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Found 14 results

  1. Recently, I became interested in ships of the Colonial era. From a forum post about Chaleur I came across a lead to an extended article by Randle Biddle at the NRG. It discusses a his new design perspective about the Hannah. I found the article very novel and well thought out and it will be a great model project for me albeit a challenge. The article also includes plans by Randle Biddle: The plans are published by the Nautical Research Journal and are available to NRG members for download. That’s a great bargain and well worth the cost of joining the NRG. The plans consist of
  2. I bought the Harold Hahn book, “The Colonial Schooner” a while back. This is an excellent book. It has the plans for the Hannah and a couple other schooners. Harold Hahn built his models in an admiralty style. I’m not that good. I like to build plank on bulkhead. However, the book has hull lines and where there are hull lines, there can be bulkheads easily made. I have discovered that card works beautifully for me. So I am starting with this: and turning it into this: The picture is from the US Navy’s History and Heri
  3. Hello All, I have started modeling again. It's not like I haven't had time. But have been wood working and bee box building. Having fun. But getting back to modeling now. I am getting back to my re-build of my Lady Kathrine, my Echo Cross Section, and now the Hannah. Been studying up on all the chapters Bob has supplied with the kit. It also included 2 cd's with very detailed pic's on the build. I am considering rigging the ship since I have all the info I need for the model. It will be given to my oldest daughter Victoria. The reason is simple. Her 2 very best friends are named Hannah.
  4. Today I finished my Hannah Ship in a Bottle kit from Amati. I picked it up on a whim off of eBay for $20 a few years ago thinking it might be a fun little project. I spent a few weeks on it during my Badger build in the summer of 2012 to give me a mental break from that model, and then the model sat for the next two and a half years. I picked it up again this year, spending the last month or so finishing it as a break from my Pegasus build. I decided not to do a build log as I went along, as frankly, I was a bit worried that I'd screw up the project and have to scrap it due to my modificat
  5. I'll call my official start date 6/14/2014 I found this kit on ebay, and wanted to build a Hannah without having to commit to a full POF scratch build. This will be a fun little build that will be for my youngest daughter Hannah. I want to try and improve the historical accuracy of this kit, but don't want to kill myself getting there, my main goal is a nice little intricate ship that represents the Hannah that my daughter will be proud to display in the future when she has her own home. The kit included a solid hull, plans, printed deck on thin wood, wood dowels, wood strips, several
  6. This will be my build log for a scratch-built, 1:32 scale, plank-on-frame, admiralty style model of "Hannah", purportedly the first armed ship recruited into Washington's navy during the Revolutionary War. I've wanted to do a full hull scratch build at this larger scale, but what ship? The choice was not completely arbitrary. Even a 5th or 6th rate frigate in the Royal Navy would be 4-1/2 feet long at this scale, not including the bowsprit! Obviously I had to look elsewhere. I settled on Hannah because it is significantly smaller (this model will be 24" long with a 6" beam) and there w
  7. Good morning everyone. After few years I finally got my first ship kit - received still warm box yesterday morning . For some reason I expected something more... or bigger... or maybe just a box filled with some more stuff... but when I started to look closely at all parts included, the scale of this ship has hit me like a tiny, micro bag of potatoes. My "previous small scale modelling" seems totally irrelevant now, seems like smallest bits I have painted before are of average size of Hannah bits.... First thoughts and impressions are the most positive. Plywood is of good quality
  8. Started this kit about a year ago and took some photos, but didn't start my log. Life got busy and now I am back at the build and posting my log. Available from Seagifts Product Description (Copied from Seagifts) -- Wood model boat kit from Amati. All wooden parts are precut, for more accurate assembling, decks, and keel are photoetched, guns are metal casted. The kit includes: wooden hull, decks, masts, and skylights, glass bottle with wooden cap, cloth sails, and instruction booklet. Intermediate Skill Level: Boat Length: 4-1/4", Height: 3-1/2", Scale 1:300 Opening the box...
  9. OK well here we go...this is going to be my first attempt at a mostly scratch built ship project, I've purchased rigging blocks and cannon barrels, but everything else will be scratch. I've decided to start small both in scale and ship by doing the Colonial Schooner Hannah, she will be laid up as POB. The bulkhead and false keel plans were provided by Highwingpilot over on www.modelshipbuilder.com (thanks to all there), but I have reduced them from 1/72 scale down to 1/96. I've found some other internet copies of Harold Hahn's plans and have a copy of his book Colonial Schooner,
  10. I have finally finished Hannah. My main purpose for building Hannah was to begin plank and frame modeling. That is one reason I didn’t include the rigging. The other reason is that I’m not crazy about rigging.The case was made out of old Mahogany that a friend had stored in his shop. I now plan to work on Halifax the second ship Harold Hahn discusses in his book The Colonial Schooner. I plan to include the rigging on Halifax.
  11. I have always wanted to make a plank on frame ship model. Hannah seems like a good place to start. I am using Hahn’s plans and his book The Colonial Schooner. I am using boxwood, ebony, and holly in the construction. I have just completed the beams an ledges. Holly decking comes next. I sort of hate to cover the under decking after all that work. It looks like fitting the decking to the stanchions is next. Any advice in doing that would be appreciated
  12. 1:70 Hannah Ship Model Okumoto Catalogue # Available from Ship Model Okumoto for ¥ 33,000 (approx. $290) The schooner Hannah was the first armed American naval vessel of the American Revolution and is claimed to be the founding vessel of the United States Navy. She was a fishing schooner owned by John Glover of Marblehead, Massachusetts and was named for his daughter, Hannah Glover. The crew was drawn largely from the town of Marblehead, with much of the ships ammunition being stored in Glover's warehouse now located at Glover's Square in Marblehead befo
  13. This is my first build log ever. Since English is not my first language it will probably be amusing reading. I bought the kit second hand sevral years ago. Partly because it´s a nice looking ship with a limited amount of strings and partly because it has the same name as my eldest daughter. I started building the ship 7 years ago but a divorce and a new kid caused a long break Before i could resume. Making slow progress. Since I have a Little daughter of 4 I haven't a lot of time to spare. I have more or less finished the hull and deck fittings. Substituted almost all of the stuff except
  14. Today I received the Amati Hannah Ship in a Bottle. I received this beautiful kit from the Admirals parents for Christmas. Box art looks like it will make a wonderful model. Lets get started. Here are the obligatory box and unboxing photos: Started construction of the hull. Went fairly smooth. Hull is all glued together plywood that will be shaped once dry and final assembly of the deck is in place. Thought I would take this opportunity to do some painting on the PE that the instructions call for. Note that the quarter deck still needs paint. The instructions call for a
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