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Found 19 results

  1. Hello and welcome to the build log of my first attempt on wooden ship modeling. I was asked by a few members of this forum to re-create the build log and I finally got to it so I hope it will be useful to some people building this kit. I will mostly upload only pictures, hopefully no words will be necessary. In case you would like to ask please feel free to do that. I have decided to bulid the Golden Star model that was suggested to me by a local seller of wooden ship kits. Before that I have tried to build a few plastic ship models but the wooden ships attracted me very much. Build of the kit took me around 10 months and I really enjoyed the work. So here finally are the pictures. Starting with the assembly and first layers of planking...
  2. Hi, This is my first wooden ship build. I started quite a few years ago, but I'll start the log from the beginning. I'm learning as I go, so I'll let you know my mistakes as well as problems with the kit. Thanks Marc
  3. After 40 years, i finally retired from job, and made a small "gift"to me. It is a small build that i want to work with my grand daugther, that like to work with me (i have some pictures with she working) Hope to be a future modelist Today i received the package Wait for her to start the build, and the log.
  4. Hey guys. My partners parents had got me this old kit for my Birthday. And a date says 1972. It is 1:17 scale and all is there including plans and all in good condition. The barrel is of heavy turned brass in 3 sections Anyone out there know a value of a kit like this for this age? If any value at all. Cheers in advance.
  5. For Christmas my children bought me two of the Mantua “Battle Station” carronade kits (both the French and English versions thereof). They are to a scale of 1:17, so more than fulfil my desire for large scale kits. However it’s difficult to take them as serious “kits”, so I won’t be doing any build logs, I didn’t take any photos whilst constructing the first (here presented, the French one), but think I might do whilst doing the English one, just in case. However it is worth pointing out that the kits are extremely well produced with the parts as good as any I have come across in any ship kit. Even the manual is well presented, although one gets the feeling it’s not taking itself too seriously as some required dimensions are not listed and one has to make several “best guesses”. I think the fact the very first item one builds, the decking, gives the user the (completely wrong) impression this kit is not going to be too demanding. The deck comes complete as one piece, with planking joints and treenails already etched into the surface. In a sneering way I found this completely off-putting, but as the kit developed, I quickly realised it wasn’t a complete walk in the park, but some elements were in fact a tad demanding. There is some scope for bashing, but I limited myself to two additional cannon "tools" ; the wormer and rammer. The "sponger" was part of the kit. I should also point out the original cannon was a superb brass one - of considerable weight! However I demand realism (to a point), so the brass had to be rendered gunmetal. The finished model is actually quite pleasing, and well worth a place amongst the more finished, more self-important, model ships previously built.
  6. Alright, so I'm pretty much new to this site and I've got a question. I was directed here from another forum. I'm not new to modelling plastic kits(mainly airplanes) but I have received an old Mantua kit of the HMS Victory and I'm just wondering if there's anything in particular that I should know about if I plan to ever get started on it. It looks to be in pretty good condition, all the parts are present and accounted for, as well as the full plans and an accompanying guide. It was purchased in the late 60s or early 70s by my father-in-law but he never got around to it. Here's a bunch of pictures of the full set, it was always stored clean and dry as far as I know. The wood itself looks all straight, there's no visible fracturing or cracks and it feels dry. It's rather daunting to me as I've never worked with wood kits before, but I'd like to try it sometime at the very least. Would it be worth it to give it a shot? Alternatively, is there any value in a kit such as this considering it's still produced and sold?
  7. On March 22nd I took protective custody of a Mantua 1:98 Scale kit of HMS VICTORY that was partially constructed, damaged and repaired, and never completed. This model belonged to former NRG modeler Gerald Shaw, Chattanooga, TN. Mr. Shaw passed away in 2012 and was a close modeling friend of fellow modeler Ken Smith (NRG). Ken and another local modeler Bill Mitchell (NRG) went to Chattanooga last year at Mr. Shaw’s request and received most if not all of his ship modeling tools, supplies, books, etc. as well as this unfinished kit. When Ken asked me if I was interested in possibly repairing, rebuilding, and completing the kit, I wasn’t sure that it was something that I had an interest in doing. However, after some thought on the matter, I decided that this challenge was worth the time & effort and graciously accepted this offer. This particular kit was introduced by Mantua in 1971 and I’m guessing from the browning and brittleness of the paper instruction pages that it is at least an early ‘80’s vintage kit. Thanks to Toni Levine (MSW) pages 3, 4, and 5 that were missing have now been sent to me and the originals were found and will be in my possession later today (03/28/13). As far as I can tell the kit (while no longer in its original box) is complete – I still need to inventory all the parts to this kit that I received from Ken. As I will be constructing this as an Admiralty Styled model, the masting,etc. will not be incorporated. Additionally, a set of detailed VICTORY plans was included (M.A.P. Services) and at the proper (1:98) scale of this kit. They should prove very helpful in this reconstruction/completion. I also have 13 of the 15 part S.I.S. (1984-880 article on kitbashing this model and the other two sheets were (once again!!!) provided by Toni Levine (MSW) - Thanks, Toni!!! The initial assessment of the model: (see photos) 1) amidships damage sustained when an iron bed rail was dropped (might be detectable in the photos); gunports out of size and will need to be corrected. 2) right and left quarter galleries and inner transom will need to be rebuilt entirely (well, the stbd side will need to be replaced); transom will be completely rebuilt and curved correctly. 3) bottom coppering will be left as it is - it's not perfect but it's not that imperfect. 4) upper deck planking not to scale - will be stripped of all items, sanded, and then veneered with properly sized planks. I will need to make a "punch list" for demoing the kit and also a "construction punch list" for the rebuild once it is reduced to that stage. I will try to give a fair account of this project as it progresses. It will be a long term project in conjunction with my current Anchor Hoy build. As of yesterday I had removed all the metal gunport lids, stripped the upper decks of all deck fittings, furniture, etc. removed the out of scale flag lockers and begun stripping the transom of all trim. I will post further photos next week.
  8. Hello, some of you may remember me posting this log. The kit was "inherited". My friend gave up and told he had no time to complete her. I would like to start with the latest photos I have taken. From now on, I will be trying putting more pics for you to show the slow progress of building. I hope you 'll enjoy.
  9. My first ever ship model. Since I'm new to this I'd love to hear suggestions, comments, all with the aim to make next project more successful. P.S. I hope it looks like a ship
  10. Hi, finally I have time to start build log of my Golden Star. I started to build it 7 years ago, is an older version that I see in other build logs. one plank (I cut another set of bulkheads from planes) Biggest problem was planking; some strips were twisted an holes everywhere. I use filler but I did'n like the result and paint black it, But l really wanted to see the wood. I decided to use strips from other ship I own, Pandora from Constructo, it have strips for a second planking but i saw in this forum that nobody uses.
  11. Late 2012, after a 6 year or so break from making ship models, I offered to make a model for my son for a table display in his new house. He was quick to accept, but first I had to tell him that a model of HMS Victory was not a good idea as I wanted to complete it in my lifetime. After searching the web as one does these days I discovered MSW, and also how easy it is to buy models etc. on the internet. How things change. I (we) settled on the Santa Maria. Not too big, not too small, stacks of character, unique design, great sail setting and of historical significance, plus a chance of finishing it in a reasonable amount of time. From the kits available I settled on Mantua because of its design although I had not built a Mantua model before. The kit was ordered and arrived Jan 2013. I started work on it with the intent of logging progress on MSW when lo and behold MSW had disappeared. Having worked on several models over the years in the isolation of my workroom I was looking forward to sharing the experience with others for the first time. Not to be but I now see that MSW is back on line and I am now about to graduate from a Lurker to an Officer cadet! I have been working on the model for about 9 weeks now and this is where I am at. I intend to log my progress from the start but I can’t do it all at the one time, and anyway I would rather work on the model than spend time posting too many logs logs. Like reading a good book, once you start it is hard to put it away.
  12. Hello all, im just having a tiny break from my build, but i ahve now also in my posession a Mantua HMS President kit, but I am a little confused - reserching HMS Presidents supposed real life size states she was about 35metres or abot 100feet in hull length and being a light frigate this would fit in nicely, but when I compare the size of the hull of her compared to my HMS Lyme build, HMS president is alot smaller. This is made even more confusing due to the build scales - my HMS Lyme(Greyhound Corel) is 100scale, and the HMS President kit is 60the scale, meening it should be alot larger than my Lyme kit. Can someone help throw some light on this please. Old Coll.
  13. Hi everyone, here i am, with my very first ever wooden ship build, Le Superbe, 1/75 from Mantua. Like i said before, i"m a complete noob regarding ship builds, but carefull work and much help will do the job.....i think...hihi First i bought me some tools to ease some workload, i don't know iff it's a good choise but i think it will be a help for some thing's. Ok, first unpacking some goodies from the big box,starting with three packs containing copper canons and other little detail stuff. First question, can anyone tell me iff the Bow statue was painted on Le superbe or was it complete gold colored? Ok back to work now The plans exist out of three sheets, together with a instruction book, but before whe start the build , first unpacking the rest of the box. A little plastic bag contains differnt sizes of rigging cords. And offcourse the wooden rods, planks and laserr cut parts. Greetz Danny
  14. Well I have finally decided on starting with this kit as my first build. Having read through the instruction booklet i have a couple of questions for anyone who has previously build this kit. I have posted PDF copies of instructions to clarify. Firstly page 6 pics 27-29 & 31 show complete boards up the wall and pics 30&32 show a notch taken out of the second board. Assuming that this is correct and is to create a flat/level face on the bottom of the gun port. If this is the case there ore no dimensions of how much to cut out or is this just a trial and error thing. 2nd and 3rd pdf's relate to the cannon. in these pics image 86 shows part 16a sitting on top of the front axle block where as all other images show this part as being in front and level with the side walls of the cannon mount. If the later is the correct position then this part requires some serious sanding back to at least 1/2 of it's current thickness I have also added a couple of pics of the actual parts siting as the instructions depict them Thanks Allan Page 6 of section deck.pdf Page 13 of section deck.pdf Page 14 of section deck.pdf
  15. Hi guys, I'm new to this thread and looking forward this build. I bought this kit (Mantua 1:200) last year December 2012 but never started the build due to other projects in progress. After alot of discussions, research I am finally ready to take this project on. My 1st ship was the bismarck also in 1:200 scale took me a few years but I learned alot out of that project and really proud of the end result. I will post some pics of that project. So Titanic will be next and after all my reasearch and looking at Longbike's Titanic thread (Thanks for that!! ) im finally ready to make this dream build a reality. I'm really motivated for this and will try to enhance the detail of the ship with all the sources I can find. Here is what I decided on for the final product: *She will be static with lights fitted *Portholes drilled *Photo etch will be used for the rails, ladders and benches *Navigation LED's and LED's for the bow and stern. *No decals will be used, all will be airbrushed *She will rest in a glass display case with lights As I go along extra details will be added but that's all planned at this stage. I've learned over the years of model building that if you buy a expensive model why not make it priceless and unique. So wish me luck and Please any help will be much appreciated!!!
  16. Hello everybody, the builging of the "Royal Caroline" from the beginning, many pic's are too large too download here That's all for today, next one, tommorow, friendly, Dom.
  17. The model is constructed completely of kit details without any alterations, sails are also used from a kit – the first and last time, on the subsequent models from kits I unambiguously replaced them. Certain difficulties were at production of an unary planking of the hull by nut levels 1,5 mm thick– inserts from balsa helped, the geometry of the hull managed to be sustained. Other problems in the course of construction practically didn't arise unless there were no threads from a kit, it was necessary to buy in addition.
  18. Well, here goes with a repost of my Titanic build. It will take a few posts to catch up but I will do my best. The Mantua kit comes in 5 parts including the RC part. I am building this to include the RC part but it will mainly be a static model, hence posting in this forum. I started the model in early December 2012 and have been surprised at how fast I have progressed - too much time building and not enough time for the house chores! The kit is very complete and I have not really had any problems yet. The hull is a standard 'double plank on frame' construction and as long as you take care with the planking, the hull builds straight and true. I prefer to treat each plank as a separate project and not worry about the progress. Anyway, on to the photos ...

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