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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Everyone. I am going to start building the Royal William by Euromodel. First I will introduce myself. My name is Ken, I am 70 years old, retired and I live in the north west of England. I started building model boats from kits about six years ago not as a serious builder with a passion for accuracy or perfection but as a pleasant way to pass my time and that is how I will approach this build. This will be my fifth build and thanks to following some of the many excellent build logs posted on this site I have improved to a point where I feel that I really should try a challenging project, believe me this build will put me way beyond my comfort zone. This will be my first build log, having benefited from other members hard work I somehow feel an obligation to contribute. I will need to get a grip of photographing my work and learn how to post, I don't use social media, I'm of the generation that didn't come to grips with it and already it feels like homework so bear with me. My intention for this build is to first start with the mindset to see it through to completion, I have seen too many builds come to nought because builders get so engrossed with detail and expect perfection during the early stages that they make no progress and get disheartened. I will build it as much as possible just with what is supplied in the kit and I will leave the enhancing, fine detailing and perfect technique for others who are more competent. I hope to learn a lot along the way but initially you will probably see what many of us do, get a kit and muddle through as best as we can. I shan't go into details about the kit as there are already excellent in depth logs already on this site that I couldn't improve on, I agree with most of what has already been said but would add that this is a very different kit to any others that I've seen and I'm not disappointed with what I got. For building I don't have the luxury of a well equipped workshop but have the use of a corner of an office/study that I share with my wife. I have a six foot worktop, a Proxxon drill and sander and a selection of hand tools to use, again like many this is just what we have. Wish me luck. I've just tried downloading some pics and found it quite easy, they are my work place and a couple of my last build, HMS Fly. The plan gives some idea of the size difference.
  2. My next model is the La Renommee kit from Euromodel: This kit has been on my wishlist for quite a long time. I believe someone had a beautiful build log going pre-crash with MSW 1.0. That image stuck with me, as well as the Kenji Nakajima model pictured above. As far as I can tell, the only log going here is from J.P., who is doing a masterful job and setting the bar very high! I bought the kit on eBay a few months ago. I originally was going to build this after I finished the Pegasus and Charles Morgan, but given how much I have been bashing those two kits, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to build a kit from the box (even though Euromodel kits often encourage builders to take advantage of the incredible plans to enhance the kit). I also have the Euromodel Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde on my shelf -- a really amazing kit -- but I want to better my skills before tackling that kit to do it the justice it deserves. When my kit arrived, I realized not only was I missing Plan Sheet 1, but the keel was pretty warped (it had obviously been sitting somewhere for quite a while). I contacted Euromodel, and Massimo Mazza was incredibly courteous and helpful in replacing both for me. To show my gratitude for Euromodel's kindness, I decided that I would start this model alongside the others. I just hope to do the kit, Massimo and the other folks at Euromodel proud by my efforts! One thing I should mention is that this kit is in Italian and has limited instructions. However, Euromodel, together with MSW's own PiratePete007, have done a really nice job in providing translation and other materials. In particular, Pete has really done us model builders (and Euromodel) a great service in putting together very detailed guides on how one can go about putting together models from the Euromodel line-up. Those guides are really well done and very insightful, especially for me as I am on the beginner end of the spectrum, so a big thank you to Pete!
  3. Hi my name is Chuck This is my first building log I'm building the Royal William I have started the kit doing the first planking this kit is way over my skill level but I have been reading a lot of building log but I'm having fun im using white glue and super glue and nail
  4. I'm off and running with my first Euromodel kit, Le Renommee after a marathon WVH build. I hope I can keep pace with the increasingly beautiful and detailed logs submitted by such talented builders found on this forum. The kit was expensive by my standards, but what isn't these days...and I've been impressed and dismayed by the kit contents in these early stages. Eighteen sheets of detailed plans accompany the kit but a comparison of the plans with supplied bulkheads and decks reveal some inconsistencies. Blocks and gratings are, however, the best I've encountered in any kit. I will work with what is supplied, and tweak and bash as I progress. I've learned and continue to learn through this forum and hope I can contribute in some small way....thanks for looking in. JP
  5. Hi all - this will be my attempt at building the Royal William from Euromodel. I say attempt because I consider my skills as just average. Upon opening the very heavy box I took a few pictures of the contents.All the bulkheads & the keel former are nicely laser cut. The keel former is good & straight but some of the bulkheads are warped a little. The contents include the usual fittings & a lot of cast metal pieces - most nicely done. There are 17 sheets of very nicely done 1:1 plans & a lot of strip wood which seems to be good quality. Mark
  6. Hello my friends and fellow mates, after a long break I come back to my shipyard. I have a very challanging projekt to solve - the Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde. I plan a construction time of more than four years for the vessel. The box is full of material of obviously finest quality. I will take some photos an publish them the next few days. I downloaded all the interpretive documents available at the Euromodel site written by Peter Coward. After studying the book I will go to the working space with great respect - though I do not know how far I will follow the modifications. But I want to build a real good model further than the not-modified one. I decided to start now although I actually wanted to wait till I am retired - but this will last another 6 or 7 years. So long I did not want to wait. I will be back soon with some pics of the box and the material. Cheerio Max
  7. Hey mates—Be careful with the EuroModel kit for building the Renommée frigate. It's likely the Swedish Jupiter and not a French ship at all. Take a look at www.larenommeeship.com in the "Sea Bag" for the article about EuroModel's error. Nice model, but wrong ship.
  8. Thanks for visiting my build log. The first few posts will be updated as I go along From Wikipedia: HMS Prince was rebuilt by Robert Lee at Chatham Dockyard in 1692, and renamed at the same time as HMS Royal William. During the War of the Grand Alliance the ship saw action at the Battle of Barfleur of 19 May 1692. The Prince belonged to the red squadron and carried the flag of Rear Admiral of the Red Sir Cloudesley Shovell. She was the first ship to break the French line during the battle. Later she was rebuilt for a second time by John Naish at Portsmouth Dockyard from 1714, relaunching on 3 September 1719. She was laid up after her re-launch and saw no service at all until she was reduced to an 84-gun Second rate ship in 1756. One year later, she was part of an unsuccessful expedition against Rochefort led by Admiral Sir Edward Hawke. Her squadron, under Vice-Admiral Charles Knowles, attacked the Île-d'Aix and forced her garrison to surrender. In 1758 she participated in Boscawen's and Wolfe's attack on the French Fortress of Louisbourg (Nova Scotia) and an indecisive skirmish with a French squadron. The following year the Royal William returned to Canada under the command of Captain Hugh Pigot to join the attack on Quebec. After the Battle of the Plains of Abraham and the capture of Quebec she sailed back to England with the body of General Wolfe. In 1760 the Royal William was Boscawen's flagship when he took command of the fleet in Quiberon Bay. However, after a severe gale he was forced to return and shift his flag to the Namur. During the expedition against Belle Île of 1761 she was detached with several other ships to cruise off Brest and prevent a French counter-attack from there. The Seven Years' War seems to be the last time that the Royal William played an active role. She was broken up in 1813. LINKS TO RESOURCES Euromodel website - Royal William Product Page - Interpretive Information by PiratePete - Royal William Resource Information Build logs on MSW - Royal William by VinceP (Euromodel) - Royal William by Brian C (Euromodel) - Royal William by Denis Pink (Euromodel) - Royal William by Ersin Derebek (scratch) - Royal William by Kay (scratch) - Royal William by Marktiedens - Royal William by ken3335 Other resources - USNA model of Royal William - Royal William by Victor Yankovitch, also alternative source.
  9. I have discovered a real gem. Euromodel have a 'fleet' of large ships that require a fair degree of skill and interpretation which I find challenging and 'just what the doctor ordered'. I unearthed a smaller ship of theirs which has largely gone un-noticed by most builders. It offers almost all the challenges presented by the larger ships, is much cheaper and allows the enthusiast contemplating some of the Euromodel ships as the Royal William or the Friederich Wilhelm zi Pferde a chance to quickly gain an insight into what the plans are all about. Its smaller size means that you can go through any constructional stage more quickly - right through the hull construction and up to the detailed sails. Anybody interested in seeing this post ? If so, the text and photos will be presented with many, many points being open-ended for you to make your own choices. A little different to what is normally posted. Pete
  10. This will be my log for the Falmouth. First some history. 1750 " Falmouth," East Indiaman, was commenced by Mr. Perry on 1752 the 22nd of August, 1750, and launched on the 14th of August, 1752, a copy of one of the elaborate plans of this vessel now hanging in the office at Blackwall is here given. In this year Mr. Perry's wife, Ann Perry, died at the age of thirty-six. Taken from "Chronicles of Blackwall Yard" by Henry Green and Robert Wigram 1881 It was the first trading vessel of the English Indiaman Companies and showed a close resemblance to a warship in sail plan and rigging, with the most up-to-date reef-points to her topsails The ship was equipped with a large amount of artillery, unusual for the trading vessels of that period. In that she was run along the lines of naval discipline was due to the fact that the vessel could sail alone without any convoy ship, since its rich load was a good bounty for all the enemy vessels and pirate ships. The Falmouth could easily combat a war-ship of the same tonnage, thanks to its crew of 180 experienced men including the best trained gunners. The superiority of the crew was partly due to the incentive granted to each gunman allowing each individual to transport his own 5 tonnage of goods there and 2 tonnage back. These goods were usually sold as smuggled goods to the black market. The Falmouth was of 499 tons and was in service until 1764 completing five voyages for the East India Company under the Captain George Hepburn. She was lost on her sixth voyage, wrecked at Sogar Bank in 1766. (From the Euromodel site) Just some first pictures It only took ten days from the US to Norway by regular post, I was impressed. No wonder the box was so heavy... Having the inlaws visit for two weeks put the start off a little, but tonight I got to dry fit the frames Will fix that one bulkhead..
  11. Hello boys, after have read the interesting topics concerning Euromodel productions I have decided and have just purchased a Royal William kit from Euromodel site. They have a fantastic discount sale going on at the moment and thought it was worth passing on to interested persons. I hope that was useful to anyone interested in these kits. Regards
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