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  1. Hi everyone! This is my next build after finishing The Mayflower, which you can see in the Gallery here. I started this build already a while ago, back in 2012. Life circumstances caused me to give it a break in an early stage. However, with my life in order (more or less) and no other project going on (I put my Renommee idea on hold for now and next in line is then anyway the Hollandsee Zweedekker). The ship is the replica of a Spanish treasure galleon, ´The Neptune´ for the 1984 movie "Pirates" by Roman Polanski. This built is an excursion into LED lights and model clay sculpturing. Ever since I saw this replica on the internet, I always wanted to build it, mainly due to the rich decoration of the stern. I have never really tried to sculpture such details from the clay, my only experience with it being the deadeyes, catheads and a small shipwright when I made the Mayflower. But you'll never know if you are good at something (or not) if you do not try! So here I go... Another experiment in this built is the LED lights, that flicker like candles. If I am not mistaken, dantist905's Soleil Royale was the first model I've seen with LEDs like that. So here I try to make my own version of it, partly successful so far. Since this is a fictive ship, a prop (theatrical property), it is not historically accurate and gives me a bit of creative space... But the drawback of it is that I have no plans and background on this ship so I have to make it up, including the history of the ship. I created a story around this ship over at papermodelers.com but it develops based on the comments there and what happens during the build. Without previous knowledge I set the construction of my version into 1670 and later I saw a plate from the interior of the replica that has the fictive date of 1672 on it, so I was not that far away with my interpretation of the stem and stern... The only other model of this replica I know of was beautifully made by a Russian modeler named Vitaly Maslov. My version is not an exact 1:1 copy of the replica that is now in the port of Genoa in Italy, but I try to make some research on Spanish galleons of that era and whatever does not fit into the historical facts, becomes part of my fictive story. Also, my version is made again from card and paper mainly. Now I do not know if you guys here would be interested in the fictive story. I could only copy it here from the papermodelers-forum as it kind of develops there. So far I managed to set up all the LEDs in the structure, the main deck, and the underwater hull card-layer. Work is progressing slowly but steady and here are some pictures from the progress so far. Please let me know if you'd be interested in the story "...anno dei 1669...The shipwright Radék de la Sol de la Santa Cruz de Brazíl" and I can update it here. If not, I'll just post here my research results and the progress of the build. So much for now. Rgds, Radek
  2. Hi all this is my build of the ghost ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean the Flying Dutchman a bit of a fantasy build but looking forward to going a bit freestyle. I have just started cutting out the bulkheads with my new coping saw so will post some pics tomorrow. More to come Martyn
  3. Hello to all - Those of you who followed my building of the Swan 42 racing yacht may experience some temporal whiplash as the Wayback Machine moves the shipyard some 300 years into the past. Even though the scale will be about the same, the materials, methods, and style will have little or nothing in common with the last project. We leave the clean lines and millimeter accuracy of a rich man's toy for the rough outlines and incomplete draughts of a pre-Colonial pirate ship. Queen Anne's Revenge was the flagship of the notorious pirate Edward Thatch (incorrectly called Teach), known as Blackbeard. In barely more than a year and a half, from the summer of 1717 to November 22, 1818, he and two other pirate leaders put together a large fleet that took numerous merchant ships, looting them and holding any worthwhile captives for ransom while taking any willing sailors into his piratical crew. He was hardly the most notorious or bloodthirsty pirate, but he captured the popular imagination with his large fierce black beard and his habit of placing lit rope matches for his weapons into his hair during a battle. The origins of the ship herself are not definitively known. It is thought that she was built in about 1710 as a small frigate of about 300 tons known as La Concorde, with her first cruise as a French privateer during Queen Anne's War in 1711. When the war ended in 1713 with the Treaty of Utrecht her owners sent her into the slave trade. She made two profitable cruises between 1713 and 1717, taking slaves from West Africa to the French colonies in the Carribean and capturing prizes on the return leg back to France. On November 28, 1717, during her third slaving cruise, she fell afoul of Blackbeard with two armed sloops. Her crew was sick and many of the cannon had been removed to make more room for slaves so she was captured easily. Below is a drawing of a similar light frigate from the early 1700s. After renaming her Queen Anne's Revenge and adding significantly more cannon, she became Blackbeard's flagship and was used to capture numerous ships and even to blockade the port of Charleston for a week. Turning north from there in company with several smaller pirate ships on June 10, 1718 they tried to enter a shallow anchorage known as Topsail Inlet (or Old Topsail Inlet), now called Beaufort Inlet in North Carolina. Although several other ships entered safely, the larger Queen Anne's Revenge grounded on the sand bar at the entrance, as did another ship that came to her aid. After removing the valuables she was abandoned and left to the cruel mercies of the sea. Blackbeard himself lasted barely another six months until his death in November of 1718 during a battle with the Royal Navy. The ship was rediscovered in 1996 and is now being excavated underwater in project managed by the North Carolina Department of Cultural Affairs and the North Carolina Maritime Museum, part of East Carolina University. Numerous artifacts, including several cannon, coins, navigational equipment, and hundreds of everyday items have been recovered and are being conserved. You can see photographs of the artifacts, view interactive maps of the ship's history and the wreck site, and read the archaeologists' and researchers' detailed reports if you go to the Queen Anne's Revenge website at http://www.qaronline.org/Home.aspx It is a little gem of a site and well worth looking into. I have been asked to build two display models of the QAR for the Maritime Museum. They will be at the large scale of 1:36, yielding a model of some 48" LOA from the tip of the jib boom to the ensign staff at the stern. It will rise some 44" from the keel to the main truck with a main yard of some 22" with stunsail booms rigged but not extended. The hull is to be solid below the gun deck but open and fully detailed above. She is to have a full suit of sails with all sail handling lines, although several will be furled so the deck can be more easily viewed. There are no plans or illustrations of the ship, so her apearance is a bit conjectural. As a basis for the model I have been given two sets of plans. The first is a simple, one-page rendering of the lines and profile of a similar small French frigate which was captured by HMS Advice and which is known therefore as Advice Prize. I am also working from a set of drawings done by Jean Budriot of yet another light French frigate of the period known as Le Mercure. He has written a monograph that is illustrated with numerous detailed drawings of all of the bits and pieces of the ship including several profiles, cross-sections and longitudinal sections, and sail and rigging plans. However, as is his custom, there is no station lines plan from which to derive the hull shape. These two sets of plans have to be reconciled, not only with each other, but with the known historic facts. For example, it was reported in contemporary accounts and court-martial testimony that the Queen Anne's Revenge had 20 large cannon on board when she went down. Le Mercure is pierced for 10 guns on each side, but the Advice Prize has only 9. The Mercure drawings have the channels for the fore and main shrouds set below the gunports, while the Advice Prize has them above. Le Mercure is shown with a square, open beakhead bulkhead, while the plans for the Advice Prize shows a closed in forecastle. At the stern Le Mercure has a large quarter gallery, rather than the small quarter badge of the Advice Prize. But that quarter badge is set very high, with an indication that the Advice Prize had a poop deck above the quarterdeck. These and many other details, large and small, will have to be reconciled as construction continues. To begin with, a tenth gunport was added to the Advice Prize and their spacing was adjusted accordingly. The quarter badge was lowered and it is this resulting profile that will be used to build the models. On this plan you can see a horizontal red line. This is my line of demarcation between the solid hull below and the open gundeck above. It is set at the level of the gundeck for the forward four ports. A tapered piece will be added at the rear half of the ship to account for the sheer rise of the gundeck towards the stern. But this line is also used as my registration plane for setting up the templates for the hull shape at the various stations shown on the plans. As I was working out the hull construction the first of what will surely be many problems arose. In the scale that is required, the maximum breadth of the model works out to just over 9 inches and the station lines work out to, mostly, 3 inches separation. To work from the centerline I would need wood of at least 4.5 inches wide and 3 inches thick. However, wood of that size is not easily or inexpensively acquired. Instead, I found basswood planks 4 inches wide and up to 2 inches thick. I decided therefore to piece together the hull. As you can see in the wood blocking plan below, I started with a vertical central piece 3/8" thick to match the width of the keel. This was sandwiched on each side by a vertical lift 1/2 inch thick, then by the side pieces whch would be cut to the profiles of the appropriate station lines from the plans. As usual with vertical station line lifts, they were cut to the profile of the appropriate station line. For each three inch station segment a two inch lift and a one inch lift were used. I also decided that the hull should be partially hollow, not only to reduce weight, but to give the stresses somewhere to go other than outward when the wood swelled with changing humidity. My solution was to take each lift and cut out the center, leaving a crescent of wood about 1 inch thick. Construction began with the gunport deck piece cut to shape and the three vertical central pieces glued to it using carpenters' squares for alignment. Then the station line lift crescents were glued in place and secured with dowels. Here you can see the first three segments glued and pinned, with the fourth made ready for installation. This was continued from the center out to the bow and stern, with the final lifts left solid and clamped to the growing hull block. The completed hull block was left to dry for a week before the bamboo dowels were trimmed off. Now the carving and shaping had to begin to reduce the stepped shape of the lifts. The model is so large that the usual woodworking tools were inadequate in any reasonable time frame. I therefore purchased an angle grinder and set it up with coarse 50 grit sanding discs. This was followed by a random orbit sander, also with coarse grit paper. As you can imagine, this makes a hellish racket and leaves a hellish mess, Eye, ear and respiration protection are a must, and if you are not going to do all of it outside, you need three other things - an empty room in the basement; a big shop vacuum; and most importantly, an understanding wife. I am glad to say that I have the first two and am blessed with the third. In this photo you can see how far the shaping has progressed. From here there still has to be a lot of hand work that is checked and rechecked as usual with station line templates. The next segment will take us through that process. Be well Dan
  4. Good day all, I thought I would start this log in preperation for finishing my HMS Warspite build, I have wanted to build a version of the Black Pearl for a while now, but there is no Honest company making a wood kit and only the one decent scale plastic kit, so I came up with the crazy idea of mashing my Peregrine kit into the Pearl. Most inportant Im building this for the wife as a Special request. This will take some doing as the keel pieces and ribs in the peregrine kit will all need modifying with extra pieces adding to them (I am under no illusion this will be a real trial of building skills and my first attempt at a real scratch built ship. I will have to firstly lengthen the keel section/s as the Pearl was about 30 feet longer than the Pergrine - so some additions to be added. So pull up a chair in readyness for this madness - it wont be dull. OC.
  5. Hello all, After a very helpful discussion with several of you here and a very enlightening set of resources provided by @Thanasis, I feel ready to tackle this build that has been haunting me a few years now. It all begins with this image: It's found in a Greek museum of engravings (Benaki museum) and according to it's inscription it depicts a galliot from Psara. It is engraved by Lykourgos Kogevinas, a famous Greek engraver in 1938, but is based on a painting by a Lt E. W. Churchill made in 1827. We can assume the Lt served in the British Royal Navy at the time in the Mediterranean and saw the pirate ship first hand. Now Psara is a small island in the Aegean sea, with a very long nautical tradition. Psarians were very active at sea during the Greek revolutionary war and the island is known for the Psara massacre, performed by the Ottoman army in retaliation for blowing up the ship of a Turkish Admiral. According to the Scottish historian George Finlay, the population of the island was about 7000 before the massacre, but it never rose above 1000 afterwards. The Psarians used galliots, usually of more than 32 oars, as warships and in piracy. They provided a number of such galliots to the fleet of Admiral Alexei Grigoryevich Orlov during the Russo-Turkish War of 1768–74, when the Ottoman fleet was destroyed at the Battle of Chesma. According to Russian sources of the time the galliots were very effective reconnaissance, assault and liaison ships. More to follow soon. George
  6. Day three of my build. I'm trying to decide how to hold down the false deck while the glue sets. I have nails ordered but no delivery date as of yet. I will appreciate any tips.
  7. Hi. Welcome to the Chinese Pirate Junk build. This is based on the Amati model and lines were taken from there plans.(with lots of modifications.) The plans were modified with Adobe Illustrator CS2 which is my chosen software. Extra bulkheads were added and some bulkheads were changed to match the lines that I wanted. Junk Antony.pdf My drawings converted into PDF. The 6mm and 3mm plywood used to the decks and bulkheads were cut by Laser cutting service http://www.pbmodelmaking.co.uk/laser-cutting-service/4588356832 The cost off the Laser cutting plywood and postage UK. was £32.00 + £7.50 postage Always wanted to make a Junk so here it is. It will be a build and modify as I go build as the drawings will need to be redone with each change of part size. 6mm plywood parts shown below. 3mm parts were of the same quality. The laser cutting was excellent and can recommend the supplier. Fitting the bulkheads to the keel needed just a little sanding for a tight fit. Parts assembled but Not glued yet as there are a lot of adjustments to be made. The dowel is not necessary but I like to include in to the design to hold the boat straight. The deck was made oversize for the laser cutting so it could be trimmed then the drawing updated. Will post more later on this a afternoon. Duty calls. Regards Antony.
  8. Hello to all. First time for me / no experience at all I started a project using some plans found at (link removed by admin because of copyright violations). I ve chossen the Black Pearl so after I downloaded the plans with the help of youtube I manage to print them at the corect scale. The next step was to search for as much info I can get, downloaded lot of pictures with the ship from the movie some from kits allready finished viewed some videos. a lot of measurements details I manage to get them from real pictures of the ship using my imagination. Sure I m not the only one that worked his project in this way just saying that it s a challenge and a lot of work but I got a satisfaction every time I glued a piece. any ideas / info are more than welcome!
  9. Hello friends, the young lady safing my life* will have birthday in 2 1/2weeks!!! So I picked the old WaltDisney JOLLY ROGER** pirate ship out of my pile of kits. Due to the sentence as she says if she thinks about me she remembers ships... So I do remember the nearly funny film (I was allways a sceptical guy even with Walts' productions at childhood - did I have had this illness?) and the JOLLY ROGER pirate ship (very first Revell kit box I can remember - Monogram is the P-61 Black Widow - Heller is the huge SR-box) the 1/72 scale I wouldn't take too serious. As I don't know if the young lady likes the film or the infantile application of a dutch warship I am going to re-historical it a bit in colour and appearence. So the sails were de-colourfulled, the pseudo-funny skull figurehead will be replaced and the big skull on the transon will be exchanged against something semihistoric*** Dutch. I think about a typical oilpainting: The "RED BULL" - Dutch seems to be "DE ROODE BUL"**** as on the historical Dutch ship BULL but coloured in Revell matt 86 (personally called "foxred" - as used for horses in tabletop). The rest is quite fine with the kit - there has only to be made some little changes in the colouring towards BATAVIA as a source of ideas. And there will be a bit of additional detail work. And perchance I am going to open tje state rooms windows giving a inner part into the kit. But I am affraid about reclosing the windows again - and running out time! But certainly the "glowing in the dark" paint will rest on the shelf. The result I aim for is a "positive carricature" of a Dutch sailingship. At the begin I want to say thank you to @Ab HovingAbHoving for his articles about his wwounderfull small Jacht as the initial giving idea what to build! _______ *by sending me in to the emergency as as a nurse she recognized it was a stroke. ** https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-h-377-jolly-roger--163552 *** analog to "semiscale" **** ...working in a Dutch company the only Dutch native speaker I know is our CEO.
  10. Hey, everybody! More than a year ago I started another project. Today it is almost finished, but I will tell you more about the construction process. Best Regards! Igor.
  11. I started this build on www.bottledshipbuilder.com. It fits with the mission of that site but the idea of this build is one I've had for a long time and it began with MSW members in mind so I thought I'd bring it over. To give a little history and the idea of what this build is, it started with a pet peave of mine. Those that have seen me on the forum have probably seen that I have been critical of ship in bottle kit's out there. I have seen a lot of MSW members and members of my local club take interest in ships in bottles then try a kit and end up never wanting to build ships in bottles again. As many of you also know ships in bottles is something I'm passionate about. Probably overly so. I'm not sure I can explain that passion. For me it's something magical. I get a ship into a bottle and I stand back and I'm still amazed that I was able to do it. I know the process but it still amazes me. The other part of that passion is those that helped me get to where I'm at. I feel like I was very lucky I got into ship in bottle building when I did. I found these small groups with cheerful members willing to share their ideas and I learned very quickly. I owe a lot to the members of the Ship in Bottle Association of America. Unfortunately SIBAA closed a couple years ago and www.bottledshipbuilder.com and the Facebook ship in bottle builder group what's left of the organization. Much like ship modeling in general ship in bottle building is a dying art. In an effort to keep it alive and pass on the knowledge that was given to me I like to share ship in bottle building methods and knowledge. So it bugs me a bit when a company puts out a model that is overly difficult and turns people off to building ships in bottles. In my personal opinion there is currently no kit on the market that gives what members of MSW would look for in a ship in bottle kit. The closest one is Amati's but I think they made their ship to tight of a fit which has given a lot of beginning ship in bottle builders trouble. Every other kit is to kiddish to be taken seriously by members of MSW. I had thought for a long time about making my own kit. I've explored that process and found a lot of complications to it. Besides that for a patience bottle builder I'm not very patient. I have a hard time measuring and writing all the details so I decided on a different approach. In an effort to give this information as freely as it was given to me I am posting a how to build log. It will detail all the steps for a simple ship in bottle build. The idea being if I were to make a ship in bottle kit for beginners this is what it would look like. Since I'm not detailing every measurement this also acts as a guide to scratch building. If you can build this ship you can use the same techniques to build others. Also this gives builders the ability to size it up or down as needed. I want this to be a great starting place for those want to try ship in bottle building and I'm hopeful I can present it in such a way that will share the magic of it and have builders wanting to try more.
  12. Bluejacket's Pirate Brig kit just arrived. This should keep me busy for several months. This is a step up from their "Ensign" level. Instructions are a lot less detailed than the Revenue Cutter, which was my previous build. Hull is about 75 percent finished. Fittings look great, and the plans are quite nice with three seperate sheets (hull, standing, and running rigging).
  13. Hi Guys!!!! Im so Glad to Start my first Build log in MSW Well as some of you might know by now one of the several proyects i have in mind is the Jolly Roger ship also Re-named as the Chiken of the Sea, this version has been made into a model kit first produced by Disney and then by Revell with the name of "Caribbean Pirate Ship" but there are no blueprints available for this ship as far as i know and i have always been in love with how powerfull it looks I think one of the problems with this ship is that is always Taken/Mistaken for a tiny/weak/cartoony/Childish ship but there are several media where we can find that the ship wasnt as small or inoffensive Actually i think lots of Disney Stuff are way creepier if you think about them deeply, includding the Peter Pan Story, so i will try to make Justice to the Ship keeping the Shape and Colors but with a Creepier and Realistic Approach, i want it to look as a huge and old ship, since its actually a really big ship take this illustrations as example Jolly Roger on the left (just for size comparison between ships ) the kit that was made unfortunately is also Extra Small so.......... I went nuts and tried something i have never tried before, i worked the whole night ( from 6 pm to 5 in the morning ) i only took a break to have dinner but im glad to tell you guys im extremly near to have the whole set of blueprints fo the ship What do you guys think? ill keep on working the whole day so ill try to post some pics of the blueprints soon
  14. For my first build, I thought I would start with a plastic kit and see how it goes from here. After a couple trips to my local hobby shop I purchased an 896-piece model called Pirate Ship. 896 parts may seem a bit ambitious, but I wanted a fair amount of detail. Perhaps a bit of back-story is in order. My basement's decor is loosely based on the period of Age of Sails. It started with my wife's and I love of the sea, but being landlocked, we thought we'd bring a small window of the sea into the home. A 180-gallon salt-water aquarium was set-up in the basement and we were well on our way. From there it seemed only natural to go with a nautical theme. I also enjoy woodworking and built an aquarium tank stand with two mermaids holding up a portion of the stand. From there an interest in historical accounts of pirates evolved, which lead to the purchase of the Revell Kit. Here is a photo of the boxed kit, as I am still working up the nerve to opening it. What's a ship without a crew?
  15. So crazy thing happened at work a week or so ago. We had a secret Santa sort of thing at work and one of my coworkers went well out of there way to find a ship in bottle kit. They went to just about every hobby store in Denver and found this one which was under the $20 limit set by the company for this activity. I'm actually highly surprised they found one at all in an actual store. I've only ever seen them online. After I got it they told me they want to see it when I'm done. I accepted politely and told them I would, inside I was thinking haven't you seen the ten ships in bottles in my office? I'm going to bash the heck out of this kit and show you a ship in bottle you won't believe! I've actually built this kit before and as far as beginning ship in bottle kits go I think it's one of the best. It is incredibly simple and the instructions are pretty good. It follows the most basic ship in bottle process using hinges for the mast. As far as ships go the rigging very basic and the parts are way off scale, not that they had any scale in mind for it. The bottle is a great beginners bottle as well. The opening is a massive inch and a quarter. More than twice the size of my usual half inch bottles. It gives you a lot of wiggle room to work with. If any one were to try a ship in bottle using a kit I think they would have an easier time with one of these then the Amati kits. Bearing in mind of coarse these will look much cheesier. Enough talk here's a photo. Here is everything that comes in the kit. There's the ship itself which I think is made out of pine. It's a more solid wood them I'm used to. There's skewers, tooth picks, popsicle stick and piece of balsa. Sand paper thread and larger string for the bottle neck and a cork. Also some tiny nails and wire for the hinges. I'm missing a page of the plans but I'm not to worried about it. I will also note that the bottle stand that comes in this kit is one of the best and I've designed many stands after it. It's just a block of wood rounded out on top but it seems to fit any round bottle I put on it. Big enough to hold the bottle small enough to not detract. I really want to go for the romanticized pirate look. Looking at the block they supply the ship has more of a clipper type deck with a long narrow bow section. I suspect they use the same piece of wood for their Cutty Sark kit. Most "pirate" like ships had a more rounded bow so I looked through the book The Story of Sail for something with a narrower bow. I think galleons is as close as it comes. They are rounder but the forecastle juts out and narrows similar enough to the cut out that came with the kit. This particular ship plan is for a ship named the Revenge from 1577. It was for a time Sir Francis Drakes Flag Ship. The ship itself has an incredible story even after Sir Francis Drake I highly suggest looking it up. I'm not sure I'll copy this one exactly but I will take a lot of aspects from this ship. Also if any one has any ideas they want to throw in to totally bash this kit post them. I want to have a lot of fun with this one so the crazier the idea the better.
  16. Hey guys the name is greg I'm from goldcoast Australia and this is the first ever build I've done which is the black pearl I've already have issues 1-3 and will be getting issues 4-7 this week I know that people on different sites don't agree with these type of partworks but the way I see it is that I get distracted very easily and with the 120 spread over 120 weeks I should be able to complete this I've been watching YouTube and have Been following Callum's build (06callum06) which has been very helpful so if he sees this thanks mate. I'll be starting another build probably next week which is a titanic week by week by deagostini which I was able to pick up all 100 issues for only $350 all unopened So if any 1 has any hints or tips please let me know cheers guys thes are some pics of what I've done
  17. I've been trolling ship-building sites for years, checking out all of your amazing work in wood and plastic and finally decided to break the seal and get to building one of my own! I am a big fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean series and as far as licensed copies go, the Zvezda "Black Swan" is the closest representation of the Black Pearl and from reviews I have read; it is a really well put together kit. I have tons of modeling and painting experience but this will be the first ship I have ever built so I am excited to put my skills to the task! I received the package in the mail early this week and after gathering resources I was finally able to start the build last night. First note is this will be modified as much as I can to match the movie version and hopefully from your wonderful advice I can make it more accurate as a ship as well. I saw a couple diagrams of modifications that need to be done so I will just start at the beginning with a brief overview and then move right to the build. Mainly with the kit we are talking plastic. So the sails are injection molded, beautiful but horribly out of scale; so those will have to go. I need advice on how to create a proper sail plan and I have decided to use super thin vellum to make my sails. Next, the rigging and blocks are mostly plastic with few exceptions so I really want to make these from wood parts and thread. What size blocks do I need for 1/75 scale? 2mm, 3mm? Then I need to figure out how many! I am new to the ship field so terminology and numbers I will learn on the way. Finally the cannon will be upgraded and some actual kit parts will be changed and modified. So on to the first step: The major discrepancy of this kit is the rear cabin area. The stairs and the actual cabin wall are nothing like the movie so I tackled the wall first. I am a 3D artist as far as career goes so I took a picture of the original part and measured it out with calipers, transfered the image to my 3d modeling program and rebuilt the wall. Then using my 3d printer I made a prototype the part and if fit on the first go around! Last night the print had cured well enough to assemble the basic decks as you will see in the images below. The original piece My first prototype to test the size the final product the 3d file my 3d printer I am a little out of order so here are some quick shots of the kits parts! Back to the build Installed the decks a shot of the scratch built piece on deck My first attempt at adding a base color. Now here I already made a mistake! I want to build up the layers of paint and stain to match the ship seen below So I wanted raw wood with black inked outlines to get the grooves to pop but I forgot to thin the ink! Oops. So now its a greyish aged looking think. I will be fixing that. so this weekend I plan on getting a proper base color and adding any more additional decks required before doing some pre-painting while I wait for cannons to arrive!
  18. about 2 months I subscribed to the Build the black Pearl from Hachette as it was just released in Australia. it was my attempt to get back into building after a long time of no activity, as I figured there wouldn't be much work to do each week. each delivery contains 4 issues , but I will stick to doing one a week. for about a month I was working on another project (a bf gift for my wife) but now I am catching up again. I ll be doing a post with some pictures every week )
  19. Hi. This is a fun build to get my lad introduced into ship modeling. The model is info :- Length 80 cm , Height 69.5 cm , Width 31.5 cm. In the Model guide it states :- "This large model is easy to assemble by following the step by step instructions given with each issue, The instructions are suitable for younger model makers and they do not require any experience of model making. Simply follow the clear guide to complete this magnificent pirate ship." The parts in issue one are two sheets go fibre board (MDF) 6mm and 4mm thick.plus a flag and string. The packaging was very good. The laser cutting was also excellent and not over cooked More information can be found at www.hachettepartworks.com/blackpearl Will photograph the first parts to show the quality and ease of instructions later in the next post. My lad will be building this with a lot of help from me. Photos will show this as we progress with the build. He is very excited to build this model and we will continue the subscription as long as he has a interest in continuing the build. That's about it for now. Regards Antony.
  20. Hello everyone here is my build log of the Black Pearl by Hatchettepartworks it is a weekly issue, I will be receiving four issues every four weeks. this is the first part from issue number one. Regards steve-h
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