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Found 8 results

  1. I wasn't going to do a build log on this next project, but after checking on the forums, I found only a few builds of the fine ship model kit. I bought this kit from a forum member some time ago with the intent on building it as a donation project once I finished the Latina Victory Library donation project. I will start the build in a month or so once I have taken a break from the Victory build. This would just be my observations of the kit, manufacture and content. I also will not make a decision as to who or what organization will be the benefactor of the Montane's donation until I'm about 3/4 of the way through the build as to not place any added pressure on myself while building. I went ahead and ordered a nice brass & black plaque for her, don't it look classy? This kit produces a large model at 49 inches long and will need a display case at 55" x 42" x 22". The average cost of this kit in the U.S. runs around $899.00 if you can find one because they don't seem to be that common. A little back ground on the ship: The figurehead of this ship is not the royal lion but a “Montañes” (highlander), in gratitude for the financial contribution towards her construction made by the people of the mountains. She was launched in Ferrol on 14th May 1794. It is said that she was an extraordinary vessel, whether sailing close to the wind, running free or with a following wind, and that, more than any other ship, she kept her batteries out of the water. She was engaged in a number of battles, including Trafalgar, where she mounted 76 guns and 4 carronades with mortars, located on her quarter deck. On 6th March 1810, in a violent storm, she sank off the Bay of Cadiz. mike
  2. So, we begin it (is continued ) since the beginning! It is difficult to restore, of course, a subject begun in April, 2009 and having at the time of accident more than 110 pages and more than 648000 viewings, but I will try. Certainly, it won't be the exact copy of the previous subject, but I will try to show all highlights of construction. Contents of the report on Montanes construction (replenishes in process of the publication of messages) BRIEF HISTORICAL INFORMATION, DRAWINGS AND READY MONTANES MODELS - page 1 1 . HULL 1.1 . Set - page 1 1.2 . Deck - page 1 1.3 . Balsa inserts - page 1 1.4. Hull planking - page 1 Continuation - page 2 1.5 . Framework of gun ports - page 1 1.6. Rubbing piece - page 2 1.7 . Fair planking - page 2 1.8 . Imitation of nails - page 2 1.9 . Figured levels for rubbing piece and guard rail - page 2 1.10. Channel board - page 2 1.11. Manufacturing samson post - page 2 1.12. Fore body of the hull - page 2 1.13. Сontrol blade - page 3 1.14 . Production of imitation of cannon hooks and eyes - page 3 2 . DECK DETAILS - page 3 2.1 . Belltower - page 3 2.2 . Kabestan - page 3 2.3 . Superstructures aft - page 3 Cabins for officials - page 4 2.4. Transom - page 4 3 . GUNS - page 4 3.1 . Cheeks of gun carriages - page 4 3.2 . Axes - page 4 3.3 . Other wooden details - page 4 3.4 . Metal details - page 4 3.5, Assembly - page 4 3.6 . Ready guns - page 4 3.7 . Rigging of guns - page 4 4 . COVERS OF CANNON PORTS - page 4 4.1 . Wooden details - page 4 4.2 . Metal details - page 4 4.3 . Assembly - page 4 4.4 . Ready covers of ports - page 5 4.5 . Installation of covers of ports on the hull - page 5 5 . GALLERY - page 5 5.1 . Gallery overlappings - page 5 5.2 . Sinks - page 5 5.3 . Gallery roof - page 5 5.4. Windows - page 5 5.5. Gallery assembly - page 5 6 . FENDER GUARD I LADDERS - page 5 7 . DECK DECOR - page 5 8 . INSTALLATION OF DETAILS - page 5 9. MANUFACTURING BARGE - page 6 9.1. The punch - page 6 9.2 .Hull gluing together - page 6 9.3 . Hull hard putty - page 6 9.4. Hull planking outside - page 6 9.5 . Hull planking from within - page 6 9.6. Installation of details - page 6 9.7 . Finishing covering - page 7 10. CHAIN - page 12 11. LAMPS - page 12 12. ANCHORS - page 12 13. STATIONARY INSTALLATION OF DECK DETAILS - page 13 14 . SPAR - page 14 14.1 . BOWSPRIT - page 14 14.1.1 . Wooden preparations - page 14 14.1.2 . Metal details - page 15 14.1.3 . Set of details of a bowsprit - page 15 14.2 . MASTS - page 16 14.2.1 . Wooden details - page 16 14.2.2 . Metal details mast - page 22 Small nails - page 23 Assembly of masts - page 25 14.3 . YARDS - page 40 14.3.1. Manufacturing of laths of an octahedral profile - page 4014.4. Deadeye and chains installation - page 42 15. THE TOOL MADE FOR CONSTRUCTION OF MONTANES - page 33 15.1. JIG SAW - page 33 15.2.The drum-type grinding machin - page 37
  3. Hello everybody! as i promised i´m going to show you some pictures of My Montañes.Everything there(accesories included) is 100% handcrafted. Remember to visit my blog where you can follow a step by step building of both My Santa Ana and My Montañés as well as a link to my website(from my blogspot): http://modelismonavaldeinvestigacion.blogspot.com.es/ I´ll upload some pictures of my Santa Ana in the "Gallery of completed scratch built models" very soon!
  4. Many of you will know too well the model that concerns me for four years of other forums and also in MSW first stage (over there I was qaz_666)... As you can see, I have tried to represent Montañés as she was in the Battle of Trafalgar so I had to add many things that the kit does not include. I've been shuffling the two options, whether to raise the whole process, or just make progress where I left off. At the end, I opted for putting it all from the beginning for two reasons: 1. If anyone has not seen it yet, he/she will see step by step biased and it could be not well understood. 2. On the other hand, if someone decides to make the model (from here I encourage anyone who wants to do so) may consult the whole construction process and change what you want, or do as I came out of the impasse at a certain point. From the beginning of the thread, I apologize that I don´t extend as much as I did in the original thread, because honestly, I don´t remember many things, as I began this thread a long time ago, but if anyone has any questions, I will be happy to "try" to answer... Sincerely, to make sense here I have to rescue the original thread from "Cuaderna Maestra" spanish forum and make a "cutting and pasting" process but nowadays that is completely impossible. Thanks in advance for visit my log. See you here! Kind regards, Ricardo.
  5. Since I am still building this kit and had it posted up to the crash, I am going to spend some time reposting this build log from my backup files. I have been and still am posting this log on Ships of Scale, a smaller forum than this one, however there are many names that I recognize that post to both forums. This is a 1:70 scale model but even at that the model will measure 49" in length by 35" in height and about 19" wide when finished. The OcCre kit quality was excellent as the false keel and all 15 or 16 bulkheads fitted perfectly with just very limited sanding of bumps where the pieces were cut out of the laser cut wood stock. I finished assembling the entire carcass or hull in about two days. The carcass looks good, all frames have fit perpendicular to the false keel with a tad flexibility to enable a proper fitting of the planked decks, part #27 and #32. In fact the support beam, part #15, going through the bulkheads is still not glued yet per the instructions.
  6. Begin a relationship - model already built two years. Recently I installed elements on the bow - nets and handrails. The effect of the pictures. Regards, Slawek
  7. Restarting my log. Not sure how much of the old pictures I can be bothered to load back up again to be honest but will take it from where I am today and download a few from my Facebook albums for a quick recap. Anyway - there are a few of us here building the Spanish kit Montanes (74 or 80 gun ship-of-the-line depending on which version you are doing) from OcCre, based on a ship built in 1794. It's a great kit but will have you figure out a fair bit on your own since the instructions are limited and also some of the parts are best substituted for scratch built or, in case of the main armament, reordered from somewhere else if you want guns from the correct time period, not 16th century. Per
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