my boots and wade into the waters of logging my attempt at building the HM Cutter Cheerful by the Syren Ship Model Company. I fretted over several different ships to build. But in the end, it was an easy decision choosing this model, as Chuck Passaro's on-going log will certainly provide instruction for me like no other kit out there could approach. It won't be a scratch-build per se, however, although like any model there is a certain amount of that involved. I purchased the Cheerful plans along with the laser-cut bulkheads, keel, stem, and stern frames. I also purchas
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