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  1. Hello Model Ship World! I am starting my build log for the Model Shipways Niagara. Although not new to model ship building, this will be my 2nd foray into wood. I recently finished the 18th Century Long Boat and learned so much, that I feel confident in moving to a larger ship. I am very slow and methodical when it comes to building. I'll let stuff dry for a week before touching it! I'm including the shots of the box and contents as it will probably be the last time it looks so neat and organized I cant thank other folks from the "Niagara Club" such as 6ohiocav and Mik
  2. After building a couple of ships I decided to actually create a build log. I have built and learned a lot building the Phantom and the Pride of Baltimore both from Model Shipways. The Admiral bought me the Brig Niagara, also from Model Shipways for Christmas. I went down to the workshop this morning and started to open the box and did and inventory of the parts, all there. I then repackaged all the small parts. From history I ended up either loosing the parts or droping them to never be seen again. I am re-purposing some old medication bottles to store the parts.
  3. And so my next build begins. Here the instructions tell us to put wood dowels through the keel and into that center wood piece. I used a small carbide drill (right) to put in a pilot hole and then followed up with the appropriately sized drill bit (left) for my wood dowels. Commander, the keel has been laid. Lets see how much I learned from building the Rattlesnake, my first wood ship build of this skill level.
  4. I'm just posting what I have of my Niagara log. Well, mainly it's going to be just pictures at first. I am getting close to an actual update point though.
  5. I sheepishly reenter the water with my fellow Niagara shipwrights. I have been "lost at sea" for the last three years after my Niagara build (and as I later found my build log) took a raking broadside in a work bench accident causing damage to its stern and keel. More on that later, But I start with a short introduction. I am an amateur woodworker in Northeastern Ohio with a keen interest in military history. I am a true landsman, with no sailing experience. I built styrene models as a kid, including Revel's Cutty Sark, and gained an interest in building ship models, albeit in p
  6. While this is not my first model ship it is my first attempt at a build log. My previous kits were all fore and aft rigged fishing schooners so this is my first real attempt with square rigged sails and all the yards, rigging etc. that comes alone. I have scrolled through many build logs and will follow what I have seen numerous times by starting with a picture of the kit box sitting on my workbench. I plan on working the ship's boats first as I am waiting for my new Byrnes disk sander to arrive and the ship's boats look like they will be a challenge while I wait.
  7. I have debated starting a build log for some time. Mainly because I fear I won’t keep it up. Also, there seems to be a rash of Niagara builders out there right now – many with great detailed logs. I’ve been at it for about 6 weeks so I’m also wondering why start a log now? Add to all that, I’m terrible with pics in posts. Goodness knows I could use the help. I haven’t assembled a model in 45 years. I’ve never tried a wooden one or one this detailed. I also have no real woodworking experience. It was just a wild hair that got me started. I saw a few models on display and decided I
  8. Another Niagara build log.... I'm Dave, from Columbia, Missouri. This is my fourth ship model project. My first, the Marseille by Mamoli, I built about 30 years ago and it turned out well for my first kit. Then I started the USS Constitution kit by Mamoli when I was in my 20's and got frustrated and put it away (it's still in my closet). I didn't build any more ship kits until I bought this Niagara kit 13 years ago. After planking the hull and deck I again got sidetracked as our children were born and I put it away. In the past few years I have completed two kits, both with the help
  9. After doing a fair bit of research on MSW and thinking critically about my abilities, I've settled on the USS Niagara as my first wooden model ship. My experience with wooden models has been limited to RC planes and the tissue covered balsa variety. I must say, laster cut parts are significantly better than the stamped balsa variety! I began by constructing a building board out of 3/4" MDF. To hold the keel perpendicular to the board I designed a frame and clamping system out of Makerbeam (a small extruded aluminum t-slot profile with 4 faces) and attached it to the board via co
  10. The US Brig Niagara is my second build. Just the possibility of completing a build of this level is due to the sharing of experience and advice from the many talented people on MSW!
  11. This will be my first build log, and I wasn't sure if I should have it here, in the Kits forums, or in the Scratch build forums, since I am diverging so much from the normal, plank-on-bulkhead technique. I decided on the Kit forum, since nearly everything I'm doing is, well, based on the Model Shipways kit and drawings. All of my previous builds (Yankee Hero, Fannie Gorham, We're Here, Dapper Tom, and a recent 1/2-hull - 1/2- model of six masted schooner Wyoming) have been solid hull projects. I found dealing with my builds of New Bedford Whaleboat (PoF) and Grand Banks Dory (PoB) to be tediou
  12. Starting over with correct title. I started the yawl first to learn the basis of ship building. I layered the parts and carved the basic shape per instructions and then primed and sanded to develop the final surface. Here is a view of the inside. It got very thin in places and I also noticed while carving the end tabs and center line did not exactly line up. I then looked at adding the side layers; from my airplane building stock I found that Midwest item #8003 .0208" x .0625 scale lumber was what I needed to use; soaked in water and started at the bottom keel and worked my way up doin
  13. Well, it appears to be that time. I have cracked the box and going to try and make some thing that appears like a ship. I gained a little bit of experience building the New Bedford Whaleboat but this is a whole different animal. Checking off the items now and looks like a whole lot of laser burn removal in my future. Made a build board for this part but I am wondering if I should buy a keel clamp or make something similar. Anyone have any thoughts on what is best to build and plank? I know a lot of people have completed or in the process of building a Niagara so I will have plenty of question
  14. First build. I chose this model because it was described as intermediate AND we are from Michigan. I.E. the great lakes where she was afloat. Also fond of any time we kicked British butt! Since I'd built untold plastic models from cars, to submarines, beginning at the age of 10, I thought I could handle an intermediate. I do believe I was wrong. But, I'm having fun and amazed at how much I've already learned. What not to do that is... So, take a back seat and see what else I do wrong. Learn from my mistakes. Do not as I say, nor as I do.
  15. So with the rebirth of the site I have a new motivation to post my build log instead of just stalking everyone else's. I moved on to wood ships after branching out from plastic ones and got hooked. Since then Ive build the Phantom and the MS Mayflower. The Mayflower as well as Chuck's amazing practicum helped me learn a lot of techniques. And that brings us to...the Niagara! Im mostly done the prerigging stuff and am looking forward to making all the masts. I decided to make the cannon/carronades run out but ropes stored. I also decided to spend half a millennium making all the tackle for
  16. Hello, everyone; I'm new to posting on MSW but have been working on my Niagara build for a few weeks now; I hope I get the "posting learning curve" correct (thank you, moderators) and become a productive member of this great community! I'm sure I'll get more out than I put in, as I am a relative beginner, but I'll try my best First question: how do I resize my photos so they fit? Thanks for your help. Bob
  17. Hello everyone, This will be my third build log here on MSW...the US Brig Niagara, a Model Shipways kit. I acquired the kit awhile back and had it in the queue. I was waiting until I could visit the real vessel in Erie and do some research and get some photos. As in my other logs I plan to post all here the good and the bad, the successes and failures, highs and lows. So without further adieu, welcome to my Niagara build. I started by laying out the rabbit on the false keel by measuring it off the plans with a small compass and transferring the 1/16in dimension to the f-keel. As t
  18. A little background on this build. This is the first wooden ship I have ever built that has a chance of actually being completed. I bought it just after it was released, back in Dec. 1998. I paid $169.99 for it (I still have the invoice). Previous to this, I bought & eventually threw away Billings Vasa (in the '70s) & the Mantua/Sergal Victory (in the early '80s) that I still have. It is started but will never be completed by me since I have now bought the Caldercraft Victory. I would even be willing to give the Mantua Victory away for the price of shipping. I know all of the fittings
  19. November 17, 2014: The adventure begins! (well, kind of.) My Niagara kit and tools arrived today. I can't get started on it yet though. First I need to finish putting together my workbench and organizing my work area. I'm also still waiting for my Fair-A-Frame from Model Expo. Definitely going to be taking my time with this build!
  20. Hello to all. I am a long time reader but first time posting a build log. My first wooden ship model was from Scientific America and was built back in 1978 for my father in-laws new office. Since that time I continued building ships every couple of years until the hobby shop I used closed its doors. In 2002 I found Model-Expo and started building again. Like most builders I started with solid hulls then progressed to POF and POB models. Then I started doing kit bashing and small from scratch models. Until the Niagara I had never built a ship with a hull bigger than 16”. Anyway I hope I ca
  21. Finally starting my build log. I have spent a good hour or so going through the kit and counting out the parts. Not too much missing, a few double blocks and 1 casting of a carronade roller assembly. Not too major but surprising. Being that it is a small part I will just try and carve one out of scrap wood when I get to it.
  22. OK, joining the 'Niagra' build club. Bought the kit about 7 years ago after building a couple of simple ones (Constitution cross section, etc.), but after reading the instructions, I knew I was in over my head. So, I built a couple of kits based on Bob Hunt's practicums, learned a lot, bought some needed tools, etc. And now, I believe I can do a fairly decent job on my own (thank you, Bob). Started with an inventory of the ME kit components, and I found several items were shorted, including over 50 blocks. But, even though I bought the kit in the last decade, ME was very responsive, and I ha
  23. Greeting everyone! Yes, I'm back with the Niagara-anonymous Club (we should prob have our own forum for this, but everyone is welcome in this house of solitude). Since I did not save a copy of my old log, I'll basically start with a brief intro/summary of my build, then jump into where I am now. As before, I apologize in advance if I don't make frequent updates on my progress, but I will reply to questions/comments as they come up. This is still my very first wooden/POB build (I'm not counting my 60+ plastic fleet that's it's own navy), so needless to say I felt like an orphaned
  24. My current project and my first POB model. Previous builds include Sea Witch by Scientific, built in 1975 and recently restored. Also Constitution by Revell (plastic), built c. 1965, which ended its life as a wreck at the bottom of a fish tank. Also Yacht America, Plastic by Monogram?, which sat on our mantle for 20 years before being replaced, tentatively, by Sea Witch. Other things I have built include 7 clavichords, 3 harpsichords, a rebec, a mountain dulcimer, three treehouses, a bunch of kinetic sculptures, flying model gliders, static plastic models of many descriptions. Also mobile
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