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Found 11 results

  1. As there is no rest for the wicked, I am now launched into my next project - the Pobpob! - (plank on bulkhead Pride of Baltimore.) Actually two projects, as I'm doing something I've never done before and am building two kits at the same time, the other being the Artesania Latina Titanic lifeboat. On the POB, I have the bearding line cut and the bulkheads in place. These are the best fitting bulkheads I've run across yet; they lined up perfectly with the top of the keel and the bearding line/rabbet at the bottom. Not sure how they will all line up when I start fairing, but at a glance they look like they will be pretty good. This doesn't look like it will be too hard a planking job either. David
  2. Welcome to my shipyard! Pull up a chair, 'cause I'll be asking for a LOT of advice as the build goes on I got this kit on eBay for $75 including shipping. Being retired, I have to be a bit frugal, plus I know that this kit will end up costing more in terms of paint,glue and tools. Here's the thing of it; the kit was started by the person I bought it from .You can see the extent from the pictures. The bulkheads seem pretty straight but if I understand it's purpose correctly, I'm not sure the rabbet is well done,particularly where it widens near the sternpost. It doesn't seem deep enough and should have been thinned down more at that wide stern area. It basically needs to be deep enough so that a plank sits flush with the surface of the keel,right? If that's correct, I'll have to modify the rabbet but that seems like it would be difficult to do without damaging the adjacent keel extension. Think I ought to cut that and the sternpost off and then reglue them after I modify the rabbet? The person who started the kit didn't add the waterline reference marks. From what I've read in the kit manual, those are basically for getting the bulkheads to the correct depth on the keel. Mine appear to be OK, so will I need those marks for anything else later on? There's a piece of plank or batten attached, although I don't know why. Any ideas? I'll probably just remove it and add those as needed. Does it look like there's enough "meat" left on the stern filler blocks to shape them properly? Thanks in advance for any and all advice and suggestions. I've bookmarked several other builders' logs and will refer to those often.
  3. Hello all. I am about to embark on the build of the pride of Baltimore II. This will be my first attempt at ship modeling and plan on taking it step by step. I will be using the Bob Hunt practicum and refer to it throughout the build. I chose this ship since my daughter lives in Baltimore and I actually saw it in person and fell in love with it. Wish me luck. I’m going to need it. Sincerely Tony
  4. This is the start of my build log for the Model Shipways kit Pride Of Baltimore II. A little history before getting into the details. I finished my last kit, the Mamoli USS Constitution cross section right at the beginning of the year. After that ship, my first wood model, I wanted to do a complete, planked, hulled ship and the Pride of Baltimore fit the bill nicely. A larger scale than my previous efforts (1:64 vs 1:96), plank-on-bulkhead, but not quite as large or complex as a full wood Constitution or Syren. As I've mentioned before, I have a Syren waiting in the wings as my next build, so the Pride of Baltimore is a very nice transition model. For anyone who's followed my previous ships, I do slow, but hopefully steady work. I try to get a few hours in each weekend day and not let it sit for months at a time. So, I'll typically update the log late on a Sunday. The other thing I hope to accomplish with this log is getting answers to questions as I go along. I've not done a plank-on-bulkhead model before, and while I've read a bunch of logs on the site here, doing one myself will undoubtedly be a different experience. I'm already leery of planking, for example. (Which is probably not unique) Anyway, on to the build: First, the latest Model Shipways kit does NOT have the keel in 2 pieces - it's a single formed piece and mine was perfectly flat and true (Yay!) Here, I've cut the rabbett as best I could using a #11 blade and sandpaper: Next, the keel is attached in a few pieces: After that, the bulkheads were added. Now, my bulkheads were all too thick to fit in the slots - the bulkheads were 3/16" thick, and the slots were about 5/32" wide. So, I had to sand each bulkhead at the center so they would slid into the slots. I used clamps and Legos to get a square fitting, as well as measuring the distance between bulkheads once the center bulkhead was glued. This shows all the bulkheads glued in place. I also added some side supports for the mast slots. My next step is to fair (bevel) all the bulkheads. I did not do this prior to gluing (perhaps I should have?), so I expect this to be time consuming. Any advice on proper fairing techniques would be appreciated. Andy.
  5. I’ve decided to start this build log even though it might take me a long long time to complete. This is the Pride of Baltimore from MS, but I am substituting some fine woods I’ve gotten from Hobby Mill and will be adding more guns to the deck. I’d like to make a ship that could have been an 1812 privateer. As this ship is just so beautiful under sail – I intend to make sails and also experiment with coppering the hull with a green patina. I discovered early on that I made a big mistake with the hull. A few of the bulkheads were not symmetrical and I didn’t catch it until I started to plank. I almost ditched the project- anyone who knows ships or modeling would catch it, but I figured that most people wouldn’t so I’m continuing. I missed figuring out how to plank the counter properly also, but will keep it going. This is such an addictive hobby and it is so much fun to be a part of MSW. I have so much to learn from you all!
  6. This will be my third model ship and second plank on bulkhead ship. In addition to this web site I will be building the Pride of Baltimore II (POB II) with the assistance of Robert Hunts Sophomore course practicum, and of course all of you here at MSW. I thank you all in advance for your help and input along the way. I must confess I am hesitant to start this log as there are already three magnificent build logs under way for this ship. I fear that I may have little to offer as I am very much a beginner and I do not posses any great skill, but I do have a desire to strive for perfection and like all of you a love and fascination with these beautiful tall ships that are reminders of our past. So with some trepidation and having being inspired by the craftsmanship of others here I have decided to take the plunge. I chose the POB II for many reasons not the least of which is she is a beautiful ship, but also as I think she offers a great deal as a way to learn and improve as a model shipwright. She presents some new challenges compared to the AVS but in a way that is a natural progression for new builders. The keel was first laid December 08, 2012 shortly after completing my Armed Virginia Sloop. Work progressed to the point where I had begun the process of planking the hull and had completed the first 6 rows below the wales. Some of the photos from early construction are posted below. Then life took me away and the poor ship has sat idle until recently. Like many others this hobby has a way of always pulling me back and the pride as waited patiently for my return.
  7. This is the third time posting this build log here. Hopefully this one doesn't get deleted :mellow: I started the build Jan 2 2013. I have 40-50 hours in it at this point. planking begins planking completed. unsanded. coamings installed and painted. deck planking begins deck planking completed bulwark stanchions installed bulwark completed
  8. Greetings to all fellow model shipwrights. I am working on Model Shipways Pride of Baltimore II. I have done a few previous kits from Dumas and MidWest, with some rather nice results and have decided to make this a lifetime hobby. I'm throwing this build log up to get some help as I go along and provide some inspiration to others starting out. I am thinking that I am a younger member here (43) and love that this hobby is still going on. A little about me, so that all other readers can get where I am coming from. I am a nuclear physicist. I grew up on the chesapeake bay and my father had a Morgan 28' outisland that I learned to sail on. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and love how this hobby combines the meticulous nature of a technical build with the final result of a beautiful piece of what I would call architectural art. Here is where I am at... early stages. I got the kit and set out to getting started. One thing that struck me was the imperfections of the cuts and plans... A lot is off by ~ 1/16th". I know that this is art, not technical designs, but my machinists would have kittens if I provided parts this far off. That being said, I have been consulting a great book that my wife gave me; "Ship[ Modeling Simplified" by Frank Mastini. So far, it has been crucial in getting the bulkheads symmetric and centered. Here are the current pictures. I have tapered the false keel and used machinist blocks to get dowels (I filed down tooth picks) centered. I glued the keel/stem assembly to the false keel. Also, I have marked (the now centered and symmetric) bulkheads for tapering. One extra note that makes this build a little more difficult and unique. I have a 2 y.o. son who thinks that the most important thing in his life his to get his hands on the parts and 'help.' My wife is a NICU nurse who works nights so I have a lot of parenting time, and building this model is a little harder with a toddler trying to crawl up your leg.
  9. Just started this kit-- Question: in cutting the rabbet,do you cut from the bearding line to the edge of the false keel on the stern half as per MS plans? (It's a pretty big rabbet ) I cut it per plans,but the hull shape has me baffled as to how to plank. I'd like to be able to make sense of it before proceeding w bulkheads etc. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  10. Wow, FINALLY!!! It's here! I chose the Pride of Baltimore as my side build while building the USF Confederacy. I'm waiting to see if the Confed might be marked down during the holiday shopping season. So I ordered the Pride so I can dig in and get the doors of the C.W. Hime Shipyard open for business. Today's the day! This is a Model Shipways kit. I ordered it through ebay from a wholesale hobby outlet. As advertised, everything remains in it's original packaging. It even had an enclosed invoice dated 1999. Tonight the Admiral and I are taking inventory of the kit. I'm also paying close attention to the integrity of the wood since this kit has been sitting since 1999. I'm already planning on replacing the Basswood planking/decking with Boxwood. as of now, I do not plan on painting the Pride except for her mast where black is noted. I have built cabinets of the highest grade. I have done historical restoration in libraries, manor homes and more. But I do not kid myself for a moment, this is a very different endeavor. Here, among all of you, I find myself once again an apprentice. I look forward to the challenge and most of all learning, adding to my skill set, and perusing what has beckoned me my entire life, building tall ships. I welcome all of you to pick up a chisel, choose your favorite mortise and set a peg! Warm Regards, Bill Hime
  11. Ahoy I ma working on this one next to my Charles Morgan whale Ship back to back builds Matter of fact I am working on 7 of these ships of sail. I got this kit for my 64th birthday 10 years ago looked like a great kit to build this is the first time I had seen a plank on bulkhead construction usually they are all solid hulls. As of now I am working on the main mast and the channels and chain plates will follow next and she to will be ready for the standing rigging. Boats

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