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  1. Started this model in 1997 but shelved it until lots of “give-back” time not needing to commute as I’m working from home during COVID.
  2. This is my forth build, after completing my last build the 18th Century Longboat by Shipways this should be an easier build for me. Although I did learn a tremendous amount my failures and successes on the previous build.
  3. Hello all. I am new to the forum and getting back into ship models after about a 13 year hiatus. I am starting out small and relearning the proper way to build a ship rater than what I have done previously (although those did not turn out to bad). Got this kit as a Christmas gift and have made a bit of progress. I think I will work on getting the hull of this kayak about as smooth as I can get it since believe the full size versions are fiber glassed over any wood to seal them. Previously I have build he Swift, Lobster Smack and Constellation (AL, Midwest, a
  4. This will be my first kit build log on MSW and my second wood boat build. The Sakonnet Daysailer, a 1937 club "one-design" boat, designed by John G. Alden. Joe
  5. I am a complete newbie to model ship building. I've built some plastic models long ago, have painted gaming miniatures and terrain to a good standard, and have some basic carpentry and woodworking skills and tools, so blending all that together into model ship building seems approachable. For my first build, I wanted something small and simple - small so that I could be absolutely certain I'd complete it in a reasonable time, and simple so that I could concentrate on learning the basic skills well. Some web searching brought me here and also turned up a detailed tutorial on building Midwest's
  6. This is my first build log and I expect it will progress in fits and starts with many mistakes along the way. I have been building models off and on for 50 years. Mostly plastic cars and planes when I was a kid progressing to simple wooden boats later on. The last 20 years have been taken up with family and job but now that I am retired I have gotten back into the hobby and have time to work on models. This model is the Midwest Maine Peapod in 1" = 1' scale. I have built a few of the Midwest offerings and generally like the kits but they do have a few problems that I will point
  7. I had ordered what I thought would be my first build, the AL Swift, but the day after ordering it I was at Hobby Lobby looking for anything I thought I might need for the build that I didn't already have. I noticed the Dinghy, and after reading the box decided to buy it and work on it until the Swift came. It was $25 and I had a 40% off so easy decision. It was a great decision for me. Even though it is small with minimal parts, I still had to sand, shape, shim, fix mistakes, learned the instruction sheet is not always correct. I got "into" the build and away I went.
  8. I've decided to put the Phantom down for awhile the final deciding factor was that during my move I some how lost the wire that was supplied with the kit.So while I'm trying to find some wire to replace the original I'm going to start this kit. this will be my first attempt at planking, this seems like a good beginners kit. I've also purchased the 18th Century Long Boat and the English Pinnace for future builds. I think I'll stick to building boats for awhile and learn how to plank on them before I take on a model ship.
  9. I received the Dinghy kit made by Midwest in the mail today. I bought it off of eBay used for about $10. The previous owner started to build it, but stopped after the first couple of steps. All the pieces were there except for the 2 forward frame pieces, but I had plenty of scrap to make new ones. I used the pre-cut sheet that the frame pieces were in to make a template of forward frames. Here are the templates And the templates traced on to the scrap and here is the completed forward frames The Dinghy with all the frames, stern and transom attached and after a good soak in
  10. My next project I'm starting tonight is a Midwest Products Sakonnet Daysailer. Here is a picture of the box art and what the boat should look like once completed.
  11. Here is my progress so far on my Midwest Products Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack. [url=http://s1359.photobucket.com/user/shawn32671/media/DSC02096_zps06dbfa74.jpg.html]
  12. I started this build log a little more than a year ago; unfortunately it was lost in the great crash. I wasn’t too far along when life intervened to take up my time on this little boat. I’ll post the older photos and then move along from there. More photos in the next couple of days. Thanks for looking!
  13. I Thought I'd take a little break from my other builds and try the Chesapeake Bay Skipjack by Midwest Products. So far I have the keel and decks finished. More updates to follow soon.
  14. I saw another model Sakonnet being modeled on here after I picked up my kit and thought I would post a log as well. I picked this kit up for a very modest price of $10 at a swap meet and didn't even know if it was complete but the instruction were and I figured I could scratch build any missing parts. I'm new to ship modeling but have done quite a lot of planes and cars, mostly plastic. I figured I would tackle this with a small project before attempting a larger one. I've got my follow on projects already planned, a MS Rattlesnake vintage carved plug that was given to me for dirt cheap and
  15. This is my first Build log, and I am excited to be able to add my Boat to the Lobster Smack Regatta. Here is a Brief History : The Muscongus Bay Sloop was the forerunner of the renowned Friendship Sloop. This early version was a centerboarder with jib and mainsail and its hull was most commonly lapstrake planked and wall-sided. According to Howard Chapelle, the clipper bow, counter stern and strong sheer of the sloop indicates the boat was developed during the Civil War period, and built most prominently in Bremen, Maine. Most of these sloops had fish wells and were between 16 and 26 feet in
  16. My girlfriend ordered the Fantail Launch II for me for Christmas and it's supposed to come via UPS tomorrow. Awesome, now I can build that and install my steam engine I built from a Midwest kit and add radio gear and run it at a pond this coming spring. I will post build updates as I go....wayyyy too many projects at once here but I sure love this hobby lol.
  17. Inspired and encouraged by Mario, DeeDee and Hexnut I have started my Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack phase 1. Right before MSW went from v1 to v2 I went out and bought this kit along with the Midwest Sakonnet Daysailer. The Daysailer was my first wood boat kit and I learned a lot. I have since purchased a second Smack kit hence the phase 1/phase 2 reference. Following Mario's build as a primer I am currently building Smack #1 pretty much straight out of the box. I did plank the deck and floor with HO scale 2x10's from Northeastern Scale Lumber Co. and was very pleased with the results. I starte
  18. Well here we go, have drawn in a deep breath and now launching my first build log. The chosen boat is a Boston Whitehall tender which I should say was not my first choice. I actually ordered HMB Endeavour by Caldercraft and then realised I was getting in way out of my depth. So you can see it sitting on the shelf of my new workshop..... so I ripped them all off and started again. this time I used an electric plank bender which after much trial and error started giving a good result. Luckily there were TWO sheaves of planks in my kit - I can only assume by mistake as the ch
  19. Well, the hiatus on my Niagara continues.... The story goes something like this: One day I am walking around Hobby Lobby with my seven year old, Eva, and we stumble upon the section of the store containing dollhouses. Well, they had this monstrosity there in the color red and her eyes got as big as dinner plates and I watched as her face lit up like few times I have seen before. With Christmas and then her birthday right around the corner, it was a no-brainer. Needless to say, I was back the next week with a coupon for 40% off and I made the purchase of a dollhouse KIT (I stress the kit pa
  20. I was digging around my spare room upstairs where I keep my hobby stuff and while looking for something I found a Midwest Products Canadian Canoe. I had started building the model a couple of years ago and put it away to work on something else and totally forgot I even had it. I really want to get better at planking before I start my Artesania Latina Swift Ship Kit so I'm going to try to finish this kit next. Anyway, here's what I'd had finished so far. Hope you all like it. The first picture showing the start of the build is not my picture but one I found online. I hadn't taken pictures unti
  21. I recently purchased a couple Midwest Products small boats to build until i'm more in the mood to build more on my tall ships. I bought the Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack and the Main Peapod and just finished the peapod. I mainly bought the Peapod to better acquaint myself with hull planking and it turned out pretty nice. I still need to build the lobster trap in the instructions but saving that for later and still deciding on a paint scheme. I posted a build progress video on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZqn-OxwAxM and adding some pictures here also...I hope you like it.
  22. Once upon a time, this build log contained a lot of high quality photos showing lots of detail. But many photos have gone repeatedly missing - The photos in this first post have gone missing / been replaced three times. It's more than just a glitch. I try to keep up with restoring the photos...... There are lots of photos on pages 3 and 5! Most of the build photos, I also posted on Picasa, so if you have a specific question, please send me an IM and I will send you the link to Picasa. Midwest models are amazingly close to the drawings in Chappelle’s book, they’re fun to build an
  23. I'm just adding a build thread I had on MSW 1.0. A couple of fellow modelers had asked if I was going to add it back to 2.0. I said i was but now that i am on vacation and taking time out from our spring cleaning and I won't be modeling anytome soon I thought this would be a good time to add it back. This was the very first time I had ever started a build log with ant type of forum what so ever. So the only thing I had saved was the pictures. I only use infomation I was able to pick up on the www. Since at that time I knew nothing of Howard Chapelle. So when i started this log is als
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