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Found 14 results

  1. Hello. It is all started in 1990 when I got a magazine with paper model of Golden Hind in it. I never succeeded to build it then. Finally now I do it from wood, not paper.... This is my second model ship from wood I did the hull. Next is rigging. Flint
  2. Hi Everyone as a Newbie here, this is my first post, so I hope I have completed everything ok. Nearly finished painting all the parts for my Airfix 1:72 Golden Hind Galleon, won't be long before the Assembly begins ⚓⚓⚓⚓
  3. info Scale of the model and probable dimensions of the ship Internet Links ship building 16th century http://www.maritimearchaeology.dk/downloads/MA Thesis_Alexiou.pdf http://www.maritimearchaeology.dk/downloads/Furring in light of 16th century ship design_web.pdf http://www.maritimearchaeology.dk/downloads/Full thesis bates.pdf http://nautarch.tamu.edu/Theses/pdf-files/Steere-MA2004.pdf http://www.patrimoniocultural.gov.pt/media/uploads/trabalhosdearqueologia/18/22.pdf http://nautarch.tamu.edu/pdf-files/Myers-MA 1987.pdf ttp://www.theonrust.com/building-the-onrust1.html https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/144580044.pdf Hull Keel keel tapered Stempost Frames Replace the plywood frames Fillerbloks Balcony, doors and windows Beakhead Channels and installing cannons Fore and rearcastle Rearcastle interior Forecastle interior + stove Capstan Planking transom Transom upper part Lower hull cannon deck Upper hull Forcastle Treenails Treenails 2 Painting Hull Decks cannon deck (orlop deck) cannon deck (orlop deck planking and lay out canon deck (frames and gunports) canon deck finishing cannons, cannon deck finish, rudder main deck waist, grating,staghorns, pump and figurehead Masts, blocks, deadeyes chaines deadeyes, chaines, masts History of the ship Captain : Francis Drake (after 1580 Sir Francis Drake) 1577 Build or rebuild and launched as the Pelican 1577 Set sail with 4 other ships for an expedition intended to pass around South America 1578 Renamed as the Golden Hind(e) 1579 Captured the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de la conception 1580 Arrived back in England after a trip around the world First English ship to sail around the world And after this journey stored in dry dock on public display until she was finally scrapped. about the trip and sir Francis Drake http://www.winepi.com/DNG.htm http://www.indrakeswake.co.uk/index.htm Dimensions (depending on the source) Length : somewhere in between 31m to 37 m Tonnage : somewhere in between 100 to 150 tons Armament : 18 to 22 cannons Crew : start of the journey 80 to 85 men, Back on arrival in England 56 men Modern day replicas build : · One in Essex ,build between 1947 and 1949 (demolished in 2013) · One in Brixham in Devon build in 1963? Sunk in 1987 and scrapped (Now rebuild based on the hull of a steel barge) · One in Appledore North Devon, launched in 1973, sailed more than 140,000 miles all over the seas and now on display in London. Source : wikipedia The model More then 45 years ago, the Airfix Golden Hind on 1/144 scale was the very first scale model I ever built. This model now wil by a plank on frame model. And I can only do my best to make it as realistic as possible. There are no plans, no drawings and no paintings of the real ship. I just find a few etchings of about 1600 - 1620 on the internet and they are both different. On the internet there are plans . They are of Aeropiccola, an Italian company that no longer exists. I think the scale is abouth 1/50 http://www.john-tom.com/SailBoatPlans/GoldenHind/golden_hindSm.pdf They looked great in the beginning.But the more I look at them, the less good they begin look ... It seems as if the hull is too wide and the shape of the frames dont match the shape from those of Matthew Baker (A well-known shipbuilder from this period) But : It looks like nobody knows If this ship was a real "race galleon" or just an armed merchantman (privateer). Before we start Were the guns placed below dek or on the dek? I believe that all the guns were lined up below deck. And not on the deck like with most Golden Hind models. Guns on the deck may cause an unstable ship . And on the models there is not enough room to absorb the recoil of the guns and too reload them. So Mi first step is to try to build a hull with: A shape that has enough space to absorb the recoil of guns. But is not too wide Has place for 14 cannons below deck Has 2 light guns in the forecastle. Has 4 light cannons in the rear castle. Apparently it looks if there is only one ship wreck from this period is found. Called "the Princess Channel wreck” or “the Gresham ship” In this period many newly built ships were so unstable that the hull had to be adjusted immediately. With the aid of Girdling: (making the hull wider at the water line). Or furring ( make the hull below the waterline wider). Actual evidence of this was found in the Gresham ship. http://www.maritimearchaeology.dk/downloads/Furring%20in%20light%20of%2016th%20century%20ship%20design_web.pdf http://www.maritimearchaeology.dk/downloads/Full%20thesis%20bates.pdf Even on the replica of the Golden Hind the hull is widened at the waterline. I use plywood, ramin ( the pieces of ramin wood are old leftovers from construction works in our house 20 years ago) an cherry wood (from a tree that came from the garden) And the keel of the Golden Hind was laid on a sunny day the 10th of september.
  4. I make a reduced version of 1/150 size the Golden Hind from Aeropicola, which I bought 40 years ago. I have reduced the size of the drawing to 1/3 size. Since it is a small size, it will be a solid model base. I made cross-sections at intervals of 13 mm from the drawing of the bulkhead. ( I only have 13mm of material ) It was cut out with a saw and adhered according to the cross section. The pattern was made from cardboard from the bulkhead drawing, and the sides of the hull were trimmed accordingly. The keel was made of 2mm thick walnut and the upper side plate was made of 0.8mm thick plywood. Make a 2mm keel groove on the bottom of the ship. I glued 0.5x2mm Tanganyika wood to the deck. 0.8mm plywood deck glued to the bow and stern, and keel glued to the bottom. The side plate was glued and the hull part was trimmed by 1 mm so that it was flush. The gun gate was opened in the upper side plate, and the hull part was carved a little and painted black. I glued a 0.5x3mm walnut to the cabin wallboard. The size of the hull is 20 cm.
  5. Hello friends, this will be my first wooden model ship, the Golden Hind by OcCre in 1:85 Scale. I have no real experience with wood models; however, my first impression of this kit has been positive. The laser cut pieces have been easy to identify and cut out of the sheets. Shown below is a dry fit of the basic hull that I assembled last night. A little more fitting and some decking to make sure the rib alignment is correct, and i'll glue things in place. Questions I have should anyone like to comment: What is the best product to use to glue down deck planking? (I'm located in U.S.) What is the best product to use to glue the ribs to the keel? Any help is very much appreciated!
  6. I finally chose a kit by OcCre to start building. I chose the Golden Hind. The kit is a little smaller than I actually wanted, but I think it will be fun to build. I ordered the kit last week and it came today. While waiting for it to arrive, I moved some equipment from the machine shop "clean room" into the house as I am not able to get the wheelchair into the shop outside. This is the area I set up to build in. I am impressed with most of the quality of the kit, especially for the price. The first thing on my agenda is to build a needed way to hold the ship as it is built. I set up a board to hold things square while the bulkheads are fitted and then glued. I cut some pieces of 2 inch aluminum angle and mounted them on each side of the part to hold it tight and vertical. It is a snug slide into and out of the angle brackets. I cut a few extra pieces of angle to use as squares to clamp the bulkheads in place square when glued. having the machine shop and a wood shop is a big advantage, because I can literally make anything I need. I will be building a simple keel clamp to hold the ship for planking the hull and the rest of the build. I will do that between fitting and gluing the bulkheads on this board. I am not to concerned about the build itself as much as I am not being familiar with all the terminology of the ship parts as you guys are and am a little intimidated trying to discuss the build not knowing all the correct terms. Some of the pieces are still "do hickeys" or "thingies" to me until I memorize their correct name. This part is a learning process for me, so please be patient If I don't call something by its correct name. I will do my best to learn all the correct terms, hopefully with some help from you folks.
  7. I don't actually have the kit yet, I ordered it last night from Model Expo, but I figured I'd go ahead and start the build log. I probably wouldn't have done a build log, but it looks like there aren't any for this kit yet, so I'll give it a go. I have done a build log in the past, but that was before the big crash wiped out the board. I think it was the HMS Pickle that I did here. I also did Chuck's Mayflower, but that was on another forum where he had been posting his prototype build. He had me do my log right at the end of his. I have surfed many of the build logs and there are some insanely talented builders, I am not one of them. I like chugging through the build and then enjoying the finished product. If I were to shoot for perfection I'd never get the thing planked. So this should move along quickly, but I certainly won't do the kit the justice it deserves, but hopefully it will be helpful to some. As I don't have the kit yet, I have no pictures to post, but here's a link to the kit on Duesk's site. http://www.dusekshipkits.com/golden-hind
  8. I have started the next project, an elizabethanian galleon. I use some plans I did find in two old german modeling books, Mondfeld, Historische Schiffsmodelle, a german classic from the early 70., and Stoeckel,Risse von Schiffen des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts. Both authors showed very similar plans of an elizabethanian galleon, named Golden Hind or ex Pelican. It may be a model of Drakes Golden Hind. How Golden Hind looked exactly is unclear. But I like the plans, and they also seems quite right for the type Galeone of the english sailors in the time of queen Elizabeth Tudor. Fist step was to modify the slipway. For the aligning of the frames on the keel plate I use a cross line laser The plans The bulkheads Mounting of the bulkheads on the keel plate The shipyard guard (named Michel ) after work cheers! Hartmut
  9. A little late with my log, but oh well. I've had this kit for about 10 years, and finally decided to get going on it. I've had a lot of experience building models, since I was a kid, but my best work has been HO model trains. I'd also say I'm an experienced woodworker, with mostly furniture type stuff. The Golden Hind is my second wood ship model built. The first was a Mini-Mamoli of the Pinta, which I extensively modified. I should post a few pictures of it someday. Anyway, after coming this far on it, there are a few things I wish I could have done better. One, I should have spent more time making sure all the frames and decks were square. If you look at the model at an angle it looks OK, but when you try to line things up, it's a little off. The waterline should have been a bit higher. Oh well, most people won't notice. For the deck planks, I used the tanganyka that came with the kit. Unfortunately, after applying some oil based polyurethane it's darker than I'd like. Maybe I should have tried a water based poly instead, or used a different wood like basswood, like most people do. I'll admit though, most of the decks of ship models I've seen, look too light to me. The biggest problem with my deck is that there is little contrast between the deck and the bulwarks. --Randy Mamoli was a little stingy with the wood in this kit. I was short on many of the different sizes, and some of the smaller sizes had quality issues. Although I used wood glue for large pieces, my glue of choice is usually CA. If you get the larger container it's not that expensive, it dries fast, it can be used as a filler, and sands well. Also, if you get a little messy with it, it's OK since it has ambering properties like oil based poly, so they go well together. A wood glue like Titebond can cause a cloudy finish, unless it is removed to bare wood. When I need a slow setting glue, or something I may need to reposition, I'll use Aleene's tacky glue, acrylic caulk, or CA gel. CA is also good for hardening brittle edges, like the decorative mahogany pieces in this kit. What I did to keep from ruining them while cutting them out from the sheet, was first to spray on some clear finish to protect the paint. Then with an x-acto knife, I cut them to about 1/32 to the edge, applied CA to the edges, then sanded the rest of the way to the lines. Then I added a little more CA to the edges, to keep them from splintering. One thing I've wondered with this kit, is it really 1:53 scale? To me, it seems a little smaller, like about 1:64 or so. I say this because of the door heights, steps, dingy, and just the height of the cap rails. The important thing though, is that most of the small pieces seem proportional to the model, so I'm fine whether the scale is right or not.
  10. Hello everyone. I started this more than 15 years ago and it was the first wooden ship model kit I had bought (also the last to date!), however after second planking and being confounded by the kits inaccurate parts, such as the chain plates, and having no experience of ship building, I gave up. Well the internet is much better now with all sorts of info out there such as this site/forum so after stumbling upon it, I was inspired by rschisslers build log of this kit to try again to complete it. So here is my build log from now; I had taken pictures previously but that was back in the days of pin hole cameras if I unearth them I will add them in. Here is where I started from recently. And the most recent work, not much so far; hand/cap rails installed some gratings hollowed out the boat adjusted the front pointy bit to accept the goat or hind figure head (no I'm not kidding, I'll try to get the names right but I'm no nautical person!) border on stern installed Unfortunatley the hull is twisted, is there anything I can do? Anyway hopefully I'll get better pictures and more detail as I go on but it will all be inspired by Mr R Schisslers work. Cheers, Ciaran.
  11. Hello, I've never posted to this site before so I hope I'm doing it right. I am building Sir Francis Drake's "Golden Hind," from plans by Mamoli. I've made one ship before from a kit, but this is pretty much the first scratch built ship I've tried to build. This is a fun hobby but I can't say I'm that good at it so far. I getting the wood from Corwall Models in England because they have a large selection, but it takes over a month for the wood to arrive here in California. If anyone knows of an online store that has a large wood selection in the U.S. please do tell.
  12. Well after a two year hiatus I restarted my Golden Hind project. Its an old Billings kit and quite a large one at what I figure must be 1/2"=1" scale. Its about 34" long. I just about to finish the standing rigging including ratlines. Thank God. Heres some pics I hope.Looks like everything posted just fine.
  13. Hey there i'm currently building Mamoli Golden Hind and am up to glueing the card decorations onto the hull. is it better to dilute the glue acrylic. not sure with card have never seen them before. in fact had i known this kit came with card would probably not have bought it. but you live and learn and so far it looks good. any suggestions welcome and appreciated. cheers will post pics of build shortly and my first build Amati Santa Maria. also whilst i'm on a roll i served on HMAS Torrens in the RAN does anyone know of any models of her on the market in any incarnation, i.e., wood, plastic etc. or of any River class DE. cheers Vossy the football god!
  14. Unfortunately,camera got nicked with all my build photo's on it.So this is all I've got of the ship as it is now.

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