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  1. Hello, Model Ship World! My name is Marc and I hail from NYC. While I am new to the site, I am not a novice to the hobby. Owing to the early growth of my two children, and the development of my career in woodworking, it has been some time since I built a ship model. About sixteen years, in fact! Most of my hobby time, in the evenings, has been devoted to a series of woodworking and furniture projects, which fall under the umbrella of something I refer to as the Heirloom Furniture Project - a legacy project for my kids to inherit sometime far down the road, I hope! Despite my i
  2. I have started the build of a Heller Le Solei Royal, my level of expertise in building models is of an advanced beginner (LOL). I know I am unable to turn out some build at the level of some of the very well done ships I have seen in this blog, but I will do my best and build the ship as good as I can. Attached are some photos of the hull, I am still in the process of double checking the hull in an attempt to find and correct any errors, and also to fix any paint details, once I am done with this process I will start installing the masts. I intent to do my own shrouds and rat line (I
  3. Just recently started this kit after finally finishing Heller 1/100 Victory. What a change from 18th century rig and cannons. Long narrow all iron hull with midship bridge. Five iron masts. The decks are crammed with machinery such as manual brace & halyard winches and several capstans.. Kit Summary: Hull halves were crammed across the kit box diagonal; I think they must have wanted to use the same box size as the Passat kit. The stem and lowermost rudder mount were bent because the diagonal really is slightly too small. Kit includes thermoplastic sails. Kit does not incl
  4. Late summer 1805, the sun is burning inexorably from above, the wind is completely asleep, the sea is smooth as glass. The dispatches have already been exchanged. The master of the small cutter has just returned to his tiny vessel. Behind it there is towering the enormously massiv silhouette of the huge black and ocher striped three decker. Through the open gunports the lashed up guns can be seen. Also the officers' cabins ports are wide opened by the order of the Captain's to ensure an optimal ventilation of the hot and steamy lower decks. Clatter of activity on some guns being ran out cuts
  5. I just purchased the Heller, come to find out all the instructions are in French! Any way someone could either send me the instructions in English or share with me how to get them? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Going to repost all the pictures onto this thread as I go along. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  6. I had a build log on the now apparently defunct "HMS Victory Modeller's Knowledge Repository..." by Pete Coleman, but all this is gone now. I thought I'd just show a handful of progress shots, and the completed project. I never could have built her like she came out without that web site; it's a shame about it. For any readers contemplating a build, know that there are now available seven sheets of brass etch to enhance the kit. Everything from accurate shroud chains to nice stanchions to trigger locks for the cannon. They are superlative, although I only ordered two as this was my first mode
  7. Greetings to everyone! This kit needs no introductions, as it is an old Heller, with many issues. In fact I have made, and/or attempted to kitbash this kit many times in the past. So basically the simple plan is this: repeat all the methods I used on the bomb ketch, with the experience and skill I got from that kit to the Royal Louis. The main issue this kit has, which had to be addressed is the horrendous wood grain that covers the entire side of the ship. It is off scale, and actually shouldn't exist at all. Plus the over the top wales that had to be trimmed down as well. With
  8. Hi All, Yesterday arrived this nice kit and I thought let make a build log from my progress. I havent seen this kit here on the forum yet so maybe it fun for other to see how much I'll struggle to get this job done. And maybe others will give me some ideas and recommendations. It is my 3rd kit that im going to build and seems pretty difficult. And most probably its going to be more difficult when I will start with the rigging as far as I can see I will have to make some modifications to get that job done. I think I will order a dremel or such thing to drill some holes where needed, but
  9. Hey 1st time here. Hornblower, Master and Commander, Empire total war, Napoleon total war inspired build. I live within 30 mins of the Hms Trincomalee. So here it is my first attempt at a model ship of the line. Comments and crit welcome. Started it on Tuesday.
  10. In a moment of over enthusiasm I bought and have started building Hellers huge 1/100 scale Soleil Royal. Internet reviews indicated that the kit may have a few problems - I can confirm that it has a myriad of issues. As I am building this for myself I am allowing a fair amount of artistic licence (In other words I have no better idea than anyone else of what the original really looked like) First the obligatory box shot for those who have not seen the kit: And contents: Construction started with the hull - all the gun ports for the lower battery and battery decks are clo
  11. 20th February 2020 I started this build almost exactly 7 years ago (February 2013) but parked it after perhaps 2 or 3 months for a variety of reasons. Every once in a while I’d half-heartedly take another look but, with no end of other calls on my time – a house renovation, a large garden, a family – it was always easier to justify further procrastination. I finally got going again this January 2020 and am enjoying it immensely this time. One of the reasons I parked it, to be honest, was demoralisation - I hadn’t really appreciated what building a 1:100 Victory would entail and there are
  12. I've finally found the time to reconstruct my build log after the great crash of 2013 Some of the pictures are lost so the log does not start at the beginning. This is my first serious foray into ship modeling. I say first serious attempt because 30+ years ago I built a Revell USS Constitution. But I was still in High School and not very concerned with accuracy or craftsmanship. I just wanted to finish the kit and display it. This kit of Soleil Royal was given to me as a gift way back then and I am just getting around to continuing building it. I am very much looking forward t
  13. Hi. New here. I see that any medium of ship can be shown here as a build. Mine will be from the Heller Kit, but with Dafi's etch sets. Will also scratch build most of the deck detail from the lower deck to the poop deck. Materials used will be the plastic, PE and resin. Some of the etch I will be using. Will be altering the hull steps to the later part of Victory's career. Also using evergreen and syrin rope, blocks and other items. Hope you find this Interesting. Foxy
  14. Hi there, I've been working on this for a while - there is a full comprehensive build article here: http://www.bishophobbies.com/category/showcase/hms-victory/ Here are some pictures of where the build is at today:
  15. Hello again! Another tiny and old Heller kit, a small sailing ship representing the Mediterranean "tartane" type. The kit is not actually that bad. The yards were unusable and had to be made anew. The mainmast was also changed a bit. the plastic sails were also no good. Other than that I did very few modifications.
  16. Hello friends of the unusual today II start a short cut: SR2SP ! We all knoe HsH's enormous rebuild of the SR out of the box towards her real apearance. - and this remembered me on my mistake 40 years ago when I at adding the last flag torn my SR from the desk down on the floor accidentaly. I also read in Cederic L. rebuild to Le Rheyne and both together motivated me to plan a rebuild of SR as Sankt Philippe - short cut in here : SP- I'm still awaiting my Ancre monographie. It might be possible:
  17. PART 1 It has been a long time since I worked on any of my boats, and it will be a while before I can continue on them, but I needed to do something, so I picked out my Heller Siganot kit for a quick build. This is a model of a ~42’ French two masted gaff rigged fishing schooner in 1/60th scale. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the kit contents. It includes the paint, but I don’t know how old the kit is, quite by the box wear, so I may use my Vallejo Paints. I may have to make new decals, also, the ones provided in the kit are black, and will not stand ou
  18. From Le Superbe to Le Praetorian – A Heller Seventy-four, after Boudriot This is a summarised record of my attempt to modify a small scale plastic kit by reference to the works of Jean Boudriot. Very few of the original kit fittings were used in the build. This was to be a first attempt at fully detailing a model of this scale, adding sails and displaying in a waterline setting. Early progress Lower deck detail. Upperdeck showing Galley and Pastry oven. One unfortunate fellow is spending time in the bilboes, for swearing on a Sunday. Restyling the Foc’sle rail.
  19. I'm new to MSW and ship building. I have done a lot of modeling over the years. And I have found out that ship building is the 'meat and potatoes', if you will, of modeling. I have lost a lot of my earlier photos of the cannon being built and the hull construction. I followed pete coleman example and others to get ideas for details. Books are needed to build these ship models if you want to even try to be accurate. I'll be submitting a lot of my photos. Many of which will be rather boring but I want to preserve them somewhere other than Facebook.
  20. Hi there, I've started a build log for this ship on my website: www.bishophobbies.com You can find the log on this page: http://www.bishophobbies.com/category/showcase/hms-victory/ I will post here to note my progress. Cheers, Paul
  21. ANOTHER H.M.S. Victory build log! But this one will be different. I’m going to skip all the hull construction and shroud installation and climb right up into the rigging. I haven’t any choice really since there are no photos of that part of this build. I started this model in 1997 or so, it was my first ship model. I’m starting this build log January 10, 2015. H.M.S. Victory needs no introduction but I would like to place this model into the context of my personal background. In the 1990’s I was not even vaguely interested in ships, I was an aircraft nerd and I built 1/48 scale plastic air
  22. Hey all, I have been lurking around here for quite some time. I've posted before but real life and work just kept my bench time at bay. Hopefully now I may have some time for myself - or at least I'm pretty determined to make it so ... Tempus Fugit on many levels in seems! I hadn't meant to open this thread so soon, but I've been struggling to get an answer for the most basic of questions (well I think it is)? My see me out project is that of the HMS Victory, in this instance the Heller 1/100th scale version, lots of reasons, both for the subject and for the medium - non of which I shall
  23. Hello folks, as I am still in the reconvalescence hospital I have to reorder my mind and brain after a little stroke. Due to this I decided to add some fast test project in here, due to the fact, that I'll have no possibility to build - I just can draw (analogue on paper). So I bought the book about the recennt exhibition in the Deutsches Technikmuseum (as the German version was not avaible at Amazon) and picked out LE TERRIBLE as a fascinating project. to try my restskills of drawing. The LE TERRIBLE has 14 of the 36pfder gunports and was furnished with 10
  24. Praefix: https://youtu.be/eduLvBaAbVs Dear friends of the re-use of the Heller SR kit! "OVER THE WAVES I AM EXCEPTIONAL" This writing was placed on the mizzen mast of her - and due to my honorable colleague @Hubac's Historian /Marc and it's distinguished work I am here with this second baroque project by pure curiosity to the overwhelming decor on the pick of the luxurious splendour - untill the laws of nature and naval arcitecture vetoingly entered the stage of history. Yours HdS, Berlin in spring 2019 The first ROYAL LOUIS we
  25. during the doldrum that I've been on for the last few weeks, my son gave me this neat little model. he bought it at a flea market for $10.00. the model was untouched....all of the parts were still in the plastic bag inside. looking at the condition of the box, I thought it might be an older kit, so I did a bit of digging. there are no mold dates anywhere, other than the 'Heller' embossment on the inside of one of the hull halfs. to my surprise, the kit may only be about five or so years old.......it wasn't immediately listed on the Heller site, but going in a little deeper, showed
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