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  1. This is only my 5th build, first bluff hull. I was hoping to not create a build log but have run into some minor problems with the kit. I intend to keep this brief with mainly photo updates and limit comments if any. First problem with the kit are the six 4lb deck cannons. I think they should be 26 mm instead of the 45 mm supplied in the kit. I've contacted JoTika Ltd who posted the replacement cannons out 5 weeks ago, which have not yet arrived. So I'm following up with them regarding this. Also I ordered the Brown Admiralty paint set and the White set came instead, which I've decided
  2. Starting this thread makes me feel like a teenager writing a book called, "How To Live Your LIfe." The kit finally arrived late today. It's late and I didn't want to open everything up so I just set up a quick photo shoot of the contents So far, the only problem I have is with the instructions. You are probably asking yourself, "Because they are in Italian?" No, because the print is so small! The last time I built a model ship was in 1965 and it was plastic. This kit is made like an Oyster compared to that. Since I can't afford an Oyster, this will do. And I'm gon
  3. March 21/21. Here is the build so far. I built the anchors and the anchor supports and completed the ropes and pulleys. I completed the anchor winch. On the lifeboat deck I completed and installed the lifeboat supports and the grating underneath. I built two topside cannons and rigged them to the side of the ship. This is my build so far. B. Edward
  4. I have wanted to do this model since seeing the Endeavour models in Gisborne when i was a boy for Cook's 200th anniversary in 1969.They are over a metre long very impressive up on poles.This model will be 815mm long by 300mm wide,should be enjoyable.
  5. We're in the midst of an epidemic and my wife asked me what I would like for Christmas. I replied that is was sick of watching the ubiquitous boxed-sets on the telly and I always used to like building model kits. We both like sailing and we do have a 'nautical themed' lounge and conservatory with various ornaments and pictures depicting nautical themes. With an impending 3rd lockdown in the UK commencing in January it seemed like an excellent idea to get my teeth into and maybe re-kindle skills learnt from my woodwork 'O-Level'? Christmas day arrived and I was presented w
  6. Having spent a number of years scratch building HMS Cornwall (Type 22 Frigate) at 1:96 scale I felt I wanted to tackle something a bit quicker and easier. I also wanted a model that provided the opportunity for enhancing the kit to create something a bit different from the norm. After a week or two trawling through the range of kits on offer I decided to build Amati's Endeavour at 1.35 scale. Although the kit features Endeavour in her 1934 guise I decided to model her as restored in 1989. To do this I have relied heavily on the web based photographic resources. The kit was a Christmas present
  7. Hi there, This is my build log for the mighty ship Endeavour. I've lurked a bit in the background (after I bought the kit) and have taken note of some great advice. Holy Moly, you guys are good. The first advice I noticed was the need for at straight keel to make sure that the ship is straight. Sound like a good idea and since I own a couple of 3D printers, I decided to design a straight stand. The printer is still working on it. And as I could not wait to start, I took out some parts from the box and assempled the spine straight away. Putting the frames on lo
  8. I never worked on this small scale before, looks like fun. This how it should look when finished.
  9. I have been building this since the start of 2011, here is a re-post of some of my progress pics. For those who didn't follow my log on the old website, this build is using wood from Eaglemoss partwork (same as the Occre kit), it has some nice fittings, such as the stern decorations but most of the parts and materials supplied are not accurate so a lot of this ship is being scratch built and I am using a lot of parts and materials bought separately. I have already built the Artesania Latina Endeavour a long time ago, and I wanted to build a 1:48 one. This kit was advertised as 1:48 but when yo
  10. My most recently completed model, HM Bark Endeavour, as she appeared in Tahiti, 1769, to observe the Transit of Venus. Total build time was just under a month. The ship is built to the scale of 75’ to 1” or 1/900. The hull was made from boxwood and planked with Nootka Cyprus. The balance of the detail is Nootka and boxwood. The masts are brass, and the rigging is a mix of nitinol and copper wire. The sea base is carved Nootka Cyprus. If you’d like to see more of my ships, they’re all at www.josephlavender.com
  11. A new beginning to an old project. I acquired the Amati Endeavour around 2005, let it sit for awhile and then started it, only to drop it again after minimal progress. Here is the kit box. Got the bulkheads installed, deck base added, and started mast tapering (seen on the grooved board I used to keep it straight over the years). Sorry for the messy area, but the desk will need to be cleaned of model railroading stuff before I restart this project! lol btw - The tools alone were "almost" worth the cost of the kit. Used several of them over the ye
  12. Just starting up the build of the J Class Endeavour Yacht. If some of you have seen my other logs, you know I am a beginner builder at best. Main thing is that I really enjoy the builds. In my past (earlier) life I raced 36' sloops (22 sq meter class) so the J Class yacht always caught my attention. So when looking for a model to build, the Endeavour caught my eye... As others have done, the instructions call to first build the mast and boom, but I was too excited to start the hull, so my mast and boom will come later too. Instructions call to fist connec
  13. This is my second proper model kit build (first i never took photos of ) and as the Endeavour was the ship that is credited with discovering my country i felt it was such a fitting build. My first impressions of the kit is that wood is good quality, minimal if any bow to the plywood all nicely packaged in plastic wrap. The metal castings and various other parts are nice. Now lets get onto the fun part and build it. False keel trimmed out standing on my board. All frames positions marked on the False keel. All frames trimmed out and laid out next to the false keel.
  14. Greetings all. Yet another HM Bark Endeavour build - there are quite a few of them in this community which I have enjoyed perusing - hopefully I can produce something that is worth your time 🙂 This is my third build and I gravitated towards it as it's a very recognizable ship, has a painted hull which is a first for me and there is a huge wealth of information available to help me with any doubts I have.
  15. Hi Shipmates, While I wait for more parts for the SOS I have begun the Endeavor. I find this kit by Artesania Latina not as good a quality as the De Agostini kit I am also working with. There is much more detailed explanation and coding in De Agostini's kit. This one will be my second attempt at a larger boat. I will post progress as things happen for comments and hints if I am going wrong. Thanks Snoepert
  16. OK. so against my better judgement and all sensible advice, given that I have never been into modelling previously (outside of a couple of basic plastic aircraft models for a Grandson) and have no knowledge of the nautical world and it's terminology, I am proceeding to build this kit. Most of my 'modelling time' over the last few weeks has actually been spent dipping into the many great forums on this site. My build is going to be super-slow as I read up on as much detail as I can find in relation to each tremulous step. First question. The bow filler piece that came with the kit
  17. I'm starting my second wooden build. I've have been eying this build for a while, but always looked at the 1:35 kit. After seeing how big the 1:35 is (4 ft long 5 ft high), I saw Amati offered a 1:80 that was plank on frame also. So, that is the route I went. I see there is another build of this scale active (Henry James) which hopefully we can help each other. The drawings and instructions are not near as detail as the MS Bluenose, and are not in English, but hopefully I can follow along well with the experience I had from my first build. I'm looking forward to the pa
  18. This is my first build of a model wooden ship. I chose the Endeavour as it is part of our nations discovery, and plenty of others being built to see gather tips and trips for the build. I am using 2 pack epoxy glue(no nails) for all the timber to timber joining. From what I have seen, the build may take years, and just as well I have started now, plenty of time to finish in retirement - when it comes. Enough waffle, some pictures and see where this goes.
  19. Hello all - just joined, after scouring the interwebs for various sources of information to help me complete my build of the Endeavour (AL kit). It's been 25+ year 'off and on' build, (obviously more off than on), but with the COVID19 lockdown here in Australia I've now got some spare to hopefully complete the build - in the 250th anniversay year of Cook's landing in Australia. I'm now at the stage of rigging, and I'm hoping to find some handy tips, as well as some of the information missing from the AL kit rigging instructions. Cheers!
  20. I'm ready to get started on my first ship model. Gathered the right tools to get going. The kit was lacking quite a few essential tools and I'm sure I'll add as I go. I have english translated instructions from Italian that are pretty good, but the figures pages are all Italian. Took a couple pics of my workspace.
  21. Hello from New Zealand - my first post although I've been a casual browser for many years! I recently decide in my older (wiser?) years to build a tall ship and as the Endeavour is a well known vessel in NZ and Australian history, decided this was it. The A.L. kit was available locally (NZ) and here I am. I'm a reasonably experienced modeller (scratch built rc scale aircraft - mostly WW1) and have a fairly well equipped, but untidy, workshop. My hope is that I can ask questions of the vastly more experienced crowd here on MSW. My hope is that this model can be completed, unlike my previou
  22. After completing (except getting it in the case) the US Brig Niagara I decided I was "done" with square riggers (and square rigging) for awhile. I had intended to build this one to go over the fireplace in my house in Virginia (it would have replaced a "cheap" model of the 1934 Endeavour that was purchased from a model home) that is about the same size. But that house is gone and finding a home for this one will be a challenge but I will press on anyway. So here is the box on the relocated (from Niagara days) workbench
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