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Found 19 results

  1. The Building Log of the H.M. Schooner Pickle by JoTiKa. The first half of this log is a copy of the original log that was lost from the Forum. Luckily, I had always used Word to write my log before I had added the text to the Build Log so I still have the original text - and the same terrible photo's!! Introduction There are many newcomers to this hobby including myself. I have therefore included details in this building log which the newcomer or less experienced modeller may find of use. Modelling Background My modelling started as for so many of us as a child back in the g
  2. Build Log HMS Pickle The Caldercraft kit has arrived and seems of the same good quality as I could expect from Granado. However, before I start, I made a bit of research and will add a few corrections. I like Pickle as an example of those elegant schooners and for her role after Trafalgar. But – I find that the kit’s Pickle looks somewhat strange in some respects: The bow seems too bluff for the period The overall proportions of hull length, mast distance and mast height seems wrong The stern looks ugly and the taffrail is completely different from other schooners of the period. Accordin
  3. Hello Everyone, Welcome to my build log of The Schooner Pickle and I hope you enjoy it. Most of you will know the history and significance of 'Pickle ' and it has been told in detail in other logs of this build, so suffice to say that she will always be famous for carrying dispatches from Admiral Collingwood detailing the Victory at Trafalgar and the news of Lord Nelson's death to England. On the 28 of july 1808 Pickle was grounded off Cape Santa Maria on the Chipiona Shoal on her approach to Cadiz. Pickle sank quickly but all her crew were saved. I also int
  4. Hi there everybody! New member from Norway here. Just made an account on this wonderful forum. I have spent many ours reading building logs, and i must say there are some extreme skills around! I have been a modeller since childhood, but only with plastic and R/C cars and boats. Until now. Started this Pickle build several months ago. Work and kids take time and effort so i put in some building when i have time to spare. Posting a few pictures from where i an now. As you probably already have guessed i am from Norway so please excuse my English 😊
  5. Hello! I already introduced myself a few weeks ago and thought that maybe a building log is a good thing, because it's my first build. So al the help is welcome! I'm from the Netherlands, so my spelling won't always be on point ;). I began this ship in 2015 but paused at the first planking stage. Life came in between and i didn't knew if i would continue this wonderful hobby. But recently i picked it right up where i left and addicted ever since. I'm now finished the second planking and plating the hull with copper plates. Yesterdag i spent the whole afternoon with c
  6. "I couldnt resist it" said I to the Admiral. My visit to Cornwall Model Boats was meant to be for a bit of taganika sheet for Pegasus and just a look around. Wasn't to be - I was led astray while passing the packing department. So Pickle it is. I have been thinking for some time about a smaller build to intersperse with Pegasus and I would also like to try doing some substituting kit wood with "nicer" materals. So - the log begins. There are several pictures already of the box contents on other logs so I wont bother with box opening pics. The instruction man
  7. On the old site there were a few build logs of Pickle which gave insight into this beginner level kit, but all that has been lost. I have a build log already done for this fine little model and I will re-post it here for the benefit of those, particularly beginners, who may be interested, and as a contribution to replacing our lost content. A little background to Pickle She is best known for carrying to England the bitter sweet news of the crushing defeat of the French / Spanish fleet at Trafalgar coupled with the news that Nelson had died. The Pickle was a purchased schooner
  8. Hello All and welcome to my build log! To make things clear - I'm a genuine beginner that only recently became interested in this wonderful hobby. I've never attempted anything similar or even worked with wood before. If you're just like me then this thread might serve as a great example of what can you expect from your first build. I'll do my best to cover not only my successes but also the failures. To kick things off I should probably show you the contents of the box, but then again there are already 12 other Pickle build logs on this forum and numerous other review
  9. Greetings, There are some wonderful build logs of this vessel on this site so I will focus on the things a new builder encounters along the way and give you my personal take on building models in general. I hope people will find this interesting. I cracked open the box last night, November 16th, 2014. The first thing I did was make a list. Let's see what I can do this evening. I will post at least once a week. This is going be great fun! Best Regards from Montreal Rick Shousha
  10. Hi All, I'm currently building my first ship (Caldercraft HM Schooner Pickle) and have a question about copper plating. The instructions suggest that the 18x5.5(x0.15) [mm] plates should be aligned like this (with edges sitting against each other): I find this peculiar and was considering doing this (sides lying on top of neighbouring plate): But this makes the plates look a bit narrow. Could I ask for your opinions on this? I was also wondering about the rivet pattern - is it a technically accurate representation? Should I have a look at different
  11. Hi, I'm currently working on my first kit (Pickle by Caldercraft) and have a question relating to the false deck which in this case will be partially visible on the finished model. I'm at a stage where it should be glued into position (according to the instructions), but without any planking (which should be done at a later stage). This seemed weird, so I had a look at other people logs (of the same kit) and realized that basically no one followed the instructions on this matter. I've decided to do the planking before I glue the deck into position, but am a bit overwhelmed by diffe
  12. HM Schooner Pickle was entrusted to carry the dispatches from Admiral Cunningham to the Admiralty in London informing them of the victory at Trafalgar and of the sad loss of the Admiral Lord Nelson. Pickle was finally lost in 1808 whilst again carrying dispatches, she ran aground off Cape Santa Maria on the Chipiona Shoal, there was no loss of life. First up we have the obligatory box shots. Nothing too complicated here and I do have a few ideas for some changes, we'll see how things develop. I have made a start on her, the Main Keel
  13. Hi, I'm just in the process of finishing up my previous build - a 1:48 model of a Hunt class Mine Counter-Measure Vessel, HMS Cottesmore, and I've got this kit in ready to build next. The hope is that it will give me the skills to finish off a Panart Royal Yacht Caroline that my late father started. Also, it looks like a really lovely kit. I'm not expecting to match the efforts of some of the other superb models of Pickle I've seen on this site, but hopefully I'll end up with something I can look at and enjoy I've received the kit, so watch this space for updates. And thanks for read
  14. Welcome to my build of Caldercrafts HM Schooner Pickle kit. Introduction. The kit includes: Double plank on bulkhead construction in lime and walnut; all decking in high quality Tanganyika strip; 6 x 12pdr turned brass carronades, fully rigged and complete with walnut carriage assemblies; detailed brass etched components; over 500 copper plates; ship's boats in resin with walnut components and brass fittings including oars, grapnels and boat hooks; CNC cut and profiled walnut and ply components; brass nameplate; all required blocks, black & natural hemp to rig the model, birch dowe
  15. When I was cleaning on my vessel I found an old big light bulb. As I love the ships in bottles I thought it would be nice to put a little ship in there. As the entrance is not that small as a bottle it is a nice exercise before I start with a real bottle. I made a little waterline hull from wood and made some bulwarks from a sea chart which is a nice and strong paper. I made a stand to hold the model and drilled holes for the gun ports. These are squared with a little key file. The bowsprit is made from sanded down tooth picks. I made the gunwales
  16. Firstly - Apologies if my nautical parlance is not up to scratch but this ship modelling is a steep learning curve. HM Schooner Pickle is my second pob build, and I have decided to post a build log for a couple of reasons: Looking through MSW as a first timer was a constant source of help and ideas, the Build logs, downloadable files, and topics on the help forum got me past many hiccoughs (& mistakes on my behalf) and got me to the end of HM Cutter Sherbourne with a model that, though I constantly wish I had done "that" different etc, I am proud of. Secondly it has been mentioned
  17. Hi all, welcome to my build log. I'm a new menber and last Friday I started the build of JoTiKas HM Schooner Pickle. It's a very nice little kit. I think I don't need to show the box and all the parts of the kit, because here are some very fine build logs of the Schooner Pickle. Forever associated with Admiral Nelson's final and most historic victory, the Battle of Trafalgar 1805, Pickle was chosen to carry the News of Nelson's victory and death back to England. And here are the first pictures: Almost ready for the first planking.
  18. This was my first attempt at model ship building. It is incomplete as the cannon were not built. I found 1:64 to be too small for me. The job was hurried because i wanted to try out all the aspects of the build to see how i liked it. I liked it a lot which is why i am about to take a very great deal of time building the AL 1:48 HMS Surprise. The following photographs form a pictorial record of the build. Sorry....no words. Mike.
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