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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, Well, I'll give it a try and start my construction protocol for the Le Coureur 1776 kit from CAF. It is my second model as I beg your indulgence if it is not perfect. However, I ask for constructive criticism as well as tips and tricks. I deliberately chose this model because it comes very close to a POF and I plan to deal with a scratch construction later. You can choose from the HMS Beagel, the frigate Naiad, La Renommee or the La Jacinthe. However, I still need some time to practice. Tobi
  2. Hello everyone, this is my fourth kit-build and my first POF build. I couldn‘t resist to buy this one because of its beauty and grace. Some months ago I finished my last build and I thought some time about what to build next. There are a lot of beginner kits but I found it difficult to choose the right „intermediate“ kit. I started the Caldercraft 1:64 Granado kit I had in storage for a long time soon to find out that CAF is designing a 1:48 POF kit of the Granado. So I have put that build on hold until CAF has finished the developement. If it will turn out well, I will eventually start that one. But meanwhile? The Badger is more like an experiment, which will take a lot of time researching and I have to think about every step. How about a nice little side-project, that is challenging enough to keep me busy until CAF‘s Granado will be finished? Having followed the banned kits threat for a while I was afraid about buying a Chinese manufacturer‘s kit because I expected less experience with kits than established European and American companies already have. But CAF is something like a startup and I decided if I won‘t give a talented designer like Tom of CAF a try, other Chinese companies that still sell pirated kits in the first will never get encouraged to chance their attitude. So I ordered the kit, a barrel box and a cutter and got all items three days ago. My first impression was - wow! I have also ordered the Le Coureur book from Ancre and will use it as another source for reference, but it will take some more days to arrive here. James H. already did a nice and substantial kit review, so there is little left to say about the kit. It comes in two medium boxes, but both stuffed with lasercut wooden parts, stripe wood, accessoires and plans. As far as I can see, the quality of all parts is excellent, although cherry is not my favorite wood this might be my first kit it won‘t be necessary to substitute any wood. The keel is to be assembled first and then the cradle has to be done next. I made a small step first to assemble the bottom of the cradle and fixed that to a plain MDF-board with some screws. Will begin assembling the keel within the next days. Stay tuned...
  3. Hi all, In a few weeks i will start my third built, Le Coureur which i purchased a few weeks ago. I already learnt quite a lot building the AL Red Dragon and Le Renard but I was reticent to post anything but a couple of technical questions. So this time I will muster the courage to post and share my accomplishments, mistakes and disappointments. Feel free to chime in, share suggestions and give constructive criticism, and if you already have built this Mamoli kit please let me know how it went and if there are pitfalls i should be aware of. Thanks! PC
  4. Seems that I'am one of the first who opens a buildlog of the CAF Le Coureur kit.. Unlike other buildlogs I will not start with a extensive kit review since this can be seen in other threads, like the one from CAF My kit has been arrived after 6 days from the reception of the shipping notification to door delivery, very fast! The kit was very well packed to ensure a safe transport. Before the construction starts, here are a few thoughts as per today about my intentions on how to show the model. I will try to display the Coureur as she appeared in 1776, just before the capture of the English navy. For reference I will follow the Ancre monograph. I want to show as much interieur as possible without neglecting too many details like masts, rigging and deck furniture. How this task turns out in detail will be determined throughout the construction as it progresses.
  5. Hello model shipbuilders! Here is my latest build log. I started this project early last year and now I decided to share it with you. The build is based on Boudriot's monograph "Le Coureur". There were several things I found very interesting when I decided to build this model: the sail plan the clinker planking of the hull - I've never done one before and the acceptable size and complexity I plan to do a fully rigged model. Everything will be scratch built except the guns and the gun carriages which were bought from SyrenShipModelCompany.com
  6. Click on the tags in the title above (shown in black) for an instant list of all the build logs for that kit subject.
  7. Hello! It's been a long time since i posted the last time. Actually it was in the old fórum. In these last years i'm been building the lougre Le Coureur. It has been my first Arsenal model, so it took a lot of mistakes, and time to figure out how to keep doing it. One of the first "issues" to resolve was the clinker built planking, wich it came out how you see it in the pictures. Then, every step was taken very carefully, triyng to keep as "arsenal" as posible. I even had to remove the white paint on the hull, because i didn't like the effect achieved. Fortunatly, the Boudriot gives every explenation of what you need, and thanks to Mr. Delacroix, and the guys on his fórum, i could find a lot of answers too. And of course here too! That's why i'm presenting you this model, wich some of you may remember from the old fórum, and for those that are knowing it for the first time, i hope you like it. Today my LC it is about to get finished, so i post picutres in chronological order to undrstand how the construction was made. And i'll be happy to keep you informed, if you are interested of course, of the finishing of this project. I hope you join my adventure! So, pictures......
  8. hello all My name is Robert and I live in France I'm building this ship since August 2010 this is my first timber ship I will present soon as it looks today
  9. Hello friends, I'm starting a project here is mixture of research and building. As I came from the plastic kit bashing side of the modelling society I'm fed up with the chequebook modelling destroing any creativity. So as I'm in a new less payed job I changed my mind to a more creative and less expensive theater of the hobby: cardboard modelling. The scale fits to my flat's size. Sorry for my bad English - I'm not rearly far away from my school standards 30 years ago. Base of my project is the early Shipyard plan of Le Coureur the French lugger in 1/96. The little ship that was taken 1778 by HMCutter Alert - and what a nice and heartwarming thing it is that due to this find we have got the plans in the NMM. It is the basis of the Bourdriot monographie. The are three important sources of knowledge for me strating in the modelship's world: A. Petesson - Fore and After Rigging B. Bouriot - Le Coureur Monographie C. Friends of the Navy Museum - Plan (1960th?) (D. a www-copy if the NMM-plan) The Peterson shows the rigging of a bigger and in some details differing lugger from the same timeframe. The monographie is very good and well detailed - I decided to take the save route and ordered a new issiue at www.ancre.fr so the money was directly. with the drawer. And I was shure to get a complete set of plans. The Paris Museum's plan is based on the Admirals Pâris drawings and showing a simpler rigging with a diffrend decks layout. The NMM plan shows a superstructure in red on deck - the Shipyard kit shows hatches. Boudriot draws his particular part in dotted lines in one deck's sideview. I decided to trust in the NMM plan and in Ancre, too. So I've figured out the kitmakers at Shipyard followed the plan of the Paris Naval Museum. The similarity of the stern decorations are also evident. So the list of errors, carenesslesses and force to construct a buildable cardboard kit've born an intersting fundament of a nice little ship. As I'm not a francophone person, I have got my. problems with the texts in the monographie. But from all the three sourced it seems to be the one of the highest quality. So here some first impressions for you about the similarity of the kit and the Paris Plan. 1. The sternview of the ParisPlan 2. Some picture from the Shipyard manual showing the missing badge 3. The “KateWinslet leaving step“ in the topview 4. same area in the manual 5. my hobby ship yard. These as some first impressions for you. At the moment I'm struggling with the lasercut cardboard hull and its plywood filling I've get tip in a German forum.
  10. Another project.. Better to say a bit of experimenting Time ago I found the paper model for Le Coureur, and for the first I decided to made the hull, to see the lines and how do the paper works in this case. In meantime I found drawings from iconography, in small scale, but my intention is to made a small scale. As I started with LN in 1:120 (in fact 1:119) I decided that it will be my standard scale so reduced the drawings . I haven't the requested paper but used some envelopes and made some copies, glued together. For fast and straight gluing I use PVA glue and the iron for faster work. (also with iron prevent the elements to deforms due to the water from PVA glue) I made the skeleton and that was like a playing.. but the lines seemed nice so I decided to continue. But the hull made from paper wasn't too nice, many panels are deformed like on the real steel boats. So I fixed the paper with CA glue and then applied the mono-component car's putty (IMPA) which regularly is used on plastic modells Few repeating of sanding and applying the putty, final coat of liquid fine putty Mr Surfacer and sanding with paper 1000 to obtain clear surface. The next step will be the second layer of boat's hull, it will be done with styrene strips
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