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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted in these forums, but I'm starting my first wooden ship model so I figured it was time to start a build log thread. For this first project, I decided to build the Oseberg Viking longship. So far the best plans I've found are here: http://oseberg.narod.ru/pages/Oseberg_Schiff_Spiegazioni_Pag_01.htm If anyone knows of any other publicly accessible plans that are better, I'd love to hear about them. This appears to be from a kit model but I think that might make it easier for a first build. I'll post pics as I make progress. Edit: I've updated the title to reflect the plans I've settled on, which have changed multiple times since I started this thread. I'm now working from the plans by Vibeke Bischoff that were used to build the Saga Oseberg 1:1 replica, from the book, "Saga Oseberg: rekonstruktion af et vikingeskib" by Thomas Søes Finderup, master boat builder of the Saga Oseberg replica.
  2. Since other members have posted extensive build reports of this boat kit I will focus primarily on the choices I have made. The main issue of the kit is the scroll parts for the bow and stern which are far too thick. This is the solution I opted for : Some modifications to turn the model into a working rc one : I have also added some 1/24 figures (I will order or make some more in the future): I have finally finished the shields and now I'm going to tackle the oars (also a rather boring and repetitive job). I think that the oars should all have a different length (the midships ones should be shorter than those closer to the bow and stern), although BB do not refer to this in their instructions. Regards, Arjan
  3. Hi everyone, This is my first try at building a wooden ship from a kit. I have been slowly working on it since the first of the year. I have been looking at the build logs of Von Kossa and Jack Panzeca. They have done such a nice job and I can only hope to come close to their work.
  4. First model ship kit build: First build log on MSW. Be still my beating heart! The Kit: Billings large model of the Oseberg Ship (1/25). This turned out to be Billings part number 720 and has plywood laser-cut shields, and laser-scored scrollwork in ply (More on the laser and ply later as the build commences) The kit was a Christmas present (2018) from my lovely Admiral, and was ordered and obtained from our local model boat shop Float-a-Boat. It took about 6 months to arrive but this was not a worry, as we both had plenty to do since we had just moved house. By the way, "Oseberg" in Australia is pronounced "Osssburg" I'm sure I could have obtained it cheaper and faster, but the end cost would be huge, as real model shops will not be there unless we use them I failed to take the ceremonial unboxing and layout on the carpet pictures. Sorry Not much in the box, as longships do a LOT with a little material. Some dowels, stripwood - all obechi as far as I can see, sail material, build instructions (which make IKEA instructions look encyclopaedic by comparison) and a double sided full size plan, which includes (some) dimensions for the build Jig Why a Longship? I love them! I went to see the Sutton Hoo museum in Suffolk, UK and was smockraffled by the model of the reconstructed boat in the entrance. It's about 1.5m long and I remember seeing it's bow from water level and realising that I want to make one of them. So since that I have been reading about the construction - actual and model. I have learned of the wide range of boats in this style of construction then and now. I can remember walking round Stavanger harbour in the 1980s and seeing small boats whose construction and fastenings are clearly cousins of the Oseberg ship Confession. I have Previous Form In the early part of this century I raced Footy Radio-control (sometimes) yachts and progressed from state-of-the-art carbon masterpieces designed by Angus Richardson (he designed the 507 Footy still sold by Melbourne's RadioSailingShop) to satisfying scale gaff-riggers such as Presto (https://www.woodenboat.com/boat-plans-kits/presto-footy) I was asked by Angus to make him a Drakkar to the Footy rules to act as his Admiral's barge on ceremonial occasions, so I made one, learned a LOT and made him the requested Drakkar called Rodolm with an Angus-designed pattern on the sail (photos follow if anyone is interested) The lower hull was carved blue foam (to the sections of the Gokstad ship) with about 3 strakes above the foam to make the hull. The keel allowed a removable polycarbonate keel with lead ballast to be inserted. Mast was exactly in the centre of everything and sail was fixed to the mast. Both rotated up to 180 degrees to allow close-hauled sailing on either tack. Now regrettably Angus had poor sight, and Rodolm had low and symmetrical prow and stern (as it had to comply with the Footy rules) and sailing her turned out to be a challenge for him. I added a staff and mylar streamer to the stern to help him with orientation and wind direction. Info: "Footy" yachts have to fit in a Box 12 inches long x 6 inches wide x 12 inches deep. (Rodolm did) I am aware of venturing into a huge forum of skilled experts with diverse knowledge. Please feel entirely free to dive in and comment, help, suggest solutions and/or request more (or less) information To come in next post: The build so far Mine is a Friday Kit Decisions about Floor levels There will be no Ply edge visible! The Giants on whose shoulders I an planning to stand andrew
  5. Good evening all, This is my first build log and first model build in close to 30 years. When I bought the Oseberg I bought it with all intentions of building it as the museum ship. Best laid plans right. I'm going to be cremated when it's time. I thought hmmmm... a Viking funeral, (yes I know there really weren't any ship burnings but what the heck). I also bought the Billing since it didn't NOT have the dragon head & tail, again the best laid plans. I actually bought and started the model in August. I read in another post that it isn't bad taste to start a build log as long as there aren't just pictures. And I might just help other newbies pointing out the 5,741 mistakes I've made already. Mistake #1, thinking the kit would actually have instructions, not. I guess Model Shipways & Bluejacket got me spoiled with their superb instruction booklets. I am not able to have the open box ceremony as I didn't realize that was proper manners. Next will. I will say the kit itself isn't to bad. But maybe not the kit for a fella that hasn't modeled in 30 years to get back into the hobby. I shall overcome! (Especially with the build logs here that I've scoured over countless times. Setting the frames was pretty straight forward. Here are a couple pictures to get started.
  6. Greetings Everyone, This is my first build log and I missed the ritual box opening. I was already putting things together before I realized I should have photographed it first. The plans and directions are pretty sparse but it is a fairly straight forward ship. The keel had a slight bow in it but I used a little warm water and bent it a little past straight and it dried nice and flat. This is the kit version with the plywood scrollwork and shields. The keel and bulk heads leave a lot of exposed plywood edges and my plan is to cover them with oak veneer. The deck planking is Obechi which is soft, brittle and in my eye a little ugly. I have already ripped a few oak planks and they should work fine. I am happy to be here and doing this. More soon.
  7. I have just received my Oseberg purchased on ebay from from rc-multistore_de. Impressed by the very fast delivery to the UK from Germany. I do not plan to cover every step of the construction which has been done so eloquently by others including Jack and Kossa. However I will describe any variations as I make them. Firstly I noticed a tiny sketch in the instruction book showing that the stem and stern keel pieces #10a and #10b need to be faired. As described by Jack these pieces will be removed and replaced by the scroll pieces so they will not be faired. Instead I have faired the keel pieces #10 almost to a knife edge. I will decide whether to shave off a layer of the scroll pieces in due course. Like Antti I plan to fill between the bulkheads with softwood to stiffen the structure and to form a firm base for planking. I did the same with a Friesland model with good effect.
  8. Hi! This will be a build log about my ongoing project to build a scale 1:25 wooden version of the Oseberg Ship. I will try to reconstruct this build log after the crash.
  9. So, as I said, I´ll begin some new projects while still building the Chinese Junk. This is the first of two, the Osberg by Amati. Before any sawdust comes through, I have to thank my friend Jack Panzeca for his gift. Yep, he was a sweety and sent me this kit he wouldn´t build for he already was building the Billing´s Oseberg - As I was always telling how nice it was and let it clear I would build one if I had, Jack surprised me with offering this one. Jack, here I am, building the ship - Thank you. A review of the box - In comparison to the other 2 ships I built till now, the Amati Oseberg kit is a little sparse on material. Truth be told, that´s because the ship itself isn´t that material consumer - viking ships are fantastic ships considering the small use of wood and their sailing capabilities. The false keel and bulkheads are laser cut, as the wood for hull planking - at first I thought it strange for they´re strangely shaped, but that's explainable by the planking of a so characteristic hull. Some pictures follow: Fittings may be a problem to those who, as I do, like the wood everywhere. Shields are metal cast, oars are plastic as the mast step. All of those are already marked on my plans as scratchbuild fittings. I have to say, though, that Amati Oseberg isn´t really the Oseberg. I measured the ship´s keell and middle bulkead to find she doesn´t fit on the true Oseberg dimensions - False keel should have 43,16cm, and it has 43,9cm, width should be 5,20cm, it´s 5,7cm. Also, Amati´s bring a strange dragon head instead of the engraved details Oseberg has, as a central oar holder that shouldn´t be there. My plans on bashing/modifying goes for removing the central oar holder, engraving the stem/stern as the Oseberg (well, the closest I can get, at least), adding the big barrel the museum ship exposes and chests before the oar holes. I´ll scratch the oars, shields, mast step and rudder. I begun by building a stand. It´s a 6mm mdf board with two 6mm planks held together by butterfly bolts. I would install metal trails for a bulkead aligner, but changed my mind. Instead, I traced lines on the board and made a 90° angled piece gluing 2 mdf pieces (sanded and measured). (To be continued)
  10. Ahoy shipmates (and all that blarney!) I am back!!! After a pause and change of model I have returned to the watery kind. I got the Amati Oseberg on ebay at a reasonable price most of which was probably accounted for by the pretty box! The Viking boats required surprisingly little wood which is exactly what Amati provide. There are instructions dubiously translated into English, a good sheet of 1/1 plans, a little box of bits and pieces. Lots of small dowel to make oars with, a wee bit of deck planking veneer and some well cut laser pieces including the pre-shaped strakes, the false keel and bulkheads and that is about it. Would you believe you even have to add your own glue!!! Anyway, I appreciate this is not an accurate representation of the real Oseberg and it is interesting to note that Amati now seem to sell exactly the same kit named the 'Drakkar'. I don't intent to modify it very much but I can see that the plywood edges will need to be covered and the deck planking done completely differently from the destructions. I have looked up a couple of other builds to get me up to speed. So here goes, a couple of pictures of the box and contents to start with and I just couldn't resist posting a couple of pictures of my interim model (with apologies to MSW).
  11. Hi everyone !! I'm really excited to be starting this today, though I'm really nervous too lol. If my ship turns out even a tiny bit as good as Jack Panzeca's or Von_Kossa's or any of the others here for that matter then I'll be happy! This will be my first model ship build, although I do have a small background in architectual modeling and of course like many of us here I built plastic models and balsa planes as a kid. I've always had a interest in wooden ship models and I love viking and viking longships so the Oseberg was the logical start for me. I bought this kit about five years ago however life kept me from having the time or place to start building until now. I've spent the last several days reading lots of build logs for this ship and now its time for me to start though I'll need lots of advice tips and help I'm sure. I also want to mention that like Jack P. and von_Kossa I plan on remaking lots of the parts myself and covering all the plywood edges in oak veneer. (I may also do an oak deck like Jack P.) Ok here we go the unboxing pics!!!
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