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Found 15 results

  1. Many years ago I built the Revell ships Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria, they had small plastic rigging Blocks, it was the first time I had rigged a plastic ship with Blocks and it led me onto building wooden ship kits. I have always liked the shape of the Pinta, a Caravel with a Square Main Sail, and this Amati version arrived here a few weeks ago. I will be building this following the Amati instructions but I do have access to the AOTS Ships of Columbus which I will use to help with the rigging. Whenever I read someone else's build I like to see what's in the box rather than having to look through other builds so here's what you get for your ....... (insert here your currency of choice, in my case £'s) Cheers Andy
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  3. I have been working on this for about a month. I had to stay home with my better half due to her scheduled minor operation. So since i had nothing better to do apart from this, i cracked open a few cold ones, turned on my favorite stream and been cutting out, shaping and glueing this lovely little kit. Chosen for its lack of complicated rigging, only two cannons and easy lines of hull. I need a little practice before i jump back in to the deep end of my Victory build. And Santa leocadia, La belle poule, Lexington and tonne of the others that i have all around me. every square inch of my workshop is filled with unfinished projects... i dont think i need to introduce this ship to anybody. Its voyage across the pond have paved way to later discovery of future Ungratefull Colonies, South Americas, great civilizations and magnificient rain forests. All sorts of things. i have not been very good when taking pictures on every step of the journey, it was too quick to be honest. kit is printed on good quality card. Shine is high on some parts. I like it that way, so no complain from my side. I tried my luck with touching edges, mixing shades and stuff, to little effect. I stuck to one shade of brown with a little variations. Did work mostly, but as you will notice, flash is cruel. i have purchased laser cut details and set of frames to make my life easier. These are of great quality, although i would take a few of them off and replace them with different ones. Never mind, i managed to assemble every paper part available in the kit and am now stuck waiting for a set of masts and spars. Coming from Poland, for a hefty price of £25 p&p to UK included. Once received, i will crack on and finish this lovely little ship. I noticed how huge the pictures were. As i have done the post on the mobile, i had no idea. i shall redo this post as soon as i get a minute tomorrow.
  4. Hi and welcome to my build log of the Liveship Vivacia. This model is not based on a real ship but comes from the fantasy novels by Robin Hobb. My ambition is to build the Bounty, but I feel that I need more experience before I start such a project, especially in the areas of square sail rigging, hull planking and general component building (- basically everything, haha). So I have decided to build the ship that first got me interested in sailing ships when I read the books nearly 20 years ago. The books are fantasy novels based on a pre-gunpowder medieval style era, the ships mentioned are Caravels, Carracks, Cogs, Galleys and unspecified fishing and row boats. I have long wondered if it is possible to make an acceptable and “realistic” model simply from a novel. Repeated reading of the 3 novels in which this ship appears has convinced me that there is enough information to build a model that will fit in with the detailed description in the books. The Liveships trade along the coast and up and down certain rivers -think the eastern coastline of the North and South Americas - and while well-built and very expensive, are not ostentatious. The Liveship Vivacia is a merchant carrack/caravel style ship with at least two masts, raised fore and aft decks and transom stern. Due to a certain set of circumstances, these ships (made from a silvery grey wood), and the figureheads, eventually become sentient, hence Liveship. I know what you are thinking……. I won’t mention the magic and the dragons……… So I searched for a donor kit, eventually settling on the Pinta kit from Mantua. This kit has the required raised fore and aft decks, is multi masted, and a flat transom. It has square sails on the mainmast and foremast, with a lateen sail on the mizzen mast. Whilst the lateen sail won’t help with learning for the Bounty and is not specifically mentioned in the books, I’ve decided to keep it. To start off here are the pics of the kit contents; The kit itself is of a pretty good standard: single-layer hull planking in walnut, pre-printed sails, brass turned cannons and swivel guns, pre-formed pintles/gudgeons and other fittings already blackened, pre-cut decking, usual kit style blocks and triangular deadeyes and the usual laser cut plywood. This kit will need to be extensively kitbashed to achieve the result I am after and I expect this will be a project that will last me the next few years. I hope you will find this interesting and for those that wish to follow please pull up a chair, the beers are in the fridge! Cheers, Paul
  5. Hello A With the summer camping season upon us I've had very little time to work on any of my modeling projects, the Harriet Lane still sits on the bench and I've parked the Niagara as well. I had toyed with the idea of taking some material along but was always deterred by the hassle involved with moving a semi completed project, so the idleness continued, that is until recently! I was perusing MSW one day and came across Clare Hess's (Catopower) build log for the HMS Alert from Shipyard (link below)) a paper model...I've seen paper done before, primarily following Doris's scratch builds (link also below). The attraction to paper is the lack of special tools required to complete a build. So with these two excellent builders as inspiration I took the plunge and ordered the Shipyard Pinta kit from Age of Sail. My primary reason for choosing this kit was cost, it is only $22, I did spring for sails and mast accessory kits which brought the total up to $36.16, less shipping. Not an exorbitant amount for an experiment. THe kit arrived in a couple days and was packaged very well, the main kit consists of 5 pages of printed parts, 1 laser cut in heavy cardboard and 4 printed color parts, some really nice flags, and lots of color photos/instructions . The sails are nicely printed on fabric and precut, the mast are just dowels of various diameters, but does come with a laser cut crows nest, which is a nice addition. So here goes another build log...this one though will only be added to when we get away for the weekend as it is happening on the rv dining table! The first couple pics show the kit packages, I plan to take a snap of the individual sheets as they are used. The ships keel and frames are laser cut from heavy pressed card... These were easy to remove with a #11 scalpel... Once all the parts were removed the main structure was assembled using PVA, the parts fit was very good, the parts went together with no fiddling whatever... I used a straightened paperclip to run a small bead of glue on each kerf before mating the pieces together then used a lego to square things while I readied the next part... It didn't take long to complete the frame... So that were she sits for now, the plan is to build this little ship pretty much box stock with the exception of the ropes, which I will spin up on my rope walk, looking through the sheets of parts the real challenge looks like it will be the rigging blocks, those I may replace as well, but we will see. Thanks for looking in, appreciate you time and attention J
  6. Good Morning everyone.. I have decided to start this log after spending countless hours on here, reading and gleaning information. Enjoy coming to this site to see what is new, especially in the scratch build logs. However, to dip my toes in this great hobby, I've started out with the USS Constitution by ModelExpo. While, that is currently still under construction, and not nearly as I wanted it to be.. I have decided to give La Pinta a shot. I wanted to build this, as I'm currently serving overseas near the area where Christopher Columbus set sail those many years ago, and this place with it's rich history of old sailing vessels. Also, depending on how long this will take me, would like to present this as a gift to the landlords when I depart from here. I'm open to any suggestions and comments, and I'm still quite a newbie.
  7. This is my first real wooden ship model. I started with a Mini Mamoli Victory but that was a solid hull ship. I´m fairly happy with it so far. The hull/planking could have been done a lot better. I started in January this year. I should have been more careful planking the hull and done a better job of preparing the hull ( counting number of planks, better fairing and beveling and so on. Done a better scheme how thin I should have shaved the planks but in all I´m satisfied.
  8. Dear friends, after finishing of Revenge 1577 I decided to continue again with scratch build - not with another "war monster", but with two small ships, two of Columbus fleet, which returned back from the New World for the first time. I used free plans from MODELARSTWO OKRETOWE web page ( http://www.modelarstwookretowe.pl/index.php?p=44 ) for Nina ( there are downloadable plans for Santa Maria too ) and made projection for Pinta based on the same plan and pictures of model made from MO plan. I will also change sail plan on Nina - all of sails will be latin. I absolutely forget to start a new thread here ( shame on me ), now I´m in progress of hulls planking. Bottom parts of hulls and decks are just finished. There are three layers of cartoon planking already - I want to make extremely strong and smooth hull ( there are only first and last layer taken on pfotos - the second one I glued across the first ). Upper parts of hull sides will be make from one piece of thick cartoon each one. Here are some pictures from the progress. Jan
  9. Hello everyone! I'm Felipe, from Brazil, and this is my first log here, and also my first wooden model! It is "La Pinta", one of the three ships assigned to Columbus expedition, made by a small brazilian manufacturer that suits our needs for good quality kits, as its really hard to find kits from famous brands here. I've bought it an year ago when I signed up for this forum, but college wouldn't give the spare time needed for this kit, so I've just been able to star working on it this month. The hull structure: Starting to work on the decks: And to close the day, an encouraging dry-fit! Well, its not much for know, but at least I've started working on this beauty!
  10. Well, here she is...the Pinta by Heller. I am disappointed that the ship is so small. From now on, I am going to listen to you guys about what ships I should do. It does look like it is going to be easy to put together. It did not come with the thread to do the rigging, etc. Can someone please tell me what they use for rigging thread that I can find in a hobby store? Also, it only shows the colors with numbers on them. I have a 33, 98, 60, 103, and 63. Does anyone know what those are for colors? I did buy the book "How to Build Plastic Ships". It cost me $38.98 for a used one from Amazon. The original price on it was $6.95! Of course, the book came out like 30 years ago. I guess it is out of circulation. I guess I now own a collectible book.
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