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Found 13 results

  1. My old log was lost, as was the Hannah one. After a lot of thought, I have decided to just restart both where I left off. I didn’t save them, and given the choice between spending time on the computer and spending time in the workshop, it was an easy choice. I’m looking forward to the workshop in 2 weeks. I redid my keel (pictures below are the fifth redo). I had originally planned to use the previous one, but had made that with the dimensions from the contract, which are slightly different than the plans. When I made the framing jig and it was loose on the keel, I realized I might have other problems down the road, so I made another keel using the wood Greg sent. I have also made the dead flat and dead flat one frames. I’m going to hold for now and play with my new ropewalk. I don’t want to make any more frames until after the workshop as I think they will be a lot better after. Dave
  2. I hesitated starting this topic in the Echo Cross Section area because it will not really be a build log and it will probably take a long time for me to complete. In 2012 I had the pleasure of taking the Echo course presented by David and Greg. Over that weekend I was able to raise two frames and purchased the completion kit which included necessary wood, armament and a CD with the plans. Atalanta has taken me longer than anticipated to complete and Echo has been ignored. I knew I would be traveling this month and did not want to risk injuring Atalanta but when I considered a month without sawdust but when the thought precipitated anxiety attack and I picked up Echo. My eventual plan is to completely plank the starboard side and leave the port side open. The primary wood will be costello boxwood with the lower hull planking in holly. All my frame components were rough cut prior to leaving home since the only power tools traveling with me would be a Dremel and my little Preac saw. Those two frames I built in 2012 could not be used in the actual model because the actual scantlings were different than those used in the course. Let me describe some of the highlights of the hull. There is one gun port, a sweep port and two scupper ports. The sills of the gun and sweep ports are parallel to the water line but the scupper ports angle upwards to facilitate drainage. There are two cast frames that help form the gun port. The top of frames 4-aft and 5-aft are tapered in preparation to forming them into stanchions. The keelson was installed and bolted to every other frame. The starboard ceiling planks and lower deck clamps have been installed. On the port side I installed the limber strake and the thick stuff over the floor and first futtock head joints. Everything has been treenailed with bamboo.
  3. I don't have room for either a full size table saw or large bandsaw, so I took advantage of a program at our local university where alumni can pay a reasonable annual fee to gain access to the woodshop at the craft center on campus. This is a boon for my woodworking efforts as it is only a 20 minute drive from my home and while the equipment is not perfect it is fully workable for my needs. Last night I took a stab at first resawing efforts with some Castello, Holly, and Pear I had obtained to make lumber for my Echo Cross Section fitting out kit. All in all I was pretty pleased with the effort...the magnetic fence I picked up worked fine for resawing. I do think I'll add a couple more magnets to the fence...they are available separately from the manufacturer. In the photo grouping of resawn wood you'll notice a stack of basswood at the very back...I had picked up a piece of cheaper basswood for testing...this proved to be a wise move as I was able to develop my technique before cutting into the more expensive wood. I saved the holly to last as I wanted to make a number of thin strips for planking...this proved easy once the fence was properly set and technique was mastered. In the final photo I've taped bundles of the cut wood so it can acclimate to my home workshop before further processing....I'll be taking delivery of a thickness sander from Jim Byrnes during next week's NRG convention in Florida...I'll post further photos once I start thickness sanding of these pieces.
  4. Thanks to everyone here on the forum for the warm welcome since joining NRG and MSW last month. I've enjoyed getting to know folks and have had a great time pondering how to make a serious start in the model shipbuilding hobby. After much contemplation, I decided to tackle an Echo Cross Section for my first POF build. Much of that decision came from wonderful feedback received by members of the MSW forum...thank you to all for your candid and helpful comments. I also decided on the Echo Cross Section because of David and Greg's excellent series of books on building the Swan class Sloop. Between the instructions obtained from Greg when I bought the Echo Framing kit and those books, I believe I'll have what I need to start a successful build. I am confident other members here on the forum will help me fill in the gaps as I improve my skill set and knowledge base. First was purchase of the Admiralty Models Echo Cross Section framing kit which came with a full set of framing wood from Crown Timberyard along with a thumb drive of instructions and plans. I printed out the instructions and plan sheets and had them spiral bound for easy use on the bench. Wood is on a shelf in my workshop getting acclimated before I start cutting parts. Unfortunately Greg has run out of Fitting Out kits and he advised not being able to obtain wood for more kits....he was nice enough to send the complete instructions for the fitting out kit which will allow me to cut my own wood and be able to fully finish out the interior of the Echo Cross Section. I've got a table saw for resawing billets and will be ordering some Castello and Holly to make the fitting out wood...but I have a quandary...namely what are the details of the wood in the fitting out kit? Greg did not have a Wood List for the fitting out kit so could not help me with the details. In the photo below, you can see the wood list of the framing package...I'm looking for the same thing related to the fitting out kit. Is there someone here who purchased an Echo Cross Section Fitting Out kit who could send me a scan of the wood list from their kit so I could have a guide to know what wood quantities and sized to cut?...I would certainly appreciate the assistance. Next step for me will be setting up a building board for this project. Since I'm trying to use this as a test project for a full ship build in the future, I'll be making a building board same as if I was doing a full ship...probably overkill, but should be a good learning lesson. Let the project begin!...
  5. Greetings All! I've just joined the Nautical Research Guild and am looking forward to learning from others as I get serious about model shipbuilding. I've been a modeler all my life, researching and scratchbuilding extensively as a part of my Live Steam Locomotive efforts. Along the way I've learned metalworking and have learned my way around a lathe and mill that helps my modeling efforts immensely. I've always been interested in ship modeling, particularly plank-on-frame construction and admiralty hull models. Since I'm not getting any younger (now 58), I decided a few months ago to start research and begin building a ship. I've built a few solid hull and POB model ships over the years...nothing to brag about, just enough to keep my interest and make me realize I'd eventually want to do it in a serious way. So now I find myself faced with a multitude of online builds on the internet, with a seemingly endless list of models and plans available....I am interested in working with the highest quality materials (with all the time involved why use anything less?), and am interested in finding a POF ship model to build that has enough instructional support along with community support to allow me to reach out to others when needed. I am currently considering the Oneida using a wood kit from the Lumberyard, or the Hannah using Hahn's plans & book along with a wood kit from the Lumberyard. I like the look of the Oneida better (and I suppose that alone should be the deciding factor), but wonder if Hahn's upside down construction methodology makes the Hannah a more forgiving first POF project. I'm open to other possibilities, but like the era of these ships along with their military ties. BTW, I have a fairly full complement of shop tools, including a Byrnes table saw (been using it for years cutting word for my railroad hobby), and plan to add his thickness sander soon...plus the usual complement of drill presses (large and small), disc sander, scroll saw and the like...so I'm not concerned about having the tools needed to process wood. I'm more concerned about picking a POF project where a fair degree of success is assured if I stick to it and do my part. Look forward to input from the community here... Best Regards, Cliff Cliff Ward Cary, North Carolina
  6. I will re-post some pictures of progress when I get to my home computer. I did not save the comments from earlier posts. I read about some cache recovery techniques that I assume the Administrators have evaluated. Maury
  7. Hi Guys, Well I'm back and feeling better. I will post my photos back up soon. Just thought I would leave an FYI that I did not leave like the Ol MSW site did. So give me a bit and I will re-post my pictures some time this week.... cheers Mario
  8. This will be my second Echo cross section. After raising all the frames on my earlier attempt I was not satisfied with the quality of my work and decided not to take it any further. The Echo makes a very nice looking model as is evidenced by build logs like Maury's and others and I contemplated a second effort. I am a member of the Ship Model Society of New Jersey and I brought my Echo with me to a meeting after the last of the frames was raised. There was so much interest that the club voted to make it a "group project" where everyone builds their own version of the same model. 12 of us have signed on for this project. We placed a bulk order for wood with Jeff Hayes at Hobby Mill which arrived last month. We meet once a month to discuss progress and group problem solving. I hope others from the club will start build logs as well. Build logs help the builder and the modeling community so it is a win-win in my opinion. I haven't started work yet but that should happen this weekend. The goal of this project is to build and fit out the model according to the plans posted by David and Greg. The first effort was a great learning experience and I'm sure this one will be as well. Can't wait to get started.
  9. Echo update #8 is completed and posted on our website http://www.admiraltymodels.com. My version below shows the stock framing package on the port side and the fully fitted out version in progress on the starboard side.. Please keep in mind when ordering the framing package that it is the complete framing only. The fitting out instructions are free of charge and posted on our website every few months. We are hoping to develop and sell a fitting out package in the near future complete with laser cut deck beams, gun carriage and other details. Stay tuned.
  10. Well All - Here is the beginning of my Scratch Building career, I chose the ECHO cross section from Admiralty Models because of the work by Greg & David in the TFFM books that I own and intend to build a Swan class one day but needed something easier than a full model to start with. This is going to be very slow to begin with as I am working on my Confederacy which is about half way completed and will be taking most of my limited modelling time. Also I am still building up my collection of tools, I have plenty of hand tools and a beautiful Dewalt scroll saw, but I still wish to get a JimSaw and thickness sander - however I will start with hand tools for most of the work. The first pic is the wood framing package from AM which is supplied to them by Jeff @ Hobbymill, Its Boxwood and machined to the sizes that are called for in the plans, there seems to be quite a bit of material supplied above what would be needed to actually frame the model for those Opps moments which Im sure I will have plenty of in my learning curve. I have been watching the great starts that others here have made on this and hope that I can acheive something close to them. BTW the first version I make will be just the hull framing, no planking or internal framing, then I will make a second version which will be the full Monty. And here we go!! ben
  11. Hello Everyone, I will be attending the upcoming Admiralty Models Workshop on the Echo Class Cross Section given by David and Greg. I'll start by saying I messed up the parts Greg sent by using a black construction paper that was too thick. No shop in my area had any of the correct paper. So I sawed up some boxwood I had on hand from Hobby Mill and started over. What I came up with was some tissue paper that I colored with a brown 'Sharpie'. This seems to work ok. The False Keel The Keel and False Keel And the jig made for holding the keel for the carving of the Rabbet More later, Bob W
  12. Hi All, I'm reposting my old pictures. Here are the the pics of the keel being assembled. Here is the Keel marked for the rabitt and it being cut out. Here is the false keel.
  13. Hi All, I wil be attending David's and Greg's upcoming workshop in Baltimore. As the most inexperienced person who has ever attended one of these workshops (seriously) I'm counting on the great build logs that used to reside here being reposted. In anticipation of the workshop I had started to check out the build logs that were here and they were a great help in understanding what needed to be done. Earlier this week I received the wood for the keel from Greg and this weekend will be busy down in the shop doing my "homework". I'll start posting as soon as I have some work to show. Thanks in advance!

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