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Found 11 results

  1. Hello there! Sorry for taking so long this building log. I worked on the ship during the spare time I have and there is my progress (and some comments for my problems and solutions. Here we go. Problem here: as you can see I glued wrongly one at the bow, since it wasn’t a big deal y fixed it with a bit a sanding, lets hope it didn’t come on a bigger mistake. Nevermind now, lets continue. You can’t appreciate from the picture, but there are three small mistakes of cutting too much, but I fixed somehow with spare bits of the wood after cutting the form, it’s hardlyt noticeable unlees you search for it (and in futher building even more hard to nitice). Time for some walls and doors. After this point I made a little stop. I took my time to reorginze mi “work station”. Maybe I will update later with a photo of my little corner.
  2. Hello everyone! As my screen name suggests, my name is André, and I am from sunny South Africa. Whilst thinking about a title for my introductory post, I stumbled upon an article which outlined the U.S Navy ranks. Applicably, I immediately identified with the lowest rank, Seaman Recruit, which is characterised as the following: Apprentice in training being the key take away as I seek to learn about this wonderful craft, and to draw upon the wealth of knowledge from users on this awesome site - as I am new to this hobby (discounting a few plastic aircraft models I built in my youth). I have been lurking around this site for a few months whilst doing research on tools, techniques, kits etc. and I finally settled upon AL's HMS Endeavour's Longboat as my first kit, of which I will begin a build log soon. Glad to be aboard, and will see you around. Stay safe!
  3. Good day Gentlemen/women After much thought, research and deliberation(literally years of umming and aahing) I decided that I would bite the bullet and purchase a fairly challenging vessel to start my career in model ship building. I settled on the HMS Pegasus and I am extremely excited about getting started on it. I realise that any sane person would have started on something far more simple but my thinking is as follows... 1. I have prepared myself for what I expect to be a 2 year project. 2. The wealth of knowledge, willingness to help and attention to detail that can be found on this forum really gave me hope that I could work through this project and succeed. 3. I feel that every single element of doing this project is essentially very simple if it is broken down to its tiniest detail, every step is researched carefully and tackled without haste. 4. I like to think that I am fairly good with my hands. I do blacksmithing and carpentry both as hobbies and essential skills for a farmer in a remote part of South Africa. I hope that this somewhat simplified approach to this problem will turn out to be correct but the proof will be in the proverbial pudding. As of this moment I am still waiting for my model to arrive(I ordered directly from AMATI and paid 319 Euros including shipping). Unfortunately amati used a shipping company called Asendia who then handed the shipping over to the South African post office. This means that I can expect my package to arrive sometime within the next week or possibly during the next ice age. At this stage my primary means of securing my package is being on hold to the post office, checking my tracking number 380 times a day and thumb holding. In the meantime I have built a couple of simple tools to assist me and purchased the rest. The home made tools include. A "U" shaped desk(which through some bizarre negotiation with my girlfriend ended up being painted "teal"(thats blue to you and I)) An adjustable, lockable, rotating, swiveling, pitching, rolling keel clamp An adjustable keel rest (this is probably not the right term) And a guillotine with adjustable angles that takes a carpet knife blade. A plank bender made from a forged and polished chunk of copper and a soldering iron. I am not sure if there is a specific place where I should post photos and text about some of the tools that I made or if anyone would be interested in this but the information if available if anyone is interested. I also managed to get hold of a broken down scroll saw for a bargain and I restored it to a condition that im proud of. I have a dremmel stylus with a decent selection of attachments as well as the following bits and pieces Soldering Iron hand scroll saw razor saw multiple scalpel blade holders a variety of drawing equipment for technical drawig a variety of drill bits, sandpaper, clips, clamps, files, brushes, chisels blades, rulers, squares, clippers, cutters and pliers. If anyone has any questions, advice, suggestions or guidance for me(or perhaps a recommendation for which pegasus/fly builds to reference most) then I would be eternally grateful. Gods speed to you all! Cheers! Haiko(The Bitter End)
  4. Hello, My name is Samuel and I am a 20 year old college student from Texas. I was gifted a wooden kit of the HMS Bounty 1:110 (Constructo) a few years back and never got around to building it because I was scared of messing it all up. Now as I am a little older I started it as an "end of summer project" and I think I am about 3 weeks in and the ship looks good so far. There is still a lot of work to do, and I know I will not be able to complete it before I head back to school in the fall. From reading a few posts here as well as various sources online I have come to a few conclusions. 1. The HMS Bounty is quite a famous ship because of the mutiny that occurred on board. 2. Constructo kits are not known for the best materials, instructions, or quality in general. (I'm making it work, so far so good) 3. This hobby is a very relaxing one for myself. (I love the water and I am a certified deep water diver) Attached you will see a photo or two of the ship in its current state on my makeshift drydock, as well as a photo of the box. Here is the link to my build log I just started.
  5. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and new to ship building. I have been working with wood for years building mostly shaker/mission style furniture. Almost a year ago I lost my nice wood shop (in a divorce) so I had to downscale A LOT. I missed working with wood and building things so I went on the internet looked at various small scale projects and decided I would give wood ship models a try. I was always fascinated with tugboats and steamboats so it felt like a match made in heaven for me. Thus far I have been doing a lot of research regarding my first build. As I said I do have some experience with wood, but never with model ship building and seeing I really love steamboats I decided on Chaperon from Model Shipway. I am now reading through some of the build logs on here for this ship and hoping I did not get myself in over my head for my first build. Well, just wanted to do a little introduction of myself. I look forward to getting to know some of you and learning from all of the knowledge and experience within this forum. Regards, Shean
  6. It is time to pressure that little dream I have had since my high school years….to build Wooden Ships! After 22 years in the Air Force, marriage and then the transitioning back into civilian life one of my goal was to return to model building. I started backing into plastic kits since that was what I had built mostly in my early years. I focused on Armor and some Aircraft here and there but always in the back of my mind was that little dream of wooden ships….and then in August (2017) my wife and I took trip to Boston. As most of you have undoubtedly guessed we paid a visit to the USS Constitution and that little dream is now becoming a reality. With the support of my wife I decided to move from the world of plastic kits (but not totally away) and begin the long and hopefully enjoyable journey into the world of tall ships and wooden hulls. With the first steps beginning here. But first things first….lots of reading and lots of questions and then some more reading and research. My hope is to select my first subject and begin the framing process by the end of year (2017). This will be the only deadline I plan to impose upon myself as the learning of a new skill set will require a significant time investment. So for now it’s over to the “Database of Articles and Downloads” and “For Beginners -- A Cautionary Tale” to start my reading. Lastly I would like to say Thank You in advance to everyone for the sound advice, honest answers and constructive criticisms that I hope receive….so…Thank You. I’m looking forward to this journey into the world of tall and elegant ships. Best Regards Eric Rains Vancouver, Wa, USA
  7. Over the past few years I have completed 10 or 12 models, most from scratch. I'm including these photos for your inspection and to introduce myself - Dick Lawrence
  8. Hey all, I was about to plank this side in. The other side is completely done. I won't be ordering my bow thruster until the end of this month. If I complete the planking here, the only access to the cuddy (inner nose of the bow) will be through the top. The top would be open as I only have the decks pinned down. My intention is to prep and cut 20mm holes but order a 30mm thruster. Can all this be done if I close this planking off? I've also attached a photo. Regardless of the planking stuff, which of the 3 compartments does the thruster typically get installed? (i have a build thread labelled as Smit Rotterdam)
  9. Hello everyone, I come from Newfoundland Labrador, Canada which is surrounded by water. Unfortunately, living in the western region of Canada I'm in, Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada, (the vast prairies), water is very scarce. Ironically, my new passion for model watercraft will move ahead regardless. I have no interest in speed boat style vessels, but rather, the larger tug boats, fishing boats and eventually, tall ships. Ive done a lot of research, and it makes more sejse to reach for the mountain before the sky. So for my first build, I've chosen the Smit Rotterdam, by Billing Boats. I also intend to install RC components. This model is expert level for that group/style of vessel. Some say I am, "ambitious". We will see. So far, I am loving it. An entry level exploration tall ship is my next target. But, if it takes another boat, such as a fishing trawler, well, I will get my tall ship in good time. "Long may you big jib draw"
  10. Hello everyone! I have come here today to present what I can confidently say is a difficult request to fulfill, but I appreciate any pointers or advice. This is coming from a complete novice when it comes to wooden ship model building, and have little idea what the realm of possibilities is. I'm looking for the instructions of an old kit I have recently been given custody of (pictures below): Maquettes Gérard Schmitt (published by BMI apparently) Kof Hollandais (Dutch Koff) 1841 "Vlaardingen" Picture of the battered box: Picture of the contents as I found them, sadly lacking the instructions: A relative has recently come into possession of this kit, and after tinkering with it for a bit asked me (since I'm apparently the miniature specialist of the household) to see if I could build it for him. This box seems to have been housed in a garage somewhere for years before seeing the light of day again when said relative picked it up who-knows-where. The box seems to have been fixed with tape at some point, but the contents look fine, aside from the staples rusting. I have never even been near a kit like this (wooden, ship) before, but given my interest in other models/miniatures I decided to see if I could do something with it. Yes, I realised the moment I opened the box that this is probably not a good model for a first experience in this particular segment of the world of scale models. I also realise that the chance is very small someone will actually still have the instructions of this kit, this being an old box set from an obscure French manufacturer that seems to have existed only for a short time. I have done the usual internet searches for manufacturer, publisher, and ship type, but it seems MGS just didn't leave much of an internet trail outside sale and bidding sites. I think I might be able to reverse-engineer a building method using the instructions of other kits I've found scans of and the helpful instructions on this forum and else-where, but the original instructions would doubtlessly be of much use. Can anyone help me? Aside from actual scans of the original instructions, I would also be very grateful for any pointers on where to look next. I also apologise for any untowardness in this, my first post on your forum without proper introductions. Mae Culpa.
  11. Hi. I'm just waiting for the arrival of my first model in 35 years. And I know this is a big leap from way back then. So I'm also doing an airfix H.M.S. Catty Sark in between. Hopefully to retain what's left of my insanity. The reason I'm starting this thread is, I suppose obvious in a way. Help advice and tips. But the real reason is decades ago I was young and able to conquer the world. As we all were. Now I'm in a slow slide of disability. And I suppose you could call this my Swan Song. Go out with a bang eh. At least I'll have a boat waiting at the end :-). But in the meantime I'm wanting to make this one to remember. And as I have issues with mobility, vision, and dexterity oh and memory. Any advice, as to what others have done or trick to make thing simpler. Will be gratefully welcomed. As well as a few other choice comments I'm sure I'll raise. Feel free to point out any pratfalls I make as I hope to share the build on here as well. If not here then in the appropriate part of the forum. (Moderators. Please feel free to move this where ever you feel it belongs. I apologise in advance for the many errors, and faux pars I'll make) So as Nelson said "England Expects" and with your kind help this jolly jack English man wil rise to the occasion. So please shout up and tell me whatever you feel needs saying that will make this journey simpler. Even if it's already been said. I don't mind being treated like a idiot it gives me something to reach for. But if I can avoid mistakes it's better than correcting them. Thanks in advance Izack(Izzy) Madd
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