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Found 6 results

  1. Well, what was I thinking... After finishing Frigate Diana (Build log), I turned my eye on one of my favorite ships since first heading about it in school: the Bireme. Amati's kit was available in the store, and after sitting on the shelf for a good ten months while Di was being built, the day was there to open the box: If I had to make an unboxing video of this kit, the whole thing would be over in about 20 seconds. Surprisingly little in there, especially instructions-wise, with 2 single sided sheets strewn with several drawings. I read in other reviews and logs that Amati instructions are top notch, so either I'm getting it wrong or this is the one exception to the rule... The sail is obviously unfinished, and some ornaments are in the plastic box, including a very rudimentary rendition of a ram. Bit disappointed really, excepted more. But on we went, forging on with confidence. At least I had 2 builds under my belt so I should have an inkling of how to build without a safety net. Cut out the bulkheads and the false keel for dryfitting: None was a snug fit, so had to devise some special clamps to hold the bulkheads true in all axes: Had to do some corrections as well because some bulkheads were not high enough, some filing on others, but in the end it got sorted out. Missing the Occre fits though. I'm using Moreplovac's excellent build log to have at least an idea of what's coming my way. While studying it, thought it might be a good idea to handle the interior of the ship first, so I started working on the seats for the rowing crew. With the help of a little jig, the seats were all cut to the same size and attached to the bulkheads. This was also my first confrontation with the walnut strips in this kit, which seem to be made out of concrete 🙂 Installed, it looks like this: After this, used some walnut dye to darken the space beneath the seats, nd started on the extensive task of hiding the burn marks on the top of the bulkheads and the central columns, as these could not be removed by sanding. now working on the bow and Stern balsa pieces, getting them in shape, as well as starting to fair the bulkheads for planking. Well, at least I don't have too many masts to worry about 🙂 Take care & stay safe!
  2. Hello all! This is my first model ship I have ever made and I'm determined to make it look beatiful! I posted a question awhile back in regards to making the frame but due to family issues I had to take a LONG break with making my ship. Upon my return I find myself quite overwhelmed and confused. The manual (which I inluded a photo of) gives little to no detailed information on what I'm actually supposed to be doing. I'm not sure where I'm supposed to put the nails (in step 3) and I dont know what wood I'm supposed to use to start planking the bottom of the ship with. I've never even planked before! I've looked up many videos and articles and nothing is specific enough. So my main questions as of now- 1. Clarification on step 3 2. What wood do I use first to plank with? I appreciate the help, I really want to get into this hobby so I need experience but I also don't want to mess my ship up! Thanks for the help! My ship is the "Greek Warship Bireme - Amati - Scale 1/35". Also, if anyone can send some videos that are helpful to beginners I will be willing to watch them, esspesially if they are specific to this model or videos/ articles about this model. I've seen a lot but I would love to see what you guys recommend, thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, this is my first wooden ship model I have ever built and I'm determined to make a beautiful ship! I've ran into quite an embarrassing road-block my first day and I would like a little help. The first photo is my ship, the second photo is another person's ship. The top frame pieces on my ship are not flush to the keel like they should be on the second photo. The instructions with this kit are not clear at all, am I supposed to cut a larger opening to fit the pieces better? Please excuse my ignorance and thank you for your help! above is my ship above is another user's ship I am comparing mine to
  4. Today I received the two bireme kits and I'm busy packing my tools, so it's time to start my build log. I also received 2 ready made (already stitched) painted sails. they look really neat imho. I'm still waiting for some books on the subject, but I'll get them before we leave for France. I start this build as a vacation project, but I'm of course aware this will take me much longer. It's just a kick off. We rent a small cottage in the Médoc (Bordeaux region). My wife loves to read books and I love to do things with my hands (or I go insane). I used to bring a couple of plastic kits with me on vacation, but the insane amount of paint and tools made me look for something else to build. The Greek bireme seems to be a good choise. I love the subject, it's a good starter kit I think and I don't need that many tools...not as much as I used to drag with me anyway. Above all...no rediculous amount of paint jars, airbrush and compressor! We leave the 19th. I'll use this time to educate myself. Read this forum, read downloaded tutorials and watch youtube videos....and hopefully I won't make too much of a fool of myself when I start building in two weeks time. Looking forward to this! Robin
  5. Well, it has been a while when i did my first wooden ship model. Few decades ago, while back in elementary school, i joined, at that time known as a "wooden ship model club". Basically a bunch of kids with a passion for ship modeling will gather together after school in the classroom dedicated to the club and start working on ship models. Those were scratch build attempts, more-less successful. The ship models that would survive all kids adventures will be presented at the "school day", kind of celebration of the school end at what time teachers and students will present their achievements during long 10 months of school days, studying and getting decent grades... Anyhow being eager to get into ship modeling, i joined the "club" and started to scratch build my first ship. It was very interesting back in those days until one bad Monday. After spending weekend working on frames for my ship, i was all pumped up to show my work to teacher and other club members. Unfortunately on the way to the school a met with local bullies who demanded, beside other things to see what i have in the backpack. Off course, being me, i did not want them to touch any of my weekend hard work so we ended up in exchanging "arguments". At some point in time, i dropped my backpack to have a bit of a better movement capabilities... I happened to defend myself and victoriously grabbed my backpack just to hear a lots of clunking noise.. Opened up the backpack and saw all my weekend hard work broken in peaces.. Darn.. Disappointed with results of argument exchanging (not disappointing with results of argument exchange) but with the broken peaces i decided not to show up on the club anymore.. Today i don't know why.. Anyhow, here i am again with another attempt. Since there is no more bullies i hope to get better success. I did not start the build log at the beginning of my Greek Bireme journey (apologies for that); was to eager to get back to work bench so first few log pages will be just to get us all at the stage where i am now. Unfortunately there will be no much room for improvement since i am half way thru building the model. I have not worked on models for quite some time; this will be my first attempt in several years but since i already noticed lots of mistakes i decided to buy another kit of the same ship. All lessons learned building this kit will be applied to the second.. So, lets begin.... The kit is from Amati, scale 1/35, called Greek Warship Bireme Content of the box is not too "crowded", instructions, small peaces, ropes, planking material... Instructions are not the strongest feature of this kit; they are written on three languages. Two big peaces of instructions my workspace wall will not be able to handle both at the same time.. So need to get a bigger workshop :-) The laser cut process is very precise and leaves not to much residue to be removed after you cut off all peaces... The important part is to mark all peaces before you remove them so you will know which frame goes where... All marked and removed for further assembly... Being very keen to get my hands dirty (with glue) i started to dry fit all parts.. All parts fits fairly good but still a lots of movement (no snug fit) so i think i might have a bit of a challenges in the future... I am planing to do a catch up work this week by posting few more past pictures so i can actually start with real build log as soon as possible. Thanks for watching...
  6. Greetings fellow shipbuilders! To clear something up before i start my log - this is my first model and I am new to the business of working with wood. I picked up this kit because it looked to me like something rather simple to start with and because I simply love antic history, being a history student. So the dilema was should i start with the small bireme kit or the larger and more complex trireme kit that Dusek is offering. SInce it was my first model I decided to play it simple and went for the small 455mm long Greek Bireme from 6th century BC. Other than that I decided that the model will be crewed with 48 rowers, 3-4 sailors and 5-6 hoplite infatry. This came into my mind later when I already started to build because I saw online a finished model of the same ship that is fully crewed. So I found out that the company Orion makes 1/72 scale antic sailor models and got myself 3 boxes nad a box of hoplite infantry hehe... And one thing that I really care, as all of the people that do this hobby, is that the model is finished historicaly accurate, that it can serve as a mini history lession of antic naval warfare. Now, it is not the same if you have to deal with well known ships and something that is as little known as antic ships. I've gone through two books that deal on antic naval warships and i still have some unsolved dilemmas. Almost all of the literature is focused on the more common known ships like the trireme, but almost nothing does it say about a bireme. The model i have is entirely based on greek pottery paintings! Which is rather interesting. I still have some unresolved problems that I will put up before i start crewing the boat. I belive I should point out that i got the idea from user yancovitch where I saw that it can be done! http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/gallery/image/9877-dsc-0449a/ So this is the box and the plans. Now one thing I noticed is that the picture on the box is of some older version of the model. The one pictured doesent have planking on the deck since it is only a straight flat plank, but the model itself comes with a wooden sheet with deck planking already inprinted on it. Some things i dislike on the ship is the plain white sail and the wide reddish/brown plank that looks like some sort of shield in the front of the ship. I plan not to put that silly ugly plank upfront and i will sew my own sail out of red and blue cloth to make it more interesting, specialy because greeks enjoyed colourful things, didnt they And I plan on painting a red strip on the side of it, aswell as the fence (I am sorry for the lack of propery usage of naval terms, and english is not my mother language so I cant think of anything else than fence). The plans are really not that much. A scaled picture of the model and a few pages that pracicaly say nothing more than first do this, than do this, and voila a bireme. So this is where i curently am with the planking. This is the first time I tried it, and it looks kinda flimsy but I belive that after the sanding process that it should look better. The lower deck where the bottom rowers sit is already painted since those areas might be harder to paint afterwads. Planking the front of the ship was rather hard, since the plank has to bend from the center of the ship to the front by almost 90 degrees. The holes i left in the front are there because that part will be covered by the ram that i will construct since i really dont like that little plank that is sepose to represent a ram. The back of the ship was much easier to plank that the front since on the front it has a rather strange bend. Now what bothers me a lot are theese gaps between the planks that I made because of my lack of skills. I really hope I can somehow carefuly fill them with wood kit, and that after the sanding and painting they will not be so visible. Anyone has an idea if it can be fixed? Oh yes and another thing that really got me mad haha. One of the plastic clippers that i used for hodling0 planks together until the blue dries slipped and crushed this piece here... Now it will take some carefull work to bring it in its place in such a way that it is not noticed after everything is finished. And atlast, here are some online pictures of the models that are still on their way from e-bay! There are rowers aswell as sailors who pull ropes and similar. I also ordered a ,,captain'' and a flutist, oh and the hoplites are not in a battle position, they are more like in a chill figure, which suits me since the ship will be cruising and not in a battle formation. http://i1087.photobucket.com/albums/j470/Sharko021/P1020444_1.jpg Well, that is it for now. Soon I will be finished with the planking and than i hope the sanding will go well! After that i will throw myself into building that ram! Thank you for reading
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