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  1. Hi After years of reading the books decided to take the plunge and build the ship that features so heavily. I chose the Mamoli kit in the knowledge that it does not bear much resemblance to the real Surprise or those that appeared in the movie or books. My choice was driven partially due to the size and my little boy has insisted that I add a crew. I will make some modifications to this model so it is closer to how I imagined the Surprise to look which has been coloured by the movie and some of the other kits out there. I am very slow in building but am using this log a
  2. It is finally time to start the new build! Royal Louis by Mamoli. This will be my third ship in my series of French warships. First being La Couronne, second Soleil Royal and now Royal Louis. My goal with these is to show an evolution of ship building and design throughout the 17th century and into the 18th. I am no expert on the topic, and this is really just for fun but, it has been a very learning and exciting ride so far. Yes, Soleil Royal is still under construction and I have no intention of leaving her unfinished. Much like I did during L.C.'s build, I will be swapping back
  3. Greetings all! My first post is to display the find that brought me here. I found this kit in a thrift store down the street. They wanted $100 for it, but gave me a military discount! I was thrilled, since I have been to see the ship when I was on a business trip in Boston. It really made an impression on me. I enjoyed the museum. I learned about the time during a storm when the ship came loose from its lines and was swinging around on its remaining moorings. It swung into the modern steel warship moored next to it and did extreme damage to it, while taking only scratches
  4. Where do I start? First, it’s great to find this forum and be able to obtain nearly instantaneous expertise and advice! Of course the first piece of sage advice was in essence, ‘... first time builders don’t start with HMS Victory!!’... and I fully understand that sound advice. But with your help and good Lord willing, I will succeed. I do plan to spend some time rooting around on this grand site to find pertinent information of which I’ve already found and am reading some. But thank you in advance for all the assistance/advice I’m sure to receive (and want!). That’s always better than ‘I
  5. Hi all, In a few weeks i will start my third built, Le Coureur which i purchased a few weeks ago. I already learnt quite a lot building the AL Red Dragon and Le Renard but I was reticent to post anything but a couple of technical questions. So this time I will muster the courage to post and share my accomplishments, mistakes and disappointments. Feel free to chime in, share suggestions and give constructive criticism, and if you already have built this Mamoli kit please let me know how it went and if there are pitfalls i should be aware of. Thanks! PC
  6. I started this build log for one reason, there wasn't much of these being built for such an important ship. I tried my hand at the bluenose 2 as a first build and ended up abandoning her... let's just say one late night there was a shipwreck, might end up being a scratch build in the distant future. For know I'm tackling mamoli's kit. At first I noticed the plans are so much worse then artisana's, thank God for the interwebz as I'm learning how to build from those befor me. The wood as well is in very poor quality, I had a warp in the keel and the balkheads were very badly cut (all pre-cut by
  7. Hello and welcome to all. I guess luck was on my side when I found this kit very cheaply on eBay. I certainly had concerns it would be incomplete yet took a chance and was excited when it arrived as the only contents package in the kit that had been opened was the planking bag. I don't think any are missing but if there are they can be easily sourced. Its a very old kit and on inspection I found the keel, deck and bulkheads to be very roughly cut which will require some recutting and repairing. All the other parts including cast metal, brass and pre finished hardwoods are in great co
  8. Many years ago when I was working on the Syren, I decided that I wished to have a model ship finished sooner rather than later, as the Syren was going to take a while. There is strong irony in that sentence, but I'll move on. I also wanted to build a wooden model from a kit, as I'd never purchased a wooden ship kit before. The Mini-Mamoli kit of the Nina eventually ended up on the workbench. The start of this project was around 2010 or so. Below is the front of the box complete with dried glue, wood strips and sawdust. I'm going to post the photos I've taken through the y
  9. A few weeks ago, whilst on holiday in Lerici, Italy, I happened to come across a box in a junk shop containing the Mamoli 1:55 model kit Roter Lowe. The shop wanted €5 (about US$6) for the kit, but could (needless to say!), offer no guarantee that all parts were included! However, for €5 it seemed worth a punt and the plastic box of parts and other component bags were unopened (although a couple of spars were broken -but looked as if they could be repaired)! This is my first model build and I must admit that it is proving challenging, not helped by the very poor English translation of th
  10. Captain's Log: This is my second wooden ship kit build, and while it is daunting (the first was a simple sloop - almost too easy) it is mostly going OK, apart from quite a few missing pieces (note to self, check that everything is in the box immediately after receiving and opening it - not 6 months later after the returns policy for the retailer has well and truly expired...). The hull is essentially complete - the outer planking is a little "unique" towards the bow, as I did not quite understand the importance of sanding down the ribs to get a clean rounded plank-line from bow to
  11. This is my first build. Have the kit, have tools, paint and adhesives by the weekend. Hope to get advice making heads and tails of the parts...
  12. I spent quite a bit of time learning how to read the Mamoli rigging plans. Since there were no explicit instructions on how to interpret the drawings I spent a great deal of time looking through them before I figured out their method. Once I did, it was pretty straight forward. I thought perhaps others might find this useful. Perhaps this is how all rigging plans are done. Since the Connie is my first kit, I have no reference. I also need to mention this kit was purchased in 1991 so it may have changed. However for what it is worth here is how my plans are interpretted. There are two tabl
  13. Hello, i was dreaming to build wood ship model for some time, but did not start for long time, i thought i will never finish it, as it is so delicate work. But i got for present a model kit USS Lexington. I got all the tools and started to work. Now it is 5 months of work on this model, it is taking a lot of time, it is my first model. Show you few photos. The_Lexington 1776. The_Lexington_1776 In anticipation of the war against England, the merchantman Lexington was armed and converted into a Brigantine in 1775 to become part of the continental Navy. On Apr
  14. i start this ship at January 18, 2010 still in progress of Building i belive it took time more than the real on i restart working after year and half of stoping it i just finish all the cooper things and next week i will start to finish all the plank and gun port hope not taking long time to finish
  15. Thought I would start my build log, have just had a good look at Gil's build, am truly inspired, so here goes... Am currently approx. 90 hrs into a build that I started about 11 and a half years ago, two children and a major house move/extension have seen her in dry dock for 5 years now, but house work is nearly at an end so with a bit of luck should be back in the boatshed in the next couple of months, should be done for Xmas (note: didn't say which year!!)
  16. I decided on the H.M.S. Beagle because we had traveled to he Galapagos islands back in 2012. I purchased the kit on eBay after it was no longer available from the manufacturer. This particular kit was originally purchased in 1995, so it us already 23 years old. So far, I have scanned and OCR'd the instructions and parts lists from the original instructions. From that, I created a master parts list to compare to the inventory provided. Almost everything seems to be there, but I have two items that I need some help identifying. These were in the same bag as the
  17. Hi Gals and Guys My name is Jolene but my friends call me Jo. I recently joined this wonderful forum and have received wonderful advice from some of the members. I have been looking round on people's logs and I am amazed at the very high standard of workmanship, I take my hat off to you all. So it is time to dip my toes in the icy waters of wooden model ship building. So as this is my first wooden ship build I am asking for you all not to be hard on me with your comments, as I am willing to learn and take advice. My first build w
  18. So, after finishing my Benjamin W. Latham, and after a busy summer, I have been thinking about my next build. I had several options: resuming my Hesper build now that the hull is completed, build another fishing schooner like Elsie, build the Emma C. Berry which has been collecting dust on my shelves, and also having visited Rochefort in France this summer, I saw the Hermione -again- and building the kit from A.L. tempted me. Not to bore anyone, but here was my line of thinking. As tempting as the Hermione is, and after seeing several build logs, I finally decided to stay away from
  19. Hello! I am new in this forum and this is my first wooden boat model i am building. I am just finish the first planking and in to the number 2 planking using mahogany strips. I find this part of the building not so easy do to the shape of the hull and the sokening of strips and the shaping of the strips. But i will make som paperstrips to use as templates to see how the the trips are going to be trimed to fit the shape of the hull. I will post som more pictures later on. Regards B. Brekke
  20. It's with a little trepidation that I start my first build log on MSW. The Roter Lowe is my third plank-on-bulkhead build, the first being Constructo's Enterprise, followed up by AL's Renard. It's by far the most complex build I've undertaken, and my first with multiple gun decks and decorative woodwork. In this kit, the decorations are a mix of inlaid wood and printed cardboard. Not sure how I feel about the cardboard, yet. The materials look nice and the instructions come on five dual-sided sheets of plans. I'm a bit concerned because the guns on the enclosed gun deck are to be mounted on c
  21. Hi All, After my build of the Half Moon, I started buiding the Friesland of Mamoli. However, when the 2nd planking was nearly done, I paused buiding due to all kinds of circumstances. Now that I'm working from home for 2 months already (due to Corona), I picked up buiding again. I'll post some pictures of the buid in 2013, end then continue where I left off. I hope to finish this build, I didn't start a report earlier because I was afraid I wouldn't keep it up. But now I built for 2 months already, I dare to start. this report.
  22. So here I start another Build Log... This being my 3rd wooden model ship started, and only one being completed (the first perhaps a little bit over my head), I purchased this model kit on Ebay for a very good price about 20 months ago and actually only began this kit in the late fall last year. At first I was not going to do a build log as I always find my time limited with regards to posting progress and updates but given the lack of build logs for this particular Mamoli kit (another one, the first on this forum, just recently started this last month), I thought I would start
  23. This is my first kit build. I've dabbled with RC planes for a few years so maybe some of that experience will help me as I come up to speed building ships. I started in late December and kept my build log off-line. I meant to start the log here earlier, but just didn't take the time until now. The dates when I made my first entries are noted as follows. 12/27/2017 I purchased the Mamoli Yacht America as my first kit and received it on 12/18/2017. I selected this kit because I think it is a beautiful ship with great lines, and I also thought it would be a reasonable kit to star
  24. January 2014 – After 21 years of sitting in a large box of packing peanuts I decided to resurrect the Mamoli Constitution. Luckily I had packed everything carefully. The ship’s hull and some of the tools were in the box, the remaining wood and parts were taped up in the original kit box. The scale of the model is 1:93. I pulled the plans and started to review where I left the build off. I had completed the outer hull (which is double planked on bulkheads), including the green tiles representing each of the copper plates. The main deck was not planked and the forward bulkhead while started on
  25. Hello. It is all started in 1990 when I got a magazine with paper model of Golden Hind in it. I never succeeded to build it then. Finally now I do it from wood, not paper.... This is my second model ship from wood I did the hull. Next is rigging. Flint
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