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Found 8 results

  1. It is time to start a new build log. This time it was a close race between brigantine Phoenix and USS Syren. Since Phoenix kit has all laser cut parts, including planks, i was curious to see how this approach fits into hard-core, make-my-own planks state of mind... So, let see... This is a wooden model kit of the 12-gun brigantine "Phoenix" - cruising ship with a sailing arsenal of the brigantine, part of Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Empire. St. Andrew's flag Russia Ship class and type Cruising ship Type of sailing equipment brigantine Organization Black Sea Fleet Commissioned since 1787 in Russia Removed from the fleet Autumn 1803 Length between perpendiculars 24.4 m Mid- width width 7.3 m Draft 2.9 m Mover sail Crew 52 Total number of guns 12 guns Service history (obtained from Internet sources). A Greek built 12-gun brigantine Phoenix became a part of the Russian Black Sea fleet in 1787. With a war with Ottoman Empire pending, large number of Greek Corsair ships were purchased to strengthen the young Russian Black Sea fleet, in many cases the Greek crews were also hired into Russian service. Such ships were officially classified as “cruising ships” in Russian navy lists. The ship’s first war was the Russian-Turkish war of 1787-1791. In the summer of 1788, the ship under the command of warrant officer Georgy Nikiforovich Benardaki, as part of Rear-Admiral's squadron Count M. I. Voinovich , went to sea in search of the enemy. On July 3, 1788, the brigantine participated in the first naval battle of the Russian-Turkish war of 1787-1791 near Fidonisi between the fleets of Russia and the Ottoman Empire. In 1789, as part of squads and squadrons, she repeatedly went to sea to search for Turkish ships. In April 1790, the ship delivered supplies and materials from Kherson to Sevastopol. In May 1790, with the squadron of Rear Admiral F. F. Ushakov, along with other cruiser ships, searched for Turkish ships, participated in the blockade of Anapa, in the battle near the Kerch Strait (was in reserve). In August 1790, in a battle near the island of Tendra, captured 10 Turkish cannon brigantine. In October, the captured Turkish ships escorted to the Dnieper Liman to Ochakov. In November, together with the cruising ship “Clement Pope of Rome” was sent to cruise to the Rumelian coast in the Varna region - m. Kaliakria. They took two Turkish vessels Sakaleva and Tumbaz (captured flooded) from Varna, then returned to Sevastopol and brought the captured vessel Sakaleva there. In April 1791, ships again went to search for Turkish ships to the shores of Tavrida, and then to the Anatolian coast - from Sinop to Constantinople. April 1 sunk two Turkish vessels. In July, the ship in the squadron F. F. Ushakov went to sea. July 31, participated in the battle at Cape Kaliakria. In 1794, the Phoenix under the command of midshipman S. A. Belisarius with a squadron was on a practical voyage in the Black Sea, and in 1795-1797 in the Black and Azov Seas. In the war with France of 1798–1800, the ship under the command of Lieutenant L. F. Morskoi was used as a transport ship. In November 1798, the ship arrived from Sevastopol to Corfu with provisions for the squadron of Vice-Admiral F. F. Ushakov. In December 1798, FF Ushakov's demands to Ibrahim Pasha delivered to Avpona to send Turkish troops to storm Corfu, blocking the fortress. At the beginning of 1799 the ship was with a squadron at Corfu, escorting transport ships with captured Frenchmen, entered Messina and arrived in Toulon. In 1801 and 1802 the brigantine sailed between the ports of the Black Sea. In 1803, the ship was under the command of Lieutenant S. S. Karachinsky with the Nikolaev Nort, dismantled after 1803 in Nikolaev. Cruise Ship Commanders: G. N. Benardaki (1788–1791); S. A. Belisarius (1794-1798); LF Morskoy (1797-1802) [2] ; S. S. Karachinskaya (1803) [3] . Literature: Chernyshev A. А. Russian sailing fleet. Directory. - M .: Military Publishing, 2002. - T. 2. - 480 p. - (Ships and vessels of the Russian fleet). - 5000 copies - ISBN 5-203-01789-1 . Veselago F. F. The General Maritime List from the base of the fleet until 1917. - SPb. : Printing house of V. Demakova, 1890. - V. IV / The reign of Catherine II. K - S. - S. 31, 398. - 712 p. - (Military history library). A. B. Shirokorad. 200 Years of the Sailing Fleet of Russia / Ed. A. B. Vasiliev. - 2nd ed. - M .: “Veche”, 2007. - 448 p. - ISBN 978-5-9533-1517-3 . Model details: Scale 1:72. Assembled dimensions are (LxWxH) 23.25" x 8.5" x 17.25" (590mm x 220mm x 440mm ). All wooden parts are laser cut to simplify assembly. Hull design compensates for material deformations. Double plank-on-bulkhead hull. Final hull planks are made of anigre veneer. Historically accurate cast cannons with Russian Imperial crests. Laser etched deck made of maple veneer. High quality pearwood blocks. Multitude of highly detailed brass parts. Sail plans and cloth for sewing the sails. Silk screen flags. Different diameters of black and tan threads for standing and running rigging. Ship stand with two nameplates, one in English and one in Russian Binnacle. Ship's boat MK0101 is included. Ship plans (four large sheets) and translated plans in English. Assembly instructions in English. Made in Russia by Master Korabel Happy modeling.
  2. Welcome to my build log for the Master Korabel phoenix. I chose this kit for a number of reasons. 1. It is a high quality kit: It makes use of some good quality wood including pear. Many of the detailed parts are of the highest quality, I note partic the blocks, the yawl/longboat included in the "plus" kit, the gratings, cannons, the many PE brass parts. See below for more info. The "shortcuts": the deck is provided as one sheet, with the planking and treenailing scribed in by laser. The result is a HUGE timesaver, and produces much better results than anything I could do at 1:72. All planking is also laser cut veneer hardwood, with planks already cut to the proper length, curvature and width etc (even the longboat). Again a huge timesaver. There are also about 20 very helpful online tutorials taking you through every step of the build on youtube. Here is the first one, which also is a wonderful intro to the contents of the kit. Finally the kit is very good value. I got the "plus" version which includes the longboat, higher quality blocks and wood for about $250 AUD. Online from a Russian supplier on ebay. This is about $200. For a time poor church minister, working six days a week, with three kids with a small craft desk in his study...this seemed to be a great value kit, that I will have a fighting chance of completing within 12 months or so.
  3. Edited this first post to give an index. 1. PRELIMINARY CHATTER - follows this 2. OVERVIEW - BOX AND CONTENTS 3. MORE DETAIL ON PARTS 4. TRIAL DRY-FIT ASSEMBLY 5. MOUNTING FOR THE MODEL 6. ROUGH FAIRING OF THE HULL 7. REAL LIFE PHOENIX 8. FIRST HULL ASSEMBLY 9. GLUE FOR THIS BUILD 10. PEDESTAL FITTINGS 11. TOP HULL 12 TOP HULL - STERN 13. CUSTOMER SERVICE 14. MORE TOP HULL 15. TOP HULL - UPPER BULWARKS  16. BINNACLE 17. BINNACLE & WHEEL POSITION 18. WINDLASS 19. PUMP 20. GUNS 21. GRATINGS AND LADDERS 1. PRELIMINARY CHATTER I have just ordered this kit from Germany. I am intrigued by the pre-shaped hull planking and hoping that this may help me to get over that part quickly because I find myself getting obsessive of the hull planking in my usual builds. Also this time round I shall try and keep the log to the build rather than the family health and the state of my work area! I will keep my Pickle build mothballed on the slips though.
  4. Brigantine Phoenix + lifeboat Wooden ship Kit 1/72 art. MK0401P Brand Master Korabel Complete Do it Yourself assembly kit. Museum Quality. 2016 World Ship-modelling Championship Winner - Gold Medal MK0401P - Lifeboat is included. Ship wooden kit features: · All hull planking and details are laser cut · Double planking · The marked bevel on frames · A special hull design that compensates the materials deformation · Detailed photo instruction and drawings · Patterns and cloth for the sail sewing. You can also buy ready-made sails: MK0401-S Sails for Brigantine Phoenix Wooden Kit 1/72 Instructions are in Russian and English, include many pictures!
  5. I purchased this a few months ago from a www.hobbyterra.com, it is produced by ex USSR manufacturers – it's very complete and very detailed, all parts are laser cut – even the outside hull planking. It has instructions in Russian, but I'm a little rusty so I'll refer to the picture diagrams and the English instructions. When it's finished it will be 590 mm long, by 440 mm high and 220 mm wide. So here are some pictures:
  6. Any ideas how i should cover that cap? In the picture you can see that my lover planks are ending too soon. Can you come up with somekind solution. Frame, copper plates or somethin what covers that part in the end. 😅 Im going to do the rest like it should but i dont know what would be best choice to cover that mistake Kit is from korabel so all planks are precut, if all hope is lost then the last choice is to order new set of planks from korabel span widget
  7. Hello all, I'm new to model ship building and new to this site. I'm about to start my first build and like the idea creating a log. This is not something I have taken lightly. I've done lots of research and read some books about building model ships. I now feel I'm ready to take the plunge. I hope I titled this log correctly. More to come!
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